Chapter 2: Oh no, two more faces?

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Jing Rong originally thought that the melon is not sweet, find a chance to break up with Ying Qi, let each other fly free.

Before he could think of a proper reason, the other party brought it up first, is there such a good thing?

And his silent gap because of his slow response was naturally mistaken by Ying Qi as a sadness overload.

Hearing Jing Rong's word "good", she felt that Jing Rong might be on the verge of collapse. No one knew better than their Omega the terrifying power of an Alpha's outburst, and Ying Qi's face straightened and her tone became cautious: "Rong, Jing Rong , you are calm now, right?"

Ying Qi look at their own thin arms and legs, Jing Rong an arm can lift him over, never overestimate how well the Alpha can be cultivated after the breakup.

If Jing Rong had cried as much as before, begging him to come back, he wouldn't have thought much of it.

But now like this, with a cold look and fewer words, how can you say just one word?

It was as if they were talking about something that had nothing to do with them.

It's rare for an Omega like him to stoop to accept Jing Rong, so how could Jing Rong be so indifferent to the breakup?

So it must be holding back, he must be very angry right now.

Ying Qi herself can't tell if she wants to see Jing Rong explode, or if she wants to just break up and leave things as they are.

Jing Rong's reaction was too much for him to expect.

The atmosphere stiffened, and Jing Rong looked up at Ying Qi, trying to tell the other man with a sincere look that he was really agreeing: "I'm cool."

Looking at Ying Qi's expression from contempt to discontent to very subtle anger, Jing Rong felt that people in this world are not quite the same as in his hometown, and the man he met just now in front of the toilet was also, how all startled, as if he was some kind of ferocious beast that would attack at any moment.

Ying Qi watched carefully for a while before she was sure that Jing Rong was sincere in agreeing to the breakup and also sincere in being indifferent.

I don't know how, but there is a fire burning in my heart when it is obvious that he is the one who brought it up.

He is the flower of the department, under the Film academy theater, film and television art and design in the film character design department, is not a long, he was subject to reassignment, in addition to the most popular acting department, the year is the lowest admissions score line for this department.

Here Ying Qi played a little smart, as long as you go out and say you are from Film academy, people outside will not care what department you are, but always have access to directors and screenwriters.

Even if it is not a table faculty, he is a rare Omega as the department flower, or Jing Rong spent years to chase, how can it be so easily agreed?

Is this appropriate?

He looked across the table at Jing Rong who was drinking a cappuccino and jerking off his cat, as if he could hear Jing Rong's silent answer: appropriate.

Ying Qi is a bit reluctant, always wanting to say something more, or at least to see Jing Rong get more intense for him.

He always had many ways to deal with Alpha, and this is the arrogance that was cultivated by years of being held up.

Ying Qi was just sulking and quickly turned into a sobbing look: "I didn't want to, I really didn't want this to happen. Look at you, you are an Alpha, but you don't have the right drive and charm, how many good audition opportunities did you not take? How many times have you let me down again?"

The original owner would have died of shame in Ying Qi's soft and gentle words.

But Jing Rong thinking has gone off on a tangent, he saw a man, so soft and weak, physically and mentally have a throw not adapt.

He desperately told himself that the world view can be rebuilt after it is broken, and that the process of accepting six genders is difficult, but can be overcome slowly.

Nodded politely so as not to embarrass the other person.

Seeing that it didn't work, Ying Qi gave a strong medicine: "You're always looking ahead, how many Beta's are better off than you?"

This statement, so to speak, is an insult to Alpha. No Alpha can accept being compared to Beta.

With that, looking down the table, Jing Rong's torn socks.

If the original owner, I'm afraid this time will want to find a hole in the ground, the original owner is a more frugal and do not want to lose face in front of Ying Qi.

However, Jing Rong was replaced by Jing Rong, but nothing happened.

Ying Qi will never know that the person in front of him is in a different dimension of thinking than he is.

Not picking up on his transgender scorn at all.

"You know what I've always wanted, but you don't even have an audition right now, and I don't see a future for us ......"

In this way, what was originally Ying Qi's problem gradually turned out to be Jing Rong's uselessness and disappointment, and he had no choice but to leave.

Jing Rong listened quietly and never retorted. Ying Qi suddenly thought that maybe Jing Rong just loved him too much to act plainly.

The first time he was in the company, Ying Qi went from picking faults to pouring out bitterness and talking about the difficulties of his life with true feelings. During this period Jing Rong also thoughtfully brewed a cup of coffee for him, and the more I felt Jing Rong's goodness, such a good licking dog is gone, can still find again.

Jing Rong seems to be concentrating, but in fact he is already out of his mind. As he jerked the gold gradient layer on his knee, he thought about the person he had just seen on TV and the movie.

Ying Qi finally stopped talking after his mouth was dry, but he was still a little bit incomplete, but in the evening his boss had an internal audition for him with the director of the new film, and he couldn't lose such a good opportunity.

Jing Rong is good again, but also a tasteless, discarded licking dog.

He's not wrong, it's a timely stop.

With this in mind, Ying Qi's mind is much more balanced.

Jing Rong looked at the time on his phone, still remembering the time the clerk had told him about the effects of the medicine, and seeing that it was almost time, he got up and decided to check out.

Ying Qi knew that Jing Rong had always been frugal and lived a tight life, and now even her socks were torn and her clothes hadn't been changed for days.

Finally sent away from the original owner of the historical legacy, Jing Rong a big sigh of relief, broken money to eliminate disasters, and out of the man's manners or to have.

It was the same short, powerful voice.

Ying Qi face slightly red, standing in place, very obedient appearance.

Why do I feel Jing Rong suddenly has a charm, is it an illusion?

Ying Qi's expression was a bit odd as she watched Jing Rong's feet followed by a few cats.

Jing Rong, a senior one year older than him, used to have stray cats in the school, but never liked to be close to him.

And he came to this cat cafe many times, where the cat temple a more than one arrogant, no point in the hands of food will not actively approach humans, almost never see them so sticky human scenes.

Ying Qi : "They seem to like you?"

Jing Rong looked at the golden gradient layer lying on his feet and gave a casual "ah", he was very popular with animals in his previous life, so he didn't feel anything wrong.

Before leaving, Ying Qi looked at Jing Rong's despondent appearance and had a rare moment of pity for him.

He had an audition in hand that he had given up on and didn't consider because the role wasn't right.

He asked the waiter for a pen, wrote down the time and place of the audition and put it into Jing Rong's hand, saying in a serious way, "You should stop muddling through your life, if you go on like this, no Omega will be willing to give in to you, the Alpha should be successful."

Jing Rong in the original world is a cultivated person, even if they do not agree, but also willing to listen to the views of others, rarely give people face embarrassment.

And with his nerve reflexes a second slower than normal, he responded with a sniff, "I'll take your opinion into consideration."

Jing Rong memory, the original owner of this little boyfriend is a difficult and capricious master, so Jing Rong today's principle is to go along with each other, as the saying goes, it is easy to invite God to send God difficult, first send away.

His tone was normal, but it sounded sincere and serious to others' ears.

Ying Qi felt that he had punched the cotton, and was unable to say the rest of his words of dislike.

Neither of them noticed that the other red-clad Omega who came to check out looked at Ying Qi with disdain.

Jing Rong swiped the original owner's X chant and saw that the amount he owed had to be paid off at the beginning of the next month before the interest was counted, so he felt a sense of urgency to make money immediately.

The world has moved on, but how is it that the X-Chant is still going strong? How come XChant is still going strong?

The names of those famous people in the old country he searched and did not appear in this world.

After the checkout, the phone rang. Jing Rong saw the caller ID, his heart jumped slightly, put the slippers back on the sterilizer, and walked out quickly.

Just as he left, the red Omega called out to Ying Qi: "Hey, why did that sound so bad to me just now?"

The caller was the original owner's mother, and the voice on the other end of the line was cautious: "Your father said if you could come back, he would unfreeze your card."

Jing Rong didn't know how to answer for a while, such silence was the same as the original owner.

The person on the other end was used to it, and spoke with a choked sob: "Come back and see me, OK, this is your home too."

Someone on the other end of the phone seemed to pass by and grunted when he heard the original mother's words.

"Since you have so much backbone, why don't you just die outside and don't step on my house and dirty the ground! I'm sick of it!"

Jing Rong's brow furrowed when he heard the other side's voice.

The anger and sadness that belonged to the original owner rushed to the forefront of his mind, and he wanted to retort a few words for the original owner, but no one in that family wanted to understand the original owner, so he gave up.

The reasoning is for those who are willing to listen, otherwise what is the use of even venting emotions.

The original owner's mother was startled by the voice behind her and faltered, "Second, second young master!"

After saying that, there was a beeping sound and it was hung up.

That home is what happens in the original owner's memory, this call also represents a departure from home to end, perhaps soon to receive a second pass.

But than going home to face the awkward situation, he is more worried about facing the most familiar with the original owner's mother, if they see any oddities, it can be a big problem, although this world has not yet crossed such film and television works released.

He also does not intend to play the original owner, even if it is temporary, it would be too inhumane to play another person for the rest of his life.

He returned to the Cat Cafe and was just going to say hello and leave when he saw Ying Qi, who hadn't left the cashier, arguing with a red-clad Omega at an increasingly loud volume.

What is the situation?

This red Omega also looks a bit familiar, it is the person who was just at the round sofa, nodding to his red face.

Wearing a one-shoulder red T, male and female indistinguishable Omega extremely confidently ruffled his long curly hair: "I would like to ah, I can support him, what age, who rules must Alpha make money? The Alpha is the one who has to make a living, why don't you make a living yourself?"

Ying Qi is used to being proud, most annoyed by others to refute him, angry eyes: "Ouch, where is the little wanker, far away from a smell of slut. Smell. This is my business with him, please don't get involved with any strangers."

Omega in red is not a good fighter: "Listen to what you just said, this is a breakup, right, breakup he is single, anyone can chase! I just don't like you, you don't even take off your sunglasses when you go indoors, you think you are a big star, may I ask, who knows you? Giggle~~"

The two of them are having a good time.

Jing Rong, the center of their conversation, thought about the shy and gentle appearance of these two, and most of the time it is true that Omega gives people the impression that she is sweet and lovely. Even if Ying Qi sometimes speaks not so nice, it is also a fine voice.

But once the Alpha is not there, oh heck, there seems to be two more faces?

Jing Rong looked a little incredulous, and found that the other Alpha around him also had a similar expression, probably because their inherent impression of Omega was refreshed, and by the way, their outlook on life was shattered. It seems that although the world is different, but the views can still be connected.

An alpha sitting at a distance recognized him but gave him a thumbs up.

All can make Omega for their own jealousy of the Alpha are love field war wolf ah.

Jing Rong, who was seen as a wolf in love, did not want to claim this title and quietly withdrew from the "group chat".

Jing Rong left the cat cafe amidst the meowing of several cats.

I can't help it, the drug is almost over, he doesn't want to go to the hospital to suffer, and most importantly...shy.

Jing Rong walked on the road in the new world, looking at the scenery and pedestrians on the road, even the car can see the old home brand, in fact, ignoring the six genders, the other differences are not that big.

He thought about what he cared about just now, took out his phone, entered the search bar, it was the "365 Days of Lota" mentioned by the waiter before, the stills are a side view of the main actor Xi Gu, the light hit his face full of stains, only one pair of eyes seems to contain the light of hope, not very special composition, but attractive enough.

The plot focuses on a poor family, living in the basement on welfare, the protagonist's parents were born but not raised, as the eldest son of the protagonist Lota young to shoulder the burden of taking care of his younger siblings, in order to eat all the ways. When he grew up, his parents saw that he looked good and had bad intentions. The protagonist broke his own finger bones and escaped from the cage that shackled him with blood, and finally met the first person in his life, and discovered his skating talent, and carried out short-term systematic training.

But on the day of the decision to go abroad, in order to save his little sister in a car accident, the protagonist wrapped in blood-stained bandages to the stage of the assessment, will be a beautiful ice dance completed. Reality is always so cruel, because of the injury he did not finish well, and was not accepted, and was again crushed into dust.

This time the situation is worse than before, people around ridicule, jealousy, taunting, his wounds festered, abandoned by his family, and by the time that nobleman found him, he was in a place full of debris, smiling, saying that he so wanted to return to the ice rink, to be a soaring eagle. Finally, he was in the arms of this nobleman breathed his last, no blood they are, but more heartwarming than blood relatives.

The movie is about the last 365 days of his life, the subject matter is not mainstream, and there is no special face and cool plot, but it is this kind of reality with a slightly heartbreaking feeling, very touching. Especially when Xi Gu's eyes look at the big screen, as if they can see through the heart.

It's not even too much to say that the show became a classic because of him.

The play and the lead actor, are making each other.

Before the waiter is the last scene of the film, Jing Rong turned over the stills, even if you have not seen the play, it is also quite shocking.

Jing Rong looked at the reviews and said that this was Xi Gu's first film after three years of silence and it was a stunning hit. This movie is a chance to bring him back to the public eye, and it is undoubtedly a success.

It is also said that the movie is a mapping of Xi Gu's childhood, or else why he could act so well as if he had experienced it himself. The screenwriter also said in an interview after the release that the film was indeed inspired by learning about Xi Gu's life.

However, there are some fans who retort that it is simply because Xi Gu is a good actor and he cannot be measured by the standard of ordinary idol.

" Xi Gu ... Xi Gu ." Jing Rong murmured these two words.

In the end, where is familiar, Jing Rong scratched his hair, the feeling of being close to the door is too scratchy.

But Jing Rong is not a very persistent person, can not remember, then forget it.

He believes that human memory has a blind spot, automatically putting unimportant and unintentionally remembered things in the corners of the hippocampus, requiring a certain stimulus to recall them.

He doesn't like to push himself.

In the previous SCL evaluation, Jing Rong scored F8=1.55 in the paranoia column, a super low score that shows that he is a person with little to no paranoia.

Since there is no clue about the problem of familiarity for the time being, forget about it for now. There is still a difficult hurdle in front of him, which concerns whether he can properly integrate into this world.

After fifteen minutes, there was a handsome, tall man sitting by a roadside flower bed, watching the pedestrians on the road with his eyes.

For each noteworthy person, it stops for a moment longer, like thinking about some century-old puzzle.

Some Omega dodged shyness in his gaze, some Alpha felt it was provocative and angry back, and more were a group of people who felt nothing and hurried past, Jing Rong guessed this should be the largest number of beta.

Yes, this human observer at the roadside is Jing Rong, computer data to see more, but also not their own field observations to the real, more to see, always useful it.

He also has no choice but to stupid way, can not meet a person in the future to ask which one of the ABO you are?

He does not know why people in this world can naturally perceive six genders, men and women are okay to distinguish, but ABO is possible to confuse, after all, humans are a thousand different races.

According to the search software he turned over shows that A is mostly stronger and taller, this is good to understand, he can take himself as a reference, accounting for 20% of the population, O is mostly delicate and needs protection, with glands at the back of the neck and a petite figure, but he remembered that the official Xi Gu information he just checked shows that the height is quite high, reaching the standard of some weak A, so the data is not absolute.

The number of O's is so small that it is impossible for O's with excellent conditions to force themselves to settle for mediocre A's, which they have the qualifications to pick. The reason why Ying Qi educated Jing Rong is also because of this general environment.


Where is B? Where did B go?

Jing Rong thought he had missed it and searched again, oh, it was in the corner.

There is ridiculously little relevant information on B.

Jing Rong was not convinced to go through again, and then also found a handful of forums that mentioned B, the most comments on B is mediocre, ordinary, no characteristics.

No. Do people in your world also engage in sexism and B doesn't deserve a position?

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