Chapter 1: six toilets, does this make sense?

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The afternoon daylight shines through the large floor-to-ceiling windows on the man taking a nap, the fine dust rolls lightly, like laying a layer of silver filter.

The man is quite tall, not a narrow seat, but his long legs have no place to rest. Although the T-shirt he was wearing was a bit old, wearing slippers, you could see the socks were torn a hole, but still did not look dowdy, but with a different kind of spontaneity.

Only the light and the shadows under his eyes could tell that he was not sleeping well.

The waiters unconsciously lightened their footsteps as they passed him, but they couldn't bear to disturb them, while several little ones in the store scrambled to jump on his lap. Awakened by a furry touch, Jing Rong opened his eyes and saw a few mewling creatures at his feet.

This is a cat cafe with a wide variety of cats with beautiful bodies and different personalities, so if you are a cat lover, you may not be able to resist shouting: Wow, is this heaven?

But for Jing Rong, who is allergic, it is no small torture.

The person with whom he had the appointment was here, and he had to come with a hard head.

Jing Rong looked at Ginger, who had jumped easily onto her lap with the help of a cat stool, and then at the red rash on her arm. He had asked the waiter for anti-allergy medicine before he fell asleep, but it hadn't worked as quickly as it should have.

The waiter also admired Jing Rong's spirit of fearing life and death for the sake of jerking off cats and lured Ginger down.

But after a short while, a big orange jumped on his knee again, the big pie face looked at himself with extra joy.

Jing Rong saw the rash fading, and did not have the heart to refuse the big orange.

When the attendant came over again, Jing Rong explained, "I knew the rules and didn't hold it."

Like this type of cat cafe hall, there are several unwritten rules, such as can not be forced to hold, can not turn on the flash, can not give the cat to eat human food, etc. The waiter first asked about his allergies, know no problem before smiling and explaining, "They are usually too lazy to take customers, today so abnormal, probably because they are all face control it." Such a cold super handsome man, who does not want to see more eyes.

Jing Rong is a little slow by nature, with little expression on his face and short words, he looks cold and reserved only from the outside, and many people are confused by his appearance.

The quality of sleep for three consecutive days was worrying, the nerves reacted more slowly, waited until the waiter gave him a refill before he understood the meaning of the other party's words and touched the red-stained earlobe. He picked up his phone again and looked at the time, the other party was already more than an hour late.

The cell phone was the most valuable thing he had on him, and all his other belongings were stolen while he was sleeping in the shelter, and fortunately the original owner was spared by holding the phone tightly in his hand.

Yes, the original owner.

He is not the original owner of this body, but crossed over to this world.

When he woke up, the original owner had already died, and he roughly judged that it should be due to excessive alcohol abuse causing the respiratory center of the medulla oblongata to be suppressed, eventually causing death by asphyxiation.

As a young person with a well-developed worldview, even if you know the word crossover, you will be just as skeptical about the authenticity.

These three days he had a muddled life, do not know what year it is, doubt the world doubt the surrounding doubt themselves. Until I received a message from my boyfriend in this body, I simply packed up and rushed to this cat café to wait.

The original owner made this young boyfriend has always had a habit of being late, so he was in no hurry to leave.

He opened the search interface and typed in SCL-90, a self-assessment scale to test mental health for most people who want to test their mental state. To put it simply, he wanted to determine if he had some kind of delusional disorder, so his brain suddenly had a whole lot more memories and somehow changed the world.

He suspects that he may have some cognitive impairment, and this self-assessment scale doesn't tell us anything critical, but at least it's a visual indicator of whether he's brainwashed.

Modern society because of the fast pace, most people's psychological more or less by the environment, in addition, according to incomplete statistics every year about 200,000 people die of depression in China, if early detection and early treatment may be able to save more people, so self-assessment is not something difficult to talk about.

There are 90 questions on the SCL, ranging from physical to mental, each worth 5 points, and Jing Rong worked through them one by one without distraction, and was relieved to see the final score.

He was more concerned about two of them, depressive mood F4=1.98, which was judged as normal, probably because of the environmental impact of the last few days, this value only reached the critical point. If the value of this item is mild or moderate, you should pay attention to it in the early stage and regulate yourself, and if it drags into severe, you will have to rely on medication. Psychotic tendency F9=1.65, judged as normal.

Other scores fluctuated between 1.58 and 2.9, respectively, with degrees of mild or mild to moderate, a determination sufficient to prove that his mental state was good and not psychotic.

The fact that he has no problem with it is indirect proof of the fact that the real cross.

He is in a real world, not his delusions of grandeur.

I'm fine, I'm not sick, how come I'm wearing it?

The big orange on his lap looked at the big handsome man in front of him with a look of life, and tilted his head in confusion: meow?

Jing Rong could not stand this kind of pampering, even if he could not accept the crossing, he still followed the big orange to an egg twisting machine, and after swiping the QR code, he twisted it to a cat treat.

He squatted down and rubbed the jaws of several small beauties who came around, hearing the sound of a delicate voice, the mood was also good, no wonder so many people like to cat curry, too healing.

At this time, a physically imposing man came out of the bathroom next to him.

The man saw Jing Rong, even with the scent-blocking spray, saw a stronger than his own kind, and his temperament changed abruptly.

Jing Rong's face was still confused, but his male instincts and the stress reaction to his body made him suddenly stand up and stare back coldly.

But also but a few seconds to stare at each other, the other side of the face changed greatly, can not afford to flee like a rout.

Jing Rong inexplicably watched the other party's back as he fell away, he merely looked back politely, what happened?

When you look back again, you notice where the man came out, where there is a row of toilets.

Literally, it is a row, six restrooms, six genders, the man just now came out from inside Men A, and Men B, Men O and the corresponding female three genders.

His original world had only two genders, and this perception had been fixed for more than twenty years. Suddenly one day he crossed into a world of six genders, and his worldview seemed to be silently shattering.

It can't be put together anymore.

Don't you think this is unreasonable?

Jing Rong looked around at the men and women teasing around the cats, a mix of six genders, with Omega predominating.

A few of the Omegas blushed when they caught Jing Rong's eye, and one little beauty nodded at him, and no one was surprised.

Oh, got it, the unreasonable one is him.

Since people have six genders, won't cats also...

Jing Rong suddenly turned his head to look at a few of the kittens clinging to him, you guys are not Omega, right?

Jing Rong covered his face and resisted the urge to take a look, he didn't want to be treated as a pervert.

After feeding the snacks, back to the position again, found the lobby near the central round sofa chairs, originally a few enjoy jerking off the cat customers pointing to the TV screen full of excitement, although excited but the cat cafe store does not allow noise, that is, the TV is also nearly silent. They can only lower the volume of speech, but from the body language can also be judged very excited.

Jing Rong was also curious enough to look at the TV and was a bit stunned by the person who appeared on it. When the waiter refilled his glass, he noticed the direction of his gaze and was quite proud of his idol when he saw Jing Rong looking stunned like this A: "Does Mr. Xi Gu like it too!

" Xi Gu?" Jing Rong chewed on these two words.

ABO World, Xi Gu ......

A little familiar, is not forgetting something, as if there is something wrong.

The waiter nodded greatly: "He is recognized by Alpha as a great beauty, is he not beautiful out of the galaxy?"

As a man with a normal sexual orientation, beautiful and unparalleled, but still a man in essence, only two gender concepts Jing Rong, said he would not be interested in men, this life, the next life is impossible.

Since the person he was waiting for hadn't come yet, Jing Rong nodded politely and went along with the conversation, "Is he a recently debuted idol?"

The waiter looked at him incredulously, like someone from the mountains: "Don't you know him? Well, he's an actor!"

If idol can have acting skills, fans would prefer to proudly call them actors.

He started out as an idol, and was a big hit in the year, but for some reason, he was silent for three years, and last year he starred in "Lota's 365 Days"! He played a talented skater with great talent but finally lost his chance due to a car accident, especially the last scene, he performed the main character's despair and reassurance, and sad and warm. When he looked at the screen, I had goose bumps."

The waiter couldn't help but talk about the idol, and couldn't resist the encore. Only after saying this did he remember that the person in front of him was a guest and immediately stopped talking and bent over and apologized.

Jing Rong smiled and said it was okay, but in his heart he said it was not good, how the familiarity was getting stronger and stronger, especially the "365 Days of Lota" that the waiter said, he also seemed to have heard it somewhere.

It's like there's a truth in the distance, just a poke at a piece of paper away from being caught.

Jing Rong opened his phone and searched for the movie.

A Maserati pulled up to the curb, and in the passenger seat sat a stylishly dressed Omega wearing sunglasses and a duck-tongue hat. The visitor smiled delicately at the person in the driver's seat and got out of the car.

The visitor was warmly served by an Alpha waiter just after arriving at the door. He took off his shoes and changed into soft slippers before he saw Jing Rong sitting by the window surrounded by several cats and frowned.

This Jing Rong just opened the search engine, then felt a shadow fall to his side, looked up and saw the person he was waiting for coming.

The visitor saw Jing Rong who raised his head, always felt that the other party's temperament has changed a lot, the original obsequious people, see their own even can not speak fluently, surprisingly can not see the slightest when their own licking dog, he waved away that sense of alienation, coldly reprimanded: "not said I was on the rise, why choose the window? You did it on purpose?"

What if someone is secretly filmed?

Although not yet debuted, the visitor is quite a featherweight.

If in the past, Jing Rong must immediately apologize, careful to make amends, the other party as an ancestor, but today's Jing Rong directly stood up, the wrong person, straight ahead.

The visitor was caught off guard and said angrily, "Wait, where are you going?"

Jing Rong was purely puzzled: "Didn't they say they were going to change positions?"

The visitor is the original owner's boyfriend, called Ying Qi, is a senior student at the Film and Television Academy, a year younger than the original owner, the original owner fell in love with him at first sight at a dinner party, and launched a fierce pursuit, but all Omega are not short of suitors, the original owner is just one of the inconspicuous Alpha, so when Ying Qi said yes, Jing Rong simply felt that he had won the lottery.

The first time I saw Ying Qi, I had to sign a contract with an agency to debut as an idol, and idols are the most taboo to fall in love, so I had to hide my relationship.

Just a while ago the original owner had a disagreement with her family and left home in anger, wanting to stay at Ying Qi's house for a few days, but downstairs she saw Ying Qi getting into a luxury car and taking the initiative to kiss the owner of the luxury car.

The original owner went to the shelter temporarily, but he didn't expect that his belongings would be stolen from the shelter, leaving only a cell phone that he held tightly in his hand because he wanted to wait for Ying Qi's explanation.

The original owner sat and waited right but did not wait for Ying Qi's word, plus the original was distracted, also went to the second brother's home, this memory is very vague.

After that, the original owner bought a drunk and died.

Jing Rong was woken up in the park by a cool breeze, and woke up with a bunch of bottles of wine, white and red, lying around.

The original owner's cards were frozen and all the remaining cash was spent on buying alcohol. It can be said that Jing Rong is now so poor that he appears embarrassed when he comes to the cat cafe.

Ying Qi looked at Jing Rong, who had simply changed his position, as if he did not know, his eyes blazed a few points, if he was pursuing himself, so imposing, perhaps now also do not want to break up with it.

But thinking of the decision he had already made, he still took a deep breath and solemnly said, "Let's break up."

Ying Qi can anticipate what he will face, even if Jing Rong will cry, will plead, he will not be soft this time.

His web series has entered the final stage of review and will soon be broadcast, and he will soon be a hit, while Jing Rong, who just graduated without even getting an audition, will only become a stumbling block on his way to success.

Since it's a stumbling block, it should be kicked.

Seeing Jing Rong did not answer, Ying Qi said patiently again, "I hope you will not stalk ......"

Before I could finish, I got a reply the next second.


To be honest, just the thought of being in a long-term intimate relationship with a man makes my whole body cells say NO.

They are full of the same straight man's desire to live as I am.

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