Chapter 2: to welcome while resisting.

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Huan Lu changed his clothes and went to the bathroom to take a shower.

Baihan Yu went to the second bedroom next door to do a wash-up, and Huan Lu had not yet come out of the bathroom.

The bathroom door faces the king-size bed in the center of the bedroom. As Baihan Yu lies on the bed, he can hear the sound of water dripping inside and the frosted glass door fogging up.

A tall figure looms behind the door, Baihan Yu looks for a few seconds and then looks away, staring at the ceiling...

He is now in a complicated position.

Neither the Si family nor the Lu family.

Baihan Si was adopted by the Si family twenty years ago. It all started when some "guru" said that "Baihan Si" could bring Qi luck to the Si family, and that he should be raised for twenty years before being released at the right time.

When Huan Lu rose to prominence in the business world, the Si family knew the time had come.

So send people over to screw up Lu's, and from then on, the Si family is the only one.

After the collapse of the Lu family, Huan Lu was set up by the Si family in a car accident; and Baihan Si was also treated as an outcast by the Si family, early to receive the benevolent line down.

The author, in order not to make the main character of the Si family seem too cold-blooded, but also deliberately in the " Baihan Si " before the death of a bombastic psychological description, probably means: I volunteered, I died in the right place!


Baihan Yu gets a lump in his throat every time he thinks of that mental description.

This is what extra-legal fanatics plus pua masters!

Especially now that he is dressed as the outcast of the Si family, Baihan Yu only wants to say: crawl, crawl quickly. Crawl with a dog leash.

The great injustice seeds who like to do who do go.

"Buzz ......"

The vibrating sound of his cell phone suddenly pulled his attention back.

Baihan Yu touched the phone on the pillow, clicked on it and saw a text message from: [Yan Si stop]

Wow, here comes the extra-legal maniac plus pua master.

Yan Si stopped being the eldest son of the Si family, one of the masterminds who planted "Baihan Si" in Lu's family, and his nominal "big brother".

Over the years, the Si family has treated Baihan Si as a tool, saying she is "pampered" and not allowed to see anyone, but in fact she is locked in a room and regularly brainwashed to "obey orders".

The person responsible for brainwashing is Yan Si, who majored in psychology.

Baihan Yu : Extra-legal fanatic, two kills.

He moved his finger to change the note of Yan Si stop to [pua master], and only then clicked on the text message sent by the other party.

[pua guru]: sleeping?

Baihan Yu , "......"

He looked at the time, it was almost twelve o'clock.

Yan Si stopped to ask him if he had slept, but of course he could not be concerned about his work and rest. Most likely, he was asking him: Have you slept until Huan Lu?

Baihan Yu moved his fingers perfunctorily.

Baihan Yu]: Well.

The other side seemed to be silent for a moment, then sent.

[pua guru]: so fast?

Clearly questioning Huan Lu's inability to do so.

Baihan Yu was amused, and his fingers were tapping away on the screen.

Before the message was sent, the bathroom door opposite the bed was suddenly pushed open. The fragrance of shower gel mixed with water vapor filled the doorway, and Baihan Yu looked up to see Huan Lu coming out.

Huan Lu was wrapped in a bathrobe and was steaming hot. The open neckline reveals a reddened chest, and his forehead hair is still dripping wet.

He walked over with long legs, leaving wet marks all the way across the carpet. Closer, he stopped at the edge of the bed and spoke sorrowfully, "Who are you messaging?"

The screen of the cell phone in Baihan Yu's hand is still lit up, resting on the WeChat interface.

"My big brother."

A pair of dark, sunken eyes looked over from under his wet forehead hair, and Huan Lu stared at him slyly, "What are you talking to this late at night."

"He couldn't sleep and missed me."


Huan Lu , "What?"

The always smooth tone of voice subtly changed a tone, a rare reveal a few unbelievable.

Baihan Yu handed him the phone directly, "Look."

Huan Lu looked down.

The fluorescent white screen light reflected in his eyes, along with the conspicuous note.

His eyes lingered for a few seconds before he looked at the content. The brevity of the content seemed somewhat banal in contrast to the notes.

[pua guru]: sleeping?

Baihan Yu]: Well.

[pua guru]: so fast?

Baihan Yu's half typed words remained in the typing box: After all, it was the first time

Huan Lu's eyelids jumped, "First time what?"

"It's too exhausting to get married for the first time."


Baihan Yu put back his phone and sent the half message directly to him. Overhead came Huan Lu's voice again, "Master pua?"

Baihan Yu smiled coyly, "Well, it's a nickname between brothers."

Huan Lu snickered, "Really, you guys are really brother and sister."

When the brother of the newlywed brother in the middle of the night to send a message asking "sleep?", when the brother of the other notes to each other "pua master".

It was so much fun.

He was blind in his previous life to not see through this plastic relationship.

Huan Lu was laughing to himself when his thoughts suddenly stopped for a moment.

No, there were not yet these ends in the previous life.

He looked over the edge of the towel at Baihan Yu, who was still lying on the bed playing with his phone - a completely different person from his previous life.



Huan Lu dries her hair and goes to bed.

In addition to the light source of the bedside lamp, the only light left in the room is the white stained light of Baihan Yu's cell phone screen, reflected in the dark eyes of the pair, eyes bright leap.

The applications in his phone are quite few, and there is only one WeChat that is used to contact with Si's family. Baihan Yu played a flying car game so vigorously that one of his legs reached outside the quilt.

The trouser leg is rolled up to reveal a calf.

Huan Lu looked down.

Just watch Baihan Yu put the brakes on his quilt.


Huan Lu frowned, "Go over there."

Baihan Yu glanced at the position where he was lying, not yet halfway across the bed, "can't squeeze you."

Huan Lu coldly, "I'm not in the habit of sleeping with people."

Baihan Yu put down his phone and looked at him, "You are the one who just said to sleep together, and you are the one who is too close now."

He sighed, "You're lusting after it?"

Huan Lu , "........."

The desire to resist and welcome.

Huan Lu was directly exasperated.

He lifted the quilt and crossed to the bed, propping one hand on Baihan Yu's side, the soft bed sinking a bit with the weight of a grown man.

Baihan Yu's breath caught, "What?"

Huan Lu looked at him like this and felt an eerie sense of satisfaction at getting back on his feet. He lowered his eyes, "You are the one who provokes, and you are the one who is afraid."

"You're resisting?"

Baihan Yu , "......"

What a vengeful man!


He stretched out the covers and reached up to tug on the collar of Huan Lu's bathrobe, tilting his head to reveal his two little tiger teeth, "Who said I was scared, I was so excited I didn't know what to do, okay?"

Huan Lu didn't pull back either, and the corners of his lips pulled up in a dangerous arc, "Really?"

The thin red lips are clearly smiling, but the light is casting a line of shadow under his dark eyes, showing a few deep-seated cold hostility.

The white bathrobe wrapped around his lean body hid the aggression.

Baihan Yu thought for a moment: It seems like a wolf in sheep's clothing.

He hurriedly averted his gaze from Huan Lu's face.

The line of sight slid down and his heart shook again.

Huan Lu bathrobe neckline is open, the hemline is also open. Although shrouded in shadow, it is more visual and impactful than when the suit was worn earlier.


Fictional settings are so nonsensical.

"Have you seen enough?"

Huan Lu's words brought him back to his senses.

Baihan Yu withdrew his gaze and decided to hold back the waves for a while.

"It's late, go to sleep." He moved the pillow farther away and retracted back into the blanket with a straight face, "I'll let you off the hook for today."

Huan Lu snorted softly, "Let me off the hook?"

Baihan Yu had closed her eyes, "Good night, Makabaka."


The distance between the two men was pulled apart, and Huan Lu finally followed suit and laid down.

Once the bedside lamp was turned off, the bedroom was plunged into darkness.

Baihan Yu sank into the silky soft quilt and soon fell into a deep sleep, wrapped in the exhaustion brought on by wearing the book.

I don't know how long it took, but he rolled over in a daze and there was a muffled "bang" as if he had kicked something warm;

After a while, he raised his knee and hit it again with a "poof".

On his third kick, a large palm grabbed his knee firmly. Without waiting for that hand to push him away, Baihan Yu suddenly buried himself forward along the pillow, half-asleep, reaching out to wrap his arms around the source of heat in front of him.

The movement around you suddenly freezes.

A cold breeze ran through the lifted quilt and a hand pinched him around the neck.

"Si. White. Contains ......"

Baihan Yu frowned in the haze, raised his hand to pull down the hand on his neck, and did not forget to tuck it back into the covers.

What are you doing? Sleep.


For a moment, a hand pushed him outward.

Baihan Yu "snapped" and rolled over, and did not move again in the second half of the night.


The next day I woke up before eight o'clock.

Baihan Yu found himself sleeping on his stomach, the bed on his side was empty, and there was a noise from the bathroom across the room. He got up and pushed open the bathroom door, and was confronted by Huan Lu, who was brushing his teeth.

Baihan Yu friendly, "Good morning."

Huan Lu looked at him in the mirror with a scowl.

Baihan Yu , "Not sleeping well?"

The foamy mouth grinned a little, as if to say "huh".

Baihan Yu slept very well. He was in a good mood after a good sleep, and now he was leaning on the door frame with a smile, "You're not too nervous to sleep?"

Huan Lu spit out the water from the gargle and wiped his face, "Yesterday was an exception, from today onwards you move to the second bedroom."

Baihan Yu took it as it came, "Oh good."

He turned his head and went next door to finish washing up and went downstairs with Huan Lu to have breakfast.

The dining table was a large long table that could seat twelve people, with the butler, Uncle Feng, and two maids waiting at the side.

Huan Lu sat in the main seat, Baihan Yu sat down next to him on his right, "I won't sit across from you, it's too much to talk."

Huan Lu faded, "I'm not in the habit of talking at dinner."

Baihan Yu , "I have."

So the fee is also his voice.

"...... as you wish."

Breakfast was soon finished and Huan Lu was about to get up and leave when he suddenly turned to Baihan Yu, "You come with me to the office."

Baihan Yu was drinking milk, he put down the cup and licked the milk froth at the corner of his mouth, "What am I going to do?"

Huan Lu didn't answer him, the dark light was hidden in his eyes.

Do what? Watch well, of course.

The mistakes he made in his previous life he will not make again, this time he will put people under his nose.

Butler Uncle Feng rounded up, "Newlyweds, like glue ......"

A cold voice interrupted him, "Uncle Feng."

The sound stops abruptly.

Baihan Yu wiped his mouth and got up to follow Huan Lu , "Let's go then."

Uncle Feng was leading the way.

Out of the dining room is a spacious living room with floor-to-ceiling windows on one side, and the warm morning light reflects the entire living room brightly.

The front door was already open and a young man of about 26 or 27 years old, simple and decent looking, Lin Fan, a close associate of Huan Lu, was waiting at the door.

Uncle Feng stopped outside the foyer, "Take your time, sir."

After saying that, he smiled and said to Baihan Yu, "Young Master Si, take care."

Baihan Yu paused, "Uncle Feng, it is better to change the name."

Huan Lu turned his head to look over, the corners of his lips picked up, seemingly with a little sneer, "Then what are you going to be called, Mrs. Lu?"

Baihan Yu cast a shy glance, "We'll talk about it later. I just got married, it's too mushy."

Huan Lu , "......"

Uncle Feng speculated, "What about Mr. Si?"

Baihan Yu pursed his lips, "Just don't Division not Division, unlucky." He added, "Especially after reading fast." Like a curse.

The three people inside and outside the entrance hall were silent at the same time.

Probably the first time I heard to the self-singing.

Huan Lu was straightforward, "It seems that the Si family is not treating you well?"

Baihan Yu , "Okay, as good as my big brother."

Huan Lu instantly remembered the solid note: pua master.


Uncle Feng is still struggling with the name calling, "Eh, that-"

Baihan Yu straightened up after changing his shoes, and he was facing the grassy courtyard outside the floor-to-ceiling windows of the living room, where the morning light of high summer enveloped the branches and leaves in lushness.

"Let's call it the White Ham." He said.

Baihan Yu .

No matter what he wears or what world he is in, he is Baihan Yu.

Uncle Feng breathed a sigh of relief and smiled slightly, "Young Master Bai Han."

Huan Lu paused in his exit and turned his head to look at the foyer.

Baihan Yu is looking at the courtyard, and the grass is full of vitality in his eyes. He stood there, reckless and vivid, more vigorous than the spring grass in the garden.

Noticing Huan Lu's gaze, Baihan Yu turned his head and smiled at him. The black pupils reflect the morning glory, unique and precious.

Huan Lu froze for a moment, then turned back to the front ping.

Lin Fan followed up and reported in a low voice, "Sir, the third young master of the Si family is coming over today."

Huan Lu's feet pause slightly, not drawing Lin Fan's attention.

He lowered his eyes to hide the color under his eyes, opened his voice flat, "should be to talk about the project of the new port in the east of the city, let people prepare."

"Yes, sir."

Baihan Yu greeted Uncle Feng and followed Huan Lu with a few steps, he saw that a shadow seemed to have fallen under Huan Lu's eyes again and he seemed to be not very happy, "What's wrong?"

Lin Fan had already pulled open the rear door and stood sideways as he spoke.

Huan Lu was about to open his mouth when he suddenly stopped talking. He looked at Baihan Yu, who had come over to him, and didn't know what had occurred to him, but the depression in his eyes was gone, and the corners of his mouth hooked, "Nothing."

Baihan Yu , "Hmm?"

What the hell suddenly laugh so dog.

Huan Lu, however, raised his chin towards him as if he was herding sheep into a pen, "Get in."

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