Chapter 1: plastic unions

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The bed beneath you is too soft.

Baihan Yu didn't know how long he slept until he was awakened by a voice with no ups and downs.

"Who told you to get into bed."

He opened his eyes from half-asleep at once.

In the luxurious and spacious bedroom, the overhead light reflects the lavish and exquisite décor and the two people beside the navy blue bed in the center of the bedroom.

Baihan Yu's eyes focused, only to see a tall figure standing in front of the bed, looking down at him.

Under the reflection of the light, the man in front of the cold white as jade, more appearing eyebrows deep thick, thin lips red, there is a kind of ink painting like beauty. With a cold temperament and a sense of oppression of the higher power, quite regal.

Baihan Yu just opened his eyes and was successfully compelled for a second.

Not bad for the world of paper people, so handsome.

Yes, he is now in the world of a novel, in layman's terms, he is wearing a book -

This is a business war article called "business wind and clouds", about how the Si family dominates the business world in a deceitful world. The whole article is based on the main line of the Si family, in addition to the most drama is the Si family's nemesis, the Lu family.

In order to take down the biggest enemy, Huan Lu, the Si family faked a marriage, and stuffed the most obedient "little trash" in the family, Baihan Si, as a discarded son.

On the one hand, lower Huan Lu's wariness, on the other hand, manipulate Baihan Si to steal documents, leak false information, and then engage in some sowing discord ......

In the author's deliberate reduction of intelligence, the huge Lu family really because of such a "small waste" defeat, falling apart.

After the bankruptcy of the Lu family, Huan Lu was soon involved in a car accident and received a pawn;

Baihan Si, who was the abandoned son, was also broken and drowned in the sea when the plan was foiled.

Five words to sum it up: full stepping stones.


Baihan Yu was crossed a few hours ago, and he immediately fell into silence when he figured out the situation.

The grass, injustice seeds are actually his own.

He was dressed as a cannon fodder "outcast" Baihan Si. The man standing in front of him now is another ingrate, Huan Lu.

Probably the injustice is hugging, even the timing of his crossing is subtle: today is the very day of their wedding - that is, the beginning of the stepping stone story. Even the possibility of withdrawing from the marriage and running away is directly extinguished.

He is really going to thank.

Baihan Yu choked for a few seconds and looked at the person in front of him again.

He tried to reassure himself: okay, at least his "injustice old attacker" looks great, everywhere poke in his aesthetic point.

A handsome man for nothing is also considered to have earned.

As he was watching, Huan Lu met his gaze. The curves of Huan Lu's eyes are long and narrow, and when he drops his eyes, he reveals a bit of coolness.


Wow, the voice of the big ingrate is pretty good too.

Baihan Yu sniffed and sat up from the bed, his slim wrists propped up on the navy blue bed quilt, so white it was blinding. His body was adjusted by this world setting to become more in line with the original host's personality.

That is, slim and white, single and thin.

He replied politely, "Didn't we not have a wedding and the Si family packed me over directly? You weren't here when I came, and the housekeeper told me to wait for you in my room."

The word "packing" is used quite spiritually.

Not only does it reveal his position in the Si family and the marital relationship between the two, but it is also extremely graphic.

He finished watching Huan Lu's eyebrows jump.

The gaze cast at him was a few shades deeper.

Baihan Yu has no special feelings - after all, that's what the author wrote in the original text. Probably think in a business war article for a small fodder to write a wedding is too waste of ink, but also seems cheap, so the brush omitted.

So he was sent straight here today.

Even dinner at Si's house before leaving, casual as if about to go to a friend's house to play games and stay the night.

"So you fell asleep?" Huan Lu opened his mouth, "In my bed."

Baihan Yu blushed, "Sorry, the bed is too soft."

He waited too long after he arrived and fell asleep while sitting on the bed.

"Is that so." Huan Lu's dark eyes locked on him, not as if flirting, but as if knowingly warning or testing, "Thought you were expecting something to happen."

What happens.

Baihan Yu was shocked by the scale of the chat!

He swept his eyes over Huan Lu's broad shoulders and narrow waist and long legs, "Is this something that can happen?"

Huan Lu's gaze hadn't moved from his face, and he frowned at the words, "What."

Baihan Yu pursed his lips, "It won't be blocked, right?"

It's a green novel.

Huan Lu , "......"


Silence fell in the square inch of space opposite the two men.

Baihan Yu was about to say something to break the silence when he saw Huan Lu's leg suddenly hit the edge of the bed.

The distance draws closer, the dark gray suit pants immediately tense, faintly revealing the tight muscle outline of the thigh below. Baihan Yu stared at the invading thighs, his heart jumped, "You won't be here for real ......"

"Who are you."

A cold, sharp voice interrupted him.

"Hmm?" Baihan Yu looked up and crashed into a pair of dark eyes, a sharp gaze that seemed to be able to see through people.

He froze, his first thought was that he had collapsed his persona and the other side had noticed that he was not "Baihan Si" himself, but thought it was unlikely.

They are all from the book, and today is the first time to meet, there is what collapse or not collapse of the persona.

Baihan Yu is emboldened," Baihan Si ."

Huan Lu is still staring at him.

Not asking him to answer this?

Baihan Yu thought for a moment, then suddenly: Wow, can't it be that Tian Lei line ......

Not bad for a novel, the whole thing is so awkward.

Then he had to go along with it.

Baihan Yu rejoined, "I am Mr. Lu's man."

The classic plot of the novel, the first time to show loyalty.

There was silence in front of him for a while, and suddenly a light laugh of unknown meaning fell, "My people?"

Baihan Yu , "Well."

Huan Lu closed his eyes, good one of his people.

A scene from a previous life is like a memory fragment crossing the mind, family and friends betrayal, cooperation outlawed, the group collapse ...... finally fixed in the moment of the car accident shattered windshield and splashed with a large swath of bright red.

The sound of the brakes cut through the eardrums and stung even the nerves.

He had been unable to figure out what was not good enough for him, until his death he realized: it was all the so-called "fate" - no matter how hard he worked, he was destined to become a stepping stone for the Si family.

How can he be willing to do this!

Huan Lu's eyes are closed, the collar buttoned to his throat tightly strangled his neck, strangled a red, as if imprisoned with hostility.

When I opened my eyes again, I saw the neck of Baihan Yu. Above the open collar, the neck is thin and white. It is probably because the sun is not tanned for many years, so white that it is somewhat sickly, and the skin on the side of the neck shows clear blue veins.

Vulnerable and undefended, leading the item to be killed in general.

Huan Lu suppressed the emotions that were swirling in his heart and opened his mouth seemingly playfully, "Wow, how are you going to prove it?"

Baihan Yu was unaware that his neck had been missed for a moment, and he followed Huan Lu's words to the next level.

How to prove it.

Do you really want him to do it physically?

He swept his eyes over Huan Lu's handsome face and glanced at the other man's broad-shouldered, narrow-waisted figure and the beast still lurking beneath the taut suit pants.

Ah shit.

It's not a no-no.

After a two-second struggle, Baihan Yu leaned back and "poofed" back into the soft quilt, opening her arms towards the man above her who hadn't reacted.

Huan Lu, who has not yet recovered from the hostility:?

Baihan Yu then waved shyly, "Come on." He cast a doting glance, "I can't help you."


The wide bed fell into the third silence of the day.

Baihan Yu lying in the navy blue bed quilt, the already rain-white face looks even whiter, light pink lips curved up, revealing two small tiger teeth. One pair of eyes is dark and bright, and the gaze is like a black jewel.

Obviously when the invitation was issued is so loose, but this moment on the cheeks but a thin red, looking fresh and pure emotion.

It is very different from both the rumored and remembered " Baihan Si".

Huan Lu stared at him, the dark tide under his eyes.

Baihan Yu lay peacefully on the bed for a while, saw the man above him did not move, was about to say something more, a hand pinched his chin.

Huan Lu leaned down, his tone slow, "I'd like to see how much ...... more you have left."


Baihan Yu turned over in a salty position under him and changed to a more nicknamed position, "A little surprise that I don't know about?"

Huan Lu , "......"

The hand cupped on his chin did not let go, the thumb grazing the smooth chin. The four eyes met, and Baihan Yu felt the fingertips seemed to move imperceptibly.

He thought for a moment: so he "wrong kind of old attack" like role play this kind of fun.

Coincidentally, he quite liked it too.

After five or six seconds of stalemate.

Baihan Yu gently urged, "It's time to take the next step."

The hand that was clamped on his jaw was released.

Huan Lu straightened up, big palm propped up in the forehead rubbed Sun points, deep breath a few breaths, "You - forget it, get out."

Baihan Yu "snapped" back to facilitate a conversation with him, "No more proof?"

The tone of voice intensified, "No need."

What the hell, just now is not good.

Baihan Yu hesitated, "...... you are not going to?"

In the novel, Huan Lu has no emotional line. After the marriage with "Baihan Si", he put her in the guest house, and after that, he concentrated on his career and did not care about her anymore. It is because of this omission that Baihan Si exploited the opportunity to make various small moves behind the scenes.

On the forced widow king cluck.

" Baihan Si ." Huan Lu's voice was clearly tinged with anger.

Baihan Yu : Surely not, annoyed.

He hurried to smooth out the hair, "I wouldn't either, it's nothing."

Huan Lu closed his eyes, not wanting to sink with people on such matters at all.

Baihan Yu got up from the bed and crossed Huan Lu towards the door, "Since you're not ready, I won't force you, where should I sleep?" He said this in a mature and considerate way, like a good man who is sympathetic to good women.

There is also a bit of tea in the tea gas.

Huan Lu's forehead veins jumped and he couldn't hold back his words, "Come back."

Baihan Yu then stopped.

Huan Lu looked at him sideways with a cool smile, "I'm not ready?" Without waiting for Baihan Yu to open his mouth, he continued, "Okay, you'll sleep here tonight."

Almost forgot, it's not time to tear up the face with the Si family.

Huan Lu gave a light laugh in his heart: after all, it is the "wedding night" ...... husband and wife should be in the same room. Since the Si family wants to pretend with him, he will accompany this time to the end.

Baihan Yu immediately jumped back on the bed as good as the flow, and bounced on the soft bed covers with satisfaction. This bed is so comfortable to sleep in, if possible, he certainly do not want to move.

He bounced around on the bed and asked Huan Lu, "What about you?"

Huan Lu's crimson lips tugged, very compelling, "I also sleep here." He said he walked towards the bed, his long fingers pressed on the switch, "snap" the overhead lamp went out, leaving only the bell orchid lamp above the bed.

The shimmering light shines obliquely on Huan Lu's body.

Huan Lu lifted his hand to loosen the lapel and took off his suit jacket to rest on the hanger.

Baihan Yu realized that Huan Lu only looks thin, but actually has muscles under his shirt.

The white shirt over his bulging back, the light shifting between his open collar and waist and abdomen, actually looked aggressive. Huan Lu turned his head to look at Baihan Yu on the bed, the warm orange light passing through his thin forehead hair and staining his cold brow bone.

Baihan Yu's throat made a slight movement, and he gulped.

"Heh..." a cold laugh fell, as if in response to his provocation just now. Huan Lu said word for word, "We'll sleep together, so you don't get too nervous to sleep."

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