Chapter 2: test, fireworks, skill exchange.

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Xiaochi Chi has a data disk in front of her eyes that is only visible to her. The data disk contains the host's real-time body temperature, heartbeat, blood pressure, and the current external temperature, and the most conspicuous data bar is divided into red and blue.

The blue one is the remorse bar and the red one is the good feeling bar, both full value is 100.

The blue value is constant at "9", while the red value is falling because of Xiaochi Chi's "I spent your money".

Xiaochi Chi lamented, "People don't like to hear the truth."

The system kind of wanted to spit, but held back.

Baihua Yang said disappointedly, "Xiao Cheng, why do you talk like that?"

Xiaochi Chi did not rush with him and said in a pleasant manner: "Lao Yang, don't misunderstand. I mean, big brother is also for our sake. With a car, our life can be much more convenient. I can not use it, but you can drive out to work, how dignified in front of colleagues."

He was very nice, as if the flame-throwing words just now were simply stating the facts.

The system looked back up two points of good feeling value, thought, a slap a sweet date. The means is okay.

Baihua Yang panted.

This child has been spoiled since childhood and does not know the importance of speech. The words just now how hurtful, he is afraid that he did not realize.

Thinking of this, Baihua Yang showed some of his father's patience with his children and coaxed him, "Little Cheng, a car is a consumable. Have you ever thought about how much it costs to pay for a car, how much it costs for a parking space? Can we afford to pay for it now?"

"I'll earn money to support you!" Yuan Cheng, with his hands behind his back, smiled sincerely and tenderly, "I'm almost done writing my demo, and I'll have money by then."

Baihua Yang said helplessly, "How many times have I told you, this is not a serious job."

"I like music."

"Like can't always be a meal ...... Forget it, let's not mention it." Baihua Yang encompassed, "Lest we quarrel."

"Okay, don't mention it." Yuan Cheng stepped forward and closed the distance with Baihua Yang, softly said, "Actually, I also thought, this car can be used to pick up your parents. Mom, dad and third sister are coming to the city next week, right? When they arrive, you can take them to Yan Xiao's school and pick her up for a meal or something. Yan Xiao asked you when you were going to buy a car last time she was here."

These two events tickled Baihua Yang's itch. He was silent.

As he said this, Yuan Cheng looked up at Baihua Yang.

Baihua Yang's heart fluttered as she met his burning gaze.

It was winter. At the beginning of the night, Yuan Cheng breathed out a sigh of relief. The white fog is hazy, his already white glowing cheeks are covered with a layer of moving and delicate light wheel, a circle of wind hair on the edge of the white down jacket is blown by the night breeze, against his fine white neck like pure porcelain, one after another, causing his heart to tighten and burn.

And Xiaochi Chi has a translucent deck displayed on the operating panel in front of her eyes, with the following data display:

Name: Beauty Aura (experience version)

Duration: 10 minutes

Number of pieces: 1

Quality: Excellent

Type: Single-use items

Exchange points required: 0 (free issue)

Introduction: Egg fried rice wrapped in gold, boiled out of the juice of the soup, crab legs, the red oil of the duck egg yolk, are not as good as your smile in the light light.

...... good analogy.

Xiaochi Chi wondered, "Your copywriter is a cook?"

The system replied, "......009 is one of the original AI of the main god system, it is innate data, just prefer to study the recipe."

Xiaochi Chi thought that was a bit odd.

Innate data?

Is there a post-natal to the data?

Before he could ask a detailed question, the system reminded him first, "Mr. Chi, the mission."

Xiaochi Chi : "Oh oh."

The system was slightly relieved to see Xiaochi Chi refocused.

He had just taken over Xiaochi Chi and found that the new host was not generally difficult to deal with.

After receiving and reading the world line information, Xiaochi Chi pondered for a long time and the first question he asked was, "When we meet later, can I just hit the Yang with my car."

System: "......"

Xiaochi Chi said, "Don't be nervous, let's just discuss it."

He paused for a moment and said, " Yuan Cheng's family is so rich, if there is any traffic accident, their family must be able to fix it."

The system said, "...... you really want to go and hit him, right?"

Xiaochi Chi said, "No, it's just a discussion."

The system said, "Mr. Chi, you are dealing with a large living person."

Xiaochi Chi said fervently, "Oh. Accidents, no one wants them."

The system tried to reason with him, "...... Mr. Chi, the laws in this world are similar to the world you originally lived in, and intentionally hurting someone is punishable by jail time. Besides, how do you plan to get out of the world after rolling the target of the mission?"

The only criterion to get out of the mission world is the repentance value.

Only when the remorse value reaches 100, the host can leave the existing world and teleport to the next mission world.

The system mentions the value of remorse in order to dispel Xiaochi Chi's anti-human thoughts, who thinks that Xiaochi Chi reasonably analyzes, "It is said that the moment a person dies, the emotion of regret will reach its peak."

System: "......"

Xiaochi Chi added, "Even if he doesn't die and is only disabled, he will still have a long life to spend in regret."

System: "......" You can shut up about it.

The system's silence made Xiaochi Chi understand. He sighed, "All right. You're a humorless little comrade."

...... However, the system heard a clear sense of disappointment in Xiaochi Chi's voice.

For this reason, the system, which could not let go, also re-reviewed Xiaochi Chi's information.

Xiaochi Chi is an actor, not an ex-convict.

Although he is full of black material, playing big names, smoking in public and bringing down teenagers, being uneducated and not ashamed of it, having a poor relationship with his parents, having dirty py deals with various older men and other miscellaneous materials, but most of them are rumors and it is hard to tell the truth from the falsehood.

The system simply filtered through the spam and thought, "Okay, this host is probably just a bit of a maverick, a bit of a psychological problem. If you can guide yourself well, you should not have any major problems.

Xiaochi Chi's performance so far has been very good, and the free skill cards have been used appropriately. The system reads that Baihua Yang's favorable rating, which was falling a moment ago, has shown signs of return.

Each new host will receive twelve free one-time skill cards. These props have different functions, but they can all only be used once. If you feel good after using them, the host can enter the system warehouse and use the good feeling value of the task object to exchange the props and use them flexibly under various conditions and occasions.

Now, for example.

Looking at Yuan Cheng, Baihua Yang's throat knot gently rolled.

Yuan Cheng is good-looking he knows, but even if the good-looking people see more, it is just the same. But now he actually found the feeling of just falling in love with Yuan Cheng, a glance at him will be the tip of the heart itch.

The little rabbit, which had been bred with snow-white fur, turned its round black eyes and looked at him with fascination and concentration.

So good people who are only bent on relying on themselves and thinking for themselves.

...... That's right.

Baihua Yang likes the feeling of "getting back on track".

With a smile, he asked, "Do you remember my cousin Yan Xiao?"

Yuan Cheng said with pride, "Of course I remember. I remember everything related to you."

For a moment Baihua Yang had the urge to kiss him.

But he glanced at the afterglow and happened to see Xiao Liu from the copy room next door off work, waving his keys out of the company's revolving door and discussing with two other colleagues where to go for a barbecue in the evening.

Baihua Yang turned away from Yuan Cheng, not moving to block Yuan Cheng, the hand that was halfway up to touch Yuan Cheng's face was also lowered and naturally inserted into his pants pocket: "Next time you want to add something to the house, don't forget to consult me. This is our home, don't you think so?"

Xiaochi Chi sneered in his heart.

A home for both of us? Negotiation?

This double bed can sleep a large family of you, you have discussed with me.

However, "Yuan Cheng" can not think of these.

According to his character, only know Baihua Yang acquiesced, the car can stay.

Yuan Cheng's eyes lit up and he looked at Baihua Yang with more love in his eyes.

Baihua Yang laughed, "I'll drive?"

Yuan Cheng volunteered, "You've been tired all day, I'll drive." He pulled open the backseat door and did a playful curtsy, "Boss get in first, I'll go throw out a trash."

Baihua Yang smiled, and sat in the car like a good man, surveying the interior, his eyes were hard to conceal his envy.

When will he be able to give away a car like Jian Cheng?

And Yuan Cheng carried a mineral water bottle with the bottom left, and slid towards the garbage can on the side of the road.

Baihua Yang is on the computer all day, her eyes are not very good, she did not see the cigarette butt floating in the water bottle.

Xiaochi Chi When the bottle is thrown into the recyclable bin, the empty bottle hits the barrel with a soft clang of plastic crinkling and deformation.

Xiaochi Chi asked the system, "See?"

System: "Hmm."

-- Yuan Cheng majored in vocal music and has always cherished his voice and stayed away from smoking and alcohol.

Xiaochi Chi smoked half a cigarette, although the chewing gum hastily covered up, but the mouth and cuffs have the smell of smoke can not be eliminated, but his current lover did not notice the abnormal, did not even ask a question on.

Of course, this is only Xiaochi Chi's handy test, and cannot prove anything.

In his opinion, this is just one of the small signs of Yuan Cheng's miserable fate.

Back in the car, Yuan Cheng said while fastening his seatbelt, "Let's go to the train station to pick up Mom and Dad when they arrive."

Baihua Yang apparently froze for a second.

Yuan Cheng, of course, did not notice Baihua Yang's abnormality and continued, "I drive steadily. When the time comes, I will take my parents to pick up Yan Xiao, and then take them to visit Yunzhe Temple and go to a hot spring in the suburbs ......"

Baihua Yang said uncomfortably, "Let's talk about it at ......."

Yuan Cheng, a small trumpet mouth blazing, full of energy, said: "Then I'll play you my newly written demo. You are my first listener, okay?"

Baihua Yang was glad he changed the subject and smoothly agreed, "Put it on."

Yuan Cheng pulls out his phone and clicks a few times.

Baihua Yang had a busy day and the music flowing into his ears seemed to massage his tense nerves.

He drifted off to sleep against the comfortable leather seat.

The system couldn't help but remind, "Mr. Chi, there's no need for you to use the skill card too often."

Xiaochi Chi had just used another hypnosis card on Baihua Yang for an hour and a half.

Xiaochi Chi himself is not stingy: "Test it. Besides, the good feeling thing is not as much as you want."

...... There is nothing wrong with this judgment.

A person to another person's good feeling value is originally floating up and down. When couples quarrel, the good feeling value of each other all the way down to the bottom, hate to strangle each other and then fast, to the heart of love is hot, and is the honey in the oil, good feeling degree is naturally rubbing up again.

Just now Xiaochi Chi's operation was as fierce as a tiger, bringing Baihua Yang's favorability rating back up to 72, exactly the same as the initial figure.

Xiaochi Chi concluded, "A total of 14 goodwill points were dropped for a car that didn't cost him any money."

System: "......" after 10 points is not disliked by you in one sentence.

Xiaochi Chi continued his analysis: "A beauty aura card with a lasting effect of 10 minutes, plus a few good words of convincing, and the goodwill is back. And exchange another beauty aura card with the same effect, only need to spend 5 good feeling value. In this way, the good feeling value is still very good to brush."

System: "......"

Xiaochi Chi just deliberately disliked Baihua Yang, in order to test the ups and downs of good feeling?

And the word "brush" gives the system a bad feeling.

Xiaochi Chi said, "At the moment, Baihua Yang's good feeling towards Yuan Cheng is enough for a passing grade. With the extra 12 points of goodwill, you can help me check the warehouse to see what can be cashed out."

The system was shocked.

In the past, his hosts in order to get out of the world as soon as possible, are a strong around the task object to play, the first good feeling play to 100 before saying anything else.

After all, who knows if the task object's good sense is not enough, it will have an impact on the task process.

The system is still the first time to see the fierce man who dares to be stuck at the beginning of the passing line can be built.

The system went through the warehouse: "worth 10 points of goodwill there are 'beauty aura' with a duration of 30 minutes, 'karate black belt buff' with a duration of 5 minutes, 'painless buff' with a duration of 1 hour 'Painless buff' with a duration of 5 minutes, and 'Aura of Manifestation' with a duration of 5 minutes ......"

Xiaochi Chi listened carefully for a second: "The first one, right?"

After the deal was successful, he asked, "Is there a longer time for the '10,000 Man Man Halo'?"

The system says: "Yes. It takes up to 1 hour and requires 40 good feeling points."

Xiaochi Chi mused, "Then I'll save up."

...... system feel Xiaochi Chi this tone, as if Baihua Yang in when the meat factory pigs, today cut the front legs, tomorrow cut five flowers, cut and then grow, grow and cut, children and grandchildren endless also.

A somewhat creepy system said, "The remaining 2 points will only be able to buy some small props and erotic - fun stuff."

Xiaochi Chi : "Oh, no."

System: "...... Mr. Pool, we are the proper system."

Xiaochi Chi didn't say anything, but he was happy to know.

The system was amused by his straight hair, data have appeared a slight fluctuation: "We do not provide that kind of service. Erotic - fun supplies refer to some small props that can be materialized and enhance feelings, such as bouquets, river lanterns, fireworks and so on."

Xiaochi Chi said, "Have a firework."

"It takes 3 points for one round of fireworks."

Xiaochi Chi simply said, "Take a shot."

System: "......"

Xiaochi Chi : "What are you waiting for? It's my fault if you fail."

The system helplessly thought, of course, count your, otherwise still count my.

After a successful exchange, a crisp bell rings to show that the exchange has been deposited.

Xiaochi Chi waited for half a day: "Where are the fireworks."

The system replied: "Raider object ......" which is not still lying dead offline.

"Who said it was for him?" Xiaochi Chi said, "Just for now, let it go."

The system was a little confused, but did as it was told.

An eight-fold core of fireworks should open, falling like a snow line, falling like a shooting star, the dark dome of the sky dyed with a moving light embroidery.

The fireworks were exploding in the distance, and the light and shadow had to come before the sound, so as the light beads and jade threads were scattering away, Xiaochi Chi suddenly spoke to the system and said, "...... This is for you."

The words did not end with a pop, the sound of fireworks bursting late.

The system looked at the flying stars that spread out in a slight daze.

Xiaochi Chi's face is reflected in the rearview mirror of the car. He is smiling.

Although Xiaochi Chi uses Yuan Cheng's face, his real smile is completely different from Yuan Cheng's simple and harmless. He has a slight curve in his peach blossom eyes, three parts of evil with seven parts of carelessness, with a charm that captures the heart and makes people unable to look away.

Xiaochi Chi said to the system, "I'm going to trouble you in the future, so give me more guidance."

System: "......"

Although a little touching, but the system inexplicably feel that this is not the right thing to say, its nature is similar to the severed head meal, before the person is shot, send him a good meal.

Soon, the system noticed something was wrong: "This is not the way back to Baihua Yang's house."

Xiaochi Chi rightfully said, "Of course I'm not going home. What else would I hypnotize him for?"

System: "......"

Xiaochi Chi glanced at the car navigation system, confirmed the destination, and then added, "...... I want to go somewhere."

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