Chapter 1: Yuan Cheng , nightmare, plagiarism fiasco.

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Xiaochi Chi is leaning against the car smoking.

The day wiped black, a little fire awning to his half face reflected slightly shiny.

He looked at his watch and turned around from the half rolled down car window, took out a drink only the bottom of the mineral water, dusted most of the cigarette with the unbroken ashes and dusted in, and felt in his pocket chewing gum, chewed hastily two times, spit the residue into a napkin.

He was going to throw the trash in the dumpster, however just as he turned around, the person he was waiting for came.

The man emerged from the software company's front door slightly tired, and first saw the brand new car parked at the curb before he saw Xiaochi Chi.

His expression became a bit complicated: "...... Xiao Cheng."

Xiaochi Chi is called Yuan Cheng in this world.

When she saw that face, Xiaochi Chi was so stunned that she forgot to take the initiative to welcome her.

The man stood still, habitually waiting for " Yuan Cheng " to come towards him, and frowned suspiciously when he found that " Yuan Cheng " had no intention of moving.

Xiaochi Chi The prompt of a half-human, half-mechanical voice sounded in his head at the right time, in a businesslike manner, and thus seemed a bit cold.

The system reminded, "Mr. Chi, the object of the raid is calling you."

Ignoring the drop in favorability from 72 to 70, Xiaochi Chi looked back and commented, "Good looking."

He then stood up straight and sighed to himself, "I've been single for so long. Look at only Ba Wang is beautiful."

System: "......"

Then Xiaochi Chi pretended to be unable to see in the night, squinted to see the visitor, originally still a little dazed and unfocused eyes suddenly had a joyful color, the dimples on both cheeks so sweet that people simply want to smile with him: "Lao Yang!"

System: "......" a second into the play, can be.

Xiaochi Chi is going to raid the Ba Wang lambs full name Baihua Yang.

The "old Yang" is not old, four years older than Yuan Cheng. Love cleanliness, cuffs clean up the general height; temperament is fresh, hair and nails are picked up sharp not frizzy, body a little wood faint aroma, and young men rare hard and steady, wrapped in a white shirt hidden chest line does not look exaggerated, but the outline can easily make people's heart beat faster.

Xiaochi Chi briefly reviewed the world line information he had received in his mind as he stepped closer to the mission objective.

This world is the first mission Xiaochi Chi performs after entering the system world. According to the system, in order to let the taskmaster adapt faster, the first mission each taskmaster performs after binding the system, the world line is highly similar to the world line he originally lived in, and the difficulty is also in the easy mode.

To put it bluntly, the newbie tutorial only.

This newbie tutorial shows that the object of his strategy, Baihua Yang, is a golden phoenix flying out of the southwest ravine, and the whole family is a college student studying software engineering. From not knowing how to turn on a computer to successfully studying in a foreign country, nearly seven years of studying in a foreign country has worn away Baihua Yang's native atmosphere, at first glance, it looks like a young man who grew up in the city.

As for Yuan Cheng, in a word, his family is rich.

As for the amount of money, Yuan Cheng has never cared about it, that is something his elder brother should worry about.

Yuan Cheng has loved music since he was a child, and it is the kind of love that he drowned in. He also has a real talent for playing musical instruments, and a good voice has the texture of an advanced instrument, singing, composing and playing, all of which can be played.

Yuan Cheng met Baihua Yang on campus after attending music school and hanging out with a former high school friend.

At that time, Baihua Yang was just a senior in college, just the best model, vigorous, the fresh and tough energy that Yuan Cheng fell in head over heels, and followed Baihua Yang.

Baihua Yang found it funny at first, but gradually he was attracted to this young master with thin skin and tender, rabbit-like ears that he could hold in his hands.

The two met, to confirm the relationship and fall in love, a full three years later.

One day, Yuan Cheng got drunk and on impulse, she went to her family and came out of the closet.

Cheng's father and mother cannot accept that their son, who ran after pretty girls when he was a child, is attracted to a man, especially after investigating Baihua Yang's background, Cheng's father and mother expressed their fierce opposition.

The two elders of the Cheng family are not discriminating against Baihua Yang who struggled all the way up, they themselves came from rural areas and started with nothing, so they know how hard it is to struggle.

However, Baihua Yang has four sisters of varying ages, with their names lined up, each named Zhaodi, Pandi, Niandi, and Wangdi. These four names are here to convince the Cheng family that the two elders will never accept a man who will break the family's lineage, and that his hopeless love affair is not destined to end well.

Yet love makes people blind.

After Yuan Cheng sobered up, he didn't listen to his parents' good intentions, and blocked his way out, fearing that his parents would make things difficult for Baihua Yang.

Cheng's parents are not that low class, and a child who struggled up by his own efforts to get over, but Yuan Cheng this mix-up but really hurt the parents' hearts.

For Baihua Yang, he fell out with his parents and moved out of the house to live with Baihua Yang.

For the sake of cheap, Baihua Yang rents a place that is more than 20 bus stops away from the city center, and there are not many takeaways that can deliver to her home.

Yuan Cheng learned to cook for Baihua Yang, and he did so well that Baihua Yang complimented him, so he made lunch for him every day and brought it to the office.

A friend scolded Yuan Cheng and said, "Little Yuanzi, you're fucking crazy, for a turkey man, you can't live a good life anymore?

Yuan Cheng smiled and said, he is very good to me, we agreed to have hot pot tomorrow.

Yuan Cheng is indeed a romantic idealist, and every little bit of his ideal is hopefully recorded on a handy note on his desk, one by one, as if he is writing a poem.

"Tomorrow morning write a song; cook at noon; come back in the afternoon to write a song; go for a walk with Lao Yang in the evening; buy two cups of Sun Ji soy milk, Lao Yang's share with sugar; turn on the air conditioner half the night and sleep with a quilt."

He never recorded bad things because he felt he was having a really good time.

He also refused to accept his brother's secret offer of help. The only time Yuan Cheng accepted his brother's kindness was when he accepted his brother's transportation, a new BYD he bought. Because he is bus-sick. Every time he crossed half the city to deliver food to Baihua Yang, he was afraid to eat breakfast for fear of vomiting.

But Baihua Yang didn't like the gift and said that his brother was giving him a handout to remind Yuan Cheng of the good old days, so he took the opportunity to drag him home.

Collected and returned, this action broke the heart of Brother Cheng.

Later, the greeting text messages from big brother also changed from once a day to once a week and once a half month.

Yuan Cheng was sad, but he thought that his parents and elder brother only wanted him to have a good life. If I follow Lao Yang and get better and better, they may accept him.

Baihua Yang was a systems analyst in his undergraduate degree and joined a software company after graduation, and according to him, he is highly valued by his manager. As for Yuan Cheng, his career is also going well.

In the past, Yuan Cheng never had to think about earning a living, and concentrated on playing music, and some of the experimental music he wrote had no market at all.

Now Yuan Cheng has to make a living. The record market has shrunk so much over the years that Yuan Cheng can no longer afford to play with his love of experimental music.

Yuan Cheng does not have the problem of not being able to let go of his position in this regard. He likes to write a little bit of everything, from classical pop to punk rock, but he is a little bit picky in terms of quality, which is unique to artists.

He spent three months of hard work and carefully recorded three original pop style demos and sent them to several record labels.

Yuan Cheng was prepared for his demos to be lost in the sea, but he was lucky to hear back soon: his manuscript was accepted by a small company for $5,000 per song.

The small company expressed their admiration for Yuan Cheng's creative talent and offered to sign him as an artist, and Yuan Cheng was so excited that he signed the contract without even looking at it.

Yuan Cheng was jumping for joy, and before the money even arrived, he immediately planned out his $15,000 expenses to the nth degree, with a Baihua Yang in every plan.

If we were to turn back the clock, Yuan Cheng would have cursed Yuan Cheng, who was overjoyed at the time, for being a fool.

The production efficiency of small companies is low, and the final result is not entirely satisfactory, but Yuan Cheng was happy to see his three songs, "Autumn Thoughts", "Words Between My Heart", and "Love You", each rising in the rankings of music software, and took screenshots to show Baihua Yang every time the ranking rose.

Until he swiped a comment in the song's comments: "Does no one think "Autumn Thoughts" is a lot like a revamped version of Goddess Tang's "Si Fan"?"

Soon, someone replied, "Not only "Autumn Thoughts", but also "Words Between Hearts" looks like Huan Tang's new song."

...... Huan Tang ?

Yuan Cheng's hand slipped and he quit the software.

He held the black screen of the phone for a long time, his body hot and sweaty outward, like a nest of ants in all his joints exploded nest, crawling around.

He reopened it with a shaking hand, and the pretty face of Huan Tang, a famous and popular new singer, appeared on the opening screen ad of the software, smiling at Yuan Cheng.

On that day, Yuan Cheng's Weibo account, with only a few thousand followers, was swamped by Huan Tang's million-strong army of followers and watermen.

"cnm's plagiarism dog! Plagiarism dead family!"

"Catch a sheep pulling the wool, why are you so cheap?"

"About the small transparent Yuan Cheng plagiarism incident causes and consequences and picking up the spectrum of details see the long micro-blog, link"

"I picked up Yuan Cheng's previous works, and my desire to know made me click in, and my desire to live made me quit."

"Hahaha sing what Jie Bao stuff, the crunching of the door to learn the ghost call, this TM can also be called good, fans also hold the stinky feet."

"woc awesome, the song title even Tang goddess of the new album cover are not spared ah, a copy of a whole set?"

Yuan Cheng couldn't care less about the bad reviews.

He put on his headphones and listened to Huan Tang's new song over and over again, frantically, with bloodshot eyes and cold sweat.

...... is really the same.

Just in the details of the adjustments made, without the professional learning music judgment, as long as the long ears, musical sense to get by, can hear out is picking up the score copied.

...... But who is this copying who?

Yuan Cheng assures his innocence that he hadn't even heard a few Huan Tang songs before today, as he remembers toxic musicians commenting on Huan Tang, albeit in an unpleasant way, but rightly so:

" Huan Tang specializes in love songs with saliva. The so-called saliva love songs, is the song also saliva, singing also like with saliva."

Huan Tang's smiling face spins in front of Yuan Cheng, and the electronic cover of that new album bears the words, "The Queen of Love Songs turns gorgeous and sings the words of your heart."

-- "woc awesome, the song title even Tang Goddess's new album cover are not spared ah, a copy of a whole set?"

Yuan Cheng clearly remembers that the title of the song "Language Between Hearts" is his own choice, it is the words he wants to say to Baihua Yang, that kind of forbidden love restrained but bursting out, but Huan Tang sings it as a sweet little girl's heart.

Yuan Cheng only felt insulted like never before.

He had previously suffered the biggest blow in his life just failed to come out of the closet, and never knew what it was like to lose his reputation and be criticized by a thousand people.

In the sound of ringing in his ears, all he could think about was Baihua Yang.

He dialed Baihua Yang's phone, and as soon as he heard the person's voice, his tense emotions instantly broke, and he would only shout with a crying voice: "Lao Yang, Lao Yang, you come back." Like a child who has been bullied by the heavens.

Yuan Cheng is indeed a child when it comes to dealing with people, and he is too well protected by his family.

So, while pulling Baihua Yang, crying that her song was taken away from her and she was being pointed at and scolded, Yuan Cheng failed to notice the flash of panic in Baihua Yang's eyes.

But Yuan Cheng was far from expecting that this was just the beginning of his nightmare.

Now, Xiaochi Chi's Yuan Cheng, a steel-toothed white rabbit, stands in front of Baihua Yang.

The former smiled and looked up at the latter with a light in his eyes.

Baihua Yang looked at the car and asked with a frown, "Did you buy this car?"

Yuan Cheng turned his head to look at the car and boasted in a childish tone, "Beautiful, isn't it?"

Baihua Yang asked, "How much did it cost?"

Yuan Cheng's eyes curved: "Guess?"

So far, these conversations have occurred in the original owner's memory without a single change.

Baihua Yang frowned, and Xiaochi Chi's favorability bar in his brain was squeezed out by another two points.

Baihua Yang endured the fire and decided to reason with this young master who didn't know the price of wood and rice: "Cheng, the two of us are together for a long time. You have fallen out with your family for me, I appreciate your dedication and sincerity. But you grew up with a privileged life, do not know how to live a long life. If it has been so big-handed ......"

This is said to be reasonable, according to the original script, the original owner should be ashamed to bow his head and admit that he was just joking, the car is his brother Jian Cheng gave him.

Xiaochi Chi gave a timely expression of resignation: "...... This is from my brother. I get seasick easily on public transport."

Baihua Yang gently stroked Xiaochi Chi's hair: "Xiao Cheng, you've grown up, you can't rely on your brother for everything. Your brother has a life of his own, and so do you. If he deliberately interferes with your life and pampers you, you will only become more and more inseparable from the golden silk cage. Do you think so?"

Xiaochi Chi did not say anything and looked at him.

Baihua Yang is very confident.

In the past, Xiao Cheng had a friend who strongly opposed to them being together, and Xiao Cheng was educated by him in this way, so he drew a clear line with him.

...... Xiao Cheng does not know anything, it is better to listen to their own, otherwise it is easy to be led by the nose.

At this point, Xiaochi Chi opened his mouth.

He spoke in a very dynamic voice, soft and soft, just like every time he said love words to him before, so that Baihua Yang first time actually did not understand: "...... my brother is good to me, spend your money?"

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