Chapter 2: inverted

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The next day, Xingchen Qi woke up at ten o'clock.

He looked at the gift boxes with nowhere to put them for a while, skipped them, washed up and changed into a simple T-shirt, pulled open the door and looked towards the dining room on the first floor.

The Qi family residence is typical of Chinese architecture, with most of the furniture made by hand by artisans. The dining table is no different, cut out of a single piece of phoenix-tailed goldenrod of the right size to accommodate seven to ten people at the same table.

There was a row of bone china dinner plates on the table, covered with a thermal cover, so it was hard to see the dishes. Yuji Qi, the original owner's sister, was on the phone at the table, and the others should have finished their meals and gone out.

Xingchen Qi walked down the edge of the stairs to save leaving footprints and bothering the nanny to wipe them again.

When I walked into the dining room, I heard Yuji Qi's voice with a hint of pouting:

"I received an invitation from the brand and don't want to go."

"Why? Because there's nothing I'm interested in this year's High Fashion Week."

"And my brother just got out of the hospital yesterday, and I wanted to spend time with him."

"I knew you were going to complain, forget it, I'll go with you to Milan then ...... You're awake!"

When Xingchen Qi came down, Yuji Qi quickly waved him over for dinner and cracked a series of words into the microphone: "I asked the hotel housekeeper to choose your favorite door number, you can go there directly when you arrive, no need to pick me up. I'll call you back tonight."

After that, Yuji Qi quickly hung up the phone and called the chef to remove the breakfast and make it again.

"Don't bother, I'll just take it." Xingchen Qi stopped her.

"No, your stomach is already bad, you can't eat cold, besides I didn't eat it either."

When Xingchen Qi seemed to be curious about why she hadn't eaten, Yuji Qi smiled and explained, "I was afraid you'd be bored eating by yourself, so I waited for you for a while."

Xingchen Qi is not in the habit of staying in bed, this morning because it is not adapted to get up so late.

He was raised in an orphanage until he was four years old, adopted by a couple for just one year and then dumped in Acrobatic troupe. Wherever the food came, everyone went up and grabbed it, afraid of not having enough to fill their stomachs.

No one has ever, ever waited for him in order to have dinner with him.

He didn't know how to answer, and after the cook brought up the new pastry, he asked, with his head down as he ate, "Was that Yu Zhou who just called?"

Yu Zhou is also a Noah Entertainment artist, barely a line 17 - having appeared on a modeling talent show, a little better than a line 180 who has no record of her.

He is also Yuji Qi's lover. They meet at a dinner party and Yuji Qi is convinced by his tenderness and falls madly in love with him.

Unfortunately, Yuji Qi is not the right person, Yu Zhou only treats her as an ATM machine and often spits at her in front of her friends about her big breasts and brainlessness.

The original owner was so angry at these words that she had friction with Yu Zhou and accidentally fell on the back of her head and died.

What's worse, half a month later, Yu Zhou will fall for the female lead in a variety show. Yuji Qi, who heard the news, confronted Yu Zhou, but was finally crushed by the words, "You are not even a hair on her head".

The angry sister has been looking for trouble with the heroine ever since, and is extremely vicious cannon fodder of all things. The QI family officially came into the main male line of sight, the countdown to death officially began.

When my brother guessed it, Yuji Qi didn't hide it: "It's him, he asked me to go to Milan to see the show together, and he will bring you the latest clothes. By the way Xing Xing, how did you fall on your head?"

Xingchen Qi tried: " Yu Zhou pushed."

"...... Don't tease me," Yuji Qi seems to hear the joke, laughing especially happy, "impossible, Yu brother is super nice!"

Xingchen Qi : "......"

As expected, the setting of "Night Peach" to Yuji Qi is brain-dead cannon fodder woman - brain-dead to the point that even if Yu Zhou expresses his love for the female lead, Yuji Qi still tries to cry and hang himself to get him back.

If you want her to see the true face of the scum, to use her brother control attributes. And just rely on said useless, must get some video and other substantial evidence.

Xingchen Qi casually diverted a few words, while eating and thinking about how to get evidence.

Seeing that he looked distracted, Yuji Qi pushed away the dishes and took out a delicate gift box from the side: "This is a discharge gift from my sister, which is definitely more lovely than the one from dad. Xing Xing, you must pay attention in the future and not let sister worry anymore, okay?"

Yuji Qi opened the gift box and inside lay a men's watch with the words RICHARD MILLE engraved on the top of the dial. Xingchen Qi does not know the major brands, but the design sense also know must be expensive.

The family members of the original owner really loved the original owner.


Since this body has changed its core, Xingchen Qi must not let what happens in half a month's time happen.

After breakfast, he said hello to his family and took the bus to Noah Entertainment.

In "Peach of the Night", Noah Entertainment is one of the three giants in the media industry, producing many outstanding artists, and the pictures on the wall of honor are almost too dense to post.

Xingchen Qi was standing in front of the Wall of Honor, looking at Ye Bai's picture at the top, and for a while she felt like she didn't know where she was today.

" Xing Xing, why haven't you come these days?"

Xingchen Qi looked back and saw a boy his age smiling and waving at him.

The boy's name is Qing Han, and he is the only friend the original owner has in Noah. The reason for their acquaintance is simple - the same "poverty".

The family pampered the original owner too hard, resulting in the original owner always felt that his family restricted him, confined him and became increasingly rebellious.

He refused his family's offer to go abroad and enrolled in a local art college. He was discovered by his agent shortly after admission and was signed to Noah by his own will.

In order to prove to his family that he could survive without the Kis, the original owner fabricated a false identity of being born in a working family. Until now, Noah's family thought he was just a kid from an ordinary family.

In fact, this is just convenient Xingchen Qi, Qi family identity can not be exposed best not to reveal, either too easy to incur the hatred of the protagonist.

And he didn't live such a luxurious life that he couldn't act like a rich kid should.

"I was sick and took two days off," Xingchen Qi said vaguely, "I was at dance practice this afternoon, why are you out?"

"Said it was something important and the agents were called to a meeting and no one cared about me."

"The company has another new project?"

"I don't think so, it seems to be related to Ye Bai, I don't know exactly. You know, we are not qualified to know that."

Qing Han smiled bitterly, obviously not wanting to continue the discussion, and changed the subject:" Xing Xing , have you been home for the past two days?"

Going home?

Xingchen Qi lowered her eyes, "I don't have a home."

That was the original owner's house, not his.

"Sorry sorry sorry!" Qing Han thought he had touched his sad spot and hurriedly apologized.

"It's okay, come on, let's go to the practice room."

The two of them were talking and walking in the direction of the practice room. Hearing the word "Ye Bai" from other people's mouths, Xingchen Qi's sense of unreality just now became stronger and he gradually realized one thing: the original owner and Ye Bai were in the same company, so maybe he had a chance to see the fake love bean up close.

Unfortunately, he didn't wait to see the fake lovebirds, he saw another person first.

When I passed by the piano room, Yu Zhou was pointing at the watch on his wrist and chatting with some people across the room.

The appearance of the watch suggests that Yuji Qi bought it in a package with his piece. Xingchen Qi's eyes darkened and he gripped the door handle of the piano room. Qing Han immediately stopped: " Xing Xing , Yu Zhou they are inside!"

"Saw it."

"See you still go in, forgetting the time we were taunted?"

The original owner had ordered the Qi family not to reveal their identity to anyone, so Yu Zhou did not know that Xingchen Qi was his girlfriend's brother and taunted him and Qing Han for their cheap clothes and poor dress.

Xingchen Qi raised his eyebrows, ignored Qing Han, and pushed the door straight to Yu Zhou. He was eager to fight with Yu Zhou in a place with surveillance.

When we got closer, we could hear words like "Milan, Haute Couture, and show", so Xingchen Qi cleared his throat, "Brother Yu, what a coincidence."

Yu Zhou now found a large living person around, pretending to be interrupted not very happy, "do not see the piano room we are using it, you can come back later."

"Brother Yu," Xingchen Qi did not move, "just now you said you were going to Milan to see the show?"

Yu Zhou could not help but be surprised, he thought Xingchen Qi had not beaten him a few days ago to seek revenge, but actually respectfully called "Brother Yu", pretending to look reluctant: "Yes, the brand asked me to see the show the day after tomorrow, every time I go to take a lot of photos, especially tired. "

"What about your girlfriend?"

"I have to go with you," Yu Zhou sighed, "and then I have to buy this and that for me, which is really annoying.

Unlike actresses, Yuji Qi is a celebrity, and to find such a girlfriend is an indirect proof of a man's charm. Especially this celebrity is also crazy about him and hit the wall for him, a circle of people around showed envious eyes.

"Bothered," Xingchen Qi chin nod to his wrist, "the new watch is not quite like."

Yu Zhou froze.

"There's another way to say that taking someone's stuff and calling them annoying is called something else ......"

One boy was curious: "What?"

"Come to think of it," Xingchen Qi laughed, "when the whore, also set up a pagoda."

Yu Zhou : "......"

His face swiftly pulled down, opposite several friends then realized that Yu Zhou was scolded, also stood up, Xingchen Qi group surrounded in the middle.

At this time Qing Han, who had been waiting outside the door, noticed the change in atmosphere and, fearing that Xingchen Qi would suffer, gritted his teeth and ran in: "What are you doing?

Hearing the video, the guys calmed down.

Xingchen Qi said it was not good, with a look to indicate Qing Han do not talk too much, continue to anger Yu Zhou: "Sorry Yu brother, I just said the wrong thing, you are generous, do not see eye to eye with me. By the way, where is your invitation to the fashion week, show it to me."

Yu Zhou looked even worse as he prepared to dabble in Yuji Qi's show, take some red carpet photos and tweet about it, pretending he was invited.

How can he have such good fashion resources?

Being poked in the face, Yu Zhou's face turned red and his handsome face was twisted like a greasy clown.

But with his friends around, he couldn't fight Xingchen Qi, so wouldn't that mean he really didn't have an invitation?

"I left the invitation at home," Yu Zhou said, holding down her anger, "who carries that around with them."

Xingchen Qi "Oh", very disappointed, turned around and took Qing Han away.

Before leaving, he said lightly, "Brother Yu, I have not seen the invitation to the High Definition Week, bring it to us tomorrow to open our eyes."

Yu Zhou : "......"

Looking at the half-hearted eyes of his friends, Yu Zhou's forehead almost exploded with anger.


From Yu Zhou's reaction, any normal person could see that there was something fishy about the invitation.

After completely leaving the confines of the piano room, Qing Han came up to Xingchen Qi's ear and said excitedly, "Wow, Xing Xing, you were so smart back there!"

Xingchen Qi shook his head, did not say anything. Qing Han continued to chatter: "It's revenge for the last time he mocked my clothes low ...... By the way Xing Xing, how did you know he didn't have an invitation?"

"I made that up."

"Well," Qing Han shrugged and looked sideways at Xingchen Qi, "Xing Xing, I noticed that after these two days, you have changed a lot."

"...... Where?"

"I can't say it, I just think you are different from before. Eyes brighter than before, temperament also ...... How to describe it, more sunken, not as fickle as before."

As long as no substantial differences are found, Xingchen Qi is secretly relieved.

"Ahhhhh so handsome so handsome really handsome ah!"

"Brother - brother please look at me!"

" Ye Bai I love you, I am your eternal night sky!"

"Mamma yea I see the living night brother, death is no regret!"

As they were talking, there was a sudden commotion at the front door of the lobby, accompanied by the girls' frantic shouting and the "click-click-click" sound of the shutter.

"Wow, it can't be Ye Bai seniors who are here!"

Qing Han's attention was instantly drawn to the past, pulling Xingchen Qi to run quickly to the front door.

Unfortunately, they were still late. They had just arrived in the lobby when they saw several bodyguards escorting a man quickly past them.

The man has an angular side face, wearing sunglasses and duck-tongue cap, narrow and severe jawline, broad shoulders, thin waist and long legs, the whole person exudes a strong aggressive force.

Seemingly sensing someone watching him, the man glanced this way.

The moment the lines of sight met, it was like a huge pie falling from the sky, Xingchen Qi felt like he was about to be knocked unconscious. What tombstone, what family broken all disappear, the sea is left with only one thought:

--Wearing a book, it's a damn good thing!

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