Chapter 1: Remembering a not-so-friendly book

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"Mr. Qi, you haven't closed your eyes for two days, take a rest."

" Xing Xing can't sleep until I wake up ...... How are they doing, Master and Miss?"

"Waiting in the adjacent lounge, all the time without closing their eyes."

Who's talking?

Xingchen Qi was woken up by the sound of two men talking, trying to see who it was, but couldn't hold up his eyelids.

The person called "General Qi" continued, "Later you ask the governor's personal chef - called Lao Li, right, boil some porridge and send it over."


"By the way," Qi asked again, " Did you find out the cause of Xing Xing's fall to the back of his head?"

The person being cross-examined was silent for a moment, presumably making no progress.

"...... Two days, what are the twelve people in your chief assistant's office eating, can't even find out this little thing?!"

"The place where the second young master fell happens to be a dead end where Noah Entertainment has no cameras. The incident happened too late for us to find witnesses, and also ......"

It was probably the angry voice of "Mr. Qi" that woke Xingchen Qi up, and he finally opened his eyes.

Looking around, he is now in what should be a hospital room with all white walls. There are two large testing instruments by the bed, JingAn Hospital and the ward number embroidered on one corner of the bed sheet, and his name is on the hospital gown.

But it is not like a ward - the area is much larger than a normal ward, with a bathroom and cubicles. The curtains are made of a gold thread blend, and even the sheets and gowns are of a very soft silk texture.

In short, it's the kind of top-notch luxury scene that only comes out of a Lisu Ma novel.

At the end of the bed sat a man of twenty-seven or twenty-eight, dressed in a superbly tailored black suit, with deep features and a blue diamond the size of a fingernail on his tie clip reflecting a misty glow.

The brow is tightly furrowed, think also know that this is just talking about the "General Qi".

...... But the problem is, Xingchen Qi does not know this person!

Mr. Qi, still angry at not being able to find the reason, snorted, "Fine, then let the whole Noah Entertainment make amends to Xing Xing! Tomorrow, you have the securities department and the legal department work together to prepare a proposal to acquire forty percent of Noah's shares."

"Mr. Qi, Noah Entertainment has a complex equity component, and the acquisition may take a lot of effort and cost."

"It's okay to be tired for Xing Xing, but as for the money ......" The end of Qi's voice lengthened, "that a few dimes, to Noah shareholders as New Year's Eve money."

Mr. Qi, Noah Entertainment ...... Xingchen Qi The more he listened to the shock, gradually realized one thing - he may have worn into a book!

The day before yesterday he bought tickets for the Aizou Ye Bai concert from a station sister he knew, only to receive news of a concert stage accident halfway through, and was shocked between the accident.

I thought I would die, but I didn't expect to wear into the book.

Of course this is not a good thing, because this is a female fan's YA, with Ye Bai as the male protagonist and the female fan herself as the female protagonist, combining sweet, sultry, and power in one giant Lisu Ma book, "Night of the Peach".

The story of the heroine Tao Tao foot on the movie star and tear the movie queen, won the Golden Horse Award to win the small gold medal of the glorious life.

And he is just a cannon fodder with the same name inside and very lucky to have a large family of cannon fodder.

No, maybe he's not even cannon fodder. He had no lines and only appeared once.

The original text reads:

It's autumn, and the cold wind rolls up the yellow leaves, rustling them. Tao Tao draped Ye Bai's coat and stood side by side with Ye Bai at the corner of the cemetery, sweeping their eyes over the tombstones in front of them one by one.

" Xiaoming Qi , Yunxiao Qi , Yuji Qi , Xingchen Qi , Jiaze Qi , Jing Liang ......" Tao Tao's cherry blossom lips twitched, "Ah night, you did a good job, they are all here. A family, the most important thing is to be neat and tidy well ......"]

Yes, that's right, it happened just once.

The family members are also not a few chapters of drama, and then all will be screwed by the male lead. The first thing you need to do is to get a good idea of what you are getting into.

" Xing Xing, you, you're awake?" At this time, Mr. Qi found that he woke up, his gloomy expression instantly turned to surprise, and hurriedly ordered the bodyguard at the door to go to the office to call the doctor.

A large group of people rushed in, Xingchen Qi's brain was instantly blank, and he didn't even know how to be taken to the CT room to take pictures and how to be brought out.

When he slowed down, he was already on the tarmac at the top of the hospital.

...... Come to see a doctor will have to send out a plane, afraid that Ma Yun's father would not dare to write so.

Xingchen Qi entered the cabin with the help of stars.


When he arrived at Qi's home base, Xingchen Qi realized that the private jet was just a small thing.

The Qi family owns a whole set of lake-centered villas in the city center. The lake was dug out by the Qi family after they bought the land at a high price and got an engineer to dig it out. It is home to many freshwater fish and was once a popular after-dinner recreation spot when it was first built.

Qi family can not stand the disturbance, and planted a circle of greenery around, built a fence set up security booths, only gradually restore peace.

The large group of people still flocked Xingchen Qi into the door. On the way back from the flight, he had been able to get the names of the people right; these were his family and servants.

The villa's splendor is imaginable, Xingchen Qi has seen numb, turned his head and said: "Thank you, I want to go to my room to rest for a while."

"We are all family, from now on you are not allowed to say the word thank you." Qi's father held Xingchen Qi's arm, "Come on, I'll walk you upstairs."

The original owner's room is on the rightmost side of the second floor of the villa, just put into this body, Xingchen Qi do not know how the original owner and his father get along, do not want to be exposed, so can only be like a three-year-old toddler, by Qi father step by step up the stairs.

Qi father nearly sixty this year, extremely well maintained, look at the face is only forty years old. Usually do not smile, today the son easily woke up, long-awaited reveal a trace of smile.

Walking to the door, Qi's father's smile deepened: " Xing Xing , you open the door to see."

Xingchen Qi : "?"

He pushed the door open suspiciously, and was almost startled away by the gift boxes piled all over the floor immediately afterwards.

There's no place for people to stand, what's this for?

"Ahem," Qi's father was a little embarrassed and cleared his throat, " Xing Xing , these are your discharge gifts from dad."

"...... So much?"

"Dad is old and doesn't know what young people like. Listen to the driver said his son likes sneakers very much, Dad let people buy all the limited models of sneakers back, you see if it fits."

"- it does not matter if it is not to your liking," after a pause, Qi father added, "just throw the warehouse, no need to be burdened."

Xingchen Qi didn't know how to answer for a while, nodded and stepped stiffly through the gift box. Qi's father thought he had accepted it and finally smiled as he helped him close the door.

I thought the original owner's room would also be as luxurious as the outside, but the fact is that contrary to Xingchen Qi's imagination, the large space is very clean and fresh.

Besides the signed basketball and signed guitar in the display case, only a bed, a computer desk, and a carved yellow pear wood chair remain.

Xingchen Qi finally managed to catch her breath, dropped herself on the bed and closed her eyes to search her mind for memory fragments.

The novel did not do the original setting, as one of the characters, the original owner also has their own basic information.

The original owner is the third child of the Qi family, twenty years old this year, art college junior in the study. Last year, she was discovered by her agent and signed as an artist in Noah Entertainment, where the main character of "Peach of the Night" is based.

In order to prove himself to his family, the original owner did not reveal his identity to the company QI family. Later, he fell out with his agent and was released, hanging on in the company, so hanging for a year, is still a hundred and eighty lines to check this person.


The second generation of the rich for nothing? What's all this?

Xingchen Qi took a deep breath, got up and went to the bathroom to rinse his face. When wiping his face, he remembered that he did not know what the original owner looked like, and hurriedly looked up at the mirror to carefully examine the face inside.

It is similar to the real self, a little shorter, thinner and more pointed in the chin, but otherwise almost identical.

With the awkwardness of using someone else's body much less, Xingchen Qi shook off the water droplets and sat down in front of the computer.


The most important thing at this stage is to get out of the book, but before going out, he has to save his own life. According to the book's timeline, half a month later the Qi family is about to begin the journey of family destruction. Stage accident love beans still do not know how it, he must go out alive, he can not die.

I want to save my own life, you need to know more about the main man, the original bomb level of danger factor, after all, Qi family family is uprooted by him.

Xingchen Qi opened Weibo and typed in the word " Ye Bai".

A large number of photos and videos immediately followed, ranging from direct fan shots, street shots, and clips from concerts and events attended.

The photo of the young man is tall, his eyebrows are open and stern, a pair of dark eyes with full arrogance and aggression.

...... The "Peach of the Night" is really written according to his love bean, looks and body are exactly the same.

The number of Weibo followers is the same, nearly 80 million, deservedly the first flow.

Xingchen Qi hesitated for a long time over the highly restored male protagonist " Ye Bai ", powdered this person for seven years, but now he has to go to the opposite side with him, for a time it is a little difficult to accept.

It was not until the sky was dark that he reluctantly convinced himself that this was a fan YA Lisu Ma novel and that the "Ye Bai" in the book was a paperweight, not his own love interest.

Your own loved ones are in reality, being remembered by millions of people, and their safety is not yet known.

Xingchen Qi moved her arms and made up her mind to apply for a small number.

Fans are the group that has the most information about the stars, he is going to use his advantage of being in the same company as the main man to first expose some real and fake material to become a big fan, and then find the opportunity to enter Ye Bai fan group inside, maybe get some useful information.

Account application is successful, a pop-up window will appear on Weibo - [Please set your nickname

Xingchen Qi typed: Ye Bai wife.

--[Sorry, the nickname is already occupied

He typed again: Ye Bai, his real girlfriend.

--[Sorry, the nickname is already occupied

He resisted the strong nausea: Ye Bai's little sweetheart.

--[Sorry, the nickname is already occupied

...... This doesn't work? What the hell else can work?

It seems we need to make it more complicated. Xingchen Qi angrily typed on the keyboard: "Long nights and endless longing."

[Set up successfully, congratulations on the start of your microblogging journey]

Success? Xingchen Qi stroked a handful of Hai Liu backwards and hooked the corners of his lips.

Heh, it's just a paperboy hero.

Can get over the old me, the old me after with your surname!

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