Chapter 2: This is the professionalism of an actor

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Wuji Gu is quite interested in the bizarre presence over there, and with a few more glances, he found something wrong.

Because of this physical relationship, Wuji Gu also can not make any normal friends ...... rather than say that are playing with some psychic presence or something, so his perception of ghosts and ordinary people are not really different.

"These ghosts ...... seem to ......" have no eyes?

It's really too hard, although they are dead, but it's still not easy without eyes, right? Wuji Gu can't help but feel a little sympathy in his heart.

But then the elite man Jian Fang's voice suddenly sounded, "What are you still looking at, let's go, stay any longer those things are coming! Although they are only the most common like zombies without their own will, but the number is too much for us to deal with."

"Oh okay." Wuji Gu nodded at once and walked quickly towards that side.

Anyway, a line of people where they dare to continue to stay outside, flying through the grimy grass, came outside the villa, but did not wait to go inside, the couple of women have screamed out.

"What's going on?!" The crowd was taken aback.

"Up, up there are ghosts ......"

When the crowd looked up, their bodies stiffened. At the shabby window on the second floor, although the fog and shabby curtains blocked most of the view, but they could still see a person standing there vaguely, and the tragic white face looked extraordinarily blinding.

Although they couldn't see clearly, they could feel the grim gaze focused on them, the sight that was so full of malice that they didn't even dare to move.

This is when Wuji Gu's body moved slightly, the crowd was slightly surprised, the elite man did not expect this newcomer actually in this situation actually have to move, with a few eyes with a few alarm color.

Wuji Gu's face was grave, and he had already noticed with his exceedingly keen powers of observation that the spooky ghost - a ghost dressed in female garb - was a ghost.

In this case, are so closely watched by the girls, do not do something always feel as if you can not ah!

The next moment, the others saw Wuji Gu extend the hand that was not holding the soy sauce bottle and greeted the window location.

All: "......"

All: "????"

They all want to grab Wuji Gu's collar at this moment and ask him what the hell is going on in his head!

Faced with such an operation, the ghost in the window seemed to be surprised, and then the body was hidden in the darkness, out of sight, and there was a sense of desperate flight.

"What are you doing? The teenager Kong Luo, who had apparently turned into an elite male fanboy, immediately looked at Wuji Gu with discontent , "What if your strange behavior angers the evil spirits and makes the situation change! Newcomers just follow Fang honestly and don't do something messy on your own."

"What are you talking about?" Wuji Gu looked at Kong Luo, but seemed to be a little angry and said, "Other girls are so enthusiastic to look over, if not a little response is too rude!"

Wuji Gu's sight at this time is still very oppressive, Kong Luo originally is not much social experience of high school students only, at this time can not help but pause.

Obviously this guy just did a mysterious operation there, why can say so justifiable ah, there is only a fucking ghost ah! But Wuji Gu so justified look actually let him do not know how to retort!

Jian Fang, the elite man over there, immediately came out to round up and spoke, "Mr. Gu also has his own considerations, even if I'm an old man, I just have some basic experience, other things still need to be explored together."

"Right." Wuji Gu nodded, feeling that what Jian Fang said made perfect sense.

"But Mr. Gu, before you do something in the future, you also say so first." Jian Fang looked at Wuji Gu again, and also reached out to pat his shoulder as if nothing had happened, "so that no one will be frightened."

After such a flurry of events, the previous kind of horror seemed to dissipate a few points, and the crowd pushed the door into the villa.

The door looked worn out and could easily be pushed open. The crowd hurriedly entered the dark interior and felt a bone-chilling coldness, and could not help but shiver.

"Why is it so cold here." Hui Ren, a professional woman, couldn't help but speak up, "...... Is it because of too much Yin?"

She seems to be a random sentence, but the crowd was already a bird of prey in general, hearing her words is to evoke the ability to associate in the mind, and then look to the darkness of the hall, simply by themselves have to scare themselves to death.

"The good thing is that the phone still works."

After turning on the flashlight function of the phone, the crowd was able to read the layout of the place. This is obviously a hospitality hall, quite a large space, with doors leading to the interior, but is closed to death, and on both sides there are stairs that can go up to the second floor.

And there are some talismans stuck everywhere, but I don't know if it's because of the passage of years or what relationship, they have been broken beyond repair, being touched directly into flying ash.

Very conspicuous is the picture hanging on the wall in the living room, which seems to be the owner of the place and his son, but the picture has a large number of brown stains, which not only completely obscures the appearance of the two, but also spreads in some disturbing places, as if the blood spilled from their bodies.

The most frightening thing is that even though this is already the case, the crowd can still almost feel the sight of something staring at them from that photo.

"It looks so dangerous, do we have to go in ......" the female of the couple spoke with trepidation, her heart creating great resistance.

"That's for sure." Jian Fang opened: "We can only follow the instructions of the main mission, and following the main mission is the only way we can leave alive ...... Although it hasn't been said specifically, the ghosts in the copy seem to be getting stronger with the passage of time, as if gradually Opened up what binds like, if not soon, we will only all die here!"

"But this time the system provides quite a lot of information, the chances of us surviving should be higher than before." Jian Fang said, "Maybe it's because of the benefits of too many new people this time. Let's check and inspect while we talk, just in case we split into groups of two."

Couples can only nod and comfort each other to go up and check out the photos, trying to ignore the middle.

The Kong Luo also followed Jian Fang closely, looked less afraid, very passionate rummaging for things, trying to find clues to prove their worth.

Hui Ren can only follow Wuji Gu and start to talk with him. In fact, she still has a good feeling about Wuji Gu, after all, the other party's face is so outstanding, just a little strange in other aspects, but still seems to be very reliable.

Jian Fang looked at the others who seemed to be unaware of the situation, and laughed coldly in his heart, but on the surface he still looked like a reliable old man, and introduced the half-truths to the crowd.

In fact, he is indeed an experienced player, have experienced several copies, and is even a senior member of a hidden organization. There are means to learn the news of the copy from various channels, and these newcomers who don't know anything are completely different.

Even this time it was his initiative to choose this copy, after all, this copy is said to be difficult, as long as the sacrifice off four people can leave. Even, after killing four people in this copy, the Liege will be temporarily satisfied, and this time there is a chance that you can dislike the Liege for begging, so that the other side to reach a request.

But this copy should have been only five people, but I do not know where the extra Wuji Gu actually came from, and he always makes Jian Fang feel very obtrusive ...... but this accident will soon be over.

He just left something on that guy that attracts the undead, but it's just a newcomer who met a ghost in this copy and died right away.


Wuji Gu searched on this side and soon came to the corridor side. Hui Ren's face turned extremely ugly as he observed the blood spreading out from inside the corridor with a flashlight in surprise from behind.

These bloodstains are too much like someone struggling to crawl out from the depths of the corridor, so she can't help but think that she won't become that way afterwards ...... and that crawl out of something, whether it's dead or, turned into something else ......

"Let's, let's just go back quickly." Hui Ren spoke in a panic, "Come back this way later to see if there are more people ......"

"I guess we won't be able to go back for a while." Wuji Gu over there opened his mouth.

Hui Ren snapped his head around to find that there was actually no light at all behind him. The others who seemed to be scouting elsewhere before actually seemed to be non-existent.

Her face changed greatly, she knew that this is a problem, can not help but lean closer to Wuji Gu, who knows where there will be a ghost at this time, but the moment she turned her head, her face suddenly appeared in horror, "You, behind you-"

Wuji Gu turned his head and saw a black, dry hand spreading out from the doorway of the corridor, and it continued to stretch, as if the thing was going to squeeze through the corridor like that.

That dark hand distance and Wuji Gu have been close to the general.

Hui Ren has lost color, if not for her scared legs, I'm afraid it would have run away. After all, in a situation like this Wuji Gu is definitely already a certain death!

Then she saw that Wuji Gu reached out and took that hand in his.

He felt he was doing a very reliable job, which is a professionalism as an actor. Although he has muddled.

Hui Ren : ????? What the hell are you doing!

The movement of the hand actually stopped directly, I'm afraid it has been a ghost for so long or the first time to meet such a tumultuous operation of people, the next moment it seems to realize that such behavior is not in line with their own identity, then those squeezed over the twisted limbs more flailing up, and even see a miserable white and hollow face appeared in front of the two.

Hui Ren spit Wuji Gu to half to meet this kind of thing, suddenly remembered that they are still in the psychic copy, almost was scared to faint.

Looking at the hideous face in front of him, Wuji Gu also slightly puzzled, thoughtful spoke: "hard work, but next time to shake hands if you can not have to be so tired, see your face have become so ugly ......"

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