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It was less than five o'clock, and the sky was already pitch black, with dark clouds pressing down on the night.

The hailstorm pounded fearfully on the apartment windows, and the interior lights flickered on and off while the owner, Wuji Gu, a handsome young man in his early twenties, was busy working on dinner in the kitchen.

But from Wuji Gu's rusty movements can be seen, he simply can not what cooking skills, difficult to kill a chicken do not know how to handle, blood splattered all over. But he seems to be completely unaware of his poor cooking skills, and is excited to roll up his sleeves to show off his skills.

At this moment, the ceiling, which was already very unstable, went out completely, as if the soul lamp was blown out, and the feeling of depression to suffocation descended abruptly.

The thunder and lightning of the rainy night became more and more frantic, and the lightning cast into the room gradually coalesced into a blurred figure, extending his hands towards Wuji Gu ......

"Get me a bottle of soy sauce, please." Wuji Gu's clear voice rang out happily.

Then the shadow actually paused violently, as if faced with the words a bit at a loss, the next moment as if therefore the rage up, placed on the cabinet of soy sauce obviously no one to touch, fell fiercely to Wuji Gu body, directly on the table rolled and rolled.

Wuji Gu also said thanks and then took the soy sauce bottle as if nothing had happened, only to feel as if the air around him had become cold.

"Thanks so much, the power was out and there was no air conditioning, I just felt a little hot."

Wuji Gu opened his mouth sincerely, but in the next instant, he was blurred into darkness, and when he opened his eyes again, everything around him had changed, and he was no longer in his small apartment.

Wuji Gu : ????


Wuji Gu, a third-rate actor, is also a frequent ghost encounter, a frequent pervert, and a frequent encounter with various homicides and accidents.

Although said so, but because of the relationship of the heart, these ordinary people have encountered the operation of the mind has collapsed, and did not produce any psychological shadow on Wuji Gu.

Rather, he also feels as if it is quite convenient, after all, so that you can also save the money to hire help or something, but it seems that every time things are different from what he wants to develop, but no matter how the twists and turns, the final solution will always be.

At this time, Wuji Gu looked at the villa in front of him, in a fog like some huge monster towering, eyes full of bewilderment.

The villa's mottled facade is crawling with vines, and the first floor is completely covered with weeds, even so it can still be seen that the abandoned building was once rich and glorious.

Why, hadn't he just been cooking in the kitchen? Where is this place!

In the next instant, a voice rang out in Wuji Gu's mind.

[You, as a journalist, are trying to make a big story, thus coming to the ruins of a villa that is said to be haunted].

Wuji Gu : "?"

[I just didn't expect this place to be really dangerous and impossible to leave after entering. A bad feeling emerges in your heart, perhaps, you can only find the secret hidden in it to leave ......]

"Wait, my chicken ......" free-range ebony ground chicken, four hundred dollars a piece!

[Please don't interrupt this player to ruin the atmosphere! Thank you!]

"Oh." Wuji Gu had to shut up honestly.

[Triggered the main task: Find the truth buried in the abandoned villa].

"Good, good. So can I ask what the hell is going on now?"

[The short version is that you were lucky enough to be chosen for your contact with the paranormal and become one of our Infinite Horror World players. You need to complete the main quest in order to leave, otherwise there is only one way to die.]

The voice was heavier at the end, as if to warn Wuji Gu, who had been out of his element since before.

"Oh oh so that's it." After all, the net article also read a lot of Wuji Gu instantly understood the situation at hand, it is estimated that he is temporarily unable to return, but he anyway did not bother at all what life-threatening things that sentence, opened: "But the name of your world is not a bit earthy."

Wuji Gu, who had already lived in that environment, had no sense of what a haunted villa was.


A silence fell over there, and finally only one sentence rang out.

[Novice orientation ends.]

Wuji Gu : "?" Isn't that a little too fast for this.

Before Wuji Gu could say anything, footsteps sounded from behind him.

Three men and two women appeared in his field of vision, presumably also what was forced into the system of players.

One of the young man with gold-rimmed glasses looked quite reliable, he was wearing an expensive suit, his temperament is outstanding the whole person full of a high society elite atmosphere, he was talking to a few people around what, in noticing that there are people over here, immediately showed a gentle smile to say hello.

"You're a newcomer too, right? What are you doing over there all alone? Come and join us."

"Yes." Wuji Gu didn't think there were such good people, and was moved by a pang in his heart, while moving his steps to walk over.

The others only then saw the person whose figure was covered by the fog before, and the next moment the fear in their eyes was even greater, and even the elite man's face changed slightly.

In their eyes, the handsome Wuji Gu in front of them is too unreal, exquisite features as carefully carved porcelain people, although his look is very friendly, plus that let people can not take their eyes off the face is easy to capture the first good feeling of passers-by.


--He actually wore a home dress, outside there was also a bear apron and his temperament is extremely incompatible ...... more terrible is the apron and spilled blood, the color is very bright, obviously just splashed on shortly.

The scariest part is that Wuji Gu is holding a half-used bottle of soy sauce in his hand.

...... Although this soy sauce bottle looks very ordinary, but how can someone with what soy sauce bottle appeared in such a place, this must have some kind of problem!

This guy can't be a newcomer at all, right! The elite man's thoughts raced, could it be a ghost in this copy? But according to the information he got before, there was no such excessive-looking ghost in this copy, could it be that there was a change of plan? The copy was upgraded?

"What is that in your hand?" A professional woman behind the elite man was so bewildered by Wuji Gu's beauty that she actually forgot to open her mouth in fear of asking.

"Ah, soy sauce ah." Wuji Gu just realized what was going on and spoke frankly, "I was just in the kitchen and then suddenly I came here, so ......"

So it's this weird look!

"So that's it." The others nodded, all relieved, no matter how it is better to be human than some voluptuous ghost.

"No, when every newcomer comes, the system will issue uniform equipment to make everyone conform to the identity." The elite man then expressed his skepticism, "This time everyone's identity is a team of journalists who came here to make big news, everyone has an interview microphone, and you this ......"

"I'm not sure, it seems that the system guidance suddenly ended." Wuji Gu is also wondering, did he say something wrong?

Just when the elite man wanted to say something else, the professional woman looked at Wuji Gu with a shocked look, "You, you are Wuji Gu! The starlet who starred in the online horror film!"

"Does anyone even know me?" Wuji Gu sighed in relief, "Great, that seems to solve the problem? It also saves me from having to introduce myself again."

"After all, you were popular for a while because of your looks when you started out, and that's when I noticed it." The female voice is getting lower and lower, after all, after that Wuji Gu is directly paste, it is said that because of offending the son of a certain xx entertainment company's boss as a result of being blocked, but also exploded all kinds of scandals, image collapse fans basically climbing the wall.

Just before she arrived, the internet was full of Wuji Gu's blackmail! I didn't expect that the two of them would meet here ......

The female's eyes showed a bit of sympathy as she watched Wuji Gu, a beautiful young man, fall to the level of having to kill the chicken himself.

If not for the special circumstances now, not knowing whether she can still live back, she would want an autograph souvenir.

"So you are indeed a player as well?" The elite man had a dark look in his eyes, anyway, even if Wuji Gu looked weird, he was just an ordinary newcomer and would not affect his plans.

So thinking, the elite man again to look at Wuji Gu, look with a few kindness, "But even if it is a star, here is also not much advantage, the ghost will not be because you look good to show mercy, so be sure to listen to me to do, or else do not know how to die."

"Well, I'm clear." Wuji Gu nodded.

The elite men still have scruples in their hearts, always think Wuji Gu can not really be so heart Metropolis to listen to him, when it is better to deal with it as soon as possible.

The four men then introduced themselves to each other. The elite man, named Jian Fang, claimed to be a veteran player who had participated in the game several times. Hui Ren, a professional woman, was playing the game for the second time.

The other three people are newcomers, there is a man and woman is a couple, two people are trembling and cowering look, but still do not forget to show a wave of love here. There is also a teenager named Kong Luo who looks 15 or 16 years old, looking at Fang Jian with a look of admiration, obviously already completely trust each other, after all, suddenly caught in this kind of place, not panic are very strange.

However, replaced by Wuji Gu, but feel that the villa at hand has a kind of intimate and familiar feeling ...... After all, he basically grew up in this eerie environment in the past.

"According to the background information found in the phone, this used to be the villa where the richest man in S Province lived, but more than ten years ago, it is said that the richest man wanted to celebrate his son's birthday, but a vicious murder case occurred, and everyone, including the maids and security guards and others, were spared."

"I think the mission this time is to find out the truth about this murder case. The villain boss should be the ghost that killed this group of people." Fang Jian spoke thoughtfully, "According to past experience, all the people who died in here will also turn into resentment spirits...this time the situation is not good."

With Fang Jian's words, the faces of the crowd all turned subtle. In fact, if each of them hadn't received the system's newcomer guide when they were dropped into the replica and seen the tragic end of those who failed the mission, none of these newcomers would have believed that they had actually landed in such a terrible situation.

"Well, ghost, do you mean the one in front of the villa?" Wuji Gu's voice rang out.

The crowd turned their heads, the next instant they all a jolt, only to see behind them not far from the abandoned gate, the fog is emerging from several figures, vaguely visible in human form, but the twisted limbs and invisible face are tightening people's hearts.

The young couple hugged each other tightly, and they covered each other's mouths to death, not daring to scream out for fear of alerting the spirits.

[Your arrival seems to have caused some kind of change here, certain beings that are no longer human have been awakened by you, and there is no way that 'they' will let you leave here alive].

[Trigger mission: Stay alive.]

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