Chapter 1: Tang Bai is out of his mind.

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The Federal Military Academy cafeteria.

Tang Bai sits at the table, unwrapping a second pack of wipes and wiping the table furtively as the sun shines through the window, adding to the sparkle of the 'Sea of Blue' around his neck.

The deep blue stone refracts brilliantly in the light and looks a different shade of blue at every angle, like the fickle waves of the sea.

Gu Tunan, her fiancé-to-be, sitting opposite Tang Bai, did not look at the sapphire, but frowned at the shimmering chain, his grey-blue eyes indescribably coloured with emotion, if I must say so ......

About the heartache of seeing a flower stuck in cow dung?

Although the wearer of the necklace is more delicate in appearance than the flower.

It is the latest magical material discovered by the Federation and is said to have temporal properties. Even Gu Tunan has only seen this rare metal once and Tang Bai has used it to make a necklace.

It's true that omega's like Tang Bai only know how to eat, drink and waste resources, and are nothing but beautiful.

A brief flash of contempt slid across that handsome, cold face.

Unlike most alpha people who like pretty vases, Gu Tunan's ideal type is a thrifty, independent and self-sufficient omega.

Not materialistic, with a rich spiritual world, innocent and not pretentious ...... Not a pampered omega like Tang Bai in any case.

When Tang Bai was about to open the third packet of wipes, Gu Tunan frowned slightly impatiently and said in a cold, hard tone, "Stop wiping, do you know the real value of this necklace around your neck?"

His tone is good, yet the characteristic superiority of the words spoils the listener's perception.

The wheedling little omega lifted her head, revealing a delicate, pretty little face.

The pretty amber pupils of his eyes were like sticky honey, and he looked at Gu Tunan with a slightly puzzled look, as if he didn't understand why his fiancé-to-be, who had never cared about his outfit, was suddenly asking questions.

In fact, Tang Bai was confused because why was Gu Tunan angry again?

How could he not see that Gu Tunan was bored with him when he was not blind?

Tang Bai goes to what is commonly known as a vase school or bridal school, but the class on 'how to read your partner's mind' is occasionally useful, as the teacher mentions that the frowning and nasal expression is a micro-expression of disgust.

Mumble, that's the stinky face Gu Tunan is giving him right now.

Combining Gu Tunan's question with the way the other man kept staring at his necklace, Tang Bai gave it some thought and it dawned on him -

This is hatred of the rich!

The eye is presumably on the magic silver used to make the chain body.

But this magic silver was obtained by his ability to pander to his grandfather, and Gu Tunan had the ability to pander to such a grandfather to ask for it.

Tang Bai pretentiously stretched out her delicate hand and pointed at the necklace, proudly showing off, "It's worth two planets, isn't it beautiful?"

As she says this, Tang Bai's right shoulder shrugs, her little head tilts to the right, her shoulder resting against her soft cheek, and her body is covered in Gu Tunan's most annoying little tricks.

Tang Bai knew that Gu Tunan hated the omega look as much as he hated Gu Tunan's big alphaism.

Whenever Tang Bai wants to disgust Gu Tunan, he strikes this exaggerated pose.

But Tang Bai is so good looking that he does such a pretentious gesture without feeling out of place, and with a natural sense of daintiness.

At this very moment, the eyes of Xie Ruhang, sitting at the table behind Tang Bai, are drawn to the smug little tuft of nerdy hair.

With Tang Bai's deliberate tilting of her head, an innocent little tuft of dumb hair wiggled along with her, causing Xie Ruhang's hands to itch with the strange feeling of wanting to squash the dumb hair.

Xie Ruhang squinted to see the owner of the dull hair raising his chin, his long, white neck almost visible in the daylight as pale blue veins echoed the mysterious sapphire.

Like a proud and reserved kitten, he was showing off his new toy that had arrived.

The tip of my tongue pressed against my inexplicably itchy palate, a sudden itch that came with such force that it seemed to spread all the way to my heart.

" Brother Xie, what are you looking at?" Qiu Yan lifted his head and at first glance at Xie Ru's deep black eyes, he only found them strangely creepy, like a lion sizing up its prey, which startled him.

Xie Ruhang withdrew his eyes and said lazily, "I saw a kitten."

"Cat? Where is it?" Qiu Yan looked around curiously, looking for the presence of the kitten while wondering, "So Brother Xie you like cats."

His Brother Xie had a strong A aura at the beginning of the school year during the basic physical test, and Qiu Yan thought that even if such a powerful alpha liked animals, he would like big cats like lions and tigers.

I didn't expect such a Xie Ruhang to stare at a "kitten" with such fascination.

"Eat your meal."

Qiu Yan instantly looked bitter at his words and poked a black unidentified object on his plate with his chopsticks, "This devilish dish, I'm going to throw up ......"

On the other side of the room, Gu Tunan, who was annoyed by Tang Bai's "idiot vase" statement, grimaced: "Do you usually follow the Federation military news? Do you understand the latest mecha competitions? Have you read A Brief History of Star Wars and A Thousand Questions on Mechs?"

If you didn't know, you would think that the head teacher was catching a poor student and asking him or her hard questions.

With grey-blue eyes that conceal their criticality and contempt, Tang Bai and Gu Tunan look at each other for a moment before bursting into laughter.

The smile tinged between those brows reveals a subtle, one might say smug, or ......

The winner is in the bag.

"The Federation Military News reports that the Institute has discovered 'Magic Silver', a rare metal with temporal properties." Fingertips picking at the slightly cool chain body, Tang Bai replied in a tone as sweet and soft as candyfloss, "The recently popular Mecha Cup has been auditioned for, and both A Brief History of Star Wars and A Thousand Questions on Mecha have been selected for elementary alpha textbooks."

Seeing Gu Tunan's stunned look on the spot, Tang Bai went slightly, slightly, slightly crazy in his mind.

Joking aside, his grandfather is the head of the Weapons Institute, he didn't go to school for nothing, and the specialization in "If you had a small alpha" presents a bibliography of what an alpha should read from birth to college.

Tang Bai lifts his eyes with a cat-like wink as he twists his fingers around the chain, "Have you been following the Palulu show? Do you know the latest omega make-up trends? Have you read '100 ways to make a small dessert at home' and 'The Art of Flower Arrangement'?"

Gu Tunan: "......"

Very well, this omega managed to stir up my desire to win.

The sight of Gu Tunan's defeated face made Tang Bai feel much better.

But Gu Tunan is after all a very useful "blind date shield" and "leave of absence", and Tang Bai, who had the upper hand, reluctantly sympathised with her defeated opponent and glanced at the love lunchbox on the table, "I made it myself. I made it myself, want to eat it?"

The tone of his voice was a touch of light-hearted smugness, which was inexplicably harsh to the defeated Gu Tunan's ears.

How good can a bento made by a young aristocrat with ten fingers in the air be?

"No, this is a military school canteen, I'd rather have a training meal." Gu Tunan stood up without hesitation, refused without even looking at him and finished walking towards the lunch spot without looking back.

Tang Bai recalled the common comment of the Federation cadets about their canteen food, what with the devilish cuisine fed to pigs and a bite to kill.

I can't believe Gu Tunan has such a strong taste and such a strong backbone.

Tang Bai shrugged indifferently and tried to pull his finger out of the loop after loop of the chain body, he hadn't paid much attention when he was playing with the necklace earlier and it was wrapped too tightly, and even more unluckily, the finger that was wrapped was wearing a light brain ring.

The rose-shaped light-brain ring and the magic silver chain body were tightly entwined and could not be untangled at once, which was now simply a cocoon.

Tang Bai has heard that this metal has not yet been researched for its full properties and that it is best not to put it together with items such as light brains.

Tang Bai got anxious and tried to untie it. I don't know where the magic silver touched the light brain, but there was a sudden flash of electricity between the two.

The next moment, a zipping sound rang out in Tang Bai's ears, and Tang Bai felt his neck get hot and his brain get confused as countless data poured into his brain -

This omega is a marshal

He, Xie Ruhang, is a slum dweller, born with a rebellious bone, and unwilling to become a fertility machine, so he chooses to hide his true gender and enter the Federal Military Academy in O-suit A. At the Academy, he defeats Gu Tunan, the representative of the nobility, to become the chief of the freshmen.

He, Gu Tunan, comes from a military family, his grandfather is a seven-star general of the Federation, his family arranged for him to marry a vase omega, but he does not accept arranged marriages and prefers an independent new age omega.

They fell in love and after graduation they both went to war. Gu Tunan willingly served as his lover's adjutant in order for Xie Ruhang to shine on the battlefield. Years later, Xie Ruhang became the only omega marshal ever, and Gu Tunan was the man behind the marshal!

Tang Bai: "???"

What is this thing? Why is it pushing into my head? Why is Gu Tunan in here again?

Tang Bai, who had a book in his head, was bewildered, and a dull hair on his head rose in surprise as he intuited that this bizarre situation might have something to do with the magic silver.

Before Tang Bai could even think about it, the book was a compelling invitation for him to do a speed reading of quantum fluctuations.

In this bizarre state, it's a piece of cake to read 10 lines at a time, and Tang Bai can read 10,000 words a minute.

The protagonist of this book is the slum-born omega Xie Ruhang, who doesn't want to become a fertility machine and O-suits A to get into the Federal Military Academy.

Tang Bai: "???"

Tang Bai thought this was a very unwise move. The Federation Military Academy only accepts alpha, and in case Xie Ruhang's inhibitors failed, an omega in heat in a pile of alpha would definitely die a horrible death.

Normally Tang Bai would have abandoned the article when she encountered this kind of drama, but this time the reading was compulsive and Tang Bai had to continue reading with a small grimace.

Xie Ruhang entered the military school and wanted to win the chief position.

Each freshman class elects a chief, who enjoys a sliding scale of resources, but the chief has always been a noble student, and this year the most vocal freshman is Gu Tunan.

Tang Bai: "???"

Tang Bai re-read the synopsis and confirmed that the main character not only has the same name as his fiancé-to-be, but also has the exact same description of his appearance, personality and family background.

Then Tang Bai also wonderfully finds himself in this book as Gu Tunan's unloved fiancée to be, a cannon fodder male counterpart.

Tang Bai: "...... Wow."

In the chief exam, Xie Ruhang won both the written and practical exams against Gu Tunan, thanks to his unforgettable talent and his experience in the Black Market Underground Mecha Competition, except for the etiquette exam, where he was mocked by a group of noble students for his lame salute.

In fact, during their first etiquette lesson, the noble students picked on Xie Ruhang in every way, including an alpha named Qin Jun who teased Xie Ruhang for looking like an omega who couldn't move her legs when she curtsied.

This scolding metaphor is so earthly true that Tang Bai knows that most alpha men despise omegas, like his fiancé-to-be, Gu Tunan.

Many of the insults are related to omega, but few alpha's would dare to call them out in front of Tang Bai.

Because Tang Bai will report them in tears and hire the most expensive lawyers to teach them lessons in the name of "sexism".

But Xie Ruhang, who plays the A in the book, apparently couldn't do that and chose to choke the mouthy alpha, saying in one word, "Don't let me hear any more sexist remarks, alpha is no more noble than omega."

The phoenix's eyes glowed with anger, as if the phoenix had been reborn on wings.

Thief handsome.

Tang Bai's heart was suddenly pushed to a certain point, and he began to like this unscientifically strong protagonist a little.

This Xie Ruhang is really a very different kind of omega from Tang Bai. He comes from a slum background and has a cruel and aggressive beast living inside him, seizing every opportunity to move up the ladder.

To facilitate his military service, he cut off his own glands with his own hands, so ruthless that Tang Bai felt a chill on the back of his neck when he looked at them.

The negative effects of the potion that disguises an omega as an alpha are so great that, after years and years of injections, a normal intergalactic person would live to be over 200 years old, but Xie Ruhang would not even live to be 40, yet Xie Ruhang did not even blink when he was injected in order to join the army and fulfil his dream.

In order to ambush the enemy, Xie Ruhang often forgot to drink the nutrient solution, as if blood and smoke could be a meal, and over the years he developed a serious stomach problem.

In one battle, Xie Ruhang led a combat team to a fluke victory over a small number of men, at the cost of nearly leaving his life on the battlefield.

The ministry took the dying Xie Ruhang to the military doctor just as the effects of the camouflage potion wore off and Xie Ruhang's true gender was revealed, causing an intergalactic uproar as they demanded that the military ministry take back Xie Ruhang's rank and put the deviant omega back on the right path.

Even though this omega has had its glands cut and will not affect others in heat.

It was a war without smoke and mirrors, and no one supported Xie Ruhang, not even his official partner Gu Tunan, who harboured the thought that it would have been nice if Xie Ruhang had stayed married and raised his children.

Xie Ruhang, who had never shed a tear no matter how badly she was hurt, finally had a red eye at that moment.

He walked into the cockpit of his mech with his head held high and announced to everyone that he would take off his uniform as soon as an alpha could defeat him.

Xie Ruhang The fierce and weak beast in his heart is flailing, refusing to bow its head even when it is bruised.

Blood flowed all over the cockpit, but the mech he was manning defeated all his opponents with great authority.

It was not until this moment that Tang Bai truly understood the meaning of omega light and realised that Xie Ruhang was really shining.

He watched Xie Ruhang return to the battlefield he loved and shine, step by step becoming a marshal, with the eyes of countless "omega bias" watching him and the hands of countless "alpha powers" trying to pull him down.

The only thing that can really defeat Xie Ruhang is death.

He remained forever at the age of thirty-seven, not seeing the light at the end of that long night, not seeing the military ministry lift restrictions on omega enlistment, not seeing the increasing number of schools open to omega and the Institute announcing the start of research into artificial wombs ......

Tang Bai worshipped an omega for the first time with so much heart...

Born into the worst of circumstances, not only did he not degrade himself, but he also possessed the independence of character to stick to his goals without wavering and was willing to sacrifice everything, including his own life, to achieve them.

Such a Xie Ruhang is like a martyr.

There has never been a martyr like Xie Ruhang on the road to omega equality, because the voice of the omega in this society is so small that it can easily be silenced, even at the expense of itself.

Although Tang Bai is the most admired type of omega in the mainstream aesthetic, she loves to dress up and look pretty, likes to watch Palulu's shows and cook with an apron on, her family is well-off and she has no worries about food and drink, so she seems to fit in exceptionally well with this society.

But even Tang Bai feels the oppression everywhere.

At least Tang Bai always remembered how he wanted to buy a mech set when he was a kid, but no matter how much he pouted and shed tears, his family never bought it for him, and threw away all the mech models he had saved up with his pocket money.

An omega, born to love Palulu dolls.

Tang Bai doesn't hate Palulu either, but why shouldn't he have both the full Palulu doll set and the Star River mechs?

Tang Bai only thought about it in his mind, but never showed it openly, and he never thought about anything deeper than that.

But Xie Ruhang's life was like a thunderclap, a deafening reminder to Tang Bai that this omega was growing wild in prejudiced ignorance, that the world was dark, and that he was using his body as a torch to be the only light.

He is a worthy light of the omega.

Tang Bai is a young omega with a very low tear point and a very emotional one. She can cry a lot when reading traditional omega romance stories about the powerful and the powerful, and she can't stop crying now.

In the eyes of the unknown Xie Ruhang, it looks like this omega and Gu Tunan had a verbal confrontation, but after Gu Tunan left, they licked their wounds, and the more they thought about it, the more aggrieved they were, with two bubbles of tears on their aggrieved faces.

Xie Ruhang was struck by the sight of Tang Bai, who, like a trickster, let her curled eyelashes pick up the tears of broken jade pearls and exuded an aggression all over her body that made people want to bully and protect her.

Xie Ruhang, who has always believed in the futility of tears, rolled his throat and stared at Tang Bai's red eyes and nose, his shoulders trembling with sobs ......

Fuck ......

The itch finally spread to the heart, and a beast in the back of his mind tried to break through the prison of reason and take the little omega by the back of the neck.

A chill ran down the back of Tang Bai's neck and he subconsciously turned his head back to see Gu Tunan, who was approaching with his training meal.

"You're crying?" Gu Tunan asked with a frown.

Tang Bai didn't dwell on the strange sense of danger he had just felt, but turned his eyes to Gu Tunan with a red glare.

This is the same Scum A who expected Xie Ruhang to come home and give birth to his child when she was at her most helpless!


As Xie Ruhang's adjutant, if Gu Tunan had paid more attention to Xie Ruhang's diet, Xie Ruhang's stomach problems would not have been so serious that they were beyond remedy.

Seeing Tang Bai's tear-stained face and his desire to bite him, Gu Tunan: "???"

Why are you so petulant? I just don't eat your lunch, and you're so aggravated?

Tang Bai was just about to say you're a hot chick who didn't even take care of the omega light when he suddenly realized he was just reading a novel.

That perfect omega light is just a character in a novel.

A great sense of loss came over her, and Tang Bai opened her mouth in dismay and asked, without much hope, "Do you know ...... Xie Ruhang?"

Gu Tunan frowned at this and looked at the alpha sitting diagonally behind Tang Bai in confusion, "You want to see him for something? He's sitting right behind you."

Tang Bai: "!!!?!?!!!!!!!"

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