Chapter 94: gay in gay air Tang Mo - the baby of the supernormal ability book.

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There was a sharp crack of wind, and the young woman stepped aside in horror, but she was still half a beat too slow. The small pink parasol brushed against her cheek and she felt a hot pain on her face, covering it and screaming. It was the first time she had touched Tang Mo's face, and red blood seeped from her face.

"My face, my face!"

Tang Mo retracts the parasol backwards, and the middle-aged man takes the opportunity to fling his knife. With a clatter, the chain tied to the knife stabbed Tang Mo, who leaned back to avoid it. The middle-aged man flings the chain around the young woman's arm and pulls her back to his side.

At the same time, Tang Mo reached out his hand, reaching for the twenty-one floating masses of light.

At this sight, the young woman's eyes widened. The right side of her face was red with blood, and her otherwise beautiful face now looked horrific. She stared at Tang Mo with hatred as the middle-aged man pulled her along and tried to escape, but she turned her head and shouted, "Kill them!"

There was a moment of hesitation from the middle-aged man, but the next moment he rushed forward.

The silver knife swings through the air, constantly attacking Tang Mo. Tang Mo deftly dodged the knife, but the middle-aged man's knife and chains seemed to become part of his body, so agile that they were even faster than Tang Mo. The chains danced through the air in a silvery snake shadow, attacking Tang Mo in a concentrated manner. Tang Mo was caught in his grip.

At that moment, the young woman shouted angrily and with a flip of her palm, a small red dart appeared in her palm. Fu Wenduo, who had been standing at the back of the room without moving, frowned as the dart appeared. The next moment, the young woman's finger slipped on the small dart and shot it out with force.

The blade of the dart cuts the woman's hand and red blood instantly stains the small dart. The dart shot straight at Tang Mo. Tang Mo sidesteps the dart as he deals with the middle-aged man's knife. But the dart stopped when it reached him. Tang Mo was dismayed to see a red glow of blood on the dart.

At that moment, a sharp black weapon came from behind Tang Mo and struck the little dart hard, shaking it far away.

The small darts were sent flying into the air and suddenly exploded into a myriad of red powder. Fu Wenduo took Tang Mo by the waist with one hand and without hesitation, he wrapped his arm around him and fell back ten metres to avoid the red powder falling. Before they had time to react, the middle-aged man and the young woman came at them from the left and right.

"Kill him!!!"

In time, the four men battled to a standstill.

The strange red powder did not fall to the ground after the explosion, but floated in the air. As the middle-aged man and young woman move, the powder flutters with them and surrounds them.

Fu Wenduo said, "Hold your breath!"

Tang Mo: "Good!"

The sound of thumping metal clattered in the silent streets.

These two players are physically far above the average full player, stowaway, and are at least The black tower tier 1, if not The black tower tier 2 level. They were so determined to escape that they didn't even look back when they retreated. Now that the young woman has given the order to kill Tang Mo and Fu Wenduo, they are also very ruthless in their attacks, stabbing Tang Mo and Fu Wenduo in the vitals with every blow.

But as good as they are, they are at best in the upper middle of the Nanjing group, not as good as Ningning, and not as good as Chai Rong. The red powder was just too weird for Tang Mo and Fu Wenduo to do anything rash.

The prolonged breath-hold has slowed Tang Mo's speed and his movements are gradually slowing down. Seizing an opportunity, the young woman took advantage of the situation and attacked. With a flick of her right hand, a small red dart reappeared in her hand. She leans forward and with a whoosh, throws the dart.

Tang Mo leans back, barely avoiding the blow. But the little dart hovers in front of his face.

Tang Mo's heart is in awe.


The little red darts exploded in front of Tang Mo's eyes and the powder fell wildly into his face. In a flash of lightning, a black shadow stepped in front of Tang Mo's face. The red powder fell on the sharp black weapon, giving Tang Mo a chance to catch his breath. With one hand on the ground, he leapt backwards to get out of the way. At the same time, he snapped open the small parasol, covering himself and Fu Wenduo.

The red powder fell on the small parasol with a crackling sound, as if explosives had burst.

Tang Mo looked down at Fu Wenduo's hand, "How's that?"

With only a faint white sheen on the blackened trigon sharpshooter, Fu Wenduo's voice was calm: "It's fine."

When the young woman saw that the little dart had not even injured Fu Wenduo's hand, she realised the seriousness of the situation. She turned to her companion and said, "Run!"

Tang Mo and Fu Wenduo are not going to let them get away with it.

The powder from the small darts had been depleted in the earlier fight and it was clear that these two had no more small darts to spare. Tang Mo snapped up her parasol and stabbed the young woman with its sleek tip. Bang! The tip of the parasol pierced the woman's shoulder, pinning her firmly to the trunk of a sycamore tree.

On the other side, Fu Wenduo kicks a paulownia tree, blocking the middle-aged man's escape route.

Under the thick sycamore tree, a man and a woman looked fearfully at the two players in front of them. Half of the young woman's face was intact, the other half was covered in blood. Her beautiful eyes were wide and scared as she stared at Tang Mo, her eyes rolling and her lips moving, still not speaking.

Beside her, the middle-aged man swallowed hard and pulled out seven or eight wooden badges from his pocket: "Two brothers, here they are, all our badges, all of them. Please spare our lives! We really didn't want to rob your badges at first, it was all a misunderstanding ......"

Fu Wenduo took the badges from the middle-aged man and glanced at them. He raised one eyebrow: "One I, three S's and three R's." After a pause, Fu Wenduo's eyes rested on one of the blood-stained wooden badges and he said faintly, "There's blood."

The Rabbithead has no blood in its body, and killing it will not spill blood on the badge. Only if you kill the player to get the badge, there will be blood.

Tang Mo stares coldly at the two players in front of him.

The young woman no longer dared to be arrogant. Her pretty face was lowered, not daring to speak. The middle-aged man begged and pleaded, but when Tang Mo and Fu Wenduo refused to relent, he gritted his teeth and pulled out several strange and bizarre props.

Fu Wenduo took the props and still didn't say anything. The expression on the middle-aged man's face deepened, and just as he was about to say something else through clenched teeth, Fu Wenduo turned his head to Tang Mo: "It's almost time, time to meet them."

Tang Mo nodded, "Let's go."

All the props in his body plus the badge he had just acquired for the lives of two of his own.

The middle-aged man stares at Tang Mo and Fu Wenduo with resentment in his eyes. Tang Mo pulls out the small parasol that runs through the woman's shoulder. The woman lets out a muffled grunt and Tang Mo slips the parasol around his waist. Just as he turned to leave with Fu Wenduo, the young woman, who had been keeping her head down, suddenly raised her head, her right hand in the air and shouted, "I'll kill you!!!"

A ball of white light came from a short distance away and flew into the woman's palm. She held this ball of light and slammed it into Tang Mo, who was surprisingly prepared for it. A huge match suddenly appeared in the air and blocked the white ball of light. The white ball of light collided with the giant match, sending a violent explosion.

Tang Mo subconsciously used her arms to shield her face and chest; the young woman was not so lucky. The ball of light exploded directly in front of her face, blasting her face into a bloody mess. But she was a powerful player after all, and didn't even die this way. The next second, however, her eyes widened in horror.

A giant match fell from the sky and struck her head without hesitation. There was a crisp click and the young woman was completely cut off.

Seeing this, the middle-aged man on one side turned and ran without a second thought. He had only just taken a step out when a sharp black weapon stabbed him through the chest from behind and forward. Fu Wenduo drew his weapon. The bodies of the middle-aged man and the woman fell to the ground with a thud, and two wooden badges landed beside them.

Tang Mo gasped softly. He put away the big match and bent down to pick up the two badges. His hands touched them and tried to pick them up, but his hands kept trembling and he could not hold them.

Fu Wenduo picks up the badge. He turns his head to Tang Mo and his eyes move down to his arm.

Tang Mo's arm was covered with two large bloody slashes, revealing the white bones inside. The bleeding had stopped, but the wounds had not yet healed. The explosion had nearly killed the young woman instantly, and the flesh on Tang Mo's arm had been blown away.

Tang Mo saw Fu Wenduo picking up the badge and asked, "What letters are on it?"

Fu Wenduo was silent for a moment and looked up at Tang Mo.

Tang Mo looked at him curiously, "What's wrong?"

Fu Wenduo looked at him steadily for a long time before finally shaking his head: "It's nothing. It's S and P."

Tang Mo didn't think too much about it. With his two nearly ruined arms hanging down, he calmly analysed, "The badge they gave us just now had an I in it, and so far we've got enough SURPRISE badges for one person, just one more I badge to make up another set. I had thought that the I badge was the hard part of this game, that you couldn't get it by killing rabbit-heads or players. I didn't realise you could still get them." After a pause, Tang Mo thought again, "There's a good chance that these two are stowaways. Nine times out of ten, they got their badges by killing players. All we killed were rabbit-heads, so we probably didn't get the I badge. Does it mean that you only have to kill players to ......" The voice stopped abruptly.

Tang Mo looked down in dismay, at his arm.

A cool sensation comes over his arm. As Tang Mo spoke, Fu Wenduo took a small mineral water bottle and poured the cold mineral water over Tang Mo's arm. The wounds began to heal at a rate visible to the eye and within ten seconds, the horrific wounds on Tang Mo's arms had disappeared.

Fu Wenduo Put away the mineral water.

Tang Mo looked at him quietly, his lips moving and closing.

...... always feels odd somewhere.

Tang Mo often feels this inexplicable sensation when he is with Fu Wenduo. I can't say exactly what it is, it's just weird. Tang Mo is not a very talkative person, but when he is playing games, he has a lot to say and doesn't run out of things to talk about. But with Fu Wenduo, or whenever he's with this person, he doesn't know what to say. It feels like nothing is right and he has to shut up.

After half a day of silence, Tang Mo asked, "Is this Xiao Jitong's Nongfu Mountain Spring mineral water?"

Fu Wenduo shakes his head, "I took it from Fu Wensheng. It seems to be very common in the Nanjing and Raiders groups."

Tang Mo thought of something else: "Did you kill him?" The young woman had been killed by Tang Mo, and he was quite sure that she was dead. He walked over to the middle-aged man's body to check it out, and he found that Fu Wenduo had stabbed the man through the heart, not giving him a chance to react at all, in a decisive move.

Fu Wenduo: "You don't want me to kill him?"

Of the two players, the middle-aged man had wanted to leave a long time ago; it was the woman who kept trying to kill Tang Mo that didn't go. It was also the young woman who made the sneak attack afterwards, and the middle-aged man was not involved.

Tang Mo: "Women are really a very strange animal. Why do you think she wanted to kill me so badly?"

Fu Wenduo curled his lips, "Probably because you hurt her face and she hates you so much that she wants to kill you."

"She's a powerful player, that wound isn't deep, it'll definitely recover in just a few days."

Fu Wenduo: "But you still hurt her face."

Tang Mo had nothing to say. He was really confused about women.

The young woman's hatred for Tang Mo was completely undisguised. So Tang Mo had no intention of sparing their lives. When he turned away was when the two players were at their most relaxed and alert, and Tang Mo intended to strike at that time, when it would be more secure. He also guessed that these two might sneak in as well, but he was prepared for anything, but he didn't expect ......

"She actually has this kind of attack."

Tang Mo did not expect that the woman would still be able to summon the white cluster of light and use it to attack Tang Mo. After the largest white light cluster exploded, the rest of the twenty clusters also disappeared.

Tang Mo stood over the body of the middle-aged man: "It's not that I didn't want to kill him."

Fu Wenduo sensed that Tang Mo's words had a deeper meaning. He looked down at Tang Mo, only to see the young man looking up at him, his gaze stoic, his expression calm. Tang Mo said, "Next time, if there is such a thing ...... can you give me the head?"

Fu Wenduo's heart lurched. His face remained unchanged, but his brain worked quickly.

...... He wants to kill someone? No, he wanted this man to die at his hands.

Fu Wenduo was about to ask a question when Tang Mo stretched out his hand and took a thin book out of the air. At this sight, Fu Wenduo's eyes narrowed and then the corners of his mouth curled. He did not say anything, but waited quietly for Tang Mo to tell him what had happened.

Tang Mo said glumly as he flipped through the book, "We're teammates. I don't know exactly what your powers are, but I can observe them a little. Knowing your teammates' psychic abilities is also important for working together to get through the game. As for my psychic ability ...... you may have already guessed it." Tang Mo spoke with certainty.

When the young woman shouted out that Tang Mo had many powers, Fu Wenduo's expression was not one of surprise; the look he gave Tang Mo was more of a flirtation between his teammates.

This man had long ago guessed that he possessed more than one psychic ability.

Of course, Tang Mo had no intention of keeping Fu Wenduo in the dark, as he had wanted to tell him about his powers.

"I'm not actually particularly sure what my supernatural ability is exactly. But I killed that woman just now, so you only have to read the last page of this book to probably understand what my psychic ability is ......"

The voice suddenly paused.

Fu Wenduo was coming over to look at the last page of the book of powers when Tang Mo closed it with a thud.

Fu Wenduo froze for a moment: "What's wrong?"

Tang Mo: "......"

After a long while, Tang Mo opened the book of supernatural powers and took another peek at it himself. After reading the words on it clearly, the corners of his mouth twitched and he closed the book again with force before looking at Fu Wenduo.

Tang Mo said expressionlessly, "No need to read this bitch ...... No need to read this book. My psychic ability is actually quite simple, I'll just tell you."

Fu Wenduo gave Tang Mo a long, meaningful look and said in a low voice, "Good."

Only the last page of the book of supernatural powers reads -

[Ability: Don't try to hide a dime of your personal money!

[Owned by: Lin Yashou (Stowaway)

[Type:Special Type

【Function: View the player's Ability in the form of a ball of light by touch. After determining a player's supernatural ability, you can use that player's supernatural ability (20% effect) for one minute within 1 hour.]

[Grade: IV].

[Restriction: Must touch the opponent for a long time, requires direct skin-to-skin contact. The higher the level of the opponent's powers, the longer the touching time. Touching private parts of the body can shorten the touching time. If the other party's power level is much higher than your own, the effect of using the power is greatly reduced. Can only be used three times per day].

[Remark: Don't try to hide your private money when I'm around! I won't give you a penny!

[Tang Mo version usage instructions: Can only be used once every three days, the effect of using the opponent's psychic ability is capped at 10%, limited to 30 minutes after determining the opponent's psychic ability. I don't recognise this kind of low-grade trash cottage ability. Of course Tang Mo might like it, after all, he can justifiably gay gay touch someone's little ♂ hand. Like the one in front of him].


The author has something to say.

Tangtang: Who the hell wants to touch Fu Wenduo's little hand!

Mr. Fu: According to my power level, if you just want to touch my hand, you may have to touch it for a day and a night before you can get my power. I can let you touch more intimate parts. [ecumenical face].

Tangtang: ......@#$! @#! @#!!!

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