Chapter 91: The rabbit-headed man~

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By the time The Black Tower opens, Tang Mo and Fu Wenduo have run some distance to the edge of the Xinjiekou business district. The screams of panic could be heard from all over Nanjing. The large scale reality copy was so sudden and unprepared. Tang Mo and Fu Wenduo look at each other and turn around, back to where they came from.

When they returned to the bottom of The black tower, Xiao Jitong immediately came up: "The game is on."

Tang Mo looked at him, "How are you guys doing?"

Xiao Jitong has a thin layer of sweat on his forehead, showing that he is not indifferent to this sudden game of rubbish clean-up. He says calmly, "We were standing underneath The black tower when it announced the start of the game, and the sound was clearly an announcement to all of China. The game is called 'The Last Man's Rubbish Sweeping Game'. I think it's clear that The black tower means that there are two main points to the game, one is the last man standing, and the other is the rubbish sweep." Xiao Jitong looks at Tang Mo and then at Fu Wenduo, who says with a bitter smile, "The players in Nanjing are the last of the last, and the trash in its mouth."

Xiao Jitong doesn't miss a single piece of information given by The black tower. In fact, when playing The black tower, Tang Mo, like him, does not ignore anything, be it the name of the game, the rules, or even the notes given by The black tower. This may be the key to getting through the game.

Tang Mo has probably guessed why this game exists.

Tang Mo: "If I'm not mistaken, ten days ago, the Earth went online for one hundred days, which is a special date." Tang Mo pauses for a moment to see Xiao Jitong's lack of reaction and to make sure that he, like Fu Wenduo, has noticed the peculiarity of the 23rd of February. Tang Mo continued, "From that day onwards, three little dots of light appeared on The black tower in Nanjing. Those three dots were a warm-up for the game."

Fu Wensheng came running over at some point and at this he pondered, "You mean The black tower took ten days to prepare for this cleaning game?"

"Good." Tang Mo nodded, "The first thing The black tower said just now was - 'The ten zones of China have been identified', and then it announced the ten zones. There are 1,021 The black tower above China, and it has identified ten zones out of the thousand or so. It says that on the 5th of March it identified these ten zones. So what criteria did it use to identify these ten zones?"

Fu Wenduo tacitly picked up, "The last man standing."

Tang Mo gave him a look: "These ten districts are the bottom ten of the 1,021 districts. Most likely, they are the top ten districts in the countdown. I don't know exactly what criteria The black tower uses to judge the strength of each district, but it has already made a judgement that these ten districts are the bottom." The game has begun, and the criteria by which The black tower judged is now less important than this crap-sweeping game.

Tang Mo leaves the subject aside and looks to Xiao Jitong: "It says there are 11 rubbish disposal stations in Nanjing, have you found them?"

Xiao Jitong: "I've just asked Chai Rong to send someone to look for it."

But a few moments later, Chai Rong and the Nanjing team came running back, panting, "We found it, it's close to here!"

The crowd immediately followed. Across two streets and through several skyscrapers. Before Chai Rong could explain how he had found the rubbish dump and what it looked like, a short, strange building appeared in front of them.

Tang Mo's footsteps were halted and a look of dismay crossed his face as he looked at the small, strange house.

Just a short little house in the centre of a spacious crossroads, nestled between three towering skyscrapers. The house was bizarre, so bizarre that it was a little cute. Its roof was a brilliant pink, its walls a blinding bright green and its windows the blue of the sky. The shape was odd, as if it had been drawn directly by a schoolboy using circles and rectangles from a computer drawing tool, so neatly that there was not a single mistake. Its roof floats with five round, cartoon bubble letters -

"Garbage disposal station." Tang Mo pronounced the five words.

A member of the Nanjing group suddenly exclaimed, "What's that?" As he said this, he subconsciously tried to approach the room to get a better look at the yellow ball of light at the front of the room. The man looked at Ningning with confusion.

Ningning said in a cold voice, "Rule number six of the game, each player can only enter the rubbish disposal once."

The man immediately came back to his senses as he explained, "I'm not going in, I'm just looking. Captain, Team Xiao, you all saw it too. There's a ball of light over there. It's right at the door of that house."

Tang Mo's first sight upon arriving at the rubbish disposal station was the small ball of light. It was a fist-sized ball of yellow light hovering in front of the door of the rubbish disposal station. This ball of light was indeed not inside the door of the garbage disposal station.

Tang Mo's heart moved and he walked to the other side to look at the room from the side. As if on cue, he said in a loud voice, "Come and look, you guys."

The crowd walked over.

Xiao Jitong looked at the situation and was slightly stunned as he narrowed his eyes, "I can't believe this is happening." He looked to the Nanjing team member who had just spoken, "You would think that as long as you don't push the door in, you're not entering the rubbish disposal. But the truth is, this room is just a flat surface and from the side it becomes a sheet of paper. None of us knew exactly how to officially walk in. Until we find the right way through, Chai Rong, stop it and don't let anyone near the place."

The member of the Nanjing group stopped by Ningning nodded heartily and stepped aside.

There are nine rules to the game, and one of the ways to pass the game is to send the player's surprise to the rubbish disposal. Xiao Jitong says: "We don't know what the surprise means at the moment, but The black tower mentions rabbit-headed people. Every hour, a group of rabbit-headed people appear, and we don't know what they are yet. You get a badge for killing one of them. The black tower does not give useless information ......"

Chai Rong: "Where are the Rabbitheads?"

Xiao Jitong: "It should appear soon, or they have already appeared."

Chai Rong thought for a moment, "Then we'll kill the rabbit-heads first and get the badge, so there's certainly nothing wrong with that."

Xiao Jitong's mouth opened and finally closed again. Tang Mo gives him a look and understands what he means.

Xiao Jitong said earlier that they don't even know what a rabbit-headed person is at the moment. The rabbitheads could be The black tower monsters, they could be underground people, they could be some kind of creature created by The black tower for this game. There is also the possibility that -

Rabbit-heads are human.

Mr A and Mr B are the identities given to Fu Wenduo and Tang Mo by The black tower in the Circus of the Strange game. If, like Mr. A and Mr. B, a rabbit appears above the player's head, The black tower assumes that the players with the rabbit are rabbit-headed, so all Chai Rong has to do is kill and take the badge.

Tang Mo felt that The black tower would not do such a blatant act of letting humans kill each other, which was not in keeping with its usual style. But after remembering his own and Fu Wenduo's experiences with The black tower as Mr. A and Mr. B, he kept his mouth shut and, like Xiao Jitong, waited for the real rabbit-headed man to appear.

In case it really is human ...... to kill, or not to kill?

How exactly to choose.

Tang Mo can't help but look at Fu Wenduo, who is also looking at him. The Nanjing team and the Raiders are still discussing their strategy for this game, and Tang Mo and Fu Wenduo are quietly looking at each other. Neither of them said anything, just looking at their partner.

Ryoga, Tang Mo smiled, "If that's the only way to get through ......"

Fu Wenduo: "You have the king's gold coin."

Tang Mo's voice stopped. After a moment, he asks, "What about you?"

Fu Wenduo's dark eyes stare down at Tang Mo's body. Tang Mo has the king's gold and can forfeit any game of The black tower, but Fu Wenduo does not. If it's true that the only way to get through a tower attack game is to kill someone ...... on hard mode, both men know how hard it is. And once Fu Wenduo attacked the tower it was the third level of The black tower. The third level of the hard mode, even he may not be able to survive.

Tang Mo's smile fades.

The corners of Fu Wenduo's mouth curved up: "There are twelve hours in all, and each hour a batch of rabbit-headed people appears. There are twelve batches in all." He didn't say any more, but Tang Mo understood what he meant.

Tang Mo was about to speak when suddenly he heard a strange twittering sound.

The crowd immediately turned their heads to look at the sound of the noise. Fu Wenduo was the quickest to react, and with a stomp of his foot, he sprang out and grabbed the man hiding behind a tree. His hand was clasped firmly on his shoulder, and he brought the man out of the shadows. Out of the shade, the bright moonlight poured down and a tall man with a rabbit's head gibbered in terror.

Fu Wenduo did not expect such a result, and he froze for a moment as the tall rabbit-headed man swung away from him and turned to run. Fu Wenduo could not let him get away, so he flipped his hand and threw out a slender rope, which was tied to the rabbit-headed man's body like a flying rope. No sooner had his rope been tied than the rabbit-headed man's long ears stood up straight in the air, his arms crossed and a sharp whistling sound came out of his mouth: "Kiri!!!"

At the sound of the voice, the rope suddenly loosened and the rabbit-headed man fled again in one swift movement.

Fu Wenduo's eyes went cold. On the other side, Tang Mo, Chai Rong and Ningning also rushed forward, joining Fu Wenduo in grabbing the rabbit-headed man from four directions.

The four men tried their best, but could not catch the rabbit-headed man. He was too fast, a step ahead of Ningning. He was barely able to attack, and all he could do was scream. His claws and teeth could leave a white mark on Tang Mo's skin and a bloodstain only when he scratched deeper.

But the crowd just couldn't catch him.

The other members of the Nanjing group also rushed up, all forming a circle, blocking the rabbit-headed man in the middle, and then narrowing the circle.

The rabbit-headed man's blood-red eyes reflected the human figure, and in the next instant he tilted his head back and stomped his legs hard to the ground.


A majestic rabbit-headed figure leaps into mid-air, cutting a beautiful arc through the air and leaping out of the crowd.

Xiao Jitong: " Ningning !"

Ningning flickered and reappeared below where the rabbit-headed man had landed. She raised her silver crossbow and with a whoosh, shot an arrow out. The long silver arrow was like lightning, about to pierce the Rabbit's heart. But just as the arrow was about to strike, a black figure scurried behind the rabbit-headed man with even greater speed.

In the cold moonlight, a black three-pronged cone-shaped weapon seemed to be dipped in the moonlight and stabbed through the rabbit-headed man's heart without hesitation. The next moment, a silver arrow pierced the head of the rabbit-headed man. Fu Wenduo grabbed the rabbit-headed man's body and dropped it to the ground.

The moment the body hits the ground it turns into countless yellow points of light, the rabbit-headed man disappears and the yellow points of light coalesce into Fu Wenduo's hands.

Fu Wenduo spreads his palm and a roughly crafted circular wooden medallion appears in his hand.

Tang Mo walked up and picked up the badge, looking steadily at the letters in the centre of it.


Tang Mo looks up at Fu Wenduo and their eyes meet in the air.

The members of the Nanjing group and the Raiders also ran up to take a look at the badge. But before they could even get close, they heard a loud and piercing "Kiri" sound like a wave, which resonated in the sky above Nanjing City. Everyone's bodies froze and they turned to look around.

In the darkness, a pair of red eyes emerged.

Followed by double and triple doubles ......

Hundreds of red-eyed rabbit-heads were hiding in every corner of buildings, trees and shopping malls, looking at the Nanjing players standing in the street. The next second, they all looked up into the sky at the huge black tower and let out a shrill cry, "Kiri!"

A clear child's voice rang out over the horrible gibbering -

"Ding-dong! At 18:00, the first rabbit-heads officially appear."

The black tower The cue ends and a black shadow leaps out of the sky in the moonlight. The shadows covered the sky so densely that the moon could not shine on the earth. Tang Mo's eyes widened as he watched the spectacular and bizarre scene. Thousands of rabbit-headed people arced through the air before running headlong in every direction and fleeing away.


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