Chapter 79: All the monsters in the monster world know that its temper is not as good as its cousin.

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The big, fat turkey, with his chest puffed out, happily leads his two chicks into the supermarket.

Tang Mo and Fu Wenduo followed behind the big turkey, who cooperated and moved forward on their own initiative. Tang Mo glanced quietly at Fu Wenduo and couldn't help but ask, "Why?"

Fu Wenduo, with his hands in his pockets, turned his head to look at Tang Mo. He knew what Tang Mo meant, and after thinking for a while, he gave his answer: "It just said that it has seven children, and you are the sixth one, and there is one more that has not broken its shell. It's a seven-player game, and there are already five players waiting in the supermarket besides you. In any case, you need a seventh companion."

Just like the Iron Shoemaker game that the two of them once played, in the real-life copy of Iron Shoemaker, the players are divided into two groups. One group needs to take part in the Happy Quiz to obtain shoe polish clues, and one group has to go in search of shoe polish. The former can be played by one player, with a minimum of one. The latter requires two or more players to participate as the shoe polish is a fusion of the players' blood.

This big turkey copy is similar. There had to be seven players before the game could be opened. But Fu Wenduo didn't trigger the side quest at all, so he didn't have to enter the game voluntarily.

So ...... why did he come in?

Tang Mo didn't ask the question out loud, but he guessed an answer, one that moved him a little and made him self-critical. If Fu Wenduo had been dragged into the big turkey game, there is a 50-50 chance Tang Mo would not have followed him in. They were teammates, but an unknown game of The black tower was too dangerous for Tang Mo to enter lightly. But after thinking about it for a long time, he might still come in because he has the king's gold.

He had the means to save his life, but Fu Wenduo did not.

However, Fu Wenduo came in with a copy.

Tang Mo looks steadily at Fu Wenduo, who also looks at him. After a few moments, Tang Mo smiled and said, "Go for it."

Fu Wenduo's face showed a hint of surprise when he didn't expect Tang Mo to say these two words after holding his tongue for so long. Soon he said, "Well."

Upon entering the supermarket, the big turkey strutted through the rows of checkout counters and into the interior of the supermarket. The supermarket is so big that there are more than a hundred checkout counters alone, and it is so long that you cannot see the end of it. Tang Mo and Fu Wenduo followed the turkey carefully. Neither of them can use their powers anymore after entering the game, but they can use props.

Tang Mo gripped the small parasol and watched the big turkey ahead warily to prevent it from making any sudden moves.

At that moment, the big turkey walking ahead suddenly waggled its wings in delight: "My lovely children, we're home at last, coo!"

The two men and the chicken walk through the frozen food section and into the meat section deep inside the supermarket. Tang Mo's footsteps falter, his nose twitches and he suddenly turns his head towards Fu Wenduo. Like him, Fu Wenduo is wrinkling his brow and sniffing the air carefully. Both of them smelled what this strange smell was almost at the same time. The two men fell silent.

They walked on for a few more minutes and the bright red all over the ground fell into view.

A sour taste rose in Tang Mo's throat, and he managed to stifle the strong urge to vomit. Fu Wenduo was in a much better position than he was, probably because he had seen worse scenes on the battlefield before, and his face flashed with shock before quickly regaining its composure.

In front of the two, as if it saw nothing, the big, enthusiastic white turkey stepped forward and stamped its big, burly foot hard on the ground, which instantly splattered blood all over the ground, splattering blood all over the big turkey's paws.

After Earth came online Tang Mo had seen many people who had passed away, even scenes of monsters eating people, but he had never seen such a brutal scene. The meat food section of the supermarket was covered in red. On the ceiling, on the freezers, on the floor, the bright red colour was unbearably blinding. In the middle of the pools of blood, they had fallen in that ocean, and when the big turkey stepped on them, it was the sound of crunching.

Tang Mo and Fu Wenduo stood in front of the meat section for a long time without moving forward.

The big turkey twisted his body around and cocked his head, "Gobble, boys?"

Tang Mo took a deep breath and took a step, stepping in the blood, to keep up with the big turkey.

Tang Mo's grip on the small parasol tightens. In front of him, the big turkey passed a large freezer with a mutilated arm hanging from it. With a cooing grin, it ripped the arm off and put it in its mouth to crunch and chew.

The big turkey chewed his arm as he said, "My children have all been born at last. Mummy has prepared some delicious worms for you, coochie, all of them are especially tasty. Do you like worms, my child?" He turned his head to look at Tang Mo.

Tang Mo said, expressionlessly, "Like it."

The big turkey took a bite off the finger on his arm and chewed, "Surely you are my good boy, be a good boy and wait a bit until you find your brother and sister, then you can eat the goo."

Without his powers, Tang Mo's strength is greatly diminished by his physical strength and props. He leaned on Fu Wenduo to go, so that the two of them could look out for each other if something happened. The big turkey finished the arm and tossed the broken bones aside. It twisted its head to look at Tang Mo again, seemingly satisfied with the boy, it said, "My good baby, what bugs do you like to eat, mummy will give you ......"


Just as the big turkey reached the junction of the beef and pork areas, a sudden change occurred. Tang Mo and Fu Wenduo flinched, and the next moment they were backing up at breakneck speed, fleeing ten metres in the blink of an eye. A bomb exploded at the feet of the big turkey. The fat turkey was sent flying by the terrifying shockwave and the whole thing crashed into the ceiling.

It hit the ground with a thud, wriggled its buttocks and got up in annoyance, "Goooo, who dared to sneak up on me!"

As soon as the words left his mouth, the Great Turkey's wings slapped against the glass of the beef freezer and, with a loud bang, the glass shattered. Numerous tiny silver needles shot out from under the freezer and shot straight at the turkey. With a start, the turkey raised both of its wings to block its body, and the silver needles thumped against its wings with a metallic clanging sound.

Without giving it any time to breathe, as the big turkey was forced to take a step backwards by the silver needles and concealed weapons, a small toy truck wobbled out from underneath the pork freezer. Tang Mo stood at a distance, looking at the little toy truck in amazement. It was really just a toy cart, the kind of small truck that preschoolers often play with.

After the bombs and silver needles, Tang Mo had already guessed that this kind of attack was definitely not the work of monsters or underground people, but the work of players. But for a moment he could not think of what such a toy truck could do. Immediately afterwards, a deafening voice answered his question.

The headlights of the pickup truck suddenly came on and a familiar voice rang out in the supermarket. Upon hearing the voice, Big Turkey, who was standing at the back of the pickup truck, angrily said, "What is this ...... ah!" Tang Mo saw Big Turkey, after saying this, suddenly in a stiff position, backing up to the side.

It was clearly out of its own control as it took one step and moved strangely to the wall. At the same time, the little truck began to reverse, and it rolled its little wheels and hit a red button. With a click, the button was pressed and a sharp knife popped out of the wall and aimed straight at the big turkey's chest.

The big turkey flaps its wings, but its feet are out of its control. At the sound of "reverse, please", he slowly walks towards the wall and the sharp knife aimed at him.

It all happened so quickly that Tang Mo and Fu Wenduo had just entered this copy of reality and now they were watching the big turkey about to be killed.

In the quiet supermarket, only Tang Mo and the big turkey stood in plain sight and saw it all happen.

But just as the sharp knife was about to pierce the big turkey's chest, a clear child's voice rang out -

"Ding Dong! Player George Edward triggered the 'Heartless Matricide' effect and received the punishment Heavenly Strike."

"Fuck!" came a mid-sentence curse from the depths of the supermarket.

A silver lightning bolt descended from the sky, passing through the supermarket ceiling and smashing hard behind the freezer. Crackling silver sparks danced around the supermarket like silver snakes. It was painful enough to be seen with the naked eye, and Tang Mo glanced in that direction with profound understanding. On the other side, the knife was still poking at the turkey's chest. But not a single feather fell out of the turkey, and its hard breast was like steel, bending the knife.

Once completely out of the back area of the pickup truck, the big turkey's body loosened up and was freed. With its arms crossed in annoyance, it thumped its way to the back of that freezer and carried a small blonde boy out from behind it like a baby chick.

The big turkey glared at the resentful little boy and said angrily, "My boy, what are you trying to do, are you trying to kill your mother!"

The little blonde boy glared at the big turkey in the same way as he cursed in a very non-fluent Chinese interspersed with English, "Who's your son, fucking turkey!"

The big turkey raised its wings and slapped the boy hard against the wall. The boy, who only looked ten years old, slid down the wall, a trickle of blood seeping from the side of his mouth. He stubbornly wiped the mouthful of blood away. He knew he couldn't say any more and hurriedly said, "I was wrong, Mum."

But the big turkey had already forced his way up and stuck him in a death grip: "You actually tried to kill your mother, you disappoint her so much coo-coo!"

Tang Mo's eyes narrowed as Fu Wenduo's hand moved in his pocket and gripped a small, dark knife.

At that moment, a smiling male voice rang out from behind the freezer: "Mum, Little Qiao didn't try to kill you. Did he try to kill you? This is all a misunderstanding."

The crowd looked to the sounding place.

A svelte young man was seen standing up from behind the freezer. He was hiding in the same position as the young boy and as he stood up, two more young girls and a young woman with long hair stood up with him. Tang Mo raised an eyebrow in surprise at the sight of the two young girls. The young man's eyes swept over Tang Mo and Fu Wenduo in the distance and he narrowed his eyes at the two.

After a moment, he withdrew his eyes and walked towards the big turkey, laughing helplessly: "Mum, Little Qiao is just playing with a toy. You see, that's his favourite toy, the little truck. We couldn't wait for our two brothers to come out of their shells, we were hungry and bored, so Little Qiao played by himself for a while. Mummy, are they our brothers?"

As he said this, the man's hand touched the turkey's wing. Seemingly persuaded by him, the turkey muttered "My child, are you really hungry", and then let the man take the boy from his hands and save him from being choked to death.

Rescued, the little boy stood aggressively behind the man, his head bowed and silent.

"You're all hungry coo. My children are all here, so hurry up and eat. Coo coo coo, don't starve my children." The big turkey waved its wings and flew to the back of the meat locker, where it buried its head and wondered what it was looking for.

Taking this opportunity, the young man walks up to Tang Mo and Fu Wenduo with the foreign child and the long-haired woman. The two young girls were the last to walk, trembling as they followed, cowering behind the woman. When they saw Tang Mo and Fu Wenduo, one of them exclaimed, "Ah, it's you, the ones from the street yesterday ......"

These two young girls are the two people Fu Wenduo almost hit with his car yesterday.

Tang Mo glanced at the two men and looked at the young man. He said lightly, "You are the captain?"

The man looks at Tang Mo carefully, and after a moment, he looks at Fu Wenduo again. When he saw Fu Wenduo, a hint of caution flashed in his eyes. Instead of answering the question, he asked, "Coming to Nanjing from abroad?"

Fu Wenduo stood next to Tang Mo, who said, "Well."

The man nodded: "No wonder you're here, not knowing about the blockade order. I didn't think we'd get seven people together, but now it looks like we did. Then we have to enter the game next. The only way to get through this copy is by game means."

At the sound of the words, a big turkey's surprised cry came from behind the cupboard, "Coo-coo, found it, the worm! My boys love to eat it!"

The large white turkey fluttered away from the freezer and flew up to the seven players. It was holding a long, odd worm in its chicken beak, the green worm squirming desperately in its mouth as if this would break free and escape.

The big turkey spat the worm out and threw it on the ground, and looked up happily at his seven little chicks. It clapped its hands and exclaimed, "So ...... gobble, boys, you start lining up!"

"Dingdong! Triggered the main quest 'The obedient chicken cub gets the worm'."

"The rules of the game--"

"Firstly, players must line up in the correct order and must not jump the queue."

"Secondly, if the sequence is wrong, the 'Raging Great Turkey' effect will be triggered. The Great Turkey schizophrenically assumes the form of an eagle and opens the spinoff game 'The Eagle Catches the Chicken'."

"Thirdly, the queuing time will be one hour and the eagle catching chick game will be one hour."

"Fourth, each time before the queue, players may ask two questions of the Great Turkey. The Great Turkey answers at least one question and may not lie."

"Fifth, in the event of the death of a cockatiel, trigger the 'sad, big turkey' effect to temporarily lift the psychotic state."

"Sixth, the great turkey does not kill its own children, except in the state of the eagle."

"The lovely turkey cousin originally didn't want to come to Earth to hatch eggs, but who knows who beat its cousin into a plate of squawking chicken, so the turkey cousin had no choice but to tough it out and come here. All the monsters in the monster world know that it's not as good-tempered as its cousin."


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