Chapter 77: Mr. Fu is so lucky to have a daughter-in-law!

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At the name "Li Wen", a look of confusion appeared on the faces of both siblings. The young man looked at Tang Mo and asked, "Li Wen? I haven't heard that name before, why?" He turned his head to his sister, "Sister, have you heard of this name?"

The short-haired woman also wondered, "Never heard of it."

The expressions on the two men's faces did not look like they were faking, they really did not know Li Wen. Tang Mo's gaze slowly drops, and he looks steadily at a watch on the man's wrist. Outside the window, the whistling wind was getting lighter and lighter, and the sound of the rain was fading away. Fu Wenduo's low voice rang out, "The rain has stopped."

The man said, "The rain has stopped, are you leaving?"

The rain had stopped, but it was dark outside, and a waning moon hung in the sky. Tang Mo didn't say anything when the short-haired woman said, "It's dark outside, so we won't see you off." Her tone was a little urgent, not hiding her intention to get rid of them. But she quickly added to cover her emotions, "If ...... you want to stay at our house for the night, it's not impossible, but we don't have a spare room, so you'll have to sleep in the living room."

Without answering this question, Tang Mo asked in a calm voice, "Where did you get this watch in your hand?"

The man moved, and after a long moment, he lifted his wrist to look at his watch. He shoved his hands in his pockets and smiled: "I bought it before. Mr Viktor, if you really won't tell us what's out there, that's fine. I understand."

He digressed, but Tang Mo continued, "Where did you buy it?"

The man flinched, "Just ...... mall buy."

Tang Mo looked up at him, her lips were smiling but her gaze was unmistakably cold: "How much?"

The Wang family kept their mouths shut and looked at Tang Mo in silence. The next moment, the siblings turn and run with great speed, but Tang Mo is even faster than them. He leapt into the air and grabbed Wang Wenhao by the collar. When Wang Wenjuan saw this, his eyes widened and he took a black pistol out of his pocket and fired with a bang.

Her grip on the gun was not standard, but her speed and accuracy were better than Tang Mo's, and she had obviously fired many times in private. Tang Mo sidesteps the bullet and releases his grip on Wang Wenhao's hand. But the bullet grazed his cheek because it was too close, leaving a shallow bloodstain.

The siblings broke away and, with their hands on the ground, jumped back three steps, separating themselves from Tang Mo by two metres. The three men looked at each other and soon, moved together. They rush towards Tang Mo in unison, in two directions, one left and one right. The older brother walks across the table and draws a sharp dagger directly from below, while the younger sister shields her brother with a pistol.

They paid no attention to Fu Wenduo, who was sitting in the doorway, and concentrated on attacking Tang Mo. In the blink of an eye, three dark figures burst out of the grass outside the house. The fourth suddenly leapt from the roof, a round cutlass in his hand, and with a cry of anger, slashed at Fu Wenduo's head. Fu Wenduo raised his arm to block the blow and the blade struck a piece of metal, sending sparks of metal flying. The man with the blade was startled and cried out in disbelief.

Inside the house, the Wang family and Tang Mo are locked in a fight. Outside the house, four men fight with Fu Wenduo.

The short-haired woman's bullets did not have the checkmate ability to track the object, but the house was so small that Tang Mo had limited space to dodge, and she could have blocked Tang Mo's movement with a casual shot. Wang Wenhao was also very strong, and his dagger was so sharp that it struck the table, splitting it in two.

Tang Mo sidestepped the dagger and cocked his head again to avoid the bullet. He rolled on the ground, flipped his hand over and took out a silver pistol and aimed it at the short-haired woman. The woman, startled, rushed to the side and fled. Tang Mo fired his gun extremely quickly, narrowing his eyes and pressing the trigger.


The bullet grazed the woman's side and embedded itself in the wall.

Tang Mo fired another round and missed too. The siblings then realised: "He can't shoot properly!"

The two men were no longer afraid. The pistol was the only weapon Tang Mo had on him, and since Tang Mo couldn't use it properly, they went straight for it. The older brother threw a fierce punch from Tang Mo's right side, while the younger sister bent down and swept Tang Mo's left leg. The two worked well together and Tang Mo reached out to parry the punch and took a step backwards.

While Tang Mo was still on his feet, his sister raised the pistol and shot Tang Mo in the brow, while his brother drew the dagger and stabbed Tang Mo in the throat. At that moment, Tang Mo's hand went around the dagger with imperceptible speed and grabbed the man by the neck. He turned his head sideways and the bullet was fired into the wall behind him.

The movements of the two siblings stopped together. Their foreheads were covered in sweat, but although it looked like they had been attacking Tang Mo and Tang Mo had been avoiding them, Tang Mo had been handling them with ease from start to finish.

Seeing her brother caught, the short-haired woman hesitated for a split second and turned her head to run. A round scimitar shot suddenly from in front of her and stabbed into the wall, blocking her escape.

Outside the house, three bodies lay on the ground and a middle-aged man covered in blood crawled desperately outside. Fu Wenduo stood in the doorway and threw out the knife. All this happened in just three minutes, when the short-haired woman saw her four companions outside and turned her head to look at her brother.

A hint of fear appeared in her eyes and she slowly fell to her knees, trembling with fear.

These six men are just the most ordinary players, and they may even be reservists. Tang Mo used his friend-finding powers to check Wang Wenhao's identity before he started, and he really was a reserve. Taking care of six reservists was easy for Tang Mo and Fu Wenduo. In fact, the moment they meet the Wang family, they realise that they are not good people.

Firstly, Wang Wenhao said that they had heard the gunshots and wanted to come and have a look. They were hiding in the countryside and hadn't seen any living people for a long time. According to common sense, if that was the case, they had fled to the countryside to avoid danger and not to get into conflict with other players. Now that they suddenly heard gunshots, they should have hidden and couldn't have come out to check, let alone spy from the sidelines.

And they didn't have any calluses from farm work on their hands. Not to mention the further breakdowns they revealed afterwards.

Fu Wenduo once said that on his way from Beijing to Shanghai, he encountered three waves of players who ambushed him on the highway and robbed him. Clearly, the Wang family were such players. Tang Mo had no interest in dealing with such players, and he was not going to do anything righteous to help the people. But he saw a watch that Wang Wenhao was wearing.

Tang Mo's memory has become very good since Earth came online, and he remembers things he said and did a few months ago very clearly. He remembers Li Wen bragging to him with great pride when he was at City North High School, "You ask this? You have an eye for it. It's a limited edition Rolex watch from my dad for my birthday. There are only three in China."

Tang Mo just wanted to ask for the time and looked at Li Wen's watch, and this sweet rich kid just blurted out everything about himself, whether anyone wanted to hear it or not.

The name Li Wen is also very distant from Tang Mo.

When Li Wen discovered his mother was still alive four months ago, he decided to go to the countryside to find her, and the two parted ways in Shanghai.

Tang Mo grabbed Wang Wenhao by the neck and asked, "Are you coming from Shanghai?"

Wang Wenhao, unaware of Tang Mo's intentions, swallowed hard and replied honestly, "No ...... no, we came from Nanjing. We really don't know any Li Wen, I snatched this watch from a stowaway two months ago." With a twinkle in his eye, he suddenly thought, "Big ...... Brother, did you think I had killed your friend? Really no! This watch was also snatched by that stowaway from somewhere, he didn't look like someone who could afford such a watch, I just killed him, not your friend."

"We haven't seen any Li Wen, really, and more than that, we haven't killed him." The short-haired woman also said sharply from the sidelines.

Tang Mo looked up at him, then back down at the short-haired woman with an eager face.

These two men were not lying, they really did not kill Li Wen, the watch was taken from someone else, and that person took it from Li Wen.

When Tang Mo didn't say anything, the brother and sister got a little lucky. They hadn't killed this man's friend, and it wasn't like they had a deadly grudge to settle. In fact, the moment they saw Tang Mo and Fu Wenduo, they realised that they were very powerful and very difficult to deal with. It was Tang Mo and Fu Wenduo who spotted them first, and then Tang Mo decided to take shelter in the house.

For half an hour the four men took refuge in the house from the rain, they did not make a move because they sensed the strength of their enemy.

Wang Wenhao trembled and said, "Big brother, wi ...... Viktor big brother, I'll give you all the props we grabbed, all of them ...... beg you not to kill us, not ......"

Tang Mo: "You have a lot of props?"

The man's eyes lit up, "Yes! We have it! It's in the room around the corner on the first floor, where all the stuff we looted is. There are lots of props, and lots of weapons. It's all yours, as long as you don't kill us, just ......" The voice stopped abruptly, and the man's eyes went wide, looking dead behind Tang Mo.

Tang Mo turns around to look.

Fu Wenduo slashed the top of the short-haired woman's head with his hand, and blood gushed down from her head with a crisp cracking sound. Tang Mo was not expecting Fu Wenduo to strike out of the blue, and he looked at him in surprise. When Wang Wenhao saw his sister killed, he realised that he too would surely die, and suddenly he slammed his fists into Tang Mo: "I'll kill you!

Tang Mo sidesteps his fist, his fingers hard.


Wang Wenhao's neck is snapped by Tang Mo and rests on his shoulder. Tang Mo releases his grip and walks towards Fu Wenduo. He ponders for a moment and asks, "What's wrong?"

Fu Wenduo looked at him and said indifferently, "It's nothing, you always have to kill anyway."

Tang Mo, vaguely aware of something, turned his head to look out the door.

The fishy smell of the soil fills the air after a heavy rain. In front of this small two-storey building is a piece of farmland, which appears to have been turned over and the soil has been ploughed up and covered over.

After looking at it for a long time, Tang Mo laughed and said, "That's right, they're going to kill it anyway."

If they hadn't chosen to come out of the rain, Tang Mo and Fu Wenduo would probably have ignored the incident. Fu Wenduo doesn't know what Tang Mo thinks, but he couldn't care less about it himself. As long as it doesn't go as far as that murderous heart-eating stowaway group, he won't be bothered.

After taking care of the six players, Tang Mo and Fu Wenduo searched the house for a while to make sure there were no other people hiding. They started to look for the props that the six players had taken.

The room around the corner on the first floor did contain many props, mostly weapons, ranging from daggers to guns, but not as useful as small parasols and large matches. Neither Tang Mo nor Fu Wenduo took any of these weapons. Tang Mo saw a small wooden horse and went up to it and picked it up. When he tapped it three times, a small line of writing appeared on the horse.

[Props: Trojan Horse]

[Owned by: Liu Feng crossed out, Wang Wenhao crossed out, Tang Mo]

[Quality: Fine].

[Grade: Level 1].

【Function: Trojan horse with magical stealth effect. Hide something in the belly of the Trojan horse and the Trojan horse will turn on the stealth effect. The Trojan horse cannot be seen by anyone other than the user and recipient.]

[Restrictions: The invisibility effect lasts for a maximum of one hour, and the Trojan horse moves at a speed of five kilometres per hour. Can only be used once every three days.]

[Remark: Hide the love letter in a Trojan horse and it will never be found].

The wooden horse was a bit interesting and Tang Mo ended up taking it, leaving some of the other weapon props untouched. It was dark when they returned to the car. After a quick look around to make sure that the car had not been touched and that there were no enemies around, they returned to the car to rest.

Tang Mo lies in the back of the car and observes the tiny wooden horse. It was so small that it was hollow, but the whole horse was the size of a human palm, and could have held at most a few miscellaneous items or, as the note said, a love letter. It may seem useless and Wang Wenhao and the others didn't even notice it, but if used in the right place, it could have turned the tide.

Fu Wenduo asked, " Who is Li Wen?"

Tang Mo was looking at the Trojan horse, and when he heard this he froze slightly and said, "I know a friend of mine. I ran into him on my way from Suzhou to Shanghai after Earth came online. We spent some time together afterwards. His family was still alive and he wanted to go to them, so we went our separate ways."

Fu Wenduo gave a soft "hmm" and didn't ask any more questions.

Tang Mo stuffed the wooden horse into his backpack and he looked at the ceiling, unable to tell what he was feeling.

Li Wen is supposed to be dead.

Tang Mo hadn't known him long enough to say that it was sad and painful, but there was always a feeling. So after seeing Li Wen's watch, Tang Mo decided to go to the Wang family's home to escape the rain.

After a moment's thought, Tang Mo closed his eyes and put the matter behind him. They rested for the night and continued their journey early the next morning. The ground had been washed clean after the heavy rain and the two drove on for half a kilometre when they found a dozen cars blocking the road completely.

Tang Mo got out of his car and pushed these cars blocking the road out of the way as he thought, "Is this how those six players stopped the other players and killed them to rob them?"

Fu Wenduo: "I think so. These two vehicles were obviously pushed here artificially to block the road, not because of a car accident." He points to a junked jeep and a small car.

Wang Wenhao's group were all reservists, and although several of them were very strong and fast, with physical enhancements no worse than some of the full players, none of them had psychic powers. To stop and rob, they had to stop people first, so they blocked the road, forcing the other players to get out of the car, and then they took them down in one fell swoop.

Tang Mo pondered, "They're not strong enough. By blocking the road so that others are forced to come down and clear the barricade, they have the opportunity to observe the strength of the enemy from the sidelines. If it's a weak player, they'll just loot and kill. If it's a strong player, they'll leave without making a move." Just like yesterday, the Wang family siblings watched Tang Mo and Fu Wenduo from afar, not daring to make a move.

Fu Wenduo suddenly said, "You fired two shots yesterday and missed?"

Tang Mo froze for a moment. He turned his head to look at the man beside him.

Fu Wenduo pushes one hand on the back of a van with gentle force, pushing this vehicle off the highway. Noticing Tang Mo looking at him, he turned his head, slightly curled his lips and smiled with a deep gaze, "I seem to be right, it was two shots. Hmmm ...... both misses?"

Tang Mo: "......"

Tang Mo turned around and continued to push the cart without expression, while Fu Wenduo laughed and didn't say another word.

On the third night after leaving Shanghai, Tang Mo and Fu Wenduo drove to the border of Zhenjiang and Nanjing. They decided to take a night's rest before heading into Nanjing early the next morning. Fu Wenduo had eight rounds in his pistol, seven of which Tang Mo had fired earlier, leaving him with only one round left.

Fu Wenduo: "My bullets are specially made to be more powerful and explode when they enter a person's body, similar to a Dum-Dum bullet. I have a lot of these bullets at home, so if you need them, I can take you to them when you arrive in Beijing. But for now, I don't have any bullets either, so you can try with other bullets for now."

Tang Mo nods.

Tang Mo found a number of guns and bullets in the Wang family's house, but he ended up taking only some of the bullets, not the gun. He put Fu Wenduo's bullet away in his backpack, ready to use it if it was important. Tang Mo loaded the normal bullets into his pistol, he held his breath and walked to the side of the road, aimed at an old tree, narrowed his eyes and pulled the trigger.


Tang Mo practiced for a full hour, firing over thirty rounds and hitting a total of fourteen shots. Every time he fired a round, he would recall his shortcomings and make adjustments for the next time. Fu Wenduo watched while he practised shooting, and only when it was dark did Tang Mo return to his car.

It's actually quite strange to be in the same car as Fu Wenduo.

Tang Mo has never had many children, there were four of them in his dormitory in college. One of them moved out in his first year, leaving him and his two best friends. All the guys in college got along more with gags and either played games, like Tang Mo who was punked by his best friends to play bridge games.

But what you can talk about with your best friend at university, you can't help thinking about Fu Wenduo.

Tang Mo didn't say anything in the end. Perhaps because he was so tired, he closed his eyes and soon fell asleep. His sleep was shallow, and his faint breathing sounded in the small carriage. When Fu Wenduo heard Tang Mo sleeping, he sat in the driver's seat and calmly looked up at the starry sky.

Without the glow of the city, more and more stars can now gradually be seen in the night sky.

Fu Wenduo watches for a moment as he pulls open the car door with very light movements. Tang Mo woke up the moment he opened the door and stepped out. He opened his eyes and looked out of the window to see a tall, strong figure walking slowly to the front of the car and standing leaning against it. Fu Wenduo takes a cigarette out of his pocket, clicks open the lighter and lights it.

He stood outside the car, looking up at the stars and quietly smoking a cigarette.

Tang Mo watches his back from the car.

A little red fire burns in the darkness, and Fu Wenduo's figure seems to melt into the darkness of the night.

After a few moments of watching, Tang Mo turns his head, closes his eyes and goes back to sleep.

Early the next morning, the two drive on. Fu Wenduo held his chin in one hand and drove with the other. Once off the highway, he had to find the right road, and Tang Mo looked carefully at the map and gave him directions from time to time. The two of them entered Nanjing safely and securely.

At the same time, a red Beetle car left Shanghai and drove onto the Hulong Expressway.

In the passenger seat, a handsome, sunny young man complained breathlessly, "Couldn't you have picked a better car, it's so girly and girly."

In the driver's seat, the young woman with short hair sneered, "It's good to find a car that you can drive. So much nonsense, Young Master Lu, you drive."

Lu Xing wilted and sat silently on the side, not daring to speak. After a long time, he couldn't help saying, "If I can drive, I'm sure I can drive."

An Chu scoffed: "I don't know who failed his driving test four times and couldn't even tell the difference between the brake and the accelerator. Who was it that cried and cried at the driving school, but the instructor didn't let him pass. Eh, do you remember who it was?"

Lu Xing: "......"

Lu Xing didn't dare to say any more, he had a feeling that if he said one more word, this childhood friend could damage him to the heart of the earth. After a while, he asked, "Eh yeah, that guy was right, right, Brother Xiao in Nanjing is really that good?"

"I think it's my brother, he's been working in Nanjing. And he has that name, there are very few with the same name. My brother deserves to live, he's a scourge, a scourge that will last a thousand years." He is a scourge, a scourge that will last a thousand years." He said with disgust, but An Chu's expression was a bit emotional. After all, it was her own brother, and it was best if he lived. She said with certainty, "He must be alive, it's him."

Lu Xing gave her a look and echoed, "Well, it's definitely Brother Xiao."

Hundreds of kilometres away, the landmark sycamore trees lining the road fall into view. Tang Mo looks at the markings on the map and then at the buildings around him.

Tang Mo: "Here we are."

They have officially arrived in this ancient capital of the Six Dynasties.


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