Chapter 74: Let's go, Beijing ~

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After dawn, Tang Mo and Fu Wenduo carefully made their way back to the mall to make sure there were no other players in ambush near the Nanpu Bridge. Tang Mo had used the Moon Flower to discover the hidden game of the rally, and in the process, he was able to pass the game and get the reward. If the ten players were really angry and decided to join forces to attack Tang Mo, Tang Mo and Fu Wenduo would not be able to get away with it.

It is not easy to see if there are enemies buried nearby at night, and it is not easy to hide in the bright sunlight during the day.

Tang Mo returns to the mall as quickly as possible and says goodbye to Fu Wenduo at the entrance of the mall. The two have their own little agendas, such as Fu Wenduo upgrading his weapons. Tang Mo did not know what Fu Wenduo's weapon was. When he had watched Fu Wenduo fight before, he had barely pulled out any props and had always used his own powerful force against his enemies.

Everyone has their own secrets, just as Tang Mo has not yet told Fu Wenduo about his powers.

After entering the mall, Tang Mo found a hidden place in the underground car park, turned on his torch and took out the book of psychic powers from the air. With his head down, he turned to the last page, and a line of small black letters slowly appeared on it -

[Alien Powers: Destroying You on Behalf of the Stars]

[Owned by: Jin Jing Yun (Stowaway)

[Type: 4-D].

Function: Fires a bullet with a tracking effect. Aim at the target and shout "checkmate", the bullet will fly towards the aiming area until it hits or the kinetic energy of the bullet is gone].

[Grade: IV].

[Restriction: Each bullet requires the launcher to use mental energy to control it. A maximum of five bullets can be fired at once, more than five will cause mental damage to the launcher (repairable).

[Remarks: Knowledge and courage, beauty and wisdom. The Windy Bandit, Ice Star, please!

Instructions for Tang Mo version: You can use it once a day and fire up to three bullets each time. You must shout "Destroy you on behalf of the stars, checkmate!" before using it so that your opponent can hear you. Jin Jing Yun is a messenger sent from heaven, her biggest mission is to help Tang Mo transform into a magical girl and then punish her enemies on behalf of the stars. Now she's done her job. Comrades! Live with honour, die with greatness!

After the leprechaun's return of my grandfather and Granny Wolf's parasol, Tang Mo has become very receptive to such highly shameful props. But this time, his gaze was fixed on the words "and let the other side hear". After a long time, Tang Mo closed the book with a bang and decided that he would never use this power again!

After closing the book and thinking for a while, Tang Mo: "...... don't use this psychic power until you have to."

In some ways, this ability is a bit of a loser for Tang Mo right now. If it didn't require shouting a spell and being heard by the enemy, Tang Mo could use it as a long-range sneak attack ability. He could hide in the shadows with a sniper rifle and use it to unleash a shot, which would be a killer.

Unfortunately it had to be heard by the enemy. This means that the moment the bullet is released, Tang Mo's position is also revealed.

However, if used in close combat, Tang Mo's bullets can be a great weapon when he is fighting an enemy and interfering with their positioning. After a moment's contemplation, Tang Mo throws the power book into the air and turns towards the third floor of the underground car park. He knocks on Luo Fengcheng's door, and the man inside is looking down and drawing a diagram.

At the sound of the door opening, Luo Fengcheng looked up at Tang Mo. He smiled, "It seems that you and Mr. Fu have already won the assembly copy?" He sounded sure, not doubting that Tang Mo and Fu Wenduo would lose the game.

There's no point in hiding it, Tang Mo walks over to Luo Fengcheng's table and sits down: "Well, it's a win, it's a difficult game." He doesn't say anything about how he and Fu Wenduo were forced to play 2V21 by The black tower in the game. After a pause, Tang Mo asks, "What's the date today?"

Luo Fengcheng: "The 13th of February. You entered the copy on the 1st of February, 13 days have passed now."

Tang Mo said, "The time we spent in the Kingdom of the Underlanders was seven days."

Luo Fengcheng: "That's normal, the time flow between The black tower and the real world is not the same. Sometimes they are the same. Sometimes a day passes in The black tower and two days pass in the real world. Sometimes two days have passed in The black tower and one day has passed on Earth."

Tang Mo understands what Luo Fengcheng is saying. In the game he played, the time flow in the gopher game was the same as in the real world, so Tang Mo was able to complete the game by learning from Fu Wenduo that he was out of time. But Queen of Hearts' Jewel Castle is a different story. Tang Mo was inside for only a few hours, but when he came out, two days had passed on Earth time.

The two of them chatted for a while longer, and Tang Mo briefly recounted what he and Fu Wenduo had encountered in the rally copy. He didn't talk about the specific game content, let alone the process of the two of them tricking 21 players, but mainly about the Strange Circus: "I've heard of this circus in previous games I've participated in, and I've also participated in games associated with it. It is a very important organisation in the Kingdom of the Underlanders. By my speculation, I fear there are more The black tower games associated with this circus."

Luo Fengcheng tapped his pen twice on the table and looked up at Tang Mo: "Banana Tavern, Circus of the Strange. These are the two big organisations of the Underlander Kingdom that we know of so far. 18 years since The black tower version 2.0 update, the two assembly copies are related to them." Luo Fengcheng's eyes fluttered as he suddenly picked up a pen and drew on a piece of paper. He seemed to be drawing a map, but his drawing was so abstract that Tang Mo couldn't make out the exact location from the curved lines.

Luo Fengcheng stops his pen and looks at Tang Mo steadfastly: "A rally copy is different from all other copies, in general there is no risk to life. Even if you fail the game, you will only receive a game penalty and a new mission. If you successfully complete the punishing task, you can leave the game. Then with the Rally Copy, Tang Mo, we might really get to know The black tower, or at least the kingdom of the underground people and the monster world."

Tang Mo also thought, "I did wander around the capital city of the Underlander Kingdom this time. There is no fixed area for players to walk around. If the next copy of the rally is located in the Monster World ......" Tang Mo stretched out his hand and circled the map drawn by Luo Fengcheng, "then we can know more about the world of The black tower. information."

The two men looked at each other.

"The more information you have, the more certainty you will have when facing a new game." Luo Fengcheng laughs, "Even later, if conditions allow, players can borrow the momentum. So, rallying copies are a must. Not only do you go in to improve your power, but you can also get more information. Next week, Jackass, Tang Qiao and the others are going to challenge the ground floor of The black tower together."

Tang Mo was slightly stunned, then quickly said, "With Jackass and Tang Qiao's current strength, they'll make it through without incident. All the players I've met in this rally have cleared the first level of The black tower, and there are some strong players among them, but some of them are nowhere near as strong as Jackass."

Luo Fengcheng caught the key words and said, "It seems that you and Mr. Fu are the only players on the second level of The black tower in this game?"

Tang Mo froze for a moment and quickly admitted, "Yes."

There are advantages and disadvantages to talking to intelligent people. The good thing is that there are some things that you can say that are easy to understand immediately, if you just get to the point. But it also means that the other person can pick up on things that you don't reveal in your words.

Luo Fengcheng immediately thought that he and Fu Wenduo were the only players on the second level of The black tower in the entire assembly. If he had thought deeper, he might have been able to guess his and Fu Wenduo's mission in the game. That's the scary thing about smart people, you have to be careful when you talk to them, you could expose yourself at any time.

But after that, there will be no more such opportunities.

Tang Mo looks quietly at the young Luo Fengcheng in front of him. Four months have passed since they first met. Without The black tower, Tang Mo would never have met a top secret officer like Luo Fengcheng in his life. Tang Mo has spent most of his time since Earth came online in Shanghai. Here he met Chen Shanshan, Fatty, Luo Fengcheng and Jackass.

If he decides to stay in Shanghai next, it will undoubtedly be much easier. He was not a member of Atak, but Luo Fengcheng and Jackass did not treat him as an outsider. Even though he and Luo Fengcheng are a bit wary of each other and are not really friends, the foundation of trust is not a problem.

But on the one hand we have Chen Shanshan, Luo Fengcheng and the familiarity of the area, and on the other we have our friends in Beijing who may not have survived at all, plus Fu Wenduo at best.

Tang Mo curled her lips, "Tomorrow, Mr. Fu and I will leave Shanghai."

The smile on Luo Fengcheng's lips slowly stalled, and after a moment he said, "I thought you would stay."

Tang Mo was acutely aware of a hint of something wrong: "What?"

Luo Fengcheng: "You and Mr. Fu want to team up after school and play The black tower game, right?" Tang Mo didn't say, but it wasn't hard for Luo Fengcheng to guess, he said, "It was Shanshan's idea. Tang Mo, you're not a member of Atak, and I don't even know what you're capable of now, but you're staying, and you won't just ignore what happens to Atak. If I fail to attack the tower and die later, you may well replace me as the leader of Atak."

Tang Mo's heart fluttered as he realised what was going on. He quickly calmed down and his mind raced. From a fortnight ago when Luo Fengcheng had recommended himself and Fu Wenduo to play in this rally copy game, to now when they had won the game out.

Tang Mo said, "Two weeks ago, you told me about this rally copy on purpose to get me to attend."

"That's right."

Tang Mo: " Chen Shanshan's idea?"

Luo Fengcheng: "It was her idea, it was also my idea. If you were to leave, Atak's strength would be reduced. That was my idea. The little girl may not have been thinking in the same way as I was, but she and Fatty were more concerned with not wanting you to leave. She told me that she had a hunch that you and Mr. Fu School would feel the spike in difficulty of the game if you joined the rally. You will be hesitant to go with Mr. Fu in the future. This is the best chance to talk you out of playing with Mr. Fu."

Tang Mo's mind drifted back to the young girl's ever-calm face, and he suddenly felt a little amused. Chen Shanshan's supernatural ability, super-intelligent thinking, had never occurred to him that she would use it for such a purpose. She was right, Tang Mo had regretted knowing that his teaming up with Fu Wenduo had triggered the "Enemy of All" effect, increasing the game's difficulty to 21 players. But in the end, he decided to team up.

At one end of the scale is the soaring difficulty of the game, and at the other end are great teammates.

The ending of the game "Surprise Night at the Circus of the Weird" gives Tang Mo the best answer. A good teammate is more important than a difficult game.

Tang Mo asked, " Are Chen Shanshan, Fatty and the others in the infirmary?"

Luo Fengcheng shook his head, "They went with Jackass and Tang Qiao to join a copy of reality and found it recently. I'm afraid it will be a few days before they return. Do you want to wait for them?"

Tang Mo is leaving tomorrow and some of the children will not be back for a couple of days.

Tang Mo was silent for a moment, "No more waiting."

Luo Fengcheng had already guessed this answer.

The two of them chatted briefly for a while, and when Tang Mo got up to leave, Luo Fengcheng looked at Tang Mo's back and suddenly spoke, "If I had powers, or if I had managed to get through the ground floor of The black tower and survived and gained powers. Tang Mo ...... Maybe, you and I would be good teammates too."

Tang Mo's footsteps stop and he turns his head. Looking at the calm smile on Luo Fengcheng's face, Tang Mo remembers what happened when they first met. At that time, he suspected Luo Fengcheng of being a stowaway, and he also suspected him of being a researcher at The black tower.

Tang Mo thought for a moment and said, "You will have powers." You will pass the first level of The black tower, and you will have powers that will make you stronger, at least enough to defend yourself.

Luo Fengcheng smiles: "I hope so too."

The two men look at each other steadily. After a minute, Tang Mo smiles and Luo Fengcheng smiles too.



The door clicks shut and Tang Mo leaves Luo Fengcheng's office.

After a night's rest in the car park, Tang Mo went to the clothes shop on the ground floor of the mall the next morning. As he walked into the shop, he suddenly felt a jolt in his heart and reached behind his head. A fierce attack came from the back of Tang Mo's head. Tang Mo leapt forward, rolled on the ground, steadied himself and swept his foot at the man behind him.

The man sidesteps it and meets it with a punch at the same time.

Fists and kicks were exchanged, each fist breaking through the air with a hunting wind noise. They were relentless, going for each other's dead center. With terrifying speed, the two men stomped around the corners of the clothing shop to lend their strength and attack each other. Tang Mo kicked the wall and flipped up into the air, crossing to the man's back and slamming his right fist into it.

The man was prepared for this, and with his head tilted, he grabbed Tang Mo's fist with his left hand and his right hand grabbed Tang Mo's arm backwards. Tang Mo's eyes widened in surprise and when he looked back he was already pinned to the ground by Fu Wenduo and had his limbs in a takedown hold.

The small parasol at the back of his waist hit the ground, causing Tang Mo pain, he twisted his choked neck and said helplessly, "...... Am I considered weight training, Mr Fu School?"

Fu Wenduo withdrew his hand: "The enemy doesn't care if you have a bag on your back or are sleeping and eating."

Tang Mo gets up from the ground and pats the dirt on his body. He looked to Fu Wenduo: "Shall we go, Beijing?"

There was a momentary pause in Fu Wenduo's movements, and soon he turned towards the door and curled his lips without moving, "Let's go, Beijing."

With over seventy players living in the Pudong District mall, the departure of the two players caused no fuss and no one even noticed they were gone. Tang Mo was carrying a small bag with a small amount of water and food, plus a map of China from Shanghai to Beijing. He and Fu Wenduo were on their way.

They looked like ordinary donkeys before the earth came online, walking lightly in the sun, heading north.

Of course it is impossible to walk all the way to Beijing. A journey of over a thousand kilometres would take a month. Fu Wenduo found an abandoned SUV on the road, which he tried to start, and the two of them got in it. Fu Wenduo drove, while Tang Mo sat in the passenger seat and read the map.

As the car drove past a police station, Tang Mo quickly said, "Wait, I want to go in."

Fu Wenduo turned his head and looked at him, "Here?"

Tang Mo nods.

Fu Wenduo didn't ask any more questions, he stopped the car and Tang Mo went into the police station alone. There was no one in the empty police station, the desks and chairs had been tossed about and the station was in disarray. Tang Mo searched for a long time in the officer's office of this police station, but could not find any firearms. He quickly made his way to the third floor and saw the 'weapons store' sign at the end of the corridor, which he immediately approached.

The door made of fine iron had long since been knocked down, and the armoury was empty, not to mention pistols and sniper rifles, not even a single stun baton. It seems that many players have come here long after Earth went online to take pistols and other weapons.

Tang Mo searched carefully for another gun, but still could not find one. He returned to the car and Fu Wenduo gave him a look, "Didn't take anything?"

Tang Mo: "I was going to look for a gun, but unfortunately it was already taken out."

Fu Wenduo nodded thoughtfully. It was very strange that Tang Mo hadn't gone looking for a gun until now, four months after Earth had gone online. With his current strength, he didn't need a gun to defend himself. The enemy that could threaten him was not something that could be dealt with by a gun. But Fu Wenduo didn't ask any more questions. He calmly reached into his pocket, and the next moment a bright silver light flashed past Tang Mo's eyes. Tang Mo looked up at Fu Wenduo in disbelief as he fixed his eyes on it.

The sun shines through the car window, reflecting from Fu Wenduo with a pale golden glow. He looks down at Tang Mo, a beautiful silver pistol in his palm. He looks at Tang Mo steadily, as if he is holding a small, ordinary object, and his voice is calm as he curls his lips.

"The gun you asked for."

Tang Mo's heart gave a violent twitch. After a long time, he picked up the beautiful silver pistol in Fu Wenduo's hand and laughed, "You don't ask me why I suddenly want a gun now?"

Fu Wenduo put his foot on the clutch: "You want me to ask?"

Tang Mo looked down at the beautiful, art-like pistol and did not reply. The gun was not a mass-produced piece of art, with its smooth lines and a rubbed grip that made the threads hard to read, so it was clear that its owner had used it often. At the base of the grip, a small "V" was engraved.

Tang Mo has a vague suspicion that the gun may have been Fu Wenduo's personal item, or a very important personal item. It's just that after Earth went online, guns were no longer important to players, and for Fu Wenduo in particular, this gun was probably not considered a powerful weapon. In any case, the fact that Fu Wenduo did not throw the gun away shows that it was important to Fu Wenduo.

Realising this, Tang Mo suddenly remembered something. He blushed.

Tang Mo hid his emotions for a moment and turned his head to look at Fu Wenduo. The other man did not notice anything unusual about him. Tang Mo pockets the gun without a word.

A black SUV slowly drives across the Huangpu River.

At 4pm, Tang Mo and Fu Wenduo officially left Shanghai.


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Tangtang: Shall we go, Beijing ?

Mr. Fu: Let's go, Beijing.

Fu Wensheng: QAQ Brother, sister-in-law, where am I? I'm in Nanjing, don't forget me!

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