Chapter 72: 3? + 4? = 5? That's the Pythagorean theorem.

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In the banana tavern booth, the bald man reached out and grabbed the green light that was flying towards him. He turned on the green light and read the markings on the map. When he saw the location of the monster, the bald man froze slightly, soon he grinned, revealing a fierce and brutal smile: "Not far ......"

The pretty teenager looked at the markings on the map, his fingers pushing hard as the green map was crushed into pieces of light. "I'm going to kill Mr. B today!"

With these words, the four of them quickly scurried out of the Banana Tavern, heading for the slum area not far away.

There is a reason why The black tower chose 12 noon as the time to unleash its "disdain from the famous detective". At this time of the day, the lazy underground people are asleep in their beds, and even if these players were to strike in the streets in a dignified manner, no underground people would pay attention. This is a game for players only, and as long as they don't die, the underground won't come and eat them.

The bald man had not transformed into a brown bear, and he was the fastest of the four stowaways. In a minute he had darted into this slum area. With a fierce light in his eyes, he stared at the dozen or so ramshackle bungalows in front of him. Suddenly, his gaze settled on a ramshackle house at the far end of the slum.

"There it is!"

The four stowaways raced towards the house.

The next moment they were running into the slum area, the short-haired woman's heart tightened and she cried out, turning her head sideways to dodge a triangular boomerang that came from behind her. The black boomerang spun in a wide circle and returned to the hand of a long-haired woman. The four stowaways stopped in their tracks and looked at the visitor.

From the other side of the road, four black figures came running towards them at great speed. They were fast, and in a few moments they were outside the slum. The reason the long-haired woman had thrown the darts early was to stop the four stowaways from advancing. As the group of four came closer, a young, sunny young man smiled and said, "It's the last day. The monsters can steal together, it's no big deal, but there are only two of the king's gold coins. Whoever is fast, it will be given to him." With that, the youth continued to run forward, about to overtake the four stowaways.

When the bald man heard this, he didn't react for a moment. When the youth ran up to him, he smiled grimly and slammed his fist into the youth. The young man, who had been laughing, curbed his smile and took three quick steps backwards to avoid the blow. His smile was not as mocking as Bai Ruoyao's; at this moment he was no longer smiling and his eyes looked coldly at the four stowaways.

The long-haired woman who threw the boomerang also stopped in her tracks. This squad of four stood outside the slum, forming a confrontation with the four bald men.

Without hesitation, the young man at the head of the group said, "You four are stowaways?"

The bald man laughed mockingly, "So what if it is."

At the sound of the words, the bald man growled as he braced himself on the ground with both hands, his face rapidly growing brown bear hair. Seeing this, the boomerang woman looked back at the youth and said angrily, "I told you in case there were stowaways in the player's house who wouldn't end the game peacefully, right? Just you, you've been wandering around and saying something about how it's just the right time to learn more about the Underlander Kingdom to facilitate future games. Now you've dug a hole and got yourself into it. Lu, you and I are the only ones in our team who are better at fighting. If I die here today, I'll want your life in hell!"

He kept dodging his opponent's attacks, during which he thought he could return a blow or two, but his knife struck the bald man's body and he was unharmed, but his long knife curled. The youth hurriedly said, " An Chu, why don't you come and help!"

The boomerang woman cursed again, but while her mouth was cursing, her body was honest enough to swing the boomerang and help the youth block the bald man's attack.

Soon these two teams of four were fighting.

Originally, the young man thought that the game was fair and that the surviving players could work together to steal the monster, even if they did not work together. The black tower gave the players the task of "stealing the monster from Mr. A and Mr. B" before the game started. It doesn't say that only a few people can steal it. The only conflict between all players is the king's gold.

There were only two king's gold coins in total, and twenty-three players were certainly not enough to split them. But this is an added bonus.

While fending off the attacks of the bald man and the pretty teenager, the youth said, "Wait, wait, wait, you guys. Our team is not good at fighting and we are relatively weak. We just want to win this game smoothly, we don't want the king's gold coins, can we give it all to you guys?"

It was the best option. The young man surnamed Lu had always known the weakness of his team, in fact his team technically consisted of only him and An Chu, a childhood friend, the other two teammates were improvised. If conditions allowed, they could try to grab the king's gold, but if not, they could forget about it and save their lives.

The bald man sniffed and bared his sharp teeth. After transforming into a brown bear, his teeth were as sharp and frightening as a beast, just like a shark. He smashed his fist through a boulder behind the young man surnamed Lu and said, "What's the problem with killing you and then getting the king's gold coins? No problem."

Young man named Lu: "Fuck!"

Since Earth came online he has been involved in a number of The black tower games, in which he has inevitably encountered stowaways. But stowaways like the bald man are in the minority. Most of the stowaways in the game try to hide their identity as stowaways to avoid being ostracised by their teammates. There are also stowaways like Bald Man who want to kill even more when they have great power.

In the four-man team of stowaways, the bald man and the pretty teenager were excitedly attacking the young man's team. Only the short-haired woman using "checkmate" had any displeasure on her face, as if she didn't really want to go on a killing spree, but when her teammates did, she wouldn't object and went up to help.

Eight players have a big melee in the slums.

The underground people who live in the slums are already in the lower class of the kingdom and are extremely weak. When they heard the commotion outside they would just close the doors and windows and ignore it.

The bald man smashed a wooden hut with his fist and his thick thigh swept towards the young man named Lu. When the young man saw that he couldn't avoid it, An Chu swung his boomerang and hit the bald man hard on the base of his leg. The bald man took a step backwards and An Chu grabbed the young man and ran.

"After them!"

Four stowaways run after these four players.

The eight of them ran near the broken house where the big monster was, and the young man surnamed Lu quickly said, "By rights there should still be seven other players alive now, and they should have arrived nearby as well. They can't all be stowaways anymore, even if they are, they will join hands with us when they see this situation and take care of these four first. Go, go to that house, just drag on and someone will surely come ...... cough ...... what are you doing An Chu !"

The boomerang girl smashed her fist into the head of the young man named Lu and gave him a free leafy head wash as she passed a tree. An Chu said in annoyance, "You're not even cut out for the IQ stream, what's the plan. The most important thing now is to escape, do you understand? Do you know how to run for your life? Tell me one of your plans that worked!"

The young man surnamed Lu held his tongue and stopped talking. Because what the boomerang woman said was all true. Although he had always wanted to take the path of the intellectual stream of tower attack, he had never succeeded, and every time he didn't know what happened, he always failed in his plans in a strange and odd way, and then won the game in a strange and odd way. There were various reasons for winning the game, but none of them had anything to do with his plan.

The four men didn't dare to think about stealing the big monster either; they had to stay alive before they could think about winning the game.

The bald man had lost a lot of speed after his transformation into a brown bear, but the short-haired woman was very fast, even faster than An Chu. The four of them were already in her range, and she raised her silver pistol and said coldly, "Checkmate!"


A silver bullet burst through the muzzle of the gun and shot straight at the back of Lu's head.

The bullet seemed to have eyes, no matter how much the young man Lu dodged from side to side, it always tracked the back of his head, its ghost would not leave. The young man surnamed Lu's gaze went cold as he shook off the boomerang woman's hand and turned to face the silver bullet directly. With a wave of his right hand, a strange silver whip appeared in his hand, and he read aloud, "3+4=5, this is the Pythagorean Theorem."

He turned his head to meet his enemy so suddenly that the short-haired woman didn't react for a moment. As the words fell, a blinding white light shot out from his whip hand and shot straight into the short-haired woman's brow. The short-haired woman's eyes widened in dismay, and soon her brain fainted and her whole body fell backwards.

The bald man ran over just in time to catch her drowsy body and shook it twice as hard as he could before the short-haired woman woke up.

Bald man: "What's going on?"

The short-haired woman slowly came back to her senses as she gritted her teeth and said, "Suddenly I feel sleepy. Watch out for that man, that man's powers are of the hypnotic type."

Meanwhile, the young man named Lu, who the short-haired woman had said to be on guard, had fled frantically backwards. "I can't hypnotise the bullets, An Chu help me, help me!"

An Chu herself was unable to take care of herself as she was constantly attacked by the pretty boy's black swarm of insects and could only break the swarm with her boomerang again and again. The silver bullet flew after the back of Lu's head and seemed to be on the verge of hitting him. An Chu gritted her teeth and kicked the ground, another black boomerang appeared out of nowhere in her hand and she swung this one out.

She was still not as fast as the bullet, but just a second before the bullet was about to pierce the young man's head, a black playing card shot out from the side, staring the bullet firmly into the ground.

The bullet twitched twice in the dirt and faded to a halt.

On the other side of the slum, four rockets descended from the sky, scorching a small part of the black swarm of insects surrounding An Chu. At the same time, a middle-aged man wielded a long sword, stopping the countless silver flying to that were shooting at the young man named Lu.

The young man and An Chu had a chance to catch their breath, but their two teammates, who had improvised their team, were all wounded and fell to the side, not knowing whether they were alive or dead. The man with the glasses came out of the broken house with his four teammates. They had come out of the broken house where the big monster was.

This situation startled the heart of the young man surnamed Lu, and his gaze lingered on the five men with glasses.

Lin Yi said, "Captain, these four seem to be the last four players to survive in the game. All the other players should have been killed by those four stowaways, are we going to follow your plan now?"

Mr. Li joked, "It's not the captain's plan, it's Mr. A and Mr. B's plan."

The young man, Lu, and the others were stunned and looked at the five men with glasses in shock. The man with glasses calmly swept past the young man, An Chu, and finally looked at the four wary stowaways not far away. He said, "If we don't take care of these four people, the game can't go on properly. So we are not going to follow Mr B's plan, which is also mine."

Sensing that something was wrong, the bald man turned and ran, "Go!" But his words had barely hit the ground when a booming sound rang out from beneath his feet.

Starting from the bottom of the bald man's feet and continuing to the pretty teenager standing at the far end, something seemed to explode beneath them and a diffuse pink appeared before their eyes. When they looked back, all they saw was layer after layer of sticky stuff sticking to their feet, gluing them to the ground and immobilising them.

The pink stuff looked like chewing gum and the bald man was stuck to one foot, the Checkmate woman and the middle-aged man were both stuck to one foot as well. The pretty teenagers were worse off, with both feet stuck. They tried to struggle a bit but couldn't pull their feet away from the sticky pink gum.

A laughing voice came from the distance, "Strawberry gum that can't be shovelled off, don't try, it really can't be shovelled off."

The four stowaways immediately looked up and looked at the visitor. At the sight of the bard, who was leaning against the wall with a disgusted grin, the pretty teenager roared, "I'm going to kill you!!!"

[Prop: Strawberry gum that can't be shoveled away]

[Owned by: Tang Mo].

[Quality: Fine].

[Grade: Level 2].

[Attack Power: Normal]

【Function: You can take the gum apart and use it. The object that is stuck will be subjected to a sticky force that is twenty times stronger than its own gravity].

[Restrictions: Disposable. Very, very smelly, only the user can smell the stench.]

[Note: When Tang Mo knocked out this piece of gum with Mario's stinky hat, he must have wondered whether it was Mario's hat that stank or this piece of gum standing on the spit. Maybe Tang Mo himself stinks more, after all.

Sticking strawberry gum to the stowaways was just a preemptive plan for Tang Mo, who couldn't guarantee that he would be able to accurately drop the gum bomb at the feet of the four men and still stick to them. Fortunately, he succeeded. But three of the four stowaways have long-range attacks.

After the pretty boy roared in anger, he swung his arms around and tens of thousands of black bugs flew out of his sleeves. An overwhelming swarm of insects attacked Tang Mo. The middle-aged man also threw countless barflies with a grimace as the short-haired woman raised her pistol and shouted three times in a row, "Checkmate, Checkmate, Checkmate!"

Bang, bang, bang!

Three bullets fly at Tang Mo's head in unison and Tang Mo keeps dodging. He looked at the man with the glasses and they looked at each other. The man with the glasses pushed the glasses on the bridge of his nose and said, "Kill them first."

This is the second purpose of Tang Mo's collaboration with the five-member team.

The most important aim was not to allow this powerful five-man squad to work with the stowaway team, otherwise it would be too difficult for Tang Mo and Fu Wenduo to outwit them with nine of them combined, and they would probably overturn the water. The second objective, however, was to unify the front and take care of the four stowaways first.

The man with glasses raised his right hand and the black playing cards stuck in the ground flew up and returned to his hand. Hao, standing beside him, roared in anger and darted at the bald man who was stuck in place, unable to move, by his chewing gum. The two strong men soon wrestled together and the rest of the players rushed up to tackle the four stowaways.

Hao's psychic ability was very inconspicuous; his body did not change in any way, nor did he change into any weapon. He seemed to be a strength-enhancing psychic as he rushed up and wrestled with the bald man, and the two surprisingly fought back and forth. Because the bald man was unable to move his right foot, it was Hao who had the upper hand at first, but soon Hao was smashed to the ground by the bald man's fist, and blood spurted out of his mouth.

The next moment, only the bald man was seen roaring towards the sky. The brown bear fur on his body grew denser and denser. When the bear fur completely covered his body, he was on all fours towards the ground and his face slowly changed. The mouth became convex and the five senses crowded and shifted into position.

The young man surnamed Lu exclaimed, "Not good!"

The players ducked out of the way, even the bald man's three teammates looked at him in horror and tried to run away, but their feet were glued to the ground and they couldn't move.

Soon, the bald man was fully transformed into a giant brown bear. He slapped his chest and with all his might, his right foot broke through a sticky force equal to twenty times his own gravity and yanked his foot out of the gum. When he was free, the first thing he looked at was Hao, who was lying on the ground, and then he rushed up viciously.

Lin Yi immediately darted up and got Hao out of the way as fast as he could, but he too had a large piece of bloody flesh gouged out of his shoulder by the brown bear.

The brown bear snarled again and glared at Tang Mo, who pulled back his smile. He had just used some of his powers, many of which could only be used once a day, to deal with the three silver bullets from the short-haired woman and the black swarm of insects from the pretty boy. Tang Mo could sense that the bald man was in great danger. This danger made him keenly aware that he was certainly no match for his opponent.

Without hesitation, Tang Mo turned to flee as the bald man snarled and stomped on all fours, charging at him.

Lin Yi stepped forward, "Captain, they ......"

The man with the glasses stopped her next words, his eyes narrowed, "That is a King's gold coin."

Lin Yi stopped talking.

The plan to kill the stowaways continued unabated as the spectacled man continued to arrange for his teammates to take care of the three stowaways that were stuck to the ground. He just didn't save Mr. B. He had nothing to lose if Mr. B died, and he might even be able to take the King's Gold from the bald man's hands.

Black swarms of insects and silver daggers rained down on the surviving players like a downpour. The battle was not over here when a loud boom was heard from the small stone house behind the players. The crowd turned their heads to see Mr B darting out of the house, and behind him, the giant brown bear stomped on its hind legs and flew at him. As the brown bear flew into the air, a knight in strange armour appeared out of nowhere, his hands stopping him in mid-air and blocking the bear's claws.

Fu Wenduo did not expect the brown bear to be so powerful, and after deflecting the blow for Tang Mo, he himself was sent flying, smashing into a boulder and smashing it to pieces.

With his armour cracked open by the smash, Fu Wenduo stood up with one hand on the ground and looked over at Tang Mo, who was not far away. He blamed his teammate for not giving accurate information, " Viktor, you said he was strong, but you didn't say he was this strong." It was more strength than he had.

Tang Mo was chased by this bear and managed to hold out until Fu Wenduo arrived, who quickly explained, "The last time I saw him, he wasn't fully transformed into this either."

Fully transformed into a brown bear, the bald man seemed to have lost his mind. His eyes were red as he stared at Tang Mo and Fu Wenduo, and after some thought, he rushed towards Fu Wenduo, an opponent who seemed to need to be more wary. Fu Wenduo ducked to avoid the blow, and a large hole was made in the ground by the brown bear.

Soon, the bear flew out of the large hole and rushed back towards Fu Wenduo.

A man and a bear change positions in the air with a thumping sound. A terrifying claw slaps down from overhead, sending Fu Wenduo crashing to the ground. Fu Wenduo rolled deftly as he hit the ground, removing most of the force. But his armour completely split down the middle. Fu Wenduo slowly stood up straight as he looked at the brown bear in the distance, also gasping for breath.

Everywhere you look, there is a formidable opponent. Fu Wenduo was the first player in China to clear the first and first floors of The black tower, which means he is one of the best in China, but it does not mean he can easily defeat all the players in China. He has always known that if he were to take on the leader of the smugglers' group in Beijing, not to mention Tang Mo, whose powers are mysterious and seem to be hidden, he would only have a 70 per cent chance of winning.

Fu Wenduo watched the beast steadily as he twisted his wrist and silver armour crackled off his body. The armour had originally broken into several pieces during the fight with the brown bear, but it had simply lain on his body without falling off. Now he easily shed the obtrusive piece, and finally his hand pressed against his helmet.

Fu Wenduo slowly took off his silver helmet. Tang Mo was shocked, thinking that he was about to reveal his face, but the moment the helmet was removed, a grey mask, identical to Tang Mo's face, covered the lower half of Fu Wenduo's face, revealing only a pair of steely eyes.

Dressed in a long black coat, Fu Wenduo's eyes were cold as he looked at the brown bear in front of him, and he curled his lips, "This is more convenient." With that, he flung his right hand and a dark triangular sharpened weapon suddenly appeared on his arm, his hand vanishing into thin air. The next moment, Fu Wenduo's figure disappeared, and when he reappeared he was already at the top of the brown bear's head, and he waved the black sharp weapon on his right arm and stabbed the brown bear in the head.

The brown bear tumbles backwards.

Blinding sparks of metal erupted as the black sharpshooter pierced the brown bear's scalp. A trickle of red blood ran down the top of the brown bear's head and rolled into his eyes. The bear roared in a monstrous rage. Never one to be taken lightly, Fu Wenduo attacked again straight away, not giving the bear a chance to react.

On the brown earth, the man was agile, constantly attacking the stupid bear from all angles. The bald man is bewildered by Fu Wenduo's great speed and every time he swings his paws at him, Fu Wenduo is gone. He roared in anger, but his skin was so tough that Fu Wenduo only cut his skin again and again, failing to inflict a real fatal wound.

After Fu Wenduo appeared, Tang Mo left him alone there, leaving the bald man in complete charge.

Tang Mo was confident that Fu Wenduo would be able to handle the powerful brown bear. He trusted his teammates enough, while he himself turned his head and attacked the pretty teenager using the swarm.

Pretty Boy's powers are the trickiest of the four stowaways. He is not the most powerful, but his bugs are pervasive and defensible. Tang Mo holds a large match up and holds it in front of himself, waving it with both hands in unison to block every black bug that flies at him.

He quickly ran to the side of the man with the glasses. The two men looked at each other and nodded in unison.

Three black playing cards were shot out of the glasses man's hand. Like black lightning, the cards danced through the air, splitting each black bug that flew towards Tang Mo in half. Tang Mo rushed in front of the pretty boy with a flourish. The teenager's face showed horror. For him, I'm afraid he used to hide behind his teammates every time he killed someone, and it was rare for anyone to get close. His powers were not of the melee type, and as he was approached by Tang Mo he immediately responded, the dense black insects wrapping him into a cocoon of protection.

Tang Mo, however, reacted faster than he did, and before the cocoon could cover him thick enough, he waved his right hand and countless flames flared up the black insects, burning them to pieces. The black insects gathered faster than Tang Mo could burn them, but because Tang Mo reacted in time, a small slit the size of a palm was revealed just a second before the thick cocoon completely covered the teenager.

A black playing card flies out from behind Tang Mo, around his shoulder and straight into the tiny hole.

The next second, the black insects that were flying all over the slum suddenly stopped moving, stopped attacking the other players and turned to look at the beautiful teenager who was protected by the black insects in the centre. The black insects protecting the youngster all stopped too, and they twisted their bodies to stare at their master who was protected by himself in the centre of the insect cocoon.

Then, they all rushed up. Through the teenager's nose, eyes, ears, mouth ...... every hole they could get into and into the teenager's body. In fact it was already a corpse. The man with glasses retrieved the black playing cards and the pretty teenager fell to the ground with a bloody cut on his neck from the cards, his eyes wide open and his face full of horror.

The bugs buzzed from inside his body, but in ten seconds Tang Mo saw what appeared to be something moving in the teenager's stomach. Tang Mo took two steps backwards as tens of thousands of black worms poked through the teenager's stomach and burst out from inside his body.

The worms stopped gathering together after they flew out of the teenager's body, and they seemed to become ordinary worms that flew off in all directions. All that remained of the teenager's body was an empty shell, his insides eaten clean by the worms. With his brain eaten away and his eyes gone, he was like every player who had ever been eaten by worms, his limbs wide open and looking at the sky with eyes that had lost theirs.

At the same time, a black boomerang flew through the air and severed the middle-aged man's head.

In this way, only the bald man and the short-haired woman remained of the four stowaways. Seeing that the situation was not right, the short-haired woman gritted her teeth, took out a knife and cut off her gum-sticky foot, turned and ran. With the loss of her foot, her running speed was drastically reduced, but she still ran as fast as she could.

A giant match arced through the air and struck her knee hard, knocking her to the ground. The short-haired woman turned her head to see Tang Mo.

Her eyes kept fluttering when she saw the letter B above his head. She suddenly shouted to the man with glasses and other players not far away, "He's The black tower monster, I'm a player, we're the ones on the same side. You guys aren't dead, and I don't want to be against you, it's the three of them that want to kill you, not me!"

The man with the glasses did not speak.

Tang Mo gave a sideways glance while holding up a large match to deflect a bullet that was fired at the back of his head. He chuckled lowly, "Is that your fifth bullet?" Tang Mo remembered that in the Pinocchio game, this woman's hair had gone white trying to shoot the fifth bullet. I had no idea that after two months, she could already shoot five bullets at no cost, and apparently her psychic powers had improved.

The fifth bullet was embedded in the red match head, which the short-haired woman had just sneaked into Tang Mo as she fled. On the one hand she was talking with the intention of getting help from the man with the glasses to turn his head to help her. On the other hand, she was trying to stall for time, to distract Tang Mo's attention and to take advantage of the opportunity to attack.

Unfortunately Tang Mo found out anyway.

Tang Mo smiled cheekily, "You don't need your hair to go grey anymore?"

The short-haired woman froze, and slowly, she seemed to remember something. Looking into the familiar eyes of Mr. B, she finally understood what the familiarity she had felt when she saw him on the pier seven days ago was. Her eyes lit up with hateful rage as she raised her pistol with the force of her right hand and aimed it at Tang Mo's neck: "Checkmat ......"


Tang Mo snapped her neck in a straightforward manner.

On the other side, Fu Wenduo kicked the strong brown bear into the air and he stomped his foot to the ground, sending his whole body flying into the air. The black, three-pronged cone-shaped weapon pierced the bear's heart from the bottom up. Tang Mo's sharp eyes noticed a cold silver glow on the black weapon, which seemed different from the previous one.


The bald man's body falls to the ground and Fu Wenduo shakes off his right hand, the sharpshooter disappearing and taking on its original form.

At this point, all four stowaways were killed. On the other side, the young man surnamed Lu picked up his companion. The other two in his party of four were of average strength. One of them had woken up, while the other had closed his eyes forever. His chest bore the marks of a bullet that had passed through it, so I guess he had died long ago and could no longer be saved.

The short-haired woman was still wrong; she had actually killed people. Before today, she had killed more people with her teammates.

After collecting the four stowaways, Tang Mo walks over to Fu Wenduo. It was the first time the players had seen Mr. A with his armour off, and seeing how he had just unilaterally beaten the brown bear, they all grabbed their weapons warily and stared at Fu Wenduo and Tang Mo. If it wasn't for the bald man's thick skin and flesh, he would have been beaten to death by Fu Wenduo. They would never have survived Fu Wenduo.

The young man with the surname Lu turned his head to the man with glasses: two gold coins of the king, will you do it?

The man with the glasses gave him a look: go!

Lu was a little surprised, but he trusted the man with the glasses, who was also a player. He picked up his other teammate, who was still alive, and, together with An Chu, turned and ran. The man with glasses also turned and ran after Tang Mo killed the short-haired woman. The seven players fled in a swarm.

They had just worked together with Tang Mo and Fu Wenduo to kill four stowaways, but now they were running away without a trace.

They were never companions to each other, but were only forced to work together for the sake of the moment.

Tang Mo's eyes showed a hint of surprise when the man with the glasses fled without hesitation. Quickly he said, "No!"

Tang Mo and Fu Wenduo all reacted and they ran into the hut. As expected, the cage in the middle of the room was empty. The big monster in the cage had been rescued by the players when they had just killed the four stowaways.

Tang Mo looked at the empty cage, his face shifting. Finally he curled his lips, shook his head gently and looked at Fu Wenduo beside him, laughing: "Mr. Fu, I thought you were only wearing a helmet, but there's a mask inside." That's a lot of preparation.

Fu Wenduo: "No more smiles?"

Tang Mo froze, and after a moment he realised what Fu Wenduo meant: "Laughing like that is to hide your identity from those players."

Fu Wenduo gave Tang Mo a long, meaningful look and said something ambiguous: "I would prefer to have a more normal teammate."

Tang Mo froze for a moment, quickly: "......"

Could it be that in the past seven days he has been abnormal in Fu Wenduo's eyes?

Tang Mo stopped talking, stepped forward with no expression and picked up the cage, saying coldly, "Mr. Fu school, let's go."

Beneath the mask, Fu Wenduo gave an impassive laugh and followed.

The sewers of the Kingdom of the Underlanders are intricate and complex. Not as well connected as the real city, their sewers were small, dirty and foul smelling. The seven players made their way through this sewer as fast as they could and after an hour they managed to leave the kingdom's capital and stopped at a long-abandoned suburban hut.

The young man surnamed Lu breathed heavily: "At last I can breathe. Another half hour in that sewer and I would have been smoked to death for sure. What is the name of this friend of ......? My name is Lu Xing and she's my friend An Chu. This is my teammate Andrew, he's a foreigner. Since everyone has cleared the first level of The black tower, it looks like none of you are stowaways and all have alien powers ...... official players?"

An Chu glanced at him, "No plan, a lot of nonsense."

After the man with glasses sat down, he said, "My surname is Luo, this is my teammate, Mr. Li, Little Chen, Xiao Lin and Hao. We're all official players." He had withheld information about his team, but Lu Xing didn't seem to care.

The crowd put their heads down after they recognized it.

Rally copies are not like other copies. Most of them had participated in last month's Banana Tavern Rally copy, and in it, as long as they were on the same side, they would basically choose to cooperate. This is because cooperation gives them more hope of winning. And even if they lose, they won't die, there will just be some penalties. They had never seen each other's teams before, so it was clear that they were on different sides in the last Banana Tavern Rally.

After the break, Lu Xing asked, "Not going for the king's gold because Mr. A and Mr. B are too strong?"

The man with the glasses smiled slightly. This was the first time in seven days that he had smiled so reassuringly: "There is that reason. you have seen how strong Mr. A is, and Mr. B is also very strong. We had a fight with them a few days ago, so we know this. But a more important reason is that more than the extra reward of the King's gold, we have to hurry and escape before Mr. A and Mr. B find out that the ...... monster has been stolen."

Lu Xing exclaimed, "Stolen?!"

Little Chen laughed heatedly, "That's right, our captain arranged a plan long ago for us to split up and steal that big monster."

Everyone has finished resting and the man with the glasses leads Lu Xing and An Chu to the fireplace of the hut. He leaned down and pulled the wooden boards off the floor, revealing a dark hole in the ground. The man with the eyes said, "The king's gold is important, but I personally favour a conservative plan. Not counting your injured teammate, there is less than a 20% chance that the seven of us together will kill Mr A and Mr B. If those four stowaways don't die and eleven of us join forces, that's a seventy percent chance."

An Chu wondered, "In that case, why didn't you say earlier that we could kill Mr. A and Mr. B with those four stowaways first and get the king's gold coins. It would have been easy to steal the big monster that way too."

The man with the glasses shook his head, "No. Seventy percent chance of killing Mr. A and Mr. B, but after that, all seven of us will die. Mr. Lu, Miss An, the seven of us are definitely no match for those four stowaways. Compared to getting the gold coins first and then being killed, and not getting the gold coins and being able to live, I choose the latter. That's why I chose to work with Mr. B."

Lu Xing: "You're actually working with Mr B?!"

An Chu: "That's what they call an intellectual stream."

The crowd kept going and when they reached the end of the hole in the ground, they saw two middle-aged men. When Wang Yinggui and Old Bird saw the man with glasses and the others returning, they rushed over and said excitedly, "I stole it! Just like you said, Mr A and Mr B couldn't even notice me here during the melee, and Old Bird and I managed to steal the creature."

The man with glasses said, "It's hard work for you guys." With that, he stepped forward and tried to remove the black cloth covering the cage.

Wang Yinggui scowled, "The old bird and I were tossed around by this monster for three days and nights, and we didn't want to see it again."

Lu Xing said curiously, "Are you players too? How did you guys get tossed around by this monster for three days and three nights?"

Wang Yinggui swallowed hard and spoke briefly about how he and his teammates had been caught by Mr A on the first day, thrown into the cage where the monster was kept by Mr B, and then kicked by the creature as a ball for three days and nights. He still had palpitations when he thought about it, "Luckily everyone saved us, otherwise me and the old bird would have really been tortured to death."

Lifting the black cloth, the crowd looked at the huge monster.

Wang Yinggui said glumly, "It's this big, dreadful monster!" He kicked the cage so hard that the monster in the cage opened its eyes wide in fear and let out a "kiki" sound.

After waiting for a long time and no one heard any movement, the man with the glasses mused, "It's not yet surprise night at the Circus of the Weird. The surprise night event starts at 6pm, so maybe we'll have to wait until then to be judged as having successfully stolen the monster."

The crowd nodded in unison.

The minutes ticked by and the moment 6pm arrived, a clear child's voice rang out in the crowd's ears.

Everyone breathed a sigh of relief, and then they heard -

"Dingdong! Players Lu Xing, An Chu, Lin Yi, Luo Ze ...... Wang Yinggui failed to clear the level and failed to steal the poor monster, the poor monster will be dissected soon. The assembly copy 'Surprise Night of the Strange Circus' is crossed out and the assembly copy 'Frightening Night of the Strange Circus' is officially opened. Penalty for failing to pass: ten players infiltrate the Strange Circus by 7pm and spoil the night of surprises."

"Dingdong! Players Lu Xing, An Chu, Lin Yi ......"

There was a hint of gloating in The black tower's voice, which was broadcast three times with great glee.

Locser's eyes widened in horror. At this point he hadn't bothered to care that his name and that of his teammates had been given directly by The black tower, his previous concealment having been useless. His lips opened and closed as if to say something, and soon another child's voice rang out in their ears -

"Dingdong! Players Fu Wenduo, Tang Mo have successfully cleared 'Surprise Night at the Strange Circus' and have been rewarded with one 'Freely Customizable Prop Upgrade Pack'."


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