Chapter 53: Miss turkey wants to tear Fu player!

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Tang Mo hands the iron cobbler the black shoe polish he has just obtained from the shoe polish wolf.

The iron cobbler sees the drop of shoe polish, and a look of bemusement crosses his face, as if he is unhappy to see Tang Mo find it. He took the shoe polish, which swirled back and forth in his broad palm. He weighed it for a moment and grunted, "I didn't think you'd find a drop of shoe polish. But it's just a drop of shoe polish, a drop! Where's my shoe polish!"

Tang Mo turns his head towards Xing Feng in the corner.

Xing Feng had not been clear about all the contents of this copy, and being stared at coldly by Tang Mo, he hurriedly said: "The shoe polish that the iron shoemaker wants is ...... reusable. You can only get one drop of shoe polish from killing a wolf, and it's gone when it's used up. After the iron cobbler leaves this time, he will come back in three hours and he will ask for more shoe polish."

"That's right!" The iron cobbler swung his chain at the wall and smashed it so hard that it made a crack. He glared fiercely at Tang Mo: "You claim to be my best friend, the Iron Shoemaker, and you're here to help me find shoe polish, but you're using this inferior shoe polish to get me off the hook. This shoe polish can only repair one pair of shoes, and I, the Iron Shoemaker, am the best shoemaker in the Underlander Kingdom, repairing countless pairs of shoes every day.

Tang Mo's eyes swept over the crack that had almost split the wall, and he looked to the iron shoemaker, "What kind of shoe polish do you have?"

The question "Where is the shoe polish?" is obviously pointless. If the iron cobbler knew where the shoe polish was, he would have found it without opening a copy of this reality. Of course, we can't rule out the possibility that he's deliberately playing a trick on the player, trying to take over and eat him.

Xing Feng said that the shoe polish was in the copy. It's either here at Tang Mo or at Fu Wenduo. So all you need to know is what the shoe polish actually looks like to find the real one.

The iron cobbler said, "You don't even know what shoe polish looks like, and you dare say you'll help me find it? You human, this is shoe polish!" The iron cobbler showed Tang Mo the black shoe polish in his palm, "You find my shoe polish quickly! I'll come back here in three hours if you don't find my shoe polish ......"

A sinister smile crossed the Iron Shoemaker's lips as he swallowed hard, took the drop of shoe polish Tang Mo had just given him and left the office. Within moments his ragged footsteps disappeared into the corridor. Tang Mo immediately stepped outside to take a look. The iron cobbler had vanished into thin air and the factory door remained open.

Tang Mo double-checked the other offices and there were no changes.

This time when Tang Mo returned to his office, he stood on tiptoe to remove the stone stuck in the door frame and looked up at Xing Feng in the corner.

This skinny, bony player's body trembled, and without Tang Mo having to say anything, he hurriedly said, "I'll say I'll say, I'll say everything! The game is a game of shoe polish, and every three hours the Iron Shoemaker will appear and ask if you have found any. If you don't find real shoe polish, you can temporarily replace it with the inferior shoe polish that the shoe polish wolf turns into. However, every three hours an extra Shoe Polish Wolf will appear and the Iron Shoemaker will ask for one more drop of shoe polish each time. So after three hours, two shoe polish wolves will appear at the door, and then the iron cobbler will also ask for two drops of shoe polish."

Tang Mo pondered for a while, "What if I don't have enough shoe polish?"

It's okay if you can't find real shoe polish, you can use poor quality shoe polish instead. But what happens if you don't kill enough shoe polish wolves (shoe polish wolves disappear in five minutes)?

As if remembering something horrific, Xing Feng's already dry eyes widened even more.

Tang Mo asked again, "What happens?"

Xing Feng shuddered and hugged his body covered in holes, "...... There's not enough shoe polish, so use your blood, as shoe polish."

Tang Mo's eyes flashed with awe.

An hour later, the computer screen lights up again and Tang Mo presses the call button.

Fu Wenduo's face appears on the screen and Tang Mo is momentarily frozen at the sight of him.

The man looks as if he has just emerged from the water, droplets of water drenching his hair and falling in tufts on his forehead, and his clothes clinging to his body in a wet mess. A drop of water falls from Fu Wenduo's chin and hits the ground. He reached out and fished back all the water-soaked hair in front of his forehead, revealing a pair of tough, dark eyes.

Tang Mo suffered a small injury when he fought the shoe polish wolf, but he was in good health and the wound on his cheek had mostly healed, with only a shallow mark. Fu Wenduo, on the other hand, was not hurt much, but it was the first time Tang Mo had seen the man look so ...... miserable. It's not quite miserable, it's just that Tang Mo didn't expect this man to be in such a mess.

"Tang Mo?"

Tang Mo coughed and changed the subject when the other man noticed his surprised gaze. He didn't waste any time in telling the story of what had just happened to him: "...... So I've now passed the first 'three hours'. In another two hours, I'm going to face two shoe polish wolves and have to kill them within five minutes. Can't use powers or props, two shoe polish wolves I can still handle." But there's more to it than that. Tang Mo continued, "What did you just run into?"

"The Happy Quiz."

Tang Mo: "What?"

Fu Wenduo's voice is calm: "A puzzle-like game in which the host asks me some strange questions. I don't know how many questions there are, or what the reward is for getting them right. But if you get it wrong, you will be punished. Just now I got the answer wrong on the second question and the punishment was to be flooded for an hour."

Tang Mo now understood why the man looked the way he did. But what he wanted to know more than anything else was, "What does your game have to do with finding shoe polish, if that's what it is?" His game at least had something to do with shoe polish, but what was this quiz game that Fu Wenduo was involved in that had nothing to do with the task?

Fu Wenduo looked up at him, "It does have to do with the content of the game. There are three questions in total."

Tang Mo listens attentively.

"The first question asked me who in the world on the ground floor of The black tower was the biggest pester of stowaways, and I guessed correctly. The second question, who eats the most stowaways in the monster world. I had heard the name Wolf Granny on your lips and I went with it, but the correct answer was Big Mole."

Tang Mo was startled: "A big mole?"

Fu Wenduo realised: "Have you ever seen this monster?"

Tang Mo nods: "That's where I got MOMO from."

Fu Wenduo: "The host explained that it eats the most stowaways because it's at a lower level in the monster world, and many players haven't cleared the first level of The black tower to meet the other three monsters yet. The other three answer monsters are also keen to eat stowaways, but the big mole has seen the most of them. Last week alone it ate 163 stowaways."

Such a question would be difficult for Tang Mo to answer correctly, even if it were given to him. "What about the third question?"

"The third question," a strand of water-soaked hair slipped down from the top of his head, blocking Fu Wenduo's forehead as he said, word for word, "is which item, which all the players have seen. a Cinderella's crystal shoes, b Santa's sleigh car, c the king's gold coins, d ......" Fu Wenduo gazed at Tang Mo, "The Iron Shoemaker's shoe polish."

Tang Mo calmly analyses, "The answer is D."


This answer has to be D, and only D.

Neither Tang Mo nor Fu Wenduo had seen the crystal shoes, which is unlikely to hold true. The sleigh car has been seen by both of them, but even on Christmas Eve night, not all players have seen Father Christmas and his sleigh car. As for the king's gold coin, the fact that Pinocchio used it to trick Tang Mo does not mean that the other Christmas Eve copies were similarly tricked.

Only the shoe polish of the Iron Shoemaker.

It had to be shoe polish because the game Fu Wenduo was involved in had to be related to shoe polish.

Tang Mo said, "This quiz game is giving you clues to find the shoe polish. So there is a 70% chance that I have the shoe polish. You provide the clues, I find the shoe polish. And that first clue is - players all over the world have seen the Iron Shoemaker's shoe polish."

Even Tang Mo found it a little hard to believe when the words fell.

Even The black tower may have players who don't want to see it for various reasons, such as abhorrence, and are hiding in the woods. Why does The black tower dare to say that every player in the world has seen the Iron Shoemaker's shoe polish?

"The iron cobbler's shoe polish must be an item that is also found on Earth." Otherwise it couldn't have been seen by all humans, Tang Mo analysed, "I'll do my best to search this food processing plant in the next two hours and see if I can find anything that fits the bill."

Fu Wenduo nods: "My quiz game here goes into commercial breaks and the fourth question will not open until two hours later."

Tang Mo looked steadily at Fu Wenduo on the screen and after a long time, he said, "Mr. Fu, I will now tell you everything I know about The black tower world."

Fu Wenduo curled his lips. Because his hair was covered in water, his hair fell down again uncontrollably. He reached out again and smoothed back these fallen hairs. He nods, "Good."

There are some things that don't need to be pointed out, Tang Mo knows that it's time for him to spill the beans on the information he knows.

The game is a cooperative one, and if Fu Wenduo fails, his life or death is not mentioned, and Tang Mo cannot get the information about the shoe polish. He must tell all he knows, not just for Fu Wenduo's sake, but for Tang Mo's own.

Fifteen minutes later, the call between the two ended.

Tang Mo goes into the food processing plant in search of that "thing that players all over the world have seen".

The food processing plant covers an area of about two thousand square metres. Tang Mo took the glowing stones and carefully searched every corner of the premises. He was fast and started from the eastern most side of the factory. Against the easternmost wall are the employees' utility cupboards. He opens each locker and goes through it, then moves on to the next.

The range is still too wide for something that all of humanity has seen.

Apart from blind people who can't see anything, the things that all humans have seen are water, sunlight and air (it's invisible but it's real) ...... Sunlight and air are not very realistic, Tang Mo found a half-drunk bottle of mineral water from one of the staff's cupboards. He looked at it for a moment and stuffed the bottle into a plastic bag he had just taken with him.

Tang Mo searched a little further. He saw a few succulent pots on the windowsill of the factory.

In the moonlight, these pots of succulents have long since wilted and turned yellow. Tang Mo dug out some soil and put it in his plastic bag and continued his search.

At the end of the two-hour countdown, Tang Mo has checked a third of the plant. He hears a dull banging sound coming from behind the door of another office.

The shoe polish wolf appears.

Tang Mo quickly put the plastic bag he was holding into a drawer and hid it, pulling from his pocket a small fruit knife he had just found in the staff cupboard. He was covered in crumbs of biscuits and sweets that he had deliberately stuck to his body earlier, in case the shoe polish wolves were as sharp as the real ones and sensed where he was at once.

Tang Mo, holding a fruit knife, takes a step towards the office area.

In that office, the two shoe polish wolves were so clever that they worked in tandem, banging against the office door in turn, shaking the entire wall in response.

The thumping sound echoed in the empty silence of the factory building and was unmistakably harsh to the ears.

Tang Mo crept gingerly to the edge of the office area and stood against the wall, listening for movement inside the door. After about four or five bumps, the sharp whine of wolves broke through the door when a violent shattering sound followed. The two wolves, their noses spewing thick, hot stench, pawed at the ground, their dark green eyes exploring the darkness for any sign of humans.

Tang Mo hides his entire body behind a wall, and three metres away from him are two vicious wolves.

The two wolves searched patiently and suddenly, in the innermost office, Feng Xing accidentally touched something which fell to the floor with a crisp sound.

The two wolves snarled, stomped on all four paws and rushed towards the office.

At the same moment, Tang Mo came out from behind the two wolves as fast as he could. The two wolves heard his voice and rushed to turn around and attack him again, but their bodies leapt into the air and they were unable to turn, so Tang Mo wielded a sharp fruit knife and slashed the neck of one of the wolves behind him.

The wolf reached out with his paws in the nick of time to block Tang Mo's slash.


The rear wolf fell to the ground, bleeding all over the place. One of its paws was cut by Tang Mo and it struggled to get up. The front wolf snarls at Tang Mo as it rushes towards him. Tang Mo swung his knife down to avoid the sharp paw.

The wolf's forelegs are close to the ground and its eyes are fixed on Tang Mo. Tang Mo sidesteps it as it suddenly rises. But another wolf with a broken leg came up from behind and took advantage of the situation to bite Tang Mo's arm. Tang Mo kicked the wolf away and the shoe polish wolf tore a piece of flesh from his arm and left it in the distance.

Blood trickled down Tang Mo's arm.

The shoe polish wolf ate the piece of meat clean before continuing to look at Tang Mo.

The two wolves rushed together and attacked Tang Mo from both directions at the same time. Tang Mo could not care less about the pain in his arm at this point, as he kept wielding his small fruit knife to block the sharp claws of the two wolves. They fought for a few moments, going back and forth for several minutes, but only a minute had passed.

One wolf had already lost a leg and was wounded, so Tang Mo took advantage of his inability to balance on his legs and drove a knife through his abdomen, piercing his heart. At the same time, he side-stepped the other wolf's attack and reached out and stuck his hand around the wolf's neck.

The shoe polish wolves struggled and Tang Mo broke the last one's neck with a click as hard as he could.

The bodies of the two wolves fall to the ground and turn into two drops of black shoe polish. Tang Mo's blood had stopped on his right arm, but the flesh that had been bitten away could not be restored, and a piece of flesh had been bitten off his left leg. He picked up the fruit knife he had dropped on the floor, took a moment to calm his breathing and walked into the office.

In the office, Xing Feng is already pale with fear, cowering under his desk. When he saw Tang Mo coming back, he crawled out on his hands and knees. Seeing the two drops of shoe polish in Tang Mo's hand, he said incredulously, "You really ...... killed two shoe polish wolves by yourself!"

Tang Mo looks over at him.

Xing Feng scowled: "Don't you ...... get me wrong, I'm just surprised that you actually managed to kill both shoe polish wolves without sustaining any injuries. I once attacked a shoe polish wolf together with a player before, and killing one already made us feel overwhelmed. Two shoe polish wolves were simply too much for us to handle, and we only killed one in five minutes, and we even had our hands bitten off by those two wolves."

Compared to the loss of the hand, it is really no more of an injury than having two pieces of flesh bitten off and a few more scratches.

Tang Mo said, "Was it another player who broke his hand?"

Xing Feng nods his head.

Tang Mo touched up the fruit knife in his pocket and looked at Xing Feng blandly: "How did those two men die."

Xing Feng's face changed for a moment and he said, "They were drained of blood by the Iron Shoemaker and died. Every time a new player enters, the number of shoe polish required by the iron cobbler is counted from the beginning and the number of shoe polish wolves is re-increased from one. But even then, we really couldn't beat the shoe polish wolves and ...... couldn't find any real shoe polish, so we made it past the second time at most, and the third time we couldn't give the Iron Shoemaker three drops of shoe polish."

Speaking of this, Xing Feng trembled with fear: "Not being able to give a sufficient amount of shoe polish, the iron shoemaker would say ...... take your blood instead. Then he would use that nail, that iron nail, to pierce our bodies. Look at all these holes in my body," Xing Feng revealed those blackened holes in his body, "it's all him, it's all him who pierced them! His iron nails will absorb our blood, one drop of shoe polish is about one tenth of the blood in our body, that is 400 cc. We can still bear it with just one drop of shoe polish, but in the end, we simply can't fight so many shoe polish wolves, we can't even get one drop of shoe polish, the iron shoemaker will suck the blood out of our body, all the blood ...... if we fail to provide sufficient amounts of poor quality shoe polish here twice in a row, the iron shoemaker will go over there as well and suck the blood out of the players over there as well ......"

Tang Mo recalls Fu Wenduo's reference to the three dry bodies.

I think they were the same, drained of blood by the iron cobbler with an iron nail.

However ......

Tang Mo: "Why are you still alive?"

Xing Feng's breath hitched.

According to Xing Feng, he was the first to enter this copy, and by definition the first player to be sucked by the Iron Shoemaker, and was in the worst physical condition. Then why did he survive when the other two players died after him?

Xing Feng refuses to answer.

Tang Mo drew his pocket knife and with a crisp snap he slapped it into the thick solid wood tabletop.

Xing Feng's body jumps at the sound, and Tang Mo looks down at him with a cold expression.

Xing Feng opened his mouth, and after half a day, said fearfully, "I ...... I say, I say all of it. Because ...... because I hid the shoe polish in private. The human body has no problem losing 400 cc of blood each time, I used to be a doctor, I know. And now that all of us are in improved health, we can't recover all those 400 cc's of blood in three hours, but we can recover a lot of it and it has no effect on our movements. So I left out the shoe polish for the iron cobbler the first time and used 400 cc's of blood instead. After that I saved up a little more shoe polish each time. There were also other players from ...... who came in and we were fighting the shoe polish wolves together. Since I was the first to enter the game and The black tower didn't prompt, I told them that it took two kills of the shoe polish wolves to get a drop of shoe polish and none of them doubted it ......"

Tang Mo's icy glare makes Xing Feng shut up.

Feeling a little ashamed, Xing Feng buried himself in the corner, not wanting Tang Mo to notice him.

A few moments later Tang Mo said, "How much shoe polish do you have left on you?"

Xing Feng's scalp tingled and he whispered, "No, no more ...... I ran out of shoe polish a long time ago."

Tang Mo didn't pursue the matter any further as he sat down in his chair and casually said, "You make a good point, 400cc of blood really doesn't affect people that much. Even as a player, losing 800cc of blood shouldn't be a big deal."

Xing Feng looked up blankly at Tang Mo, not understanding why he was saying this.

"So from now on, I'll save up a little shoe polish too for good measure."

Xing Feng's eyes widened in dismay.

Tang Mo clasped his arms and looked calm: "This time I'll save a drop of shoe polish and let the iron cobbler draw 400 cc's of blood."

Xing Feng didn't understand at all: "With your strength, there's no need to draw blood."

"Who said anything about drawing my blood?" Tang Mo looked at him with a slight sideways glance and a faint smile, "Draw yours."

Xing Feng's eyes went wide and his hair stood on end.

Five minutes later, Tang Mo handed two drops of shoe polish to the iron cobbler.

The iron shoemaker muttered angrily, "Those shoe polish wolves are such losers!" After saying that, he then looked at Tang Mo and Xing Feng, "Listen up all you useless humans, find my shoe polish quickly! Otherwise, next time I want three drops of inferior shoe polish, and if you can't get it, you'll use your blood instead!"

The iron cobbler left the factory with a heavy chain in tow and a thud.

After he left, Tang Mo took two more drops of black shoe polish out of his pocket. This was what Xing Feng had just given him. In order to save his own life and to ask Tang Mo to let him live a little longer, Xing Feng gave him the two drops of shoe polish he had hidden.

This old player is as shady as they come. He hid the two drops of shoe polish in a coffee cup on his desk, which was so full of brown and black coffee that no Tang Mo could have imagined that there were two drops of shoe polish hidden in it. But even so, who knows if this was all he had hidden. Perhaps there was more shoe polish hidden away in the cola in the mini fridge or in the soil of the potted plants.

And not only was this player evil-minded, he was even meaner to himself. Every time he used shoe polish he used it on the tip of his knife. The holes in his body had indeed been poked out by the iron cobbler with nails, and he would only give a certain amount of shoe polish at a time, not a drop more as long as the blood the iron cobbler drained was not so bad as to kill him.

Tang Mo has a use for him (at least as a backup blood bank), otherwise he wouldn't have kept such a ruthless man around. Now that he has him, he will always be on the lookout for him.

After the iron cobbler left, Tang Mo waited a few minutes for a video call from Fu Wenduo.

This time Fu Wenduo was okay, not as bad as the last time.

Without wasting time, the two men briefly exchanged some information. Tang Mo said, "What clues did you get this time?"

Fu Wenduo: "Why the Iron Shoemaker is Poor and Destitute."

Tang Mo frowned: "Because shoe polish wolves love to steal shoe polish. The black tower has already hinted at this."

"Yes," Fu Wenduo said, "but this is my sixth question, and it asks the ninth of the ten unsolved mysteries of the kingdom of the Underlanders - why the iron cobbler is so poor."

Tang Mo thought about it: "That statement is definitely a clue. Shoe polish wolves love shoe polish. The black tower has already reminded us once, and your side has used it as a clue again. The two times combined should have prevented us from ignoring this clue."

Fu Wenduo said, "What have you found?"

Tang Mo took the plastic bag out: "Water and clay. I showed them all to the iron shoemaker when he came just now. He didn't react; these aren't shoe polish."

The two men are in deep thought together.

After a long time, Tang Mo said, "Is it blood?"

Something that humans all over the world have seen: from the moment of birth, every child sees blood. It is the blood that originates from the mother.

What shoe polish wolves love to eat: The shoe polish wolf with a broken leg just now couldn't wait to eat that piece of meat after biting off a piece of Tang Mo.

"Blood?" Fu Wenduo repeated.

Tang Mo again dismissed the answer himself, "If it was blood, the Iron Shoemaker would have gotten the player's blood a long time ago and would not have said he hadn't found the shoe polish yet."

Fu Wenduo: "Did you witness the iron cobbler getting the player's blood?"

Tang Mo was stunned. Slowly, he turned his head to look at Xing Feng in the corner. The latter shrank back into the corner.

Tang Mo looked at Fu Wenduo again and smiled, "You're right. Next time, I want to see the iron cobbler draw human blood with my own eyes."

After the video call hung up, Fu Wenduo's tense body took a step backwards in the grocery room, and he reached for the wall to steady himself.

Out of sight of Tang Mo, a ten-centimetre-long gash was scraped into his right ankle. The cut was so deep that it severed his hamstring.

Unable to use his powers, the wound was healing very slowly. Fu Wenduo raised his hand and rubbed his temples. After half an hour, the hamstring healed and the wound slowly closed up.

On the small TV, Wang Xiaotian pops up from a section of the screen.

"Commercial break is over. Hello, I'm your favourite Xiaotian sweet host, Wang Xiaotian! It's time for another question and answer session on Happy Quiz. Wow, it's good to see that even though Fu got the fifth question wrong, he still managed to survive the 'one hour gale cut'. Could it be that contestant Fu will be the first contestant ever to pass the Happy Quiz in the Kingdom of the Underlanders?"

After a cheer from the audience, Wang Xiaotian smiled sweetly: "So without further ado, let's..."

"Please listen to the question!"

Three hours later, Tang Mo opens the video call, panting. Blood is not shoe polish," he begins. Three wolves are much stronger than two, and I'm afraid I'm at my limit with four wolves at once. Fu Wenduo, what clues have you got? You must find the shoe polish sooner."

Fu Wenduo looked at him in silence.

Tang Mo frowned, "What's wrong?"

A few moments later, Fu Wenduo: "No clue this time."

Tang Mo froze.

Quickly he reacted and said calmly, "What do you mean?"

"Question 9, the iron cobbler's shoe polish has the following qualities: A rare, B fused, C dirty and smelly, D hard." After a pause, Fu Wenduo said, "I chose C, which was wrong. It's not dirty and it shouldn't be rare either. Tang Mo, shoe polish is either fused or hard. That's the third clue."

Tang Mo clenches his fingers.

The video hung up once more, with Tang Mo unable to tell what was happening on the other side. He braced himself on the table with one hand and managed to steady himself from collapsing. Stinging blood stained his clothes, and a wound about fifteen centimetres long stretched across his abdomen, shocking to the eye.

Tang Mo was just confronted by three shoe polish wolves when one cut his abdomen and blood gushed down his face, which has yet to fully heal.

Without the use of props, Tang Mo cannot use earthworm tears to heal her wounds.

Three wolves have given him such a big problem, if four or five wolves ......

Tang Mo sinks his face and looks steadfastly ahead.

On Fu Wenduo's side, he soon began a fourth round of questions. The penalties for failing to answer the questions ranged from a flood at the beginning to a blazing wind and a slashing sword, becoming increasingly harsh. The tenth question had to do with the king's gold coins, and Fu Wenduo was able to solve it by choosing to "forfeit a chance to play The black tower".

However the next eleventh question.

"Wow, this question is another giveaway question. Quickly, director, do you and Fu have some kind of ulterior motive to deal with each other, this kind of question you come up with ...... well, well, I want this month's salary, I won't talk about it." Wang Xiaotian smiled playfully and held out her hand in her signature gesture, "So ...... listen to the question! What kind of children does Father Christmas like best?"

"A. kindness, B. hypocrisy, C. cunning, D. honesty."

"I'm sure Fu can get this one right, it's really no fun. How about we have something difficult for the next question? Hehehehehe, I'll just say it. The lovely Wang Xiaotian never interferes with the content of the questions, I'm a good and faithful presenter."

Fu Wenduo's gaze wavered between goodness and honesty, and in the end he chose D.

Wang Xiaotian looked at him with a smile, "Fu player, are you sure you don't want to change it? The answer is very subtle."

Fu Wenduo ignored her.

Half a minute later, Wang Xiaotian dragged his hands over his face and tilted his head: "Answer ......"

"Error! When did Father Christmas like honest humans best? Father Christmas himself is very dishonest yah hahaha."

Fu Wenduo tightens his brow.

Wang Xiaotian jumped up and down with glee: "Let's see what the penalty is for question 11. Wow, the penalty for the eleventh question is for Fu to challenge Granny Wolf to survive at her hands for thirty minutes! Granny Wolf loves to eat humans, whether they are underground or human players, that's her favourite. I really can't wait to see this challenge!"

The cheers of the audience almost burst the small TV.

A tall creature in a pink lady's dress with a small parasol walks out of a section of the screen. With small, graceful steps, she walks a little closer to Wang Xiaotian. Wang Xiaotian takes a timid step back, but she quickly gives herself a pep talk: "Who am I, I'm Xiaotian, the sweet host Wang Xiaotian. Since the special guest, Granny Wolf, is already here, ......"

The little parasol lifted and Granny Wolf's dark green eyes stared straight at the screen as she licked her sharp teeth and grinned wistfully. It was as if at the next word from Wang Xiaotian she would burst out of the television and eat the stowaway that had all the monsters of the monster world salivating.

However, Wang Xiaotian suddenly said, "Huh? Miss Turkey sponsored the show with 100 turkey eggs and asked to skip this level of punishment and let contestant Fu challenge the 13th question? Is there such an operation?" Wang Xiaotian looked up, "Ah, the director said that what the boss says is the truth. Oops, then we'll have to skip this level and go straight to the thirteenth question. Granny Wolf has really worked hard for you, making you come all this way for nothing."

Granny Wolf darkened her face, but as soon as the camera was given to her, she turned back into that weak and soft look. She covered her big mouth and let out a silvery laugh, "It's nothing, the punishment for question 14 has something to do with me anyway, huh huh huh ......"

As Granny Wolf walked off the stage, Wang Xiaotian said, "Although Miss Turkey asked to skip straight to the thirteenth question so that she could impose her punishment and fight Fu for three hours, she wanted to tear him to pieces with her own hands. She wants to tear Fu to shreds with her own hands. But the questions prescribed by The black tower still have to be asked. Contestant Fu, please listen to question twelve -"

"Where on earth did the iron cobbler get his shoe polish?"

"A. wireworm, B. human, C. iron cobbler, D. shoe polish wolf."

"What a simple question, shouldn't player Fu get it wrong again ...... ah! So fast! Player Fu has already answered, he chose human B! Congratulations to contestant Fu, you're really giving face, answering so quickly and correctly. Miss Turkey, please wait for a moment, after the commercial, it's time for you to tear Fu apart! So let's move on to the commercial ......"

Fu Wenduo's hand was already clutching his military dagger, ready to attack Granny Wolf.

The big turkey's intervention caught him off guard, but his hand remained firmly on his dagger to prevent the wolf-grandmother from appearing.

From Tang Mo's mouth Fu Wenduo learns the strength of Granny Wolf. This is a terrifying monster, much scarier than the Great Turkey or Pinocchio, and probably on the level of Father Christmas. Without powers or the ability to use props, Fu Wenduo's chances of winning against her are extremely low, and he may not even last 30 minutes.

Luckily, the big turkey intervened.

When the TV screen came on again, Fu Wenduo's face was still very gloomy, still thinking about the problems he had just encountered and the words Wang Xiaotian had said. Before Fu Wenduo could say anything this time, a hoarse voice came from the other end of the television: "Fu Wenduo."

Fu Wenduo froze slightly at the sound of such a low voice, and he looked up. On the television screen, he saw the handsome young man clenching his teeth, his face pale but his cheeks slightly red. On Tang Mo's forehead, a deep gash had congealed into a bloodstain, and blood was staining his hair, but his eyes were unmistakably bright, staring earnestly at him, with no trace of doubt in them, only heavy recognition and conviction.

Fu Wenduo Heartbeat.

After a long time, Fu Wenduo whispered, "Where are you hurt?"

"It's not a big deal." Tang Mo didn't answer, "The shoe polish wolves are very good at working with each other, they work together and are much stronger. This time I only killed three wolves, and one wolf was left unkilled, making it disappear. If another wolf comes, I'm afraid I won't be able to kill even two wolves, and I may only last through one more time. So Fu Wenduo ......"

Tang Mo looked up, "Did you find a clue?"


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