Chapter 47: Mr. Fu, long time no see.

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Naturally Tang Mo and Luo Fengcheng couldn't go back to Atak now, as Jackass had said. They waited until 8am. At six o'clock they were sure that nothing had happened to The black tower and at eight o'clock everything was fine.

As the sun rises, the number of players going under The black tower to observe the new changes increases. Most of these players are unguarded, wary of those around them, but not as wary of hiding themselves as the 50 or so players at Ground Zero.

The three Tang Mo men went back under The black tower during the day to observe. Tang Mo had grabbed a light coloured jacket from a roadside shop and changed into it, his appearance was quite deceptive, he looked like a normal college student in these casual clothes, not threatening in any way. Tang Mo is aware of a few glances from the crowd, but he acts as if nothing has happened, standing alongside Luo Fengcheng and Jackass, who stands out more than anything else.

Soon after, the three returned to Pudong.

Along the way, Luo Fengcheng says: "The black tower doesn't give players any hints on the new version, so we'll have to figure it out for ourselves. But there is no doubt that the mandatory tower attack every three months will not change."

Tang Mo nodded: "Yes. Most of the 50 people I was with last night were probably stowaways. The black tower hates stowaways, and the monsters in the tower are also very hostile to them. If they eat the stowaways, they can gain great power. They infiltrated The black tower last night to observe it, supposedly to find a solution to the stowaways' identity. But this update to The black tower has nothing to do with stowaways."

The reason Tang Mo went under The black tower last night was to find out more information. Who knows what the update to The black tower will be like, it's the first one and they need to have more information to survive the next version. If he hadn't come last night, for example, he wouldn't have seen the little dot of light that blinked 62 times.

Luo Fengcheng is a reservist, a very weak fighter, and he is coming to check out the changes to The black tower. He was the head of the Shanghai The black tower research team before Earth came online, and no one knows The black tower better than he does.

Jackass listened to Tang Mo and rightly said, "People smugglers are murderers, The black tower hates them. The black tower is sick of them. The previous group of smugglers ate people's hearts, and Nie Fei died at their hands. If there were fewer of them, we'd have more hope of surviving."

"There are various reasons for killing people." Luo Fengcheng looks up at Jackass, " Before The black tower gave humans three days to log in, it didn't specify that killing was one of the ways to enter the game, and by that presumption, 99% of stowaways don't kill for The black tower. But killing someone is not necessarily a bad thing. There are many different reasons for killing someone."

Jackass nodded with some understanding, "I know."

Tang Mo looks at them, slowly sinking into contemplation.

It is never true that those who kill are not always the bad guys.

Tang Mo is not sure how The black tower defines a stowaway, but in The black tower's usual brutal, hard-line style, you are a stowaway no matter what you are killing for. For example, the 15-year-old girl Tang Mo met in the Big Mole game.

This little girl had been deceived into getting pregnant by an online friend and by the time she looked back and realised that there was no way the other person could be with her, seven months had passed and it was too late. For her physical safety, her parents decided not to take any chances and had the baby, which they raised for their daughter. The little girl strangled the child after it was born and she was defined as a stowaway by The black tower, and the big mole couldn't wait to kill her and devour her into his belly.

Under Chinese law, this crime is definitely not a death sentence, and may not even last a few years. But in the eyes of The black tower, smugglers are all equal. Whether you are a stowaway who kills and eats hearts, or a stowaway who strangles babies, it all ends the same way.

"Where was the highest survival rate in the world when Earth came online." Tang Mo suddenly asked.

Jackass thought: "I think it's China, India, right? It's the most populous country in the world."

Tang Mo shakes his head.

Luo Fengcheng: "It's a war zone. A large population base may result in a larger total number of players surviving, but proportionally, more players will survive in war zones. Because they are killing people every day." Killing people is one of the easiest ways to get into the game.

Tang Mo and Luo Fengcheng look at each other.

It was soon back at the mall.

The new version of The black tower has not brought any changes to the players, and Tang Mo watched every single player coming in and out of the mall. As usual, they didn't seem to feel any different from the new version of The black tower. That is, until the next day, when a prepper hurried into the mall.

It was a nondescript middle-aged man, small in stature, the most ordinary of the eighty or so players in the mall. Standing on the third floor of the mall, Tang Mo looks down and sees him rushing towards a shop as fast as he can once he enters the mall. As he walks, he keeps looking around, carefully sizing up the people around him, as if he is worried about people noticing him.

Tang Mo narrowed his eyes as he turned and walked down the stairs.

A light-coloured shadow passes quickly through a forest of shops and stops by a cake shop.

The middle-aged man enters the clothing shop and locks the door behind him, so that he cannot be seen looking through the glass door. Tang Mo looked around and strided into the adjacent cake shop. He locked the cake shop from the inside, then walked to the back of the cake shop and found the ventilation fan.

The kitchen table was covered with mouldy cake batches and the ventilation fan was covered in dust. Tang Mo takes the fan apart and measures the diameter of the air outlet with his right hand. After a moment's contemplation, he takes out Granny Wolf's parasol. After reciting an incantation, Tang Mo moves his right wrist and the tip of the parasol pokes through the wall ten centimetres below the vent.

There was a crisp cracking sound and Tang Mo poked four more small holes around the wall of this vent in the same way. He puts away the small parasol and carefully follows the small holes, removing the broken pieces of stone. Then he bent down and got out of the hole and into the clothing shop's warehouse.

He pressed himself against the door of the warehouse and listened to the voices of a man and a woman coming from outside the door.

"Li Qiang has been pulled into a copy of reality! Just a moment ago, I was walking nicely with him and he was suddenly pulled in."


"Shhh, keep your voice down." The middle-aged man hurriedly covered his companion's mouth.

After a few moments, the female voice rang out, "How do you know that's a copy of reality? Wasn't that a recent development by The black tower, and did Li Qiang enter some undiscovered copy of the game? One of those safe copies that we used to go to?"

"Of course not, just a copy of reality." There was a hint of fear in the man's voice, "A nice big iron cobbler came out of nowhere and dragged Keiko away from the back of the factory. I didn't know what Keiko had done, I was right next to him, and the iron cobbler just hemmed and hawed at me, without dragging me away. And told me that I was welcome to enter the copy too."

Tang Mo's eyes narrowed.

The woman said, "What about Qiang? Keung went in, why didn't you tug on it?!"

The middle-aged man is still saying, "I'm still tugging? What am I tugging with. That iron cobbler's nails are covered in fucking blood. If I dare say one more word, I'll have to die. I'll just hurry back ......"


A loud voice rang out outside the clothing shop and the middle-aged man and woman trembled in fear. The two men hiding behind the cash register stood up shakily and looked at the man who had kicked in the door.

In Tang Mo's hand was the iron lock that the middle-aged man had just locked on the door, now broken in half. He tossed the heavy lock casually to the ground and took a step forward to the two preppers. His eyes swept over the woman's body and finally looked at the middle-aged man.

Tang Mo's tone was calm: "Did you just say that a The black tower monster has appeared in the real world?"

The middle-aged man had seen Tang Mo and members of the Atak organisation walking together, but this kind of information was very important and worth a lot of money. With a twinkle in his eye, he intended to conceal it. "I just saw a man pull my companion away ......"

Tang Mo says lightly, "Because Atak is based here, the stowaways in the neighbourhood never dare to come to this mall." So you can spend every night without fear.

The middle-aged man and woman look at each other as if they do not understand what Tang Mo means by this.

Looking at their faces, Tang Mo suddenly felt as if he should be more assertive. He had two options now, one was to turn around and go straight to Jackass. Jackass was a terror in the mall, he never hurt anyone, but his terrifyingly tall body was like a giant and scared every prepper. The other option is ......


A small pink parasol pierced straight through the wall in front of the middle-aged man and woman, before brushing back the umbrella. A spider's web of cracks appears on the wall and soon spreads out, covering half of the wall in a dense mass.

The middle-aged man's heart stopped when he saw this scene. He slowly turned his head again to look at the strange young man.

Tang Mo curled his lips, but his eyes were unmistakably cold: "Don't say ...... kill you."

Five minutes later, Tang Mo walked into Luo Fengcheng's office and said, "A copy of reality has appeared."

Luo Fengcheng immediately looked up: "A copy of reality?"

Tang Mo took the middle-aged man into Luo Fengcheng's office.

This is the first time this man has entered the Atak organisation's base. In this mall, all three levels of the underground car park are Atak's territory, and no other players are allowed to enter. He walks up to Luo Fengcheng with trepidation, his voice shaking as he tells him what he has seen.

Luo Fengcheng gathered Jackass, Tang Qiao, plus him, Tang Mo and Fatty, and the five of them followed the middle-aged man to the place where the reservist called Li Qiang had been dragged away.

Luo Fengcheng stopped when he reached a kilometre near the area. "Be careful, the way the copy is triggered here is unknown for now. If we go over there easily, there's a good chance we'll be pulled into that copy of reality as well."

Luo Fengcheng asks the middle-aged man to carefully point out where the iron cobbler appears.

"It's around that corner. Li Qiang and I wanted to try out a copy of the brewery over there today, the one that's safe to exit. We didn't expect to hear a sound of iron locks dragging on the ground just as we got there. We were only reserves, not much of a fighter, and were so scared that we just wanted to find somewhere to hide. But not even a few seconds later, that iron cobbler appeared. It came out that way." The middle-aged man pointed to a corner of the plant.

Tang Mo stared and asked, "What did he look like?"

The middle-aged man was still a little scared when he thought about it: "Two metres tall, at least two metres, and very strong. In his left hand he was tugging a broken iron lock and in his right hand he was holding a long nail, which was covered in blood."

Tang Mo: "How do you know he's an iron cobbler?"

The middle-aged man justifies it: "He said it himself. As soon as we met he told Li Qiang, "Welcome to the world of the Iron Shoemaker game."

The middle-aged man again pointed out the path he and his companions had taken, and the place where the iron cobbler had disappeared. Tang Mo The crowd let him go and walked together to that vicinity, watching from a distance.

Luo Fengcheng: " Zhao Ziang, try to move something over."

Zhao Ziang nods his head.

The little fat man had the ability to move through space, and he moved a nail over first. This small thing moved effortlessly as he navigated the nail and drove it back and forth through the land and air around the factory. The nail traveled unhindered, not touching anything.

Tang Qiao then takes out a large piece of foam wool and hands it to the little fat man. The foam was large but light enough to move easily. The little fatty moved the foam and still didn't hit any obstacles.

Tang Mo points to a path at the back of the plant: "This is where the copy was triggered after all, so let's not go through here. Let's go around that way. If the monsters in The black tower do appear on Earth, there's a good chance that its game is also played on Earth."

The five men follow the path and feel their way along.

Just as the middle-aged man had said, it wasn't long before Tang Mo found a few drops of blood. The dark blood was hidden in the soil, and Luo Fengcheng knelt down to grab some of the soil and put it to his nose to smell it. He lifted his head: "Human blood, it hasn't dried up completely."

The iron cobbler was really present in the area, and the blood probably dripped from the iron cobbler's nails.

The five of them moved forward cautiously, and halfway through the walk, there was more and more blood on the ground. Tang Mo said, "You stay behind, the four of us will continue walking."

Luo Fengcheng's martial strength is too weak, and if he really encounters a monster it will not only be dangerous, he will also be a liability to the team. He nodded in agreement and stood still to wait.

After another half kilometre, Tang Mo's footsteps suddenly stopped. A clear voice rings in the ears of the four -

"Dingdong! The reality copy 'A Lovely Iron Shoemaker' has been opened. Please complete the side quest 'Meet that iron cobbler by chance' before entering the copy."

Tang Mo's hand was quickly pressed against the handle of a small parasol. Behind him, the little fat man moved his spikes, Jackass made a fist with both hands and Tang Qiao drew his knife. But there was silence, the iron cobbler did not appear and the copy of reality did not open.

Tang Mo looked around warily as he slowly loosened his grip on the small parasol, "It looks like we have to complete the quest to meet the Iron Shoemaker by chance before we can enter this copy of reality. We shouldn't be able to enter."

Tang Qiao nodded: "This really is a copy of reality. Let's go back and talk to Dr. Luo about what's going on here."

The four men are ready to leave.

"Wait." Tang Mo opened his mouth and the crowd turned to look at him.

Tang Mo is seen standing between the empty paths, his gaze ghostly and looking ahead. In front of him is a crossroads from which he can exit and return to the concrete road and the main road. It was the intersection of several factories, and it looked like any other place, but Tang Mo looked at it intently for a minute without saying a word.

Chubby asked, " Brother Tang ?"

Tang Mo didn't answer him as he lifted his steps forward, one hand pressed against the small parasol, one hand slightly raised. He took three, four steps forward. When he reached the fifth step, Tang Mo's right hand stopped abruptly and his face changed. His hand pressed into the air and he turned his head, "We can't get through here."

The three men were startled in unison.

Tang Qiao was the first to react and ran forward to reach out her hand and press it into the air just as Tang Mo did. "Really, it's like a wall!"

A glassy wall blocks the air and Tang Mo can see the factory and the road across the street, but cannot get through it. The breeze blew behind them, through the invisible wall and swept the leaves from the road across the street.

Tang Mo whispered, "The wind can get past. Little fatty try and nail it through or not."

Zhao Ziang responded, "Good."

A tiny nail swished towards the invisible wall, but just as it was about to go in, as the four Tang Mo had done, it was blocked from the wall. As if it had hit something, the tiny nail spun at high speed and tried to burrow its way in. Zhao Ziang gathered up the spike.

The ground was dried and blackened with blood, and the factory area was breezy and unchanged from the usual.

Tang Mo looks up at the silent and tranquil area of the factory.

"...... This is a copy of reality."

Tang Mo returned to the head and told Luo Fengcheng what he had seen. Luo Fengcheng immediately turned pale and went over to the invisible wall to try and feel it too. Like Tang Mo, he threw a small stone at the wall to see if he could get through. The small stones were deflected. But the sunlight, the breeze, all passed unimpeded through the wall and into this dead copy of reality.

Tang Mo looks to Luo Fengcheng, who also turns his head to look at him.

Luo Fengcheng: "Things that exist objectively, such as wind and sunlight, are accessible without obstruction."

Tang Mo said, "So that means that nothing can enter it as long as it is artificially altered. Even if it's a stone."

The second day of the new version of The black tower, a copy of the reality appears.

A day later, the assembled copy also appeared before the crowd.

Early in the morning of 3 January, as the clock was pointing to the 6 o'clock position, a loud voice was heard throughout Shanghai.

"Ding Dong! Rally copy opens for a limited time. Game location: the Banana Tavern in the Kingdom of the Underlanders, game reward: a bottle of Uncle Mario's favorite Stinky Socks Soju, game boss: the owner of the Banana Tavern. on January 3 at 17:42pm, players please go to the Central Railway Central Times Square in Jing'an District and participate in the game!"

"Ding Dong! Rally copy opens for a limited time ......"

The black tower was announced three times, and Tang Mo was packing his things to go back to Suzhou when he heard the sound. He stopped moving and listened carefully to The black tower three times. When The black tower stops, he is silent for a moment, pulls open the car door and walks to Luo Fengcheng's office.

Luo Fengcheng seems to have been waiting for him for a long time.

The two men, one sitting at the table and the other standing in the doorway, looked at each other without speaking.

After a long time, Luo Fengcheng said, "Ten days have passed and Chen Shanshan and Qiao Feifei have not yet returned. Are you going to wait one more day to see how the assembly copies are doing, or just go back?"

Tang Mo walks up to him, pulls out a chair and sits down, his voice calm as he analyses: "The biggest difference between the reality copy and the other copies is that the game takes place on Earth. The black tower monster comes directly to Earth and opens the game. With a copy like this, the game content is worth pondering, perhaps it has something to do with the nearby environment." Tang Mo looked up at Luo Fengcheng and said, "I'm not going to enter the copy of the rally."

Luo Fengcheng was slightly surprised: "You don't want to go in?"

"Yes. It's just come out, so who knows how risky it is. I'll wait here for news from you."

Luo Fengcheng understood what he meant and he looked calm: " The Atak organisation will definitely enter the assembly copy, but Tang Mo, why should we tell you such precious information?"

Tang Mo said, " Mario I have met before and I can give you some information about him. Although the boss of this copy doesn't seem to be him, the prize is related to him, and he is a regular at that tavern. And I've heard about the Banana Tavern."

Luo Fengcheng's eyes lit up: "You know this tavern?"

Tang Mo looked calm: "Yes. My copy of Christmas Benefit, the game boss is Pinocchio. He once said 'You're like that stupid stinker in the Banana Tavern, so stupid it's cute'."

Luo Fengcheng narrowed his eyes, "Is that all you know?" Luo Fengcheng's tentative gaze lingers on Tang Mo's body.

The air was quiet as both men surveyed each other wordlessly, their eyes meeting in the air.

After a long time, only to see Tang Mo's fingers clattering on the table, he gently curled his lips and said, "What if I said that I still had a job ad flyer for the Banana Tavern?"

On the afternoon of 2 January, four of Atak's most powerful regular players - Jackass, Zhao Ziang, Tang Qiao and a young man - travelled together to the Jing'an district to prepare for the rally replica.

Tang Mo stayed in the mall and watched them leave.

As he walked away, the little fat man asked in surprise, " Brother Tang, won't you come with us? You're so strong, we'll go together so that we can all take care of each other."

When Tang Qiao heard this, he looked up and gave Tang Mo a silent look.

Tang Mo had many reasons for not going, and he looked at the little fat man and said the one that was most acceptable to him: "I was in a game of The black tower, and the boss of the game was Mario. Mario is a regular at that pub and if I met him there, I'm afraid something bad would happen."

Fatty said, "It's not always possible to run into it ......"

"If something bad has a chance of happening, no matter how small that chance is, it's bound to happen. Fatty, it's called Murphy's Law." Tang Mo smiled as he taught the little fat man a lesson.

But this time Zhao Ziang said, "I know, Shanshan said that. Shanshan said she came back to look for us because she was worried about us running into stowaways. Shanshan she ......" The voice stopped abruptly and the little fat man mumbled, " Shanshan they haven't come back yet ......"

The smile on Tang Mo's face slowly fades.

Atak's four-man team soon left.

Luo Fengcheng: " The first copy of the Shanghai rally is open. Not surprisingly, not too many people will go today. Players who are alone won't go, only those with a team and an organisation will be able to venture out and try."

Tang Mo said, "The tower must be attacked once every three months, and three days have already passed. s-rank copies and other copies are limited, disappear once they are cleared, and are hard to find again. The opening of Rally Copies and Realistic Copies is to allow players to improve faster and deal with the inescapable Tower Attack game."

After a long pause in his voice, Tang Mo asked, "The country has been studying The black tower for six months. Luo Fengcheng, what exactly have you researched?"

Luo Fengcheng did not reply.

As the wind whistled past, Luo Fengcheng turned and entered the mall, leaving only one word behind.

"If we work out anything, Tang Mo, Shanghai's four research teams, won't just leave me alone."

Tang Mo stands in the sunlight and looks up at the huge black tower in the distance. The tower hovers there silently, no matter where you stand or how far you are from it, you can see it clearly. Looking at the tower, Tang Mo felt cold, even in the sunlight, and could not feel any warmth at the moment.

He turned and walked into the mall.

At 17.42pm, The black tower sounded over the city.

"Ding Dong! The Rally Copy is open for a limited time. 102 players from China 2 zone have successfully entered the copy."

There are 102 players in total, the majority of whom must be in teams. The four members of Atak's group are in the upper echelons of Shanghai, and Tang Mo is not worried about them clashing with the other players; what Fatty and the others really need to guard against is The black tower creature.

Without Zhao Ziang, Jackass, Tang Mo and the other members of Atak's group were not familiar. He went to the second basement level of the car park.

Luo Fengcheng didn't waste the rest of the mall's electricity on lighting, Tang Mo walked through the dark car park, avoiding obstacles and moving forward with his memory. When he reaches his usual commercial vehicle, he doesn't get in first to rest.

Tang Mo listened carefully to the movement around him, paying attention to every little sound. After making sure no one else was around, he took a brilliant ruby out of his pocket.

Today Tang Mo deals with Luo Fengcheng with a flyer advertising a job at the Banana Tavern, and Luo Fengcheng will tell Tang Mo the truth about what happened in the copy as soon as Fatty and the others come out of the rally. Tang Mo had used Mario's stinky hat to knock the flyer out of the wall four days earlier.

Mario's hat can only be used three times a day and the fourth time it is used, it deals a certain amount of damage to Tang Mo himself. The hat has a chance of turning up treasure and Tang Mo never wastes it. He puts on his hat three times a day, hits the wall three times a day, and reaps a pile of rubbish.

The Banana Tavern flyer, Cinderella's shoes with foot odour ...... Tang Mo has found all sorts of odd things, but not any treasures. Of course, Tang Mo didn't just throw them away, as in this case, the Banana Tavern flyer worked, and perhaps the Fatty Four were able to get through the game more easily with this item.

In the darkness Tang Mo could not see the ruby as he fumbled with his fingers for the tiny jewel. After half a minute, he resignedly lifted the ruby above his head and snapped a hat onto his head.

The next moment, the overwhelming stench of sweat came over Tang Mo.

Tang Mo held his breath, crossed his arms expressionlessly, aimed at the wall of the car park and slammed into it with a death wish .......


A peg has fallen from the wall.


A half bitten piece of pie falls down and Tang Mo just picks it up and almost passes out from the stinky saliva smell on this piece of pie.

"It stinks as bad as Mario!" Tang Mo blurted out as he was smothered in smoke.

It was not too late, but if he wore Mario's stinking hat for a while longer, Tang Mo might be smothered alive by this horrible biological weapon. He hurriedly crossed his arms again and slammed his head into the wall.


A glowing stone fell from the air and rolled to the ground with two clatters. The faint light illuminated an area of two metres around it. Three hits to the wall complete, Tang Mo impatiently removes his hat and puts the ruby back in his pocket.

Tang Mo The third piece of rubbish that came crashing out was a glowing rock. It fell out of the air and rolled some distance on the ground to a pillar in the car park. Tang Mo walked up to the stone, bent down and picked up the glowing rock.

The moment his fingers touched the stone, Tang Mo flipped his hand and pulled the parasol out of his backpack, quickly saying "Red Riding Hood power, magical girl transformation". At those words, a low chuckle could no longer be contained in the darkness.

Tang Mo's left foot stomps the ground and his body swishes out like an arrow, the rounded tip of his umbrella stabbing in a direction in the darkness.


After a loud metal clash, Tang Mo's hand holding the parasol was shaken by the powerful force of his opponent, causing his tiger's mouth to go numb. Not daring to be careless, he opened the parasol with a snap and blocked his opponent's attack. The next moment the opponent bypassed the parasol and attacked Tang Mo from below.

Tang Mo's eyes narrowed and he smashed the man's fist away with a palm strike, while collecting his umbrella to attack up.

The two men kept colliding and attacking in the dark car park with a thumping sound.

The glowing stone lies still on the ground, barely giving a little light.

The man was very fast and did not give Tang Mo the chance to attack from a distance with his parasol, but always attacked close to him. After a few strikes, Tang Mo dropped the parasol and raised his arm to block the man's attack. He quickly bends down and extends his right leg, sweeping it across his opponent's lower back. The man dodges it with ease, but at the same time a hand reaches out, crosses Tang Mo's line of defence and snaps Tang Mo's right wrist, flipping it hard. Half of Tang Mo's body was twisted by the force and he was snapped into the man's chest.

But Tang Mo didn't fold his arms, and in that split second of lightning, while the man was clamping down on himself, he struck together and grabbed the man's right arm as well.

It all happened in the blink of an eye as the two men worked together to imprison each other's movements. Tang Mo flipped his left hand and stomped on the man's foot. The latter immediately released his wrist and took two steps backwards, backing up against the pillars of the car park to avoid Tang Mo's attack. Without taking a breath, Tang Mo turned around and attacked again, pulling out the small parasol he had thrown on the ground as he ran up and holding it across the man's neck.

At the same moment, a military dagger was pressed against the small of Tang Mo's back with a speed that was beyond the reach of the naked eye.

The two men's movements stopped together.

In the darkness, the faint sound of breathing seemed to be close at hand.

From the far end of the stairway came the sound of Atak members talking. They quickly made their way up the stairs, not stopping on the second basement level. Tang Mo's grip on the handle of his parasol was dead, the cold dagger unsheathed, resting against the small of his back through its thick sheath.

After a long time, Tang Mo opened his mouth, his voice cold and without a single rise or fall. With one force, he forced the small parasol even closer to the man's throat.

"Mr. Fu, long time no see."

"It's been a long time, Tang Mo." Fu Wenduo smiled.


Author's comment.

Many years later, when I think about this naked face -

Tangtang: I don't know how I got together with him, we didn't just die in front of the eyes, we didn't even see the light [no expression

Mr. Fu: My daughter-in-law was so enthusiastic about turning into a magical girl to come to me as soon as we met, I fell in love with him right then [not really].

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