Chapter 41: Game over, kill you all.

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Five minutes ago, Zhao Wenbin and the middle-aged man both told the high school girl in the affirmative: there was no way the opposite side could go out of the country ace.

But when the two teams play their cards, there is a flash of white light and Tang Mo's Minister card shatters and disappears. This means that their Minister's card has been restrained and the opposite team has played a King's card. Tang Mo's side is now down to three cards, and the dueling arena effect is triggered, requiring the player representing the Minister card to go up to the duel.

The duel is against the representative of the opposite king's card.

The man in black.

The opponent walks calmly into the blank area.

The high school girl took two steps backwards, standing behind Zhao Wenbin, her face pale and her lips trembling: "No, why me. Why did you play this card? Shouldn't everyone play ......"

Tang Mo rushed up and covered the high school girl's mouth.

The high school girl's eyes were red with anxiety when Tang Mo suddenly covered her mouth and she stared angrily at Tang Mo. She doesn't know why Tang Mo is doing this, she just thinks he is giving up on her and treating her like a throwaway.

Pinocchio stood on the sidelines, watching the scene with interest. After a long wait, he didn't wait for the high school girl to enter the dueling ring. Pinocchio stomped his foot on the ground in displeasure and crushed his old radio, which was already in pieces. "You dishonest boy, why don't you get up there and duel!"

Tang Mo released his hand from covering the high school girl's mouth. The latter was no longer in the mood to care about Tang Mo. She looked at Pinocchio, still seeking a last hope: "...... I don't want to fight him. They're the ones who said to play this card, not me. He's the one who said it, yes, he's the one who said it." She pointed to Zhao Wenbin, "Why should I have to duel, it was his idea, he should be allowed to duel."

Pinocchio, in an instant, appeared next to the high school girl.

The high school girl exclaimed, and before she could react, Pinocchio kicked her in the buttocks, sending her into the dueling ring.

The high school girl had no choice but to fight back. She knew that she was no match for Pinocchio, who could easily kill her. If she dared to fight against the rules, there was no telling what Pinocchio might do to her. So, her only hope now is ......

"Go to hell!!!"


A loud gunshot rang out across the white world.

Everyone looked at the pistol in the high school girl's hand in shock. Even Tang Mo didn't know that the high school girl had been carrying a gun with her. The power of a pistol was not to be underestimated, especially in a surprise attack like this, where the opponent was completely defenceless and could easily be shot at.

A hiss of pain rang out at the same time as the gunshot.

Tang Mo turns around to look.

It was not the man in black who was shot, but the middle-aged woman standing behind him.

At the moment the bullet went out, the man in black turned slightly sideways and the bullet grazed his sleeve and pierced the middle-aged woman's left shoulder. Blood gurgled out. The high school girl was shocked at the sight, but she had obviously also experienced life and death and would not panic too much. She quickly ran backwards, putting distance between herself and the man in black, while trying to aim and shoot again.

Bang, bang, bang!

Three rounds in a row, none of which hit the man in black. He stood still and kept dodging.

The high school girl's marksmanship was not very accurate in the first place, and the man in black didn't even need to do much to avoid the bullets, he could have dodged all of them with just a little dodging. Instead, it was the three teammates standing behind him, each running to dodge these random bullets.

The bullets had no effect on the man in black, and the tension in the high school girl's heart exploded to a fever pitch. With a frantic shout, she pulled another pistol out of her other pocket. This time she closed her eyes and fired indiscriminately, regardless. The distance between them was only five metres, and it would have been easy to shoot someone at random like that.

When both pistols and all twelve rounds had been fired, the high school girl opened her eyes in fear. She saw that the man in black was still standing in the same place, unharmed. Instead, it was the middle-aged woman who fell to the ground with a gunshot wound and was still bleeding from her shoulder.

The high school girl panicked and let go of her hand, and the two pistols rolled to the floor.

The man in black stood right where he was, watching her silently, not initiating an attack.

The high school girl clenched her teeth and suddenly pulled a small knife from her waist. She roared and rushed towards the man in black, with a determination to kill you or die. But at that very moment, almost instantly, a silver military dagger was placed in front of the high school girl's neck. She rushed to a halt in fear.

The dagger was only a centimetre from the high school girl's neck, and if she took one more step forward, she would have been cut through an artery.

No one saw the man in black move clearly, Zhao Wenbin and the others looked at him in disbelief and then at the position he had been in the previous moment. Only Tang Mo could barely make out his movements as he saw the man in black pull out a dagger with incredible speed, and without any finesse or skill, he simply stepped forward and placed it around the high school girl's neck.

The high school girl didn't dare to take a breath.

The man in black turned his head to Pinocchio: "Is that a win?"

Pinocchio, who had been waiting with great interest to see a massacre that had suddenly ended, grimaced with displeasure: "Kill her, beat her until she is powerless, or she voluntarily concedes defeat. Those are the three scenarios that will count as a win for you."

The man in black forced his dagger forward a centimetre and pressed it against the high school girl's neck. He turned his head to look at the girl who was so terrified that she couldn't even speak and calmly said, "You admit defeat."

The high school girl's body trembled as she stared dead at the man in black, biting her lip to keep quiet.

Yet no matter how much she looked, the man in black didn't budge a bit, still holding the dagger against her neck.

A minute later, the high school girl rasped her voice and a few words popped out from between her teeth, "Okay, I'm just a normal preppy, I can't beat you. This time I admit it ......"

As the high school girl spoke, she darted out a black iron awl and stabbed the man in the abdomen. In a flash of lightning, a hand clamped down on the iron cone with even greater speed, fingers exerting pressure and breaking it gently.


The iron cone broke in half and fell to the ground.

The high school girl looked desperately at the man in front of her for a long time before she gritted her teeth and said, "...... I admit defeat."

"Sorry." The man in black put away his dagger and turned to leave.

The high school girl stared indignantly at his back as she pulled another pistol out of nowhere and tried to take advantage of the opportunity to fire another shot over. However, a huge black hole suddenly appeared at her feet and she screamed out in shock, and a few seconds later, her whole body was sucked into the black hole. Soon the black hole disappeared and the white world returned to normal.

"Ding-dong! The first inning of play is over."

The man in black hadn't used any moves at all, but the mere speed with which he had just struck had caused both Zhao Wenbin and the middle-aged man to break into a cold sweat, staring at him with bated breath as they watched him step back into line.

Tang Mo stared at the man's back, a white light flashed in his eyes. He took a deep breath and slowly lifted his gaze to the top of the man in black's head -


The long-awaited duel ended too easily and Pinocchio stepped aside in disinterest: "Well, well, the first game of cards is over, it's time for the second. You dishonest boys, I Pinocchio don't want to see you killing each other ......"


"Yes, yes, yes, I'd especially like to see you kill each other." Pinocchio didn't even bother to show his face this time, and said his malicious words with a flourish, "Come on, get ready to play your cards. What an uninteresting bunch of humans, how unlucky I am to come across your kind on a beautiful Christmas Eve."

The white wall fell slowly from the air. Pinocchio, in an instant, jumps onto the wall and lazily lies down.

Tang Mo looks at the man in black standing in the opposite compartment and, sensing his gaze, the latter turns his head to look at him too.

The white wall was still falling and was on the verge of blocking the view of the two teams.

Tang Mo suddenly raised his voice and said, "Next game, we play trump."

A moment of surprise flashed across the face of the man in black, yet before he had time to react any further, the next moment the white wall crashed down and hit the ground with a loud thud, separating the two teams.

Pinocchio gave a strange laugh at Tang Mo's remark. He lies back against the wall and continues to hum his out-of-tune song.

At the end of the first game, the white wall landed and no one in Tang Mo's team spoke for a long time.

A dead silence lasted for a long time before Zhao Wenbin said, "Why would they go out of the country to ace ......"

Someone spoke and the middle-aged man followed suit, "Yes, how could they play the king's card on the first game. Are they crazy? They are not afraid that we will play a slave card and nullify their king card. Now it's over, we're already short one card, or a very powerful minister card. What can we do about this?"

Zhao Wenbin took a few deep breaths and tried to steady his emotions. He analysed: "You saw it just now, didn't you? Of the four people in their team, three were standing in one square and the man in black was standing in another. Those three people chose the king tile, so the one they were standing on was the king grid. But the player representing the king was the man in black."

"So?" The middle-aged man asked.

"The fact that the man in black didn't choose the King's Grid means that he didn't want to play this card. It could be because he, like us, didn't feel safe enough to play the King's card in the first game. It could also be because he himself represented the King's card and he was worried about having to duel himself after triggering the dueling ring ......" At this point, Zhao Wenbin himself stopped and muttered, "That man is so strong, he shouldn't be afraid of dueling. "

Middle-aged man: "So it's his three teammates who want to ace the country and he doesn't want to himself? I think it's quite possible. The man in black just went back after the duel and none of his three teammates went up to him, he must have been isolated. If it were me, I'd isolate him too, he's so strong, and Pinocchio said there were at least two stowaways among us, so he must be a stowaway who has killed someone. Maybe his three teammates deliberately tried to betray him and chose to play the King card to get him eliminated from the tournament. Unfortunately it was a surprise that he survived the duel."

Zhao Wenbin nodded approvingly. He said, "Let's think about what to do next. We still have the queen, knight and slave cards left. However, we actually have an advantage."

"What advantage?"

"The black tower rules say that we play cards that the opposing team doesn't know about, and neither does Pinocchio. Even if our deck is nullified by their king card restraint, they don't know that we lost the minister card."

The middle-aged man understood: "You mean that they only know that we have lost a card, but they don't know whether the card is a minister's card or a knight's card?"

"Right. The king card restrains those two cards, and we know they're playing the king card because we know exactly what we're playing as a minister, but they're not sure what we're playing. That's probably the only advantage we still have." Zhao Wenbin wiped the sweat from his head as he remembered something: "Thank you for covering that girl's mouth, otherwise she would have told us that we had played a minister's card and the situation would have been even less second."

Tang Mo stood by, eyes downcast in contemplation, not saying a word.

Zhao Wenbin glanced at him, and when Tang Mo didn't answer him, he didn't make a fool of himself and turned his head again.

Middle-aged man: "So what the hell are we going to do next?"

Zhao Wenbin thought about it, "I think ...... definitely can't play a slave card."

The middle-aged man nodded, "It's our hope of turning the tide, so of course we can't put it out. What's out then?"

"I think they will play the minister card in the next game. Although they are not sure exactly what we will play, they will know at a guess that we will play the Minister card in all probability, then they will know that our remaining three cards are the Queen card, the Knight card and the Slave card. If they play a king's card and our slave is restrained, they will be at a disadvantage and their first game advantage will be gone. So they will play the Minister card. That way they have a two-thirds chance of suppressing our cards as long as we don't play the queen card, and there's no risk yet."

"Makes sense, then we should play the queen's card."

After the middle-aged man said this, as if remembering something, he turned his head to Tang Mo who had been silent. His face suddenly changed: "You just told them that we were going to play the queen in the next game!"

Zhao Wenbin looked at Tang Mo with dismay as he remembered.

The elimination of the female high school students and the loss of the minister's card had left them in a state of distraction. Tang Mo's sudden move to say something harsh just now was so sudden that they didn't think about it for a while after the shock. It wasn't until the talk of playing the queen's card that they remembered that Tang Mo had just said that.

Zhao Wenbin's face turned abruptly ugly: "This is an important statement, one that simply stirs up the whole situation. They must be wondering whether they should play the slave card if we play the queen card. Or they'll think that our sentence is a cover, that we won't play the queen at all, that we're trying to cheat them out of their slave cards and then use the knight cards to restrain the slaves."

These words made an already confusing situation even more unpredictable. The middle-aged man said angrily, "Why are you saying this! Surnamed Mo, what do you mean? Even if you yourself have not been contributing and watching the show from the side, you are still hindering us. The first game is over, we are here discussing the countermeasures, and you are staring at us, what do you want? Say something to me!"

The middle-aged man slaps Tang Mo, who doesn't even look up and sidesteps him.

The middle-aged man froze. A moment later, he said in annoyance, "Fine, and I won't ask people like you to participate in the collective discussion, but will you stop adding to the mess. Next time you talk nonsense, be careful I'll make you look good."

Tang Mo still ignored him.

Zhao Wenbin sensed a hint of anomaly and he asked tentatively, "Mr. Mo, are you thinking of something?"

The middle-aged man also looked at Tang Mo in surprise at his words.

Tang Mo looked down at the ground, his fingers clattering against his shirt. Slowly, he closed his eyes and breathed a soft sigh of relief, his tone calm, "I've wondered from the beginning why the four of them would go out of the country to ace it."

Zhao Wenbin explained, "They were trying to gamble that we would not play a slave card. As long as we don't play the slave card, they can get the upper hand with the king card."


Zhao Wenbin froze as his own judgement was rejected.

Tang Mo looked up at him with a calm gaze, "The odds of a slave card coming out in the first game are no more than twenty percent. In my opinion, it's worth the risk, but for you." He looked at Zhao Wenbin and then at the middle-aged man: "And for you, you won't agree."

Zhao Wenbin and the middle-aged man with a lump in his throat.

Tang Mo was right in saying that Tang Mo wanted to play the Queen's card at the beginning, and it was only because the three of them objected that Tang Mo did not insist on it. But in the end, he didn't stand in the minister's box, he stood in the queen's box.

The middle-aged man snapped, "...... you said it yourself clearly, it doesn't matter if we put out ministerial cards, don't try to pass the buck."

Tang Mo glanced at him coldly, "I'm not shirking my responsibilities. I'm just telling you that the reason for not playing a slave card is the same as the reason for not playing a king's trump card. When one person plays the game, there is a small chance that he will decide to take a risk and play the king's trump. When two people play the game together, that probability is even smaller. Three people, four people. There are four of them, and the probability of all four agreeing to play kingdom trumps is too low."

Zhao Wenbin retorted, "No, they were three people who decided to play the kingdom ace, and the man in black didn't want to play the kingdom ace."

Tang Mo looked at him steadily and did not answer. He pulled a small parasol out of his backpack and moved his wrists and muscles.

Zhao Wenbin and the middle-aged man both looked at him strangely, "Mr. Mo, what are you doing?"

"I've always wondered why they could reach a unified opinion and unanimously go out of the country ace." Tang Mo inspected the small parasol as he gripped the handle and recited the incantation with an expressionless face, "Little Red Riding Hood Energy, Magical Girl Transformation."

Zhao Wenbin: "What did you say?"

A very weak light flashed from the small pink parasol, which Tang Mo took and flung twice in the air.

The middle-aged man frowned and stepped forward, "What are you doing ......"

The sound stops abruptly.


A small pink parasol was placed across his neck and the middle-aged man stopped in his tracks and swallowed.

After the middle-aged man slowed down, he walked forward while saying angrily, "What do you mean by that?!"

"You are advised to stay put."

As these words fell, the middle-aged man had already swung the small parasol away roughly with his hand. His hand had just touched the tip of the umbrella and the tip, which appeared to be made of plastic, easily cut his hand, and the middle-aged man cried out in shock as blood flowed down his face.

Zhao Wenbin exclaimed, "Mr. Mo?"

Tang Mo held a small parasol in one hand against the front of the middle-aged man's throat as he looked up with a calm expression: "I thought for a long time about why they could unanimously agree to leave the country ace. It was actually very simple, because from the beginning to the end, there weren't four people at all, there was only one. As long as he decides to play the king's trump card, all the others are not qualified to oppose what he says and must stand in the king's trump grid. This is a game that doesn't need useless teammates, it's me who isn't decisive enough." He paused and made the conclusion, "Just one person is enough for this game."

The middle-aged man, sensing the power of the small, unimpressive parasol, stood in shock, not daring to move.

While Tang Mo's attention was focused on the middle-aged man, Zhao Wenbin took a swift step forward and tried to knock Tang Mo away. Tang Mo kicked him in the chest, knocking him aside.

Seeing this, the middle-aged man immediately pulled out a small knife, "I'll fight you!"

Tang Mo snapped open the small parasol to block the slash. At the same time, the umbrella was quickly retracted and before the middle-aged man could react, the pink tip of the umbrella was once again placed against the front of his throat.

This time the distance is only one centimetre.

Zhao Wenbin fell to the ground, not daring to move, and the middle-aged man was so tense that he froze his body.

The youth's calm, almost merciless voice rang out at this time.

"From now on, this team is under my control. I will play whatever cards I decide to play. If you do not follow my decision to stand on the grid ......" Tang Mo looked up and said faintly, "Game over, kill you."


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