Chapter 4: Disdain from Mosaic.

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Tang Mo looked around, the quiet library was devoid of other people, much less so-called angels and demons.

"Mr. Chen, why don't you turn off the computer for me while I go and see if I can still get the books from the shelves now."

The clergyman nodded and shut the computer down with a click of the mouse.

Tang Mo's gaze swept over the right hand of the shinobi holding the mouse as he strided over to the bookshelf, pulled out a book, and put it back. "Now it looks like we can still just take the book from the shelf, so let me just make sure ...... Mr. Chen, did you hear that voice?"

A little confused, the magus asked, "You mean the voice that tells us to help the little girl find the book or she'll die?"

Tang Mo nodded gently and as the two sat down in chairs at the desk, he said, "So far, it looks like we're in the angel camp." With that, Tang Mo held out his right hand. The sacred stick moved over to look at it, and in a moment of reaction, hurriedly held out his own right hand, which also had a pattern of angel feathers on the back.

"Ah, I have that too."

Almost as soon as the child's voice said the word "angel", Tang Mo noticed this tattoo on the back of his right hand. The intention could not be clearer: Tang Mo is in the angel camp. Most of China's people are right-handed, and he had just asked the Godsend to help him turn off his computer in order to learn about the Godsend's camp without spooking him.

But since the magi are angels, the problem is even more serious.

The magi had obviously thought of this too, "We are both angels, so who is the devil?"

This library looks exactly like the one Tang Mo works in. Tang Mo opens his own drawer and takes a piece of gum out of it. He chews the gum slowly and offers a piece to the godfather as well, frowning and tapping his fingers rhythmically on the table.

"The first possibility is that demons are not like us, demons are not human. That voice must have something to do with The black tower, let's just assume for now that this game is the one The black tower was talking about three days ago. The black tower is some kind of unknown creature, and the demons, like The black tower, are not human, they are just our opponents as set out by The black tower."

This is perfectly understandable when you put it like this, "So now we don't find anyone else in the library, just the two of us, because demons don't exist."

Tang Mo nodded: "Well, that's true. But that's a better scenario. There is a second possibility, that the demon is also human."

The magus gripped his blaster nervously, "He's hiding?"

Tang Mo's eyes casually swept over the clergyman's hand holding the blaster for a moment before he smiled and said, "It's possible."

An unknown opponent is always more terrifying than a known danger.

Tang Mo and the Godsbane were split into two groups. Tang Mo is a bit thicker than Tang Mo, so he is going to look for the demon that might be hiding in the library, while Tang Mo is going to check out the first and first floors of the library.

The shinigami was still too scared to do this kind of thing alone, but Tang Mo said, "The voice said violence is forbidden."

Having said that, the clergyman was still a bit of a wimp, his legs trembling as he searched for someone and he couldn't even hold a blasting stick.

But within a minute Tang Mo was back. He looked a bit pale: "I can't get down the stairs."


"There are two ways to get down from the third floor, the first is to take the staff lift and the second is to go down the stairs. I just took the stairs first, but there seemed to be an invisible wall at the entrance to the stairs preventing me from going through. Then I went back to the staff lift and it didn't start and there was no way to get down."

The magus's mind whirled, "It means we are only allowed to move freely on the third floor, so wouldn't that make the book we are looking for on the third floor?"

Tang Mo thinks so too, but the range of books is limited to the third floor if ......

The godly man's face also turned very ugly all of a sudden, his head turned stiffly and his voice trembled slightly, "On the third floor of your library, how many shelves are there in total?"


The magi's eyes widened, "Why so little!"

Tang Mo is also helpless.

How is this up to him?

A few months ago, Director Wang went crazy and said he wanted to learn from the Western experience of modern libraries and renovate his own library, starting with the third floor. The Suzhou Library is decades old and is no different from any other city library, and the facilities inside are all very old. After the renovation of the third floor, Director Wang replaced all the original 100-odd bookshelves and bought 23 large bookshelves connected together.

Many readers have complained that these bookshelves are not easy to walk around, and Director Wang has already planned to change the shelves again next year. Unfortunately, I'm afraid he will never have the chance to change the bookshelves again in his life.

It would be beneficial to Tang Mo and the Godsend if the range of books was limited to the third floor of the library. Tang Mo, although a library employee, has always worked on the third floor, and The God Stick likes to read books on the occult and religion most, which are all on the third floor. Both of them are most familiar with the third floor of the library.

But with fewer bookshelves, it is easier for demons to burn books. The probability of burning the right book is increased by a large percentage.

As they both fret, the familiar sound of footsteps clatters again from deep within the bookshelves. Tang Mo could not help but wonder where she had come from when she saw Mosaic. With a small rice bowl in her hand and a little piggy bib tied around her neck, the little girl came puffing and panting.

"Have you found my book yet?"

The magus shook his head in frustration, "We haven't even started looking yet."

The little girl said angrily, "I can't believe you guys haven't looked for it yet! I had a hard time sneaking out to look for you guys when the teacher wasn't looking and during dinner. The first day is almost over and I have to go home after the afternoon class, so if mum finds out it will be the end."

Tang Mo said, "Do you have any clues, do you recall anything at all about that book?"

The little girl shook her twin ponytails, "Can't think of anything."

The magus said sharply, "Weren't you going to give us a clue?"

The little girl suddenly said, "Ah, I remember, I found this feather in my room this morning. Yes, it's the devil's feather! I knew it wasn't me who had lost the book, it was that damned demon who had stolen it from me! They demons are bad people who like to cheat people the most, and I hate demons the most. Damn demon, I'll catch him, break his wings off and put them in the popcorn machine and blow them up into my favourite popcorn!"

The little girl handed a black feather to Tang Mo and bounced off again.

"Ding dong! Angel gets tip one 'Demon's Feather'."

Tang Mo: "......"

The Godfather: "......"

A few moments later Tang Mo: "...... That's our cue?"

The magus was also a little confused. He thought for a moment, "Does this feather do something else?"

Tang Mo touched the feather and took it and flung it through the air twice. It seemed to be an ordinary feather, with no semblance of magical power, and as Tang Mo struggled to try out the magical powers it concealed, it just stayed quietly in place, making a silent mockery.

The light suddenly disappears at this point.

The clergyman screamed in terror.

Tang Mo's heart skipped a beat as he stood next to the desk, and he subconsciously switched on the old desk lamp on the table. The faint yellow light shone dimly for a metre around the desk, enveloping both Tang Mo and the godfather.

Tang Mo stares unblinkingly at the darkly shrouded bookshelves.

Tang Mo holds back his nerves and tries to turn on the other lights. He found that all the lights could not be switched on except for the lamp on the desk at the service counter. The two men sat down on the floor close to the desk table.

In this infinite darkness, the fear became even more apparent. On the third floor of the library, there was only this little bit of dim light, and the light could not shine anywhere else. It was as if there was a huge beast hiding in the darkness, and if they took one step outside they would be mercilessly devoured.

"Did you hear something!" The shinigami moved a few inches closer to Tang Mo in fear.

Tang Mo's scalp also tingled a little at his comment, and he listened carefully for a moment, "No, I didn't hear that."

The magus swallowed: "Why is this sky suddenly dark ......"

Tang Mo thought of the nursery rhyme sung at the beginning of the child's voice: "Three days and three nights without talking, angels and demons want it. Angels can get a hint during the day and demons can burn a bookshelf at night ...... Are the days and nights of this game different from our time flow?"

The magi were so scared they couldn't even think.

Tang Mo tried hard to calm down, "It's two hours."


"That game started at 17:52 and it's now 19:58, two hours is a day."

The Magus: "You have such a good memory?!"

The clergyman vaguely remembered that the child's voice did seem to say a time before he sang the rhyme. But at the time he was too scared to pay attention to the time, let alone remember it. Tang Mo actually remembered it?

Tang Mo is actually surprised to find that his memory seems to be surprisingly good now, too. For example, he remembers the little girl's pink school bag with Minnie wearing a yellow bow and a pink lollipop in her hand.

When did his memory get so good?

There's no time to think about that now.

Tang Mo said calmly, "Assuming for the moment that two hours is a day, the nursery rhyme says that if you don't speak for three days and three nights, the little girl will also die after three days. So ...... this 'night' is presumed to be two hours as well, and during the 'night' the devil will come out and burn the bookshelves."

For the rest of the day, Tang Mo and the divine rod stared wide-eyed at the blackened twenty-three bookshelves with dead eyes.

Although they knew that the game forbade violence, this fear of the unknown swept over the two men and they dared not relax their grip on the blaster as a sort of psychological comfort.

Yet an hour and a half passed without them seeing any of them or the burning bookshelves.

The Magi: "Are there really demons?"

Tang Mo pursed her lips and flicked her gaze over the divine rod, "There should be."

"So how come he hasn't burned the bookshelf yet?"

Tang Mo leaned against the desk at the service desk and said meaningfully, "I wonder too why he hasn't burned the bookshelves by now."

The clergyman didn't understand his remark, but Tang Mo had turned his head and looked at the clergyman with a dark gaze as he gripped his blast stick:" Mr. Chen, why do you think the devil hasn't burned ...... until now"


A loud explosion slammed through the library.

Tang Mo's eyes widened at the place where the explosion had sounded, only to see a flash of fire, a blaze engulfing the seventh row of bookshelves. The huge flames were terrifying in the library, and the fire lit up everything. Tang Mo and the divine rod stared at the place from start to finish, but they did not see anyone appear from there until the flames were extinguished.

The second day, the little girl came bouncing along again with that Minnie book bag on her back.

"You haven't found my book yet? Mummy is visiting Uncle Mole's house today and I've managed to hide it from her, she hasn't found out my book has been stolen yet. I can't hide it from mummy, she's bound to find out, when will you guys find my book for me?"

Tang Mo's face was a little pale and he rubbed his temples, "Did you remember anything about the book today?"

The little girl was upset and said, "I told you, I don't remember I don't remember no I do!"

Tang Mo reminded, "It's the second day."

At these words, the little girl did not say another word, but Tang Mo could feel that underneath the layers of Mosaic, the little girl should be looking at herself with a very strange look. She said, "You're an angel, you've read so many books, of course you know that book. I'm not an angel, I hate reading books, so how would I know the clues to a book. Obviously you're the one who knows!"

"Ding dong! Angel gets prompt two 'Disdain from Mosaic'."

Tang Mo: "......"


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