Chapter 37: Merry Christmas!

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Suzhou Park, a large shopping mall.

A short, middle-aged woman darted quickly between the shops. Her right hand had been cut off at the wrist, and blood seemed to gush out of the flattened cut like a waterfall. As she ran, she kept waving her other, intact left hand around. As she did so, the merchandise, tables and chairs in the shops on either side of her levitated, smashing into her back.

Bang, bang, bang!

The blackened trigon shaped weapon met these sharpshooters, and the moment the blades touched, they were all sliced in half.

As the man in black chased after him with a quick pace, the middle-aged woman's eyes were filled with the colour of madness. She shouted and screamed like a madwoman, using her powers to smash more things at Fu Wenduo. With each use of her powers, her face became redder and redder, like a balloon that was ready to explode.

One after the other, the two of them soon chased each other to the supermarket on the ground floor of the mall and to the knife supplies section.

Seeing the sharp knives around them, the women's eyes glowed and they moved them to stab the man in black behind them.

Fu Wenduo avoids these kitchen knives without changing his face. His reflexes were so quick that the blades brushed against his body, sometimes with a wave of his hand. Still, there were too many of them, and one fruit knife cut the right side of his face, sending beads of blood flying through the air.

It was the first time Fu Wenduo had ever been injured, and the middle-aged woman excitedly used her powers again to lift the supermarket counter up. But in the next moment, almost in the blink of an eye, the man walked up to her.

"You ......!"

The sharp instrument did not give the woman a chance to speak, piercing her throat. She opened her mouth, staring in disbelief at the man who had killed her, as if she could not understand how this man could be so fast, so fast as her companion in Shanghai, so fast that it was impossible to catch him with the naked eye.

The middle-aged woman collapsed with a thud, her slightly open mouth with some residual human flesh caught between her teeth.

Fu Wenduo flips his right hand, and the sharp point turns back into his normal right hand. Having made sure the woman was dead, he looked around, turned and walked out of the supermarket and drove off in his SUV.

It had been cloudy for a few days, with heavy black clouds weighing down on the southern part of the country. With one hand on the steering wheel and the other holding a map, Fu Wenduo found his way onto the highway. On his right cheek, the shallow gash began to heal. In just a few minutes, it was back to its original shape, skin as smooth as ever.

After Fu Wenduo had gone, two university-looking men and women trembled as they walked into the underground supermarket. They took each other's hands and cheered themselves up.

"The man at ...... said he would kill the killers, he must have killed them already."

"Yes, he's gone, he must have killed those people already."

The two men said this as if they were giving themselves reasons to gather the courage to enter the supermarket. They walked between the shelves of the supermarket, their legs shaking. The two men's eyes slowly widened when they saw the body of the woman lying next to the counter.

Excitement was followed by tears of joy. Young men and women hugging each other.

"She's dead, she's dead, avenging Lulu ......"

Shanghai, Pudong New District.

Tang Mo didn't expect to meet this little girl again so soon.

Ten days ago Tang Mo ventured to City North High School and left a message for the young girl under the podium. Ten days later, Chen Shanshan arrived.

Tang Mo asked, "Saw the letter I left and came looking for it?"

The short-haired girl was very mature and she replied seriously, "Yes. Brother Tang Mo, Feifei and I arrived at the school three days ago and saw the letter you left. But this mall is a bit hard to find, and there have been a lot of smuggler killings in Shanghai lately. You and the stowaways are fierce rivals and it took a bit of effort to get here, so you couldn't just come. So it took a while."

Luo Fengcheng looks to Tang Mo: "Did you tell this child about Atak and the smugglers' group?"

Tang Mo: "No. Just mentioning that Fatty and I are now in a shifter group."

At this, Luo Fengcheng gave a soft "oh" and looked at Chen Shanshan with a touch of curiosity and inquiry.

Qiao Feifei went to find Zhao Ziang first, while Tang Mo took Chen Shanshan and went to talk in the corner of the underground car park.

"Did they save Zhao Ziang and Liu Chen?" Chen Shanshan asked.

Tang Mo: "Yes. I know a member of this organisation and I came to see him about half a month ago to find out about the stowaway organisation and I happened to run into them saving the little fatty."

Chen Shanshan nods his head.

In a month's time, this little girl has become even smarter. Although Tang Mo is no longer able to access Chen Shanshan's powers to see what her current power level is, the little girl is certainly a lot smarter than she was a month ago.

Tang Mo only said that he and Zhao Ziang were in a group of psychics and that if Chen Shanshan wanted to find them, he could come over. From this alone, Chen Shanshan surmised that the group of psychics and the stowaways were probably enemies.

First of all, Tang Mo said when he left City North High School that he would return to Suzhou when he found a good friend. Now Tang Mo is still in Shanghai, which means he must have something to do. This is most likely to be dealing with a group of murderous stowaways.

Apart from this, Fatty and his companion were heading west. The reason why Chen Shanshan turned back was because he was worried about Fatty's safety. According to Chen Shanshan's instructions, Zhao Ziang would not have contact with anyone, let alone appear in a group of psychics for no reason. In all likelihood, Zhao Ziang was in danger and this group of psychics had come to their rescue.

Shanghai The most dangerous people right now are the stowaways. The alien groups that work against the stowaways are, of course, their enemies.

Tang Mo thought, "Don't you have a companion? How come there are only two of you?"

"His home was not far from the school, his parents were gone, but when he came home to visit he ran into his uncle. His uncle was still alive and he was separated from us." Chen Shanshan said, " Brother Tang Mo, are you trying to kill the stowaways?"

Tang Mo: "If we don't kill them, they will continue to kill in Shanghai and kill more people, including us."

"The charred body I came across at the school stairway ...... was a stowaway?"

"Well, he followed me to your school."

Chen Shanshan: "So how many stowaways are left now?"

"There are six more. Only one of the stowaways has powers we know very well, the other five's powers are unknown at the moment."

Tang Mo gave Chen Shanshan an overview of the situation, and it wasn't long before the little fat boy was thrilled to learn that two of his classmates had arrived and rushed over to find them. The four teenagers gathered in Atak's surgery to talk about what had happened to each of them over the past month.

Tang Mo left the surgery and went to the S4 copy with Jackass.

Four days ago, they cleared copy S2 and received a quest prize. Unfortunately, this quest prize was not too valuable to be useful in dealing with the stowaways. Today they are going to clear the S4 copy.

When Tang Mo returned to the car park in the evening, the chubby boy covered his injured arm and vividly described his heroic rescue to the two female students. Qiao Feifei was amused by him, but Chen Shanshan was calmer and asked Liu Chen about his injuries.

The sky is getting cloudy.

The weather has been getting colder these days, with a cold front coming from the north. The harsh wind scrapes against one's face as if it were a knife.

Such cold can even be resisted by preppers, and when the Earth comes online, humans no longer fear the drop in temperature. Yet these winds hint at a cold front coming in, most likely with a heavy rain.

Luo Fengcheng said there would be a rainstorm in three days and that it would be the best time to attack the smugglers' group. Tang Mo couldn't see why it was raining and the night before, he approached Luo Fengcheng: "How can we attack?"

Luo Fengcheng shows a hand-drawn plan of the building: "There are three glass lifts in this mall. One at the southernmost, one at the northernmost, and one at the centre of the mall. The cinema is on the twelfth floor of the mall ......"

There are currently twenty-five members of the Atak organisation, but only ten have powerful offensive psychic abilities, including the injured Fatty.

Tang Mo listened to Luo Fengcheng's plan and nodded approvingly. Finally, he said, "Taotie is either more powerful than Godspeed or an extremely important person. Luo Fengcheng, who do you think Taotie is?"

Luo Fengcheng pondered for a moment, "There is a 40% chance that the black belt is Taotie, and a 60% chance that the other man is Taotie."

Tang Mo did not object.

He walks out of Luo Fengcheng's office.

All the members needed a good night's rest and the next night, the ten of them and Tang Mo would head to Puxi to sneak up on the six stowaways.

Tang Mo did not immediately return to his car, he found the young girl alone outside the surgery.

Tang Mo got right to the point: "I have a matter, Shanshan, that I would like to hear from you about."

"What is it?"

"Of the six remaining stowaways, one is nicknamed Taotie and now we don't know who he really is. There are two options. One is a young man of twenty-five or sixteen who once fought a member of the Atak organisation half a month ago, turned and fled without much of a fight." Tang Mo outlined briefly, "And another was a seventeen or eighteen year old teenager. His powers were unknown, and he was permanently blinded by a black silk band, but not blind. Whenever he appears, he is followed by a stowaway who acts as his bodyguard."

Tang Mo paused and looked at Chen Shanshan: "Who do you think is Taotie?"

Chen Shanshan pondered for a long time and asked, "Does it matter who the taotie is?"

"I just like to prevent any possibility."

"I think it's the second one."

Tang Mo asked, "Why?"

"There is too little information to speculate on who Taotie is. But I have a gut feeling ...... it's him." Chen Shanshan looked up, "I'm sorry, Brother Tang Mo, there's really no way to deduce the truth with this amount of information. I can only say that the gut feeling is that it is him."

Tang Mo nods, "That's enough."

After visiting the students in the operating room, Tang Mo returns to the commercial vehicle where he lives these days. He opens the book on psychic powers to the page on Chen Shanshan.

[Limitations: Judgement accuracy capped at 50%, stamina improvement space at 0]

The upper limit of judgemental accuracy is 50%, which does not mean that after Chen Shanshan has reasoned and analysed something, she gets a 50% chance of getting the result right. Rather, it means that when faced with any unknown problem, she has a 50% chance of guessing the correct conclusion without having to analyse it at all.

This is, of course, the upper limit, the lower limit is unknown.

But this has been extremely frightening.

Although Tang Mo and Luo Fengcheng both felt that Taotie was more likely to be the younger man, Tang Mo decided to trust Chen Shanshan's instincts.

He held out his hand and drew a circle on the ground.

The next afternoon, Tang Mo and ten members of the Atak group split into six groups, dressed in disguise and left the mall in turn. They didn't go all the way until 5pm, when they met up near Nanjing Road.

The sky is dark, with dark clouds of ink covering the entire sky. Tang Mo's group hid in a fast food restaurant across the street from the building, staring at the sky in silence. The clouds were thicker and heavier, a horrible blackness engulfing the world. There was no electricity, no lights, the world was just dark.

As Luo Fengcheng said, four hours later, at exactly nine o'clock, a bean-sized drop of rain hit the glass of the KFC.


Heavy rain poured down, huge drops of rain hitting the ground hard. The curtain of rain was like a fog, making the once bustling shopping street even more hazy. In the midst of the heavy rain, ten figures rushed through the rain curtain with great speed and entered the commercial building where the stowaways were located with a brush.

Upon entering the mall, the ten men looked at each other, nodded gently and quickly parted ways.

Atak's nine people walked in groups of three up the three safety staircases to the twelfth floor. Tang Mo was alone on the last safety staircase.

The crackling of the rain echoed through the empty mall, muffling the sound of their footsteps.

In five minutes, all ten men had made it to the twelfth floor. They hid in the darkness, unable to see each other.

Tang Mo walks cautiously through the doors of the cinema with a light footfall. He counted the seconds in his mind while trying to pick up the pace as fast as he could, looking for the enemy hiding in the cinema.

Tang Mo stops suddenly when he reaches the door of screening room 4.

He pressed his ear to the door of screening room four and listened carefully for any movement inside. Tang Mo closes his eyes and holds his breath, tracing in his mind the diagram of the interior of the cinema that Luo Fengcheng once drew for them all. As all his attention was focused on listening, he heard his own heartbeat, pounding, pounding, pounding.

Then there was an extremely faint sound of breathing.

Tang Mo tightened his brow and listened to the voice of the other party. It should be sitting in the front row ...... the first four rows. The very centre of the first four rows. There was only one breathing sound, the voice was heavy, 80% possibility that it was a man.

Tang Mo counts the minutes in his mind.

Sec. 1100, Sec. 1101 ...... Sec. 1198, Sec. 1199

1200th second!

Tang Mo flipped his hand and took out his small parasol, quickly recited the incantation and kicked open the door to screening room four. He stomped his feet and rushed towards the stowaway who was sitting in the middle of the third row, resting. The moment he launched his attack, three other attacks came from the other three directions, too.

The chaos suddenly began.

Tang Mo's sneak attack worked wonders, as the man seemed to be resting and didn't react at all as the tip of Tang Mo's umbrella pierced straight through the man's shoulder. There was an audible crack of bone and the man hissed in pain, "Who is it! I'll kill you!"

There was a rustle in the air and Tang Mo's ears twitched as he side-stepped to his right to get out of the way. The sound crossed the spot where he had been standing, but suddenly took a turn and wrapped itself around his right wrist.

"Lightning, turn the lights on!" A loud female voice rang out in the next screening room.


A dazzling electric light flashed across the corridor, and a high wattage headlamp suddenly lit up at the cinema's main entrance. The light is pervasive, shining into each screening room with only a little dim light. But it is this little light that allows Tang Mo and the stowaway to see each other clearly together.

The man with the glasses!

Tang Mo said in his heart.

The young, gentle-looking man's right hand is raised, clutching a long rubbery rope, the other end of which is tied tightly around Tang Mo's wrist. His left arm was hanging in a strange position, apparently with a broken shoulder bone that prevented him from moving it.

The moment they saw each other clearly, Tang Mo and the man with the glasses reacted together.

Tang Mo lifts the small parasol and opens it with a snap. The man with the glasses swung his right hand up and the soft-looking rubber cord tugged at Tang Mo, tossing him into the air before slamming him to the ground. Tang Mo immediately aimed the umbrella at the ground. As he was thrown to the ground, the small parasol was pressed into a horrible arc, then with a bounce, Tang Mo was catapulted back into the air.

The man with the glasses stares at Tang Mo with a twisted face from the pain and keeps flinging the rubber rope at him, slamming him against the ceiling, the floor and all four walls of the theatre. Tang Mo changed the direction of his parasol to block each of these attacks.

The little parasol bends and deforms again and again to protect Tang Mo from being smashed against the wall.

As the man with the glasses threw him against the ceiling again, Tang Mo suddenly withdrew his umbrella and stabbed the tip hard into the wall.

The man with the glasses froze abruptly.

The tiny parasol is stuck in the ceiling by Tang Mo, who is situated right at the corner of the ceiling. With one hand tangled in a rubber cord, one hand holding the small parasol, and his feet on two walls, he confronts the man with glasses standing on the floor.

"Come here for me!"

The man with the glasses shouted angrily and yanked on the rubber cord. Tang Mo's right hand was pulled forward and his left hand was holding on to the small parasol to keep him in place. There was a momentary confrontation between the two men, and with a flicker of his fingers, another rubber cord flew out of his palm and grabbed Tang Mo's other hand.

Meanwhile, Tang Mo stands in the corner of the ceiling and opens his mouth. He takes a deep breath and exhales hard.


A powerful stream of air emanates from Tang Mo's mouth.

The glasses man's second rubber cord has wrapped around Tang Mo's hand holding the small parasol. The surprise on his face doesn't last a second before his eyes widen in horror and he turns to flee. But in the tiny screening room, the storm quickly swept through everything. A Category 8 hurricane blew the seats to a creaking halt and the man with the glasses, who was at the centre of the storm, was blown by the strong gusts of wind and slammed directly onto the big screen.

The gale continues.

The powerful storm blows out from the centre of the screening room, touches the wall and then returns to press against Tang Mo. Tang Mo is now in an extremely clever position, waiting for a chance when the man with the glasses throws him with the rubber rope. A chance to overwhelm his opponent without involving himself.

He is now positioned on the diagonal of the theatre, with the storm blowing out and Glasses Man pinned against the big screen by the gusts of wind. As these winds hit the wall and blow back at Tang Mo, the force pins him down in the corner of the ceiling just enough to keep him from being pulled out by the glasses man and similarly caught in the storm.

Yet being a stowaway, when the man with the glasses reacted, he pressed his right hand to the big screen and stood up a little. As soon as he stood up, he could walk, and he gritted his teeth and glared viciously at Tang Mo as he took a step towards him.

A level 8 wind would only affect the alien to a certain extent and have a surprising effect, it would not be possible to defeat him.

The man with the glasses tightened his grip on the rubber cord in his hand. The two thin ropes, made extremely thin by the sudden long pull, were extremely tough and helped to bind Tang Mo's wrists. The spectacled man tugged on the ropes with one hand and walked in the gale. A mad smile crossed the corners of his mouth. He was no longer affected by the gale, and given half a minute he could have caught Tang Mo and strangled the wind-using psychic straight to death.

From start to finish, it all happened in just ten seconds.

The "Qi Swallowing Miles Like a Tiger" ability lasts for one minute and can only be used twice a day. Tang Mo watched calmly as the man with the glasses took a step towards him, his grip on the handle of his parasol tightened and his wrist twisted slightly.

The next moment, Tang Mo suddenly closed his mouth and the powerful storm in the screening room suddenly disappeared.

The man with glasses looked stunned, yet in the blink of an eye, he understood the reason why Tang Mo had given up using his powers. The taut rubber rope suddenly contracted as the pressure dissipated. Tang Mo pulled the parasol out of the ceiling and let the rope pull him towards the man.

Half a second later, the two bodies collided in the air. A sharp umbrella tip pierced through the chest and out the back of the spectacled man.

With a loud thud, the two landed on the ground.

Tang Mo pulled out the small parasol that had pierced the spectacled man's heart and used the tip to stab the two rubber cords tying himself to it. He leans down and quickly checks to make sure the man with the glasses is dead, before picking up the parasol and walking out of screening room four.

In the dimly lit cinema, three bodies lay sprawled in the corridor.

One was a member of Atak, whose body bore the marks of a flame burn. The other two were stowaways.

Tang Mo also found three bodies in two other screening rooms.

Two were members of Atak and one was a stowaway.

A total of four stowaways and three members are now dead. All three members have flame-burn marks on their bodies.

Two stowaways remain.

Tang Mo's heart tightened and he hurried out of the cinema. When he looked up, he saw a tall young woman with short hair kick Jackass out of the way, and with a swipe of her right hand, a blazing red flame slammed straight into Jackass.

"Look out!"

Tang Mo reaches out and a rubber strap flies out of his palm and ties Jackass around the waist. With a flick of his wrist, Tang Mo pulls Jackass behind him.

The young woman did not see that Tang Mo was using the powers she had just received from the man with the glasses. She stood on the glass balustrade on the twelfth floor and looked warily at Tang Mo. Tang Mo looked down.

Five people were lying on the floor.

With the exception of Jackass, all five of Tang Qiao's men collapsed to the ground, their bodies not only bearing the marks of burns but also a number of other wounds, having lost the battle. Jackass, whose chest had long been blackened by the flames, was saved by Tang Mo and limped back to his feet to fight.

Tang Mo stopped him at once: "Was she the one who beat you up like that?"

Jackass: "She beat me up all by herself, Tang Qiao was already injured when they came, by the other stowaways."

Tang Mo nodded as he whispered a silent incantation and, with a swipe, opened Granny Wolf's little parasol.

The rain is pouring down, crackling against the glass windows of the mall. Tang Mo holds up his small parasol and walks calmly towards the short-haired woman. The latter also looked at him coldly.

As only ten metres remained between the two, a hoarse male voice rang out, "Be careful, his psychic powers are the strongest."

Tang Mo was startled to realise that behind the short-haired woman, a blindfolded teenager was standing in the darkness, silently 'watching' him. His eyes were still covered with an impermeable black cloth, but Tang Mo felt a sharp gaze on his body, as if he had seen through his secrets.

Tang Mo narrowed his eyes, and the next moment, he suddenly stormed up and rushed towards the black-clad boy.

The blazing fire formed a wall of fire that stood in his way.

"You're up against me!"

Tang Mo opened his small parasol to block the fire dragon that was pouncing on him. The flames spread out from the sides of the parasol and Tang Mo held it up with both hands, but suddenly he raised his other hand to the back of his neck.

The short-haired woman slammed her fist into Tang Mo's hand and she tumbled backwards twice, landing firmly on her feet.

Tang Mo puts away his parasol and turns his head to look at the other man.

The moment the two men locked eyes, they moved together. As the short-haired woman waved her hands around, one hot ball of flame after another slammed unceremoniously into Tang Mo. Tang Mo could only defend herself with the small parasol again and again, thanks to her physical prowess in the face of this intense and ferocious attack.

Tang Mo rolls backwards to avoid the flames. The short-haired woman takes advantage of this and throws a leg sweep, which Tang Mo hastily dodges with her hands on the ground. Before he knows it, the short-haired woman throws another punch at Tang Mo, which he parries with both arms. He was knocked off his feet by the force of the blow and his back cracked the glass fence on the twelfth floor and he fell from the twelfth floor.

Jackass exclaimed, "Tang Mo!"

Tang Mo plunged down from the twelfth floor, collecting his parasol and poking its tip hard into the glass lift in the middle of the mall.

The glass broke in layers. As Tang Mo used the force to slow down and slide down to the eighth floor, there was a loud click and the entire glass of the lift shattered. Tang Mo stepped on the steel structure of the lift and with a few strokes of his foot, made his way back down to the twelfth floor.

A raging sea of fire greeted him head-on.

Tang Mo didn't dare to be careless and used his "Qi Swallowed Like a Tiger" to blow away all the flames. As soon as the flames cleared, the short-haired woman's fist came crashing down on him. Tang Mo was unable to dodge it, and with a crisp fracture, his nose was cracked by the punch.

Since Earth came online, this is the most powerful enemy Tang Mo has ever met. Her powers and, more importantly, her fighting skills were too strong. All of Tang Mo's moves look like child's play to her, and she easily deflects them, pushing Tang Mo to the brink again and again.

With her terrifying fighting skills, if her supernatural ability was not fire, but godly speed, then a hundred Tang Mo would not be enough for her to fight.

This woman's flame power is clearly stronger than Tang Mo's "Return my grandfather". "He had already used it twice today and was unlikely to use it again. Tang Mo's offensive powers were the only two he had, and his mind raced as he thought about what he should do.

At that moment, the woman's fist came down on Tang Mo in a blaze of flames.

Tang Mo couldn't avoid it, his eyes fluttered as a huge stone stood in his way, smashed by the woman's fist. Tang Mo could no longer hesitate, he realised that he was now no match for this woman.

"This is your psychic ability?" The woman was startled as she realized, "Your psychic ability isn't that wind ......"

At the moment the woman spoke, a faint silvery tinge emerged from Tang Mo's body.

The river of time comes to a standstill at this time.

In the silence and darkness of the mall, Jackass and Tang Qiao look worriedly at Tang Mo, the first word of Jackass's "be careful" having been uttered before the second. The young woman's fist stopped in mid-air and her eyes twitched slightly as if she had sensed something. She struggled to reach out, a flame in front of her.

However, this is not the cramped stairwell of a school, and Tang Mo has so many options for direction.

Tang Mo appears from behind the woman, the sharp tip of her umbrella piercing the back of her head.

Time went back to normal and no one saw how Tang Mo suddenly teleported from in front of the woman to behind her. Even the woman's eyes were deadly open, staring ahead in disbelief. Blood dripped from the wound on her forehead, down the bridge of her nose and slid to her mouth.

The side effects of time powers go far beyond consuming life!

In just two seconds, Tang Mo had already spent four minutes of his life. At the same time, he realised that he was weak and no longer in a strong state. If he were to face this woman again, he would be killed in one blow.

He took a few deep breaths to recover his strength and drew back his umbrella.

The woman fell to the ground with a thud. Her eyes faded, but just a second before her eyes were about to fade in focus, she slapped the ground with a hard slap.

Tang Mo is startled and immediately turns his head to look at the black-clad boy hiding in the darkness.

A tall wall of fire rose flat to the ground, stopping it between him and the teenager. The boy's brow was covered in a faint blackness and he turned and ran. Tang Mo rushed after him, but was stopped by the wall of fire. When Tang Mo broke through the wall of fire, he saw the boy running at full speed, smashing the glass windows of the building. He was not trying to die, he was trying to jump to the next building!

Tang Mo rushed after him, only to see a small, fat man standing quietly on the rooftop of the building opposite in the dark, heavy rain.

The black-clothed teenager saw the little fat man too late, a tiny nail penetrating his brow. The teenager landed on the rooftop of the building and blood quickly flowed everywhere, washed away by the heavy rain.

Tang Mo jumped to the rooftop of the building and checked to find the teenager dead, he then looked up at the person in front of him, "What are you doing here, little fatty?"

There were eleven of them, but the fat boy was still injured, so Tang Mo decided to keep him in the fast food restaurant to provide a pick-up.

Zhao Ziang wiped the rain from his face: "Before we left, Shanshan told me that if you didn't want me to get involved and let me stay on the sidelines, I would find the building closest to the building and wait on the rooftop here. If they escape, they'll go to another building, so I'll wait here and maybe we'll catch them. Brother Tang, you told me to keep an eye on the building, so I thought about it and listened to Shanshan and found this rooftop."

In the pouring rain, Tang Mo removes the black cloth from the teenager's eyes.

As Luo Fengcheng says, this is a teenager who could be called Pretty boy.

"This is the second time I've killed someone." Zhao Ziang's voice rang out over the noise of the downpour, "but I don't feel scared anymore. Brother Tang, that's who Liu Chen and I saw when we were running away, when he and the electrician killed a little girl about our age and ate her heart. We tried to escape, but who knows where he found us and told Electric Man that my powers were strong. The electric man came after us like a madman and chased us for a day and a night and refused to give up. Liu Chen almost died at his hands!"

Tang Mo also clearly remembered that earlier in the building, the teenager had told the short-haired woman that she had the strongest psychic powers.

A guess came to his mind and he rolled the teenager's eyelids.

One white, without pupils.

Last night, Tang Mo used "Draw a circle and curse you" on the black-clad boy. As the boy turned to flee, Tang Mo saw the black aura of the curse envelop his body. Perhaps it was the curse, or perhaps it was meant to be, but in any case, the boy died at the hands of the little fat man.

Six stowaways, all dead.

The rain was still pouring down as Tang Mo and Fatty returned to the cinema.

Jackass, whose injuries had recovered somewhat, came over to me, his voice hoarse, "Just now before you came out, Ze was already failing, he didn't make it ......"

Tang Mo's heart lurched as he strided to the entrance of the cinema, only to see Tang Qiao holding the body of a young man. The man's face had been burnt to disfigurement by the flames, he was wearing Ye Yuanze's clothes and now he lay breathless on the floor, held by his own companion.

Of the three people who found Tang Mo outside of Mario's Monopoly game, only Tang Qiao remains.

Nie Fei and Ye Yuanze are both dead.

Tang Mo looked at them quietly and finally checked the injuries of each of them. Jackass and Tang Qiao were the least injured, while the other three were not deadly, but they needed to rest and not move around for a short time.

All seven of the stowaways were killed, four by the Atak group and Nie Fei, who had already died at their hands a month earlier.

After a night's rest, Tang Mo and Jackass each carried a member of Atak who was too injured to walk, and the seven men set off on their way back.

Before he left, Tang Mo set fire to the entire mall.

As the sky cleared and the brilliant sun shone on the charred remains of the building, many people who had been hiding and out of sight all day for fear of the stowaway groups came out in droves at the sight of the charred building.

As if realising what was happening, they stood one by one on the floor below behind the fire, gazing up.

It was 3pm when Tang Mo returned to the mall.

Tang Qiao walked up to Luo Fengcheng with an expressionless face and recounted the full story of the previous night's raid.

Luo Fengcheng's expression loosened a little when he heard that four members had died. Soon, he regained his composure and said, "Those stowaways are extremely strong, and this time, if it wasn't for the sneak attack, we wouldn't have been able to beat them. The black-clothed teenager didn't make a move, and that short-haired woman alone killed three of us. If we let them eat their hearts and become stronger any longer, the consequences would be unthinkable."

The two seriously injured members were taken to the operating theatre and put in a ward with the bamboo boy to wait for proper recuperation.

Tang Mo's nose was broken by the short-haired woman, and there were deep and superficial cuts on his body. He didn't bother with these wounds as the rest of the office left, leaving him and Luo Fengcheng alone.

"I think the taotie is the black cloth." Tang Mo said.

Luo Fengcheng asks, "Why?"

"Black cloth's powers are strange, or at least not offensive. If his identity wasn't important, this stowaway group wouldn't have been able to tolerate him, and neither would Godspeed." After a pause, Tang Mo said, "Perhaps his psychic ability has something to do with why these stowaways can get stronger by eating their hearts."

Luo Fengcheng: "A psychic who is protected by all the stowaways and whose own psychic powers are not offensive. It is indeed very likely that his supernatural power is related to the secret of these stowaways to become stronger. But we'll never have the chance to know what his psychic powers really are."

Black Boo was killed by Fatty, and Tang Mo didn't get his powers. But he also thought, "Black Boo's psychic powers have something to do with eating hearts."

Without going any further on the subject, Luo Fengcheng looked at him: "How much longer are you going to stay?"

Tang Mo glanced up at him, "It's the 23rd, I'm leaving tomorrow."

"You really don't want to stay?"

Tang Mo: "The stowaways came from Suzhou. There are at least three other stowaways in Suzhou. I have lived there for more than 20 years and I want to go back there more than Shanghai." Killing the stowaways who slaughtered over a thousand people in Suzhou.

Luo Fengcheng is not reluctant.

As Tang Mo was leaving, Luo Fengcheng asked, "I heard that the reason why that little fatty was waiting on the rooftop of the building opposite was because he was told to by his female classmates?"

Tang Mo paused in his steps and turned to look at Luo Fengcheng.

Luo Fengcheng laughs: "Even if she is smart, she is still just a fifteen-year-old child who has learnt too little. She needs to learn more to be able to live better in this world."

Tang Mo looks steadily at Luo Fengcheng.

He understood what the other man was saying.

Tang Mo left the office and found the young girl listening to Qiao Feifei in the corner of the car park. The first thing Chen Shanshan saw was the cuts on Tang Mo's shoulder and right leg, and she stood up: "Is everything okay, Brother Tang Mo?"

"It's fine."

The two men look at each other and Chen Shanshan follows Tang Mo out.

Tang Mo repeated Luo Fengcheng's words, and the young girl lowered her head and looked at the ground in silence, not speaking.

Tang Mo said lightly, "Tomorrow afternoon, I'm going back to Suzhou. You should think about it." No unnecessary words were said, and the young girl was left to make her own choice.

The next afternoon Tang Mo packed up the goodies he had to take with him and got a new rucksack. Two nights later, he had almost recovered from his injuries, except for some burn scars on the back of his left hand, which had not fully healed.

This sneak attack resulted in the death of two stowaways at the hands of Tang Mo, who gained access to his opponent's powers.

[Alien Powers: I am the man who will become the King of Thieves]

[Owned by: Liu Zhen (stowaway)

[Type: Genotype].

【Function: The palms of both hands can radiate a very elastic rubber rope, the causal law effect, the tied object can not actively untie the rubber rope within a minute】.

[Level: 3].

[Restriction: Up to two rubber cords can be radiated, one cord can only be tied to one object].

[Remark: If you can't be the King of Thieves, you can still be the King of Thieves' man].

[Tang Mo's version instructions: limited to one use per day, only one rubber cord can be released, and the time to not untie the rubber cord is 30 seconds due to the law of karma. I think the powers Tang Mo has been getting lately are a bit dirty, which fits his persona.

Tang Mo looked strangely at the last sentence of the book of alien powers.

It was the first time he hadn't understood the spitting image of an alien book. What do you mean by tainted? This rubber rope ability has a lot of restrictions on how it can be used, but it's a very powerful ability just by virtue of that unbreakable karmic law effect.

Tang Mo looks again at the Fire Woman's powers.

[Ability: Flame

[Owned by: Dong Si (Stowaway)

[Type: Atomic type].

【Function:Cast a blazing flame, the flame temperature can reach up to 1535℃】.

[Level: 4].

Tang Mo's eyes focused on the word 'Level 4'.

It was the first level 4 or higher ability he had ever received, and sure enough, the female stowaway's powers were strong to such an extent.

[Restriction: The flame temperature is not controllable and exacerbates the evaporation of water from the user's body each time it is used].

[Remark: Even the hottest flames are not faster than time. Dong Si thought so before he died].

[Tang Mo Edition Instructions for use: Use only three times a day. When used, it doubly intensifies the evaporation of water from the body. A woman with a passion like fire, meets a man who is very fast.

Both powers are very powerful and offensive, making them a rare offensive power for Tang Mo. He stuffed the book of powers into his backpack and said goodbye to Luo Fengcheng.

Luo Fengcheng was writing some very strange chemical formulae when Tang Mo glanced at them and didn't look any further.

Luo Fengcheng said, "Both girls are very nice and they have decided to join the Atak organisation."

Tang Mo is slightly stunned, but it makes sense.

Qiao Feifei's ability to identify may seem like a cheap shot, but for an organisation like Atak, it is a rare commodity. Atak is an elite organisation, but it doesn't reject outsiders. Official players definitely have powers, but no one knows if they are official players.

With Qiao Feifei around, it is almost impossible for smugglers to infiltrate the Atak organisation.

As for Chen Shanshan ......

"That little girl came to see me last night and I asked her a few questions and she didn't answer any of them. So she decided to stay and be my student."

Tang Mo didn't expect this to be the case: "You took her on as your student?"

"Yes." Luo Fengcheng said, "She's smart, smarter than any researcher I've ever met. But she still learned too little. Just like she knew she had to send Fatty to the rooftop to keep watch, but she didn't know why it was going to rain a big storm in Shanghai that night. Not a day earlier, not a day later, that's the day."

Being smart is not the same as being wise.

A wise man needs a huge amount of knowledge on top of his intelligence. Like when Tang Mo first met Luo Fengcheng, the enigmatic researcher of The black tower accurately stated many of the proper terms Tang Mo had never heard of, and analysed everyone's situation very thoroughly.

This is what Chen Shanshan lacks now.

But then Tang Mo thought, "I thought you just wanted her to be your assistant."

"The assistants are also students." Luo Fengcheng explained, "I've been an assistant for a long time before, maybe a year, when I was nineteen. And Tang Mo ...... I don't have psychic powers, I'm just a regular prep."

Tang Mo looks at Luo Fengcheng, and Luo Fengcheng looks at him in the same way.

After a long time, Luo Fengcheng laughed: "Sooner or later, I will die in The black tower. After that day, when I die, my students will still be alive. I will be alive too."

Tang Mo looked at him and slowly curled his lips as well, "You think too much."

The two men laughed together.

Shanghai At the easternmost side, a small, ordinary-looking three-storey building.

The tall, handsome man in black enters the small building, starting with the first room on the ground floor, looking for something.

It is a small, ordinary building, the only thing unusual about it is that the doors to each of its rooms are sealed off with a double encryption of tight iris recognition locks and sound locks. Now that the electricity has failed, these locks are autonomously powered by solar energy and are actually still operational.

Fu Wenduo flung his right hand, turning below his arm into a sharp black weapon, and he pierced right through the thick, fine iron gate.

He walked into each room, looking carefully, until he found the last room on the third floor. This room had a name tag hanging outside the door -

[Polar Biology Research Group Leader: Luo Fengcheng].

Fu Wenduo walked into the room and searched it carefully for a long time, but found no clues. Just as he was turning to leave, his eyes fell on a white porcelain cup by the sink in the room. This cup had been washed and wiped clean and placed on the counter, with the lid put back on and set upright. Not a drop of water spilled around it, as if someone had cleaned it, put it away without fuss, and wiped down the sink counter in the process, before leaving in a slow and deliberate manner.

Fu Wenduo looks at the room for a moment, then suddenly turns around and stands in the doorway, looking into the room again.

"...... didn't disappear?"

Meanwhile, Tang Mo leaves the mall with her bag on her back.

It was not that he had to take Chen Shanshan away, but he had always felt that this little girl was suitable as a companion. If not, he wouldn't force it.

It is far more comfortable to be alone than to have a piggy backer.

After a kilometre of walking Tang Mo, the sun was fading to the west and a thin, curved moon appeared in the eastern sky.

Halfway through the walk, Tang Mo suddenly remembered, "It's Christmas Eve?"

Today is December 24th, Christmas Eve.

Had I known I could have stayed in the mall for another day, it wouldn't have mattered if I left tomorrow.

Tang Mo thinks casually.

Just as he reached a crossroads, a breeze blew and Tang Mo stopped in his tracks. At that moment, a bright and joyful sound of music resonates throughout Shanghai, with hundreds of children's voices singing together -

"We wish you a merry christmas.

we wish you a merry christmas.

we wish you a merry christmas and a happy new year!

We wish ......"

Tang Mo's cold hairs stood on end as he quickly turned to look at the huge black tower suspended at the other end of the Huangpu River.

After a cheerful 'Merry Christmas' song, the black tower's crisp, childlike voices start to ring out.

"Dingdong! China Zone opens Christmas Eve Surprise Copy, three minutes later, all China Zone players will enter the copy and start the game."

"Dingdong! China Zone opens Christmas Eve Surprise Copy ......"

It was broadcast three times, with the loud children's voices echoing across the land of China. After the announcement, The black tower pauses for a moment. It's the same child's voice with no rise or fall, but it sounds like there's an imperceptible hint of gloating. It loudly informs all China players that

"Ding-dong! Merry Christmas!"


Author's Comment.

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