Chapter 227: Bald girl Wang Xiaotian ~

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China , Shanghai , Nanjing Road.

The sound of heavy chains dragging along the long walkway creaked as if a giant was dragging something hard along the ground. As the iron cobbler passed a speciality shop with two players in iron chains, he turned his head with a brush and looked inside.

Inside, there is silence, no movement.

The cobbler looked suspiciously for a moment, before continuing to drag the two players in the direction of The black tower.

Behind him, in the souvenir shop, the chubby Zhao Ziang and Jackass, their backs pressed against the wall, sighed in relief when they heard the sound of the lock disappear.

Zhao Ziang said with a sense of relief, "Doctor, isn't that the Iron Shoemaker in the real-life replica we heard about, the Iron Shoemaker replica? I remember that Brother Tang and Mr. Fu School also entered the game and passed it. How did he appear? Is he the keeper of The black tower in Shanghai?"

Luo Fengcheng said, "It looks like that's the case. We don't have any clues about The black tower, but fortunately Tang Mo and Mr. Fu have some clues on their side. Thinking for a moment, Luo Fengcheng said, "Jackass, you stay here and watch the Iron Shoemaker's movements. Little Fatty, you go to the base and get Tang Qiao. The four of us will raid the black tower together."

Having experienced so many The black tower games, and even being the first player in China to receive Eve's reward, Jackass knows a lot about the The black tower world. He said, "Doctor, the Iron Shoemaker is very strong, not quite at the level of Granny Wolf or Father Christmas, but we may have to work hard to deal with him. We don't have a clue about the seventh floor, are you sure that this tower in Shanghai is one of the hidden treasures of The black tower?"

Luo Fengcheng looked up at him, "Not sure."

Jackass stared, "Doctor?"

He is used to trusting Luo Fengcheng, so even if he says "no", he believes he must have his own reasons.

Zhao Ziang pondered for a while and surprisingly figured out a little bit of the truth: "Doctor, do you think that the five treasure towers that The black tower has chosen must be special? The black tower could not have chosen five towers for the player to raid. These five towers must be important to the players and even to The black tower. Eh, what is the special significance of our Shanghai tower?"

Luo Fengcheng smiled, "There's one thing Tang Mo didn't say, but later on, through some means, I got this information: on December 7, 2017, China Zone 2 player Tang Mo successfully cleared The black tower level 1 hard mode. It's the first hard mode in the world, wouldn't you say, that's a bit special?"

Jackass and Zhao Ziang nodded their heads in unison.

Luo Fengcheng looks out of the window and in the distance, the back of the iron cobbler grows smaller and smaller.

"...... Even if there is only a slight chance, we can't just let this The black tower go."

Meanwhile, China, Guangzhou.

When The black tower was announced as 'back on Earth', players in Guangzhou, like players from all over the world, were eager to get to The black tower, which is located in the centre of Guangzhou, above the small barbaric waist, as quickly as possible. When the pony-tailed girl with a giant match appeared at the top of the tower, the crowd didn't even react when she laughed and said "so much fuel to burn", then she flicked the match and the fire instantly burned the entire Guangzhou centre.

The flames were bizarre, spreading extremely fast and impossible to extinguish.

The players fled, but many were too late to escape before they were surrounded by this flame, and some weaker players had their bodies set alight by the flames. They were unable to extinguish the flames and could only hack away at the parts ignited by the flames to prevent them from spreading.

Amongst the trapped players are the leaders and members of several high-ranking organisations in Guangzhou. When The black tower announced the rules of the seventh floor, they were already looking for a chance to raid Guangzhou's The black tower, not letting go of any The black tower that might become a treasure The black tower. Now it seems that this little girl is the guardian of The black tower in Guangzhou.

Several chiefs looked at each other and said in unison, "Go!"

In a flash, dozens of black figures whooshed through the air and rushed towards the little girl who was setting fires everywhere. A player muttered in a whisper, "Underground people who go around setting fires with big matches, I think I've heard of them somewhere." Before he could remember, several players had already subdued the little girl without incident.

This little girl is incredibly weak, at best The black tower tier 2 level, not even close to Guangzhou's elite players.

The crowd grabbed the large matches she had set on fire and was about to tie her up when the little girl, with a thick layer of Mosaic on her face, suddenly ran off like a fish, slipping and sliding.

Probably never having been so aggrieved, the little girl with the twin ponytails cried out and ran further and further into the burning Guangzhou Centre.

Players want to chase it again, or give up.

One player frowned and said, "Where on earth have I heard of a girl who goes around setting fires with a big match and has a layer of Mosaic on her face. I've really heard of it ......"

The next moment, a gruff female voice answered his question directly: "Who is it! Who beat my daughter! A dog must be beaten by its master, don't you damned, filthy humans understand that!"

Mosaic was hiding behind her mother, making faces at the Guangzhou players. Suddenly she stiffens at these words, her Mosaic-covered face unreadable, but you can tell she's depressed: "Mum, I'm not a dog ......"

Mum grunted, "A little girl who doesn't like to study, you might as well have had a dog! Even barbecued pork is better than you!"

Mosaic : "......"

Mama bully!!!

With the sight of this fierce and violent werewolf girl, players will finally remember who this Mosaic-wearing girl really is. This werewolf is the most common The black tower boss on the third and fourth floors of The black tower and is extremely powerful, but she is strong in terms of force.

But this female werewolf is really extremely high on the force scale.

Guangzhou The leader of a certain player group had been beaten to near death by his opponent, and it still hurts a little to think that he was almost cut in half. But now, they are not the same people they were back then, and are not at all intimidated by facing a female werewolf.

The battle raged on, and it is not clear who started it, as dozens of Guangzhou players battled with the mother wolf. The werewolf woman was so ruthless that each claw cut the player's body almost in half. But her two fists were no match for her four hands, and soon her right arm was cut down to just a layer of skin stuck to it.

Mosaic saw the situation and turned and ran.

The mother wolf cursed, "You're better off as a dog!" Then she looked at these Guangzhou players with anger: "Wait for me!"

Guangzhou player: "......"

No, why does this phrase feel a bit familiar, like I've heard it somewhere before.

Three minutes later, when the lady in the lace-trimmed dress and pink parasol walked out of the Guangzhou centre, raised her green beast pupils and licked her sharp teeth at the players, Guangzhou players' eyes widened in unison, their backs straightened and cold sweat drenched their clothes.

In the blinding sunlight, Granny Wolf smiled faintly, "Who was it that just hit my daughter. You have to beat your dog, eh, don't you understand?"

Guangzhou player: "......"


I'll be damned if I'm going to beat up the old man after the young one, and the old ancestor after the old one!

The only difference is that some areas have very weak The black tower guardians, just big turkeys and big moles, and after just half an hour, a player has raided the black tower, but unfortunately it is not the black tower where the treasure is hidden. In some places, the tower guards are extremely strong.

For example, Grea, the circus leader of the Tower Guardians in Beijing Changping District, or Granny Wolf, the Tower Guardians in Guangzhou District.

Berlin, Germany.

In a blanket of snow, a petite silver-haired woman, head bowed, a dark lance in each hand, stomped one foot in front of the other in the deep snow towards the huge black tower that sits above the Brandenburg Gate in the heart of Berlin.

In such a snowstorm she was the only one walking against the wind and snow. As she made her way, there were many bodies strewn across the ground. It was as if they had been run over alive by something, falling to the ground with their eyes wide open, their blood staining the clean white snow.

Finally, she reached the bottom of The black tower.

Yelena Ivanovna looks up and silently watches Father Christmas at the bottom of The black tower, driving his sleigh in a rampant circle around the Brandenburg Gate.

In the snow, three players remained undead, chased by Santa and his reindeer to exhaustion.

Santa seemed to detect a glance and he turned his head to see the short woman who had walked into the place.

He gave a hearty laugh, "Marry Christmas, my sweet boy!"

Ye Lianna's eyes narrowed as she flipped her hand and lifted two lances, shooting them straight at Santa.

India, New Delhi, India Gate.

Similar to the Brandenburg Gate in Berlin, a huge black tower hovers above this India Gate. But the difference is that beneath this tower is a sea of blood that covers the sky. A short, red-haired loli grinned openly, revealing two tiny tiger teeth. She had an innocent and lovely face, but her hands were stained with blood.

Countless Indian players ran at her and were shattered in her gut with a single punch.

But none of them gave up.

The black tower is surely a hidden treasure. To die in seven days is to die, and to die now is to die. Kill her!!!"

All over the world, under more than 10,000 The black tower, players are fighting for their lives in every place.

And China, Changping District.

When Wang Xiaotian has finished speaking, she steps down from her chair and gracefully walks into a yellow compartment in front of her. At the moment she steps in, a golden name floats in front of her. The words " Wang Xiaotian" floated in mid-air, and Tang Mo looked around again, and an identical golden name floated in front of the players who were trapped in the grid, their faces pale.

Only instead of Wang Xiaotian, the name in front of them is their own.

"A new partner has arrived, so let's pause the game for a moment." Wang Xiaotian raised her hand and all those giant yellow exclamation marks hovering above the players' heads stopped. She clapped her hands and a thin booklet suddenly appeared in her hands. On the cover of the booklet were the words "Invitation to the Happy Quiz". Wang Xiaotian opened the booklet and, with a flick of her wrist, passed it to the six Tang Mo players.

"Write down your names on it, but don't make a mistake, you can't change it if you do."

At this point, The black tower's prompt sounded -

"Dingdong! Please write your name in Wang Xiaotian's booklet, marked in the 'Guest' column."

The people looked at each other and wrote their names on the booklet in turn. As they wrote their names, their names flashed with a golden light and seemed to be branded into the booklet.

Tang Mo looked up at the top of the booklet and the line read -

"Programme Director: Wang Xiaotian'

Wang Xiaotian clapped her hands and the programme was returned to her. Seeing the names in the booklet, Cinderella smiled sweetly and said, "Well, let's get the game started. All six of you please get into your places and let's get started."

"Dingdong! Successfully triggered the massively multiplayer copy game 'Cinderella's Happy Quiz Game'."

"The rules of the game--"

"Firstly, to answer a question in the Happy Quiz game, you must answer the correct answer. Wrong answer, straight out of the game."

"Secondly, the player and the host answer ten questions in order, and the player will pass if all ten questions are answered correctly. The host's questions will be asked by the player, and if the host answers incorrectly, the host is eliminated and the player passes."

"Thirdly, you may not ask how to get through and other similar questions."

"Fourthly, take charge of your name, that's a pass to the show."

"For some reason, Happy Quiz's ratings have been plummeting lately, having fallen below their lowest line last week. Why viewers are enjoying watching Granny Wolf's new show, How to Cook Humans to Make Them Tastier in the Wilderness, is something Wang Xiaotian can't figure out, not even after thinking about it with a bald head."

Wang Xiaotian turned red with rage: "I'm not bald, I'm not bald at all, not even a little bit!!!"

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