Chapter 225: The last game of The black tower game, wish you all a happy game!

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"Data readout complete ......"

"Loading ......"

"Loaded successfully ......"

"Ding Dong! June 19, 2018, Welcome back to Earth."

The dazzling sunlight pierced Tang Mo's eyes and he couldn't help but reach out his hand to block the light, squinting his eyes. Suddenly, he heard a familiar yet unfamiliar sound. It was a soft but heavy bird's song, a coo, and it seemed to be a pigeon. Tang Mo's evolved hearing allowed him to hear the fluttering of wings clearly without opening his eyes.

Slapping the air away, as if frightened by something, it flew rapidly skyward.

He couldn't wait to open his eyes, to finally see the bird -

It's a bead-necked turtledove.

One of China's most common birds, it looks on in horror at the sudden appearance of these humans beneath The black tower and flaps its wings in fear.

In this moment, more than three million people around the world stopped in their tracks and stopped running towards The black tower.

Their faces were a mixture of uncertainty and bewilderment, which gradually changed to shock and finally surprise.

Ruan Wangshu shuddered and crouched down to look at a group of ants carrying food on the ground. Chen Shanshan looks at some sparrows in a tree not far away and his mouth grows, unable to utter a word.

There were Fu Wenduo, Mu Huixue, John Bruce and Bell-Fusco, who had just returned to the United States, and Takao Yamamoto, who couldn't wait to run to the edge of the bridge under The black tower at Shinsaibashi, Osaka, and look down at the fish swimming in the river.

China , Shanghai .

Luo Fengcheng's body stiffens, Jackass and Zhao Ziang both look at The black tower in surprise and horror, and it is only after a long time that Luo Fengcheng recovers. He walks up to the monument at the beginning of Nanjing Road, which bears the words 'Nanjing Road Pedestrian Street' in gilded letters, and touches the stone, which is in perfect condition.

"You're back too ......"

Jackass : "Doctor, back?"

Little fatty Zhao Ziang rubbed his head, "Back? What's back."

Luo Fengcheng smiled and did not reply.

Meanwhile, The black tower at the Forbidden City in Beijing.

Tang Mo and Fu Wenduo understood what it meant to 'return to earth' when they saw the pearl-necked turtledove flying into the sky.

Around the world, some players already understood what was going on, others were still in a state of confusion. Fu Wenduo reacted quickly, picking up a small stone and, with a flick of his wrist, knocking the bird out of the sky just as the beaded dove was flying.

The bead-necked turtledove crashes to the ground, fluttering its wings.

Mu Huixue A whip tied the bird back lightly and did not hurt the little bird. But immediately afterwards, the clear, childlike voice rang out again, interrupting everyone's thoughts.

"Dingdong! Successfully opened The black tower seven level tower attack game -"

"Game name: The black tower A delightful scavenger hunt."

"Game for: all players."

The sound stopped abruptly, and before the humans of the world could recover from their surprise, they all looked up at The black tower. They looked up at the black tower and heard it say, in a calm voice, the following

" The black tower has been mankind's favourite gaming companion for countless hours of fun and games. But the fun is always so short-lived and it's time to say goodbye again."

Every word spoken is full of emotion, but it is The black tower that speaks.

It speaks with emotion in the coldest of tones, the extreme contrast making its words all ironic.

"Dingdong! Thanks to Fu Wenduo, Tang Mo and Mu Huixue from China 1 ...... Li Xia from China 7, Takao Yamamoto from East Asia 2 and John Bruce and Bell-Fosco from USA 2. " The black tower once again repeated the names of the nine players who raided the sixth floor of The black tower, and then it turned to a cold tone: "Now the seventh floor of The black tower is open for attack."

"The rules of the game--"

"First, excluding the oceans, there are 15,209 The black towers on Earth. For seven days, from 2:26 a.m. GMT on June 19 to 2:26 a.m. GMT on June 26, the number of The black towers on Earth will be reduced at a rate of two thousand one hundred and seventy-two per day, and the territory in which that The black tower exists will be erased, including all human players on that territory."

"Second, the erased The black towers are completely random. Except for the five The black towers within the game content, which are deemed to be erased at the end of the game."

"Thirdly, each The black tower has a keeper, who is a man or a monster from the ground."

"Fourth, there are five special The black towers among the 15,000 The black towers, which contain special treasures. Find the five The black towers, raid them and defeat the tower guardians to obtain the treasures. Find all five treasures to pass the seven levels of The black tower."

"Fifth, effective immediately, all The black tower games are stopped and all players in the game are forced to eject from the game immediately."

"Sixth, all humans may attack the tower, not limited to the nine players on the sixth floor of The black tower."

"To reiterate The black tower's three iron rules -"

"All explanations are the property of The black tower."

"6:00 - 18:00 is game time."

"Please ask players to work on attacking the tower!"

There was a pause, and just as everyone thought it had finished announcing the rules of the game, The black tower said softly in a mechanical child's voice -

"Last game of The black tower, enjoy the game!

The sudden return to Earth of The black tower, the seventh floor of The black tower, a collective tower attack game for players worldwide.

The black tower exploded with so much information at once that Tang Mo and Fu Wenduo were unable to react. After a few moments, Fu Wenduo listened to the movement around him and reached out to press his hand against the ground. Feeling the ground shake, he turned his head and said, "There are many people coming towards The black tower."

Tang Mo : " With The black tower suddenly saying things like this and us all suddenly back on the real Earth, it makes sense that the players would want to come and see The black tower and search around for information."

Andrei muffled, "Elbow?"

Crowd: "Go!"

Without wasting time, the five of them immediately moved to leave the lower part of The black tower to avoid being surrounded by the approaching players. Halfway there, Yu Zheng spotted Ruan Wangshu running from the Beijing train station. When they met up, Ruan Wangshu said, "Come on, let's go to the 80th Form."


Along the way, Tang Mo saw hundreds of players flocking to The black tower and many of them looking at the animals on the roadside with incredulous eyes. From birds and fish to reptiles and ants, any creature that was not human brought tears to their eyes. It was as if they had returned home, as if they suddenly had roots and the motivation to live.

Tang Mo's heart pumped hard as he turned his head and joined the crowd in the Chosen Base.

Without a word more, Ruan Wangshu gets right to the point: "This is Earth."

Tang Mo's fingers tightened slightly as he nodded, "Well, that's the real Earth."

The sight of the animals and the suddenly new city made everyone realise that this was the real Earth they had lived on.

On November 18, 2017, Earth goes live, animals around the world disappear, and players enter the game with only one group of humans left.

It's not that people didn't wonder then where the animals had gone. But they didn't have time to think about it. They had to survive and they were faced with one game of The black tower after another. The dangerous game of The black tower exhausted them, and they had to accept the reality that they were being drawn into a game that had no end.

And only now do all people understand ......

Tang Mo : "The Earth that the returnees are on is not the real Earth. But the fact is that the Earth we were on before was not really Earth either."

Tang Mo always felt that he had forgotten some information, but he could not remember it.

At that moment, Chen Shanshan said, "There is something I have been neglecting, and I only remembered it today after The black tower announced the return of all humans to Earth." The voice stopped and the young girl looked up at Tang Mo and Fu Wenduo and said, "Brother Tang Mo, Mr. Fu, do you remember what The black tower said eight months ago when it announced that the Earth was online and forcibly drove the returnees to another world?"

Eight months ago, Earth came online?

Fu Wenduo recalls, "As I recall, it was 18 November, the end of the three days of access to the game, and at 8am Beijing time, which now seems to be 00am GMT, The black tower announced that over 400 million players had successfully loaded the game."

Chen Shanshan shook his head, "No, before that, it said one word."

Fu Wenduo : "What?"

The young girl's voice was calm: "The game is archived."

The crowd was stunned in unison, and when someone brought it up, these senior players present thought back again and finally remembered the words.

"Dingdong! 498,160,000 players successfully loaded into the game ......'

"Game archive at ......"

'Game data loading ......'

'Player information is loading ......'

'Archive success ......'

'Loaded successfully ......'

'Loaded successfully ......'

'Dingdong! 18 November 2017, welcome players to the game.'

Tang Mo exclaimed, "Game archived, archived successfully ......" He looked up, "That means that from the beginning, The black tower has archived all the information of the Earth at that time, and it is only waiting for someone to pass the sixth floor of The black tower, then it reads the archives, and then all the humans raid the seventh floor of The black tower together? That means that from the very beginning, The black tower has archived all the information of the Earth at that time, and when someone passes the sixth floor of The black tower, it will read the archive and then all the humans will raid the seventh floor of The black tower together?"

"...... Earth itself, the seventh floor of The black tower?"

The crowd fell silent.

A few minutes later, Ruan Wangshu took a digital watch from a Chosen member and handed it to the group, "Maybe that's it."

The crowd took a look at the table.

As it happens, the time on this electronic watch shows none other than 18 November 2017.

Mu Huixue: "No wonder, that explains why all the animals on the planet have disappeared and only humans are left. Because The black tower only needs humans to enter the game, not other animals. It also explains why the Earth's ecosystem didn't collapse when all the animals disappeared. Because the place where we survived for eight months is actually an environment created by The black tower, all the ecosystems are under the control of The black tower ...... never thought that it could create a planet."

Fu Wensheng said subconsciously, "But The black tower says it's the last game."

Fu Wenduo: "Well, but it also says that from today onwards, there will be more than 2,000 The black towers in the sky over the land mass of the Earth every day. As soon as The black tower disappears, all humans and human traces in the area where it is located will also be wiped out. There are fifteen thousand The black towers in all, two thousand per day, which means that in seven days if the five hidden The black towers are not found and raided, all traces of humanity on Earth will be gone."

Ruan Wangshu frowned and said, "What about the other animals? What about the other creatures when only humans are erased?"

Tang Mo said, "...... Wasn't it only humans that it tested, from beginning to end."

The crowd made a summary of the information they had received. At this point, no one was hiding anything. When Tang Mo told everyone what had happened on the sixth floor of The black tower, Ruan Wangshu realised why so many high-level players had died in the main game on the sixth floor.

It's not The black tower monster that kills those players, it's the humans themselves.

Only humans, can kill humans.

After listening, Chen Shanshan concluded, "So now we're actually in the seven-storey tower attack game of The black tower. It's a scavenger hunt and there are more than 15,000 The black tower's around the world and we have to find five of them. But luckily, players from all over the world can participate, so it's not a solitary game, it's more like a cooperative game."

Mu Huixue thought about it: "Just finding it won't help. The black tower that is hidden off the beaten track will not be a treasure The black tower. Otherwise, it would be impossible for humans to raid The black tower in the deepest forests and deserts. But the real problem is that after finding The black tower, one must also take it."

There is no doubt that, in the normal way of The black tower games, The black tower would never do anything like "put the treasure The black tower where humans can't find it, so that humans can't get to it". These five The black towers must be within human reach, and most likely, even in areas with a very high number of players.

But finding it doesn't help. Once you've found it, you still have to raid The black tower and defeat the tower keeper.

Tang Mo : "So advanced players must raid The black tower as much as possible and find a way to find the real treasure, The black tower." After a pause, he said, "I have a clue about this. The black tower gave me and Fu Wenduo a clue about the seventh level."

Tang Mo looked at Fu Wenduo and they looked at each other. Fu Wenduo nodded lightly and said, "The tower where all things begin, the tower where parallels meet. This is the clue that The black tower wrote to Tang Mo and me on that note."

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