Chapter 218: Mortals eventually die.

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Tang Mo and Fu Wenduo were teammates, and he was able to exchange information with Yu Zheng and Mu Huixue. Bai Ruoyao, however, could not be considered a real teammate to the two men, nor could he be fully trusted. So after the game started, Tang Mo did not ask Bai Ruoyao what limitations he had, and likewise, he did not tell Bai Ruoyao about his own limitations.

The game "Noah's Dinner on the Ark" starts with a ban on the use of props and limited powers.

Tang Mo's powers are limited to three powers, all of which become one-time powers.

Fu Wenduo is limited to three minutes per use and has a cooldown of three days and nights after use.

Now, Bai Ruoyao says, his power, Mortal Death, can only be used on one person. He chooses Tang Mo and then sees Tang Mo entangled in a strong aura of death.

The "Mortal Death" ability to see the death of the opponent.

Aura is the probability of death for each individual and is not constant. Some actions of the possessor can change the aura of the subject, but there is no certainty as to how and what the change will be.

At Bai Ruoyao's words, Tang Mo's face did not change as he said coldly, "Are you telling the truth or not?"

Bai Ruoyao was aggrieved: "Do I look like someone who would lie to you, Tangtang? I've been so good to you, and you doubt me. I've given you all the powers that can only be used on one person."

Fu Wenduo's low voice rang out, "And now what."

Bai Ruoyao looked at him, "It can only be used three times, and it has already been used once. Mr. Fu school, are you sure you want to use it a second time now."

Fu Wenduo : "Hmm."

Bai Ruoyao is perfectly fine with this, as his powers are really weak, and in this game he has used them on Tang Mo and will not be able to change them again. His eyes were fixed on Tang Mo, and there was a gleam in them. Three seconds later, he closes his eyes and spreads his hands helplessly, "What a pity, there seems to be much less dead energy. Tangtang , I must have done something to help you reduce your death qi, do you want to thank me properly?"

Tang Mo has no time for him.

Bai Ruoyao was only suspected because Tang Mo knew that the man was extremely capable of single combat and did not need psychic powers.

Of all the advanced players in the world, Bai Ruoyao is one of the few. Even Mu Huixue said that without her powers, she would not have been a match for Bai Ruoyao. As you can imagine, of the seventeen players in the castle, Bai Ruoyao is likely to be one of the strongest.

But after the conversation that had just taken place, Bai Ruoyao cleared himself of any suspicion for the moment.

Bai Ruoyao had no reason to kill the woman. He didn't know the other man, and he was a man who cherished his life. Whenever he had done anything to mess up, he had done so on the basis that he could leave the game and save his life. But this time, The black tower has banned the use of all props, and all the players in the game are terrifyingly powerful. Bai Ruoyao is desperate for a clue to the seventh level, and he wants the first three players to pass the game.

So he doesn't mess around.

As long as he's not The black tower monster, he won't just kill people.

Bai Ruoyao : " Tangtang , Mr. Fu School, do you have a suspect."

Fu Wenduo : "No."

Tang Mo was also very honest: "No. But I think Fu Wenduo has a point. But I think Fu Wenduo has a point when he says that the killer of the black woman is most likely an American player."

Bai Ruoyao smiled cheekily, "Did it ever occur to you that there could be someone other than an American player who could make her let her guard down?"

Tang Mo frowned, "Like what?"

Bai Ruoyao laughed: "The old man? An old man, how non-aggressive. How could he kill someone."

Fu Wenduo coldly corrects him: " George Ansonia is also an American player."

Bai Ruoyao's eyes widened in a pretentious manner, "Huh, is he an American player, I didn't even notice."

Tang Mo : "......"

This guy is a shit-stirrer, right?

The three of them walk over to the bed and pull up the covers. Tang Mo and Fu Wenduo gently discuss some of the information and doubts about the players that they have drawn up during the two hours of daylight, with Bai Ruoyao interjecting every now and then. His words are generally useless nonsense, but occasionally he manages to give a bit of useful information.

The minutes ticked by and there were five minutes left before the night was over.

Tang Mo and Fu Wenduo were eliminating their suspects one by one when Bai Ruoyao suddenly laughed, "Speaking of which, if we end up writing our names on the red ballot ...... Tangtang , Mr. Fu School, we would be considered teammates? "

In Rush 6 mode, the first three players/teams to clear Level 6 will receive a clue about Level 7.

Originally Tang Mo and Fu Wenduo were not really teamed up with Bai Ruoyao, but this time, they were assigned to a team by The black tower. The three shared a red ticket, so even if Tang Mo and Fu Wenduo didn't want to be on Bai Ruoyao's team, they were all tied together. When the names of the red tickets were written, there was always a note -

Teammates: Tang Mo, Fu Wenduo, Bai Ruoyao.

Unless ......

Tang Mo said faintly, "What if you die?"

Bai Ruoyao shouted exaggeratedly, " Tangtang , do you want me to die so badly?"

Tang Mo did not speak again.

In the castle, the first rays of sunlight came into the house. Tang Mo pulled back the covers and began, "Last night, I didn't go out."

Fu Wenduo : "Neither did I."

Bai Ruoyao hugged the blanket and refused to let go: "Hee hee, neither do I."

The three men looked at each other and together they got up and walked to the door. As they pulled the door open, Yu Zheng and the two European players came out of the door. They looked at each other and walked together towards the stairs. Halfway up the stairs, the male European player twitched his nose: "What's that smell?"

Tang Mo's face changed: "Burnt smell!"

Fu Wenduo : "And the smell of blood!"

The crowd quickly made their way to the stairway and looked down. All they could see was a charred, blackened humanoid object lying on the floor beside the long table, limbs turned skyward, burned stiff. Tang Mo's eyes fluttered as he saw what was beside the man.

Lian Yuzheng exclaimed, "I can't believe two people are dead?!"

Sixteen little puppets, all defending themselves against each other. Fifteen remain after the fire has killed them.

Fifteen little puppets, trying to escape in the night. A thousand cuts and bloodshed, fourteen left.

The thick blood stained the ground a deep red and when all the players came out of the room, they could not help but show a revolting expression when they saw this scene. They were all advanced players who had experienced many games, but this kind of death was a bit cruel. Even for the returnees, most of them would not be cruel enough to cut people into hundreds of pieces of flesh, they would simply kill each other to save time.

Yes, a total of two people died on the second night.

One of them was burnt to blackness and the other was cut to death by a thousand cuts, so that it was impossible to distinguish the original form.

On the long table, two small puppets wobbled off the table and fell to pieces. The crowd looked again at the back of each man's chair and found the names of the two dead men.

Mu Huixue : " Russia player, Anatoly Kulbuski."

Andrei said the name of the player who was killed by a thousand cuts: "American player, David-Anders."

The fourteen remaining players cleaned up the pieces of flesh on the floor and carried the charred corpse of the Russian player to the third floor attic. When Fu Wenduo pushed open the door, he gave a slight pause and Tang Mo, standing behind him, asked, "What's wrong?"

Fu Wenduo is silent for a moment, side-stepping his body to allow the rest of the players to see inside the attic.

"The woman's body is missing."

There was dead silence in the attic.

The players quickly went inside the loft and searched it. However the attic was already small and did not hold anything but a broken chair, which could be seen in its entirety at a glance.

The body was indeed missing.

It could only have been at night, stolen by someone else.

Practising Yu Zheng suggested: "Although we don't know why the other party stole the bodies, we might as well leave these two new bodies in the attic."

The male European player vetoed her suggestion, "Does it make a difference where you put it." He smiled slightly and scanned his gaze around, "Anyway, where to put it, the guy will surely know."

The crowd put the bodies of the Russian and American players in the attic and went downstairs together.

Fu Wenduo tries as he closes the door, "It won't lock."

Tang Mo : "There's no point in locking it, you can't use the props and the normal lock is a virtual nullity for us players."

In one fell swoop, two more people were missing.

Both the Russian player and the American player, David, had one chair each and their chairs were empty, leaving only nine people left to continue sitting at the long table.

Abdullah, a South East Asian player who had always spoken very little, scanned each player with a grim look, his gaze as damp and sinister as the letter of a viper. His mouth opens and closes, still determined not to speak.

It wasn't just him, everyone had gotten so much information today. This time, all the players pondered individually, and after a long time, Li Xia spoke first: "Just to confirm, is the black woman really dead?"

The old white man looked up at her, "If it's the body from yesterday, I'm sure of it, dead. You have all examined it too, and she is indeed dead."

Li Xia : "But her body is missing."

Lena, the European female player, sneered, "So what? You suspect that the corpse grew legs and ran away on its own?" The short-haired woman glanced disdainfully at all the players present, her voice indifferent: "One of you stole that corpse. She is indeed dead, and even if she had a blindfold, there is no way she could have hidden it from The black tower."

Tang Mo gave the woman a quiet look.

They thought of the same thing.

Tang Mo's first reaction to the discovery of the disappearance of the black woman's body was also a blindfold.

In the stormy hills mode of speculative fiction, it is common for the killer to fake his death and escape suspicion. The seventeen people present were some of the most powerful high-level players on the planet, and no one knew what supernatural powers the other possessed. It was not impossible if the black woman's psychic ability was to put herself in a state of faked death and fool the others.

But as soon as the idea arose, it was rejected by Tang Mo.

"Her name on the back of the chair was crossed out by The black tower, and the puppet belonging to her fell to pieces. And rule number seven of the game: at the last minute of each day, everyone gets to vote." After a pause, Tang Mo continued, "If she hadn't died, The black tower would have renewed a new white vote in her place. But The black tower didn't, because she's dead."

The possibility of a fake death being ruled out, that leaves only one possibility.

Bai Ruoyao : "Killing two players wasn't enough, they stole a corpse too. That's interesting."

Mu Huixue tapped on the table: "So why did the monster steal the woman's body? Or rather, why did he steal the body only the next night. After he killed the woman, he could have just hidden the body. What was the reason for stealing the body, what did he want to get out of it."

This is a question that no one can answer.

Fu Wenduo : "We can wait for the next day to see if the two bodies will disappear today."

Bai Ruoyao cocked his head with a smile, "So here's the question ...... Last night, two of the three players eligible to go out had died, and one, who was it?"

By this time, each of the only fourteen remaining men was suspect.

Tang Mo was sure that, of the seven people in China, apart from Li Xia, whom he was not familiar with, the other six were definitely not The black tower monsters, and they had no reason to kill the players. So it must have been the remaining eight who killed.

Sly and grim South East Asian players, silent and reticent East Asian players.

Two European players who appear to be teammates, white older American players, two American male players who are teammates.

There is also the China player, Li Xia.

Every one of these eight people is suspect. Normally, old people are not as physically fit as young people, and women are not as physically fit as men. With restricted psychic abilities, trying to kill two powerful male players at once is something neither the women nor the old men can do.

Tang Mo's eyes were directed at five male players.

At this point, an American player spoke up, " David-Anders, I've actually heard of him. He's from US Zone 2, from New York. His psychic ability is similar to Mirror Reflection, I'm not sure of the details, but his is a combat type of psychic ability, even if he's restricted, he can't be killed so easily. He's very strong."

Tang Mo looked over at him and he remembered the player's name was Bell-Fosco.

Another American player spoke up, "Well, and it was two players killed at once, the killer is definitely extremely strong."

This is American player John Bruce.

These two are teammates.

Fu Wenduo looks to Andrei: "The Russian player, you know."

Andrei shook his head, "I don't know."

I don't know the powers of the Russia player, but it's clear from the strong muscles of the other player that he's also a very physical player.

The old white man suddenly spoke up: "Although we don't know each other's strengths and powers, there is one thing that I think we all know. Fu Wenduo, the first Chinese player in the world to pass the tower game, Tang Mo, the first player to pass the hard mode, Mu Huixue, the first player on the time chart, and Lena Chopehos and Donde Visek, the first to pass the fifth level." The old man's voice was calm, "There is also a difference in strength among the advanced players, because being strong in combat does not mean that you can pass the game. The five of you are, arguably, the most powerful players in this castle."

Li Xia adds, "You can also add him, he looks like a player who is more of a forceful tower attacker." She points to Andrei.

The South East Asian player spoke up, "Six in total."

Old white man: "Good, these six people are the ones who have the most power to kill those two players at once."

"Pop, pop, pop-"

Applause suddenly broke out and the crowd looked to the person who was applauding.

Bai Ruoyao laughed: "Brilliant, that reasoning works. There must be no harm in excluding dissidents anyway. But I'm not happy when you guys say that... Tangtang can be considered strong?"

Tang Mo suddenly realised what the other man was going to say and immediately reprimanded, " Bai Ruoyao!"

Bai Ruoyao covered her mouth and snickered, "You guys don't know what his powers are. If you knew his powers, you would know that with limited powers, it would be very hard for him to kill one player, and impossible to kill two players."

Tang Mo strikes directly at Bai Ruoyao. Quicker than him, Fu Wenduo flipped his hand and drew a gun and put it against the back of Bai Ruoyao's head.

Bai Ruoyao threw up his hands innocently, "Am I wrong."

Tang Mo narrows his eyes and looks at the doll-faced youth. After a moment, he pressed Fu Wenduo's hand and Fu Wenduo put away his gun. He turned his head and looked at the players who looked different, with a calm expression: "So now you can guess whether my companion accidentally revealed the message 'I'm a loser as long as my powers are blocked', or whether we are acting, hoping that you think that after blocking my powers, if another appears dead, it will be certain that I didn't kill him, clearing me of any suspicion."

Tang Mo's mouth curled up, "So, guess which one it is?"

At the end of the third day, Bai Ruoyao writes " George Ansonia", the name of the old white man, on a piece of paper. The rest of the players also wrote their names on the paper each.

The crowd returned to the room.

The moment the door closed, Tang Mo raised his fist and slammed it into Bai Ruoyao. Bai Ruoyao was prepared, and as he said, without his powers, Tang Mo was no match for him. He easily blocked Tang Mo's attack, but Fu Wenduo's sweep caused Bai Ruoyao to retreat two steps backwards in disarray.

There was a complete lack of composure from the long table before.

Tang Mo shook his fingers as he looked up at Bai Ruoyao, his eyes cold, "Although they didn't vote for my powers, Bai Ruoyao, next time, you can try."

Bai Ruoyao leans against the wall and looks at Tang Mo and Fu Wenduo: "Let me guess, the first day it was the black woman who was voted in because she talked too much. The second day was Mu Huixue? Because she's so strong, she's number one on the time chart. So the one being voted out now ......" he turned his head to Fu Wenduo , " Mr. Fu School?"

Fu Wenduo glanced at him and did not deny it.

Bai Ruoyao laughed: " Tangtang, you see I am simply doing this on purpose. No matter how strong you are, they won't vote for you. They will block the most powerful player's powers in order, in turn. Guess who will be next? I don't think it will be you yet, it will be the European woman, or Andrei."

Tang Mo no longer has any opinion of Bai Ruoyao as a person. Sometimes he feels that Bai Ruoyao's actions have a purpose, and sometimes he feels that he is simply being disruptive.

The three men pulled up the covers and Bai Ruoyao was about to speak when Tang Mo placed the pistol on the bed and pointed it at Bai Ruoyao's head.

Bai Ruoyao winked helplessly, " Tangtang, Mr. Fu school, perverts have the advantage of being perverted, perverted brain circuits, sometimes very different oh."

Tang Mo raised an eyebrow, "You admit to being a pervert?"

Bai Ruoyao gave a rare expression of surprise: "Is that not how you see me?"

Fu Wenduo : "He just thinks that you're a psycho." After a pause, he added, "I think so too."

Bai Ruoyao was surprisingly moved: "I can't believe you only think I'm a psychopath, but I didn't think I had some kind of image in your hearts."

Tang Mo : "......"

Fu Wenduo : "......"

What a fucking psychopath with a wide mind and a retarded child with a lot of fun!

While Bai Ruoyao's daytime disruptions have given the other players a general idea that Tang Mo is a player who relies on his powers to get through the game, they have also lowered their suspicion of Tang Mo. The fact that everyone's powers are now heavily restricted means that Tang Mo's ability to kill people has been significantly reduced.

At least for the next two or three days and nights, they won't be focusing on Tang Mo, but on Fu Wenduo, Mu Huixue and others.

In the darkened room, Bai Ruoyao's annoying voice rang out, "By the way, do you really think that it was The black tower monster that killed those three men."

Tang Mo froze, and a quick thought flashed through his mind, but he didn't catch the feeling.

Fu Wenduo : "What do you want to say?"

Bai Ruoyao said with a cheeky smile, " Mr. Fu, as I said earlier, perverts sometimes have different brain circuits. Of course, this is just my guess, maybe they weren't killed by The black tower monster, they were killed by humans. For example, on the first day, let's say that you and I and the black woman are the three players who can go out. I deliberately killed the black woman to make you think I was The black tower monster. If you're stupid enough to write my name on the red ticket, then you're disqualified from stealing six."

Tang Mo : "What about the two people on the second day, you killed two of them."

Bai Ruoyao corrected, " Tangtang you have wronged me again, I told you I hadn't been out at night, I didn't kill him."

Tang Mo's face doesn't change: "Just an example."

Bai Ruoyao said helplessly, "All right, I can't say no to what you say, Mr. Fu school is going to beat me up. Kill those two ......" The voice stopped abruptly and Tang Mo subconsciously looked up at Bai Ruoyao. The darkness of the night, the doll-faced young man's bright eyes were drenched with a dark look, cold enough to send chills down the spine.

Bai Ruoyao In a voice tinged with laughter, he said matter-of-factly, "Wouldn't it be more convenient to kill other players and just eliminate the enemy ......."

As the night wore on, Tang Mo pulled back the covers and, having made sure that neither of them had gone out for the night, he and Fu Wenduo opened the door to their room together and left. Just as Tang Mo was about to reach the corner of the stairs, he saw Mu Huixue standing at the entrance to the stairs, his head bowed, looking down the stairs.

Tang Mo had never seen such an expression on Mu Huixue's face before, and she stood there quietly, not saying anything, just watching. Noticing Tang Mo's gaze, she turned her head, her pupils shifting slightly, her lips opening and closing.

Fu Wenduo frowned as a thought suddenly flashed through his mind.

Tang Mo had by now stepped forward to Mu Huixue's side. He followed Mu Huixue's line of sight and looked down, his eyes widening as he touched the corpse.

After a few seconds, Tang Mo walks down the stairs and examines the body. He turned to Fu Wenduo and said, "Dead, just like the nursery rhyme says, killed by a knife through the heart. Sure enough, it was undetectable when he went out at night. It was probably a trick by The black tower, none of us noticed he was out. We didn't notice that fact either until we went out just now."

Mu Huixue's fingers tightened and she sighed softly, "I didn't think that Fly ......" her voice stopped and she changed her tone, "Fox would really die."

Tang Mo looks down at Bai Ruoyao's wide-open eyes and the dark, bloody hole in his chest. His gaze rests for a moment on the other man's severed right arm.

After a long time, Tang Mo let out a laugh, "Still owe me a favor and actually died just like that ......"

"Well, I really lost out."


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