Chapter 210: Ability: genetic recombination.

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Over the next three days, players in the West Asia and Americas regions have been clearing the fifth floor of The black tower.

Once someone has cleared all five levels of The black tower, the mandatory tower attack will end.

However, after the third day, there was no news of a successful attack on the tower in South Asia, and on June 17, early in the morning of the seventh day of the forced attack, a raspy, dull male voice rang out over the world, with a hint of anger -

"Ding Dong! As of June 17, 2018, no one in South Asia has raided the fifth floor of The black tower. End of mandatory tower attack in South Asia!"

Tang Mo's eyes widened, not yet understanding the meaning of the phrase.

The next moment, The black tower's voice reverted to an emotionless mechanical sound.

"Ding dong! Forced tower attack complete, The black tower version 4.5 is over."

"The black tower version 5.0 is expected to open seamlessly on June 18, 2018 at 6:00 am GMT. This version will open The black tower six level attack mode directly, please explore the details of the update for yourself."

"Please ask players to work on attacking the tower!"

The black tower 5.0 update is broadcast three times in a row and the black tower is calm again. Tang Mo looked up to see Chen Shanshan and Fu Wensheng panting as the door slammed open. The young girl's face was slightly red, obviously in a hurry. She said urgently, "Brother Tang Mo, did you hear that, The black tower version 5.0?"

Ruan Wangshu and Yu Zheng also approached.

Tang Mo looks to the two men.

Ruan Wangshu: "It's 6am GMT, which is 14pm Beijing time. Tang Mo, Fu Wenduo, myself and Yu Zheng will be tackling the sixth floor of The black tower." After a pause, he continued, "This is a strange update to The black tower, it doesn't say exactly what it is, but we can't wait for it to say. It's going to be a six-tier rush mode, where every advanced player in the world will be scrambling to get through six tiers."

Practising Yu Zheng looking at Tang Mo and Fu Wenduo: "Are we the enemy too?"

Tang Mo laughed, "Yes, the enemy."

Without further ado, Ruan Wangshu and Yu Zheng left to prepare the props for the next day's passage to Level 6.

When Yu Zheng asked that question, it did not really mean that the two sides had become enemies. She was asking if Tang Mo and Fu Wenduo wanted to team up with them.

The number of players who have cleared the fifth level in a zone may be very small, for example, in Russia or West Asia, where the tower is forced to be attacked, there may only be one or two people who have cleared the fifth level. But in big zones like Europe, China and the USA, the number of people who have cleared the fifth level may be five, six or even close to ten.

There are three places in total.

If Tang Mo and Ruan Wangshu are in a team, they naturally don't need to steal places from each other, they are in a team. But teaming up means it's more difficult. Tang Mo wasn't going to risk teaming up now, he and Fu Wenduo had decided seven days earlier when they met up with Bai Ruoyao that they would go into the game and do things randomly. If the game was already so difficult that it didn't matter what the increase in teaming was, they would naturally team up with other players.

Teams represent a step up in difficulty, but it also means fewer opponents to compete for places.

Chen Shanshan and Fu Wensheng gave all their props to Tang Mo. Fu Xiaodi went to the next classroom with a few empty mineral water bottles, having worked hard all afternoon to make three bottles. He handed the mineral water to his big brother: "Big brother, these are the water I made with my evolved psychic powers, and they are much more effective than the previous ones. Drinking it will also briefly improve your supernatural abilities and physical fitness."

Fu Wenduo looked down at his own brother and put the mineral water away in the chicken coop: "Go to bed."

Fu Xiaodi nodded honestly and found a place to sleep.

With their strength, they had no need for sleep. But Fu Wensheng is exhausted from the frenzied use of his powers.

Fu Wenduo : "I'll go home and get some weapons."

Tang Mo : "I'm with you."

With the rubbing darkness of the night, the two left Chosen just after 6pm and headed for Fu Wenduo's home by the Forbidden City. They had to avoid any copies that might be pulled in, so they left after 6pm in case they were delayed by any copies and could not be the first to enter the sixth floor of The black tower.

The two men arrived at the small two-storey building and Fu Wenduo paused as he pushed the door open: "Someone has been here."

Tang Mo looks up at him.

Fu Wenduo : "The house was turned over."

The two searched carefully and found no one else in the house. Tang Mo said, "I think some players came here to search for supplies, so they went through and left without finding anything."

The food and water in the house had been scavenged by other players long before Tang Mo and Fu Wenduo arrived in Beijing. Those who still wanted to come and search for something had to come looking for weapons. But unfortunately, they were not destined to find weapons.

Fu Wenduo leads Tang Mo to the first floor, to a room at the far end of the corridor. This is Fu Wenduo's bedroom, simply and cleanly decorated with a bed, a desk and a full row of bookshelves. The table is made of mahogany, and each piece of furniture reflects the antiquity and simplicity of the last century, which is quite historical at first glance.

Fu Wenduo walks over to the third shelf, pulls out a copy of Introduction to Weapons in Water and opens the book.

Fu Wenduo took the bookmark and inserted it into a small, unobtrusive recess between the two shelves. There was a loud click and the two shelves moved slightly. Fu Wenduo stretched out his hands to prop the shelves open and hundreds of blackened guns appeared in front of the two men instantly.

"A gun that's too long doesn't work well, you use the one I have and I'll take a bit more."

Tang Mo nodded, "Good."

The two men packed some guns and bullets in backpacks and Fu Wenduo took some grenades that Tang Mo could not identify. Noticing Tang Mo's gaze on the grenade, Fu Wenduo held out a long silver and white barrel-shaped grenade, which he gripped by the handle: "M70 anti-tank grenade, the prototype is Type 80. This is a modified version, still under wraps and not fully operational with the army. As powerful as The black tower prop is, this cold weapon can also produce a big blast."

Tang Mo : "Anti-tank? It can blow up a tank?"

Fu Wenduo curled his lips, "It could blow up a building."

As Fu Wenduo closed the concealed door, his eyes caught sight of a black pistol hanging on the wall, which he quickly took down before the bookshelf closed and handed to Tang Mo.

Tang Mo looked at him in surprise, "What?"

"It's a gun I used to use as a kid, it doesn't have a lot of recoil and it's very handy."

Tang Mo froze at first, and after a moment he sneered and rejected the gun, "Suits you."

Fu Wenduo raises one eyebrow and looks at Tang Mo's rare angry look, surprisingly interested in looking at him a little more, without taking the gun away.

Tang Mo frowned, "What are you looking at."

Fu Wenduo's eyes were dark: "This gun is indeed suitable for a novice." Suitable for you.

Tang Mo : "......"

Is this hurdle going to be overcome?

Taking the weapons with him, Tang Mo was about to turn around and leave when suddenly, something cold pressed against his chest. He stopped in his tracks and looked back at Fu Wenduo: "What?"

Fu Wenduo's fingers moved and the gun was easily placed in Tang Mo's pocket in a fluid movement, so fast that even Tang Mo did not react.

Tang Mo found it funny and took the gun out of his pocket again.

"This is the first gun I've ever used."

Tang Mo looked at the gun and then at Fu Wenduo.

The clear moonlight shines through the window, along with the dappled shadows of the trees. Fu Wenduo's eyes are dark and quiet as he looks steadily at Tang Mo for a long time, then smiles slightly and says, "And for the first person I ever liked."

Tang Mo's pupils flicker as his gaze reflects the tall man, who also reflects him. It was only him.

The kiss soon falls, at first as soft as a feather, gradually intensifying and carrying the man's strong scent.

The smell of Fu Wenduo still lingers on this bed, the faint, clean smell seeping into Tang Mo's mouth and nose as he buries his face in it. The shadows of the trees, the pistol loaded, the bed shaking as it fired.

Sweat drips on the young man's face as Tang Mo opens his eyes and a sensual, aggressive force pierces his heart. He pulls Fu Wenduo's neck down and kisses it.

The first bullet was fired from the chamber and Tang Mo gasped slightly as he reached into the air and pulled out a book of psychic powers. He reached the last page and only had time to read the first line, which read "Ability: Genetic Restructuring", before the man pulled it down again.

The Book of Alien Powers was thrown to the ground by its owner.

It was a pity that each ability could only be obtained once, and no more than once could raise the level of the ability. Tang Mo suddenly felt that it was a bit of a bad deal, but he just thought about it and pulled his partner down again by the way and kissed Fu Wenduo hard on the lips.

In the early hours of the morning, Tang Mo and Fu Wenduo returned to Chosen to make sure the two children were safe. At 13:30 on 18 June, they arrived at the bottom of The black tower with Ruan Wangshu and Yu Zheng. Hidden in the shadows, ordinary players quietly surveyed the advanced players who were preparing to raid the sixth floor.

Twenty minutes later, a tall, thin, white young man comes from a distance. When he sees Tang Mo and Fu Wenduo, his eyes twitch and he walks to the side without saying a word.

Tang Mo raised his eyebrows and said, " Ning Zheng has also passed the fifth level."

Then came Bai Ruoyao. When he saw Tang Mo and Fu Wenduo, he waved happily. When he saw Ning Zheng again, the baby-faced youth ran up to him as a matter of course and said with a smile, "Ningning, we haven't seen each other for so long, where have you been hiding. I can't find you at all, it's so sad for me."

Ning Zheng was so angry that he almost fainted, and he ran a little further away from the oddballs.

At the last minute, Tang Mo looked around curiously and said, " Mu Huixue is not here?"

After waiting for a long time, Mu Huixue still did not appear.

...... She won't die in the five level game, or be killed by Andrei?

The moment 14 o'clock arrived, there was no change to The black tower, still black and hovering high in the sky. For the first time, The black tower's update was so calm and uneventful, with a clear child's voice announcing simply "Ding Dong! The black tower version 5.0 is now live!". And then, nothing more.

But after these words, all the players gathered here concentrated their minds and determined to attack the tower as quickly as possible.

Blinding white light flooded Tang Mo's vision and just before he was about to enter the tower attack game, he seemed to catch a glimpse of a darting figure in his afterimage. A depressed female voice shouted breathlessly, "I said you can come with me! You're killing me again, so don't stop me from attacking the tower!"

Andrei didn't understand a word of what the other man was saying, only the word "attack the tower". So he said, "Vu and Ni together, attack him."

Mu Huixue : "......"

But fuck you for attacking the tower!!!

All over the world, in every zone except South Asia, players applied for access to the Tower Attack game as soon as The black tower announced the update at this moment. They were all the first to enter the Tower Attack game, so little did they know that after they had all entered, a loud child's voice spread across the world -

"Dingdong! On June 18, 2018, 30 players from District 9 successfully entered the sixth floor of The black tower."

"In total, one from the Southern States, two from the South East Asia, two from the East Asia, one from the West Asia, one from the Russia, two from the Americas, five from the Europe, seven from the USA and nine from the China."

China, Shanghai.

Luo Fengcheng walked out of the underground car park in dismay and looked across the Huangpu River at The black tower. Jackass came panting over, "Doctor, what's wrong? What does The black tower mean, and why is it suddenly giving information about the attackers? There are nine of us in China. ......"

Before Jackass could finish his sentence, an icy child's voice interrupted him -

"Dingdong! Official West Asia Zone 4 player Picot Burjanadze has failed to pass, and the number of people attacking the tower in West Asia Zone is 0."


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Mr. Fu really can't tease people, the straight man style teasing. It's a good thing Tangtang likes you, otherwise who would be willing to take the powers with you?

The Cantonese phrase probably means: I said can you stop following me, you can't kill me, don't get in my way of attacking the tower.

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