Chapter 199: Customs team and monster team~

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Tang Mo and Fu Wenduo glanced at each other, then continued to follow the gnomish underground man in the direction of the customs office without moving.

In their minds, the voice of The black tower continues.

"For this side mission, the five players are divided into three teams - Customs Team, Monster Team 1, and Monster Team 2. Please note -"

"Firstly, players in the same team can tell what their companions really look like, players not in the same team cannot identify the player."

"Secondly, the task of the customs team was to find the stolen goods that had been smuggled by the Monster II team and to seize the stolen goods. The task of Monster Team Two is to protect the goods they are trying to smuggle and smuggle them successfully. The task of Monster Team One is to assist the Customs Team, and to be a good monster who obeys the law."

"Thirdly, in this game, both the Underlander and The black tower monsters are enemies of the five players."

When Tang Mo heard that there were five players, his heart immediately tightened and he subconsciously looked at Fu Wenduo. Fu Wenduo also looked at him with a grim expression.

Apart from them, there were even other players involved in this tower attack game!

Five in total!

In addition to Tang Mo, Fu Wenduo and Chen Shanshan, there are two other players.

And when he heard at the end that the five players were almost enemies of each other, with opposite missions, and that the Underlander and The black tower monsters were also their enemies, Tang Mo let out a sigh of dismay. However, before he could react, the very next second after The black tower's prompt, he saw an equally gnomish customs officer creaking across the wooden floor, shouting to the gnome in front of them, "Sir, it's bad, there are human players in here!"

The dwarf was startled, "What did you say?!"

Tang Mo's fingers tightened as he looked coldly at the gnome's back. The new gnome informed the officer of the situation and his face changed as he said, "Take Mr. A and Mr. B, who are lazy, back to work and teach them to work quickly", then turned and jogged away.


The second dwarf glanced at Tang Mo and Fu Wenduo out of the corner of his eye and said grimly, "How dare you be lazy? So many monsters are coming out today, and those damned human players are coming in, and you dare to be lazy? Wait a minute, are you the players who have infiltrated?"

Tang Mo's eyes narrowed.

Fu Wenduo asked in a low voice, "Have humans mixed in?"

The dwarf looked them both up and down, muttered "It doesn't look like it", and then said as he walked away, "No, it doesn't. We've just received orders from His Majesty, and a few humans have infiltrated us. I'm told they've infiltrated both the monsters and our department. Well, that's a joke! We customs officers are so tall and powerful, how can those dirty and smelly humans pretend to be? I'm sure they'll be spotted at a glance!"

Tang Mo and Fu Wenduo followed the dwarf, occasionally echoing a few words.

Three minutes later, the trio approached an old, broken door. The gnome pushed the door open with force and a puff of wet moisture greeted Tang Mo as he fixed his eyes on it. Only dozens of long lines appeared in front of them.

No one could have imagined before opening this door that such a small and shabby customs hut would be so wide when opened. It looked like a long queue to pay in a supermarket, with a broken table at the front of each line and an Underlander official standing in front of it. Countless monsters lined up in the queue, waiting for their identity to be checked and to cross the border to go home.

Tang Mo scanned the hundreds of monsters in this group with great speed, not finding a single abnormality.

The gnome led them to the two tables marked 25 and 26 and angrily scolded, "Get to work!" With that he turned and left.

Tang Mo and Fu Wenduo each walk to a table.

The two men turned their heads for a few seconds to observe how the underground man next to them worked, then lowered their heads and Tang Mo followed the actions of one of the underground men next to him and gave a monster boy a firm shove, "What are you doing, turn around and check your belongings!"

The little monster boy with the head of a raven cried out in aggravation, "You just bully children!"

On one side Fu Wenduo is confronted by a tall, strong adult monster, the huge black bear almost squeezing its body into the room, barely able to walk.

The two men found that these Underlander officials were bullying, rude and violent when they encountered the less powerful monsters, and fawning and cautious when they encountered the powerful ones. Fu Wenduo looked up at the tall black bear monster in front of him and a hot breath came out of his nose, spraying Fu Wenduo's face unceremoniously.

Fu Wenduo clenched his right hand into a fist. After half a second, he released his fingers and slowly curled the corners of his mouth, "...... Please come over and inspect the items."

The black bear monster strutted past.

More than twenty customs tables are crammed into the same room, which is extremely noisy with underground people and monsters. As they become familiar with the work to be done, Tang Mo and Fu Wenduo quietly lean in together.

Tang Mo lowered his voice and said, "Apart from us and Shanshan, there are two other players. Shanshan and I were teamed up for the tower attack. Because of the different levels of the raid, The black tower deliberately separated us from her this time, probably to make the game less difficult for her, but she can't be our enemy."

Fu Wenduo handed a pair of smelly shoes to a The black tower monster and, without turning around, whispered to Tang Mo, "So those two players are monster team two and Shanshan is monster team one."

In this side mission, Tang Mo and Fu Wenduo's goal is to find the stolen goods, and Monster Team 2's mission is to successfully smuggle the stolen goods. Tang Mo and Chen Shanshan are teammates, so the young girl can never be Team Monster 2, only Team Monster 1.

Tang Mo : "Those two players, they're all from Monster Team 2."

Fu Wenduo nodded, "Yes."

The customs team is currently confirmed to be Tang Mo and Fu Wenduo, with three players remaining. Chen Shanshan is definitely the monster first team, the other two players may both be second team, or one of them may be second team and one of them is teammates with Chen Shanshan and is first team. But ......

Fu Wenduo: "Monster Team 2 and us are the enemy. The black tower is absolutely fair, and there is no way that a player in China other than Mu Huixue would be recognised by The black tower as 'being able to play against both of us alone'." In fact, even Mu Huixue might not be rated that highly. Fu Wenduo concludes, "So those two are on the same team, and it's likely that they are also teamed up for the tower attack game."

Tang Mo's fingers tapped on the table: "So here's the problem ...... It's clear that we are now the customs officers, at an advantage, and those two players are the underdogs. Is it their strength that The black tower recognises to the extent that they need to give us the advantage to beat them. Or is there some change of heart that hasn't happened yet."

As soon as Tang Mo's words left his mouth, a gruff male voice suddenly rang out.

In the customs house, all the Underlander officials and The black tower monster looked up in unison at a large green horn in the corner of the ceiling -

"Hey, hey, hey, emergency announcement, emergency announcement!"

"Honorable gentlemen and ladies of the monsters, and our loyal officials of the Underlanders. His Majesty the King has issued an order that we have just received the lamentable news that a player has infiltrated our customs!"

There was an uproar from the monsters.

"Those damned players, hidden by the great The black tower with their stinky smell and ugly looks, none of us could find out who they really were. But don't worry, the customs department has been given accurate information that there are a total of five damnable players who are hiding among the customs officials and monsters."

At these words Tang Mo was clearly aware of the Underlander standing to his left, number 24, turning his head to look at himself and then at Fu Wenduo. All the Underlander officers looked warily at their companions. So did the monsters.

The strong creature fist-pumped excitedly, "How dare a player pretend to be us, The black tower monsters?" The creature swallowed greedily, "I'm going to find him and I'm going to eat him!"

On the radio, the gnome official was still broadcasting, "In order to successfully capture those five disgusting players, from now on, the Underlander customs department is blocking the bridges. Hey, don't worry, honourable monsters, it's not that we won't allow you to cross and leave, we just won't allow new monsters to set foot on the bridges."

"Bet on the honour of His Majesty the King that the customs officials will find those damned players!"

The Underlander officials shouted, "Find the humans and eat them!"

The monsters roared back, "Find them and eat them!"

As the cheers rose, Tang Mo and Fu Wenduo's eyelids jumped and a sense of foreboding came over them. Tang Mo turned to see the dwarf chief, who had just been vocal on the radio, come out of nowhere and yell to the people underground, "Come here! Now, I'm going to start looking for the filthy humans hiding among you. Humans, I'm going to give you one more chance to come out now, and hey, I promise to just fry you up and eat you and give you a whole body!"

Tang Mo and Fu Wenduo's faces slowly went cold.

Chen Shanshan stands in the middle of the group of monsters, taking in all of The black tower's prompts and the dwarf officer's words without a word. Around her, many of the monsters are fist-pumping for the player, discussing how they should be eaten alive.

The little girl clutched the large lollipop in her arms, lowered her head, closed her eyes and thought.

At the end of the group, David and Pete were a little confused at first. Behind them, the two Underlander officers closed the bridge just as they stood at the very end of the group.

David, the brown-haired one, said unhappily, "What does it mean, that The black tower has set us up against each other? This is a confrontation game?"

Pete rolled his turquoise blue eyes as he fondled a string of red onyx bracelets that he wore on his wrist. After a moment's reflection, Pete smiled grimly, "Dear David, isn't that nice? Or is it surprising that after turning full player you've lost the killing intent of our returnees and are thinking of being a good old boy in peace? My friend, I wouldn't want to be that bored playing games. How nice it is that there is no telling what kind of player would dare to be a rival to the two of us. Kill them, this game can be so much fun."

David said sarcastically, " Pete , it's only a side quest, maybe we'll have to work with those three players on the main quest."

Pete spread his hands unconcernedly, "Just kill them before then and there'll be no more cooperation."

David was less inclined to kill than his own teammates, but he wasn't going to stop it either. David rubbed his chin: "I'm just curious, if we're against the Customs players, what role does Monster Team One ...... play? If the three teams of players can't recognise each other, then why did The black tower make a Monster One team on purpose and what could that guy do?"

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