Chapter 197: The black tower version 4.5 update ~

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Mu Huixue poured all the mineral water from the plastic bottle over her wound, and returned the bottle to Fu Wenduo after her arm had recovered and the wound had completely healed.

The black tower is silent as the sun sets over the huge city of Beijing.

Mu Huixue : "That was a good fight, I'm a bit hungry. Are you guys hungry?"

Tang Mo looked at her and shook his head, "It's okay."

Mu Huixue smiled and waved her hand, "I'm hungry, so I'll go out and find something to eat."

At the end of her sentence, the woman in black propped her right hand on a desk, leapt lightly and left the building. Mu Huixue had deliberately sought the opportunity to leave, as The black tower had suddenly dropped hints of a new update, and Bai Ruoyao had told her a very important secret earlier. She wasn't on Tang Mo's team, so she couldn't stay here and listen to their internal discussions.

Tang Mo got a great deal of information today.

The black tower version 4.5, information about The black tower and psychic powers as stated by Bai Ruoyao.

Tang Mo looks to Fu Wenduo: "I don't think Bai Ruoyao is lying."

Fu Wenduo : "I also think that he is telling the truth."

If what Bai Ruoyao said is true, then the words on Fu Wenduo's power note, which were erased by The black tower, are -

"The last player to have this ability cleared the seventh floor of The black tower." Tang Mo said, word for word. After a moment of thought, Tang Mo said, "Last year Luo Fengcheng and I had a discussion about whether the power was given to the player by The black tower, or whether it was a human being who possessed it and The black tower was just acting as a catalyst to bring it out of the player. "

Chen Shanshan nodded, "My teacher has spoken to me about this. My view and that of my teacher is that The black tower is the catalyst and that the powers belong to the humans themselves."

Tang Mo: "I think so too. But if it's true, as Bai Ruoyao says, that you're not the only one who has the same ability, and that at some incalculable time there were players who also had it ...... then is it true that this ability still belongs to humans themselves?"

Chen Shanshan was silent, "When the Atak organisation collected information in Shanghai, they gathered information on about three thousand players. No one has the exact same powers, but if they are similar, the similarities are not great."

Fu Wensheng also had a say in this: "Team Xiao did a similar survey!"

Did Xiao Jitong do the same thing?

When everyone looked at Fu Wensheng, Fu Xiaodi said honestly, "It was around the beginning of the year when Team Xiao asked the Nanjing team to record as much information as possible about the powers of every player in Nanjing. Brother Xiao asked the Nanjing team to record as much information as possible about every player in Nanjing. You all know the power of our Nanjing team in Nanjing at that time, Brother Xiao and Brother Tang, almost all players would come to us to buy game clues and exchange props. Brother Xiao used an anonymous method to collect over 10,000 powers, none of which were the same."

Chen Shanshan concludes, "This sample size is large enough to basically determine that each individual has different psychic abilities."

"So ...... what is it that determines psychic abilities?"

Fu Wenduo's low voice rang out and everyone fell into contemplation.

Nice, it's what's in it that determines which powers the player has.

Tang Mo didn't have any doubts about this until Bai Ruoyao said that "the player has a power that someone else has had before". No two people in the world are identical, so it's understandable that they have different powers. But if the powers are consistent, what is the reason for the consistency?

A few seconds later, Tang Mo brushed his eyes open and suddenly said, "Genetic recombination?"

Fu Wenduo looked over at him, "Hmm?"

This is the name of Fu Wenduo's psychic ability.

Chen Shanshan caught the key word and said in surprise, "You mean genes?!" The young girl's brain was running at a tremendous speed, and she spoke a long string of words to herself as if she were pouring beans: "If it's genes, it does make sense. Everyone's genes are different, so genes determine psychic abilities, which are very different. But if genes can, then perhaps DNA can? Then make the assumption that psychic abilities are determined by genes, or even more subtle DNA. Then on this basis ...... allomantic abilities are identical, which means that two people have identical DNA ......"

The voice stopped abruptly as Chen Shanshan said in an odd tone, "How can there be two people with identical DNA? Even in the case of clones, there is the possibility of mutations and mutations."

"It really doesn't exist?"

Chen Shanshan turns his head towards Tang Mo.

Tang Mo: "Humans have about 3.1 billion DNA base pairs, and in any case, there must be a fixed sequence that forms a person. With only seven billion people on the planet, the probability of producing two identical individuals is extremely low and almost impossible to achieve on Earth. But if you extend this time frame to 13.82 billion years and the scope to the whole universe ...... Murphy's Law?"

Chen Shanshan blushed: "Murphy's Law, if something bad has a chance of happening, even if the odds are small, it will happen."

Tang Mo : "From the birth of the universe to the present, looking at the entire universe ......" The voice slowly stopped and Tang Mo's fingers tightened as he spoke the words, "Maybe there really was another me in the world. So what is ...... The black tower?"

What exactly is The black tower?

No one said another word in the silence of the room.

One answer was clearly imprinted on Tang Mo's mind, and it was the most logical one, but if that was the case, what would they face after passing through the seven floors of The black tower? Would it be true freedom, or another form of slavery?

Who is behind these thousands of The Black Tower buildings.

Closing her eyes and breathing a soft sigh of relief, Tang Mo looked to Fu Wenduo: "Hungry?"

While Tang Mo and Chen Shanshan were using their psychic powers to reason and guess, Fu Wenduo stood by and occasionally said a few words. At this moment, Tang Mo turns his head to look at him, and he looks at Tang Mo quietly. He curled his lips and said to the two children, "Find a safe place to hide while we look for supplies."

Fu Wensheng was very obedient to his elder brother and nodded his head in a hurry.

Chen Shanshan's head is bowed and her fringes are down, making it difficult to see her expression.

Tang Mo and Fu Wenduo left the building together in search of supplies. Chen Shanshan stayed inside for a while, and half an hour later she went out to use the toilet. She had just reached the corner of the stairs when she was suddenly startled to see a tall, single backed figure.

The huge moon hangs high in the sky, shining through the floor-to-ceiling glass of the stairwell, casting long, slanting shadows on the stair rails that fall to the ground. A black woman with a high ponytail sits on the corner of the stair railing, one leg propped up on the ground, looking up at the moon in the sky.

Perhaps because the glass was so brightly polished, the moon seemed unobstructed, spilling over her body completely.

Chen Shanshan hid his surprise behind a stoic expression, intending to walk around the other man to go to the bathroom. Before she could take two steps, Mu Huixue smiled and said, " Tang Mo and Fu Wenduo are out looking for supplies?"

Earth has been online for over six months and players are demanding less and less food and water, and their bodies are metabolising slowly. But it is not that there is no demand for food or water.

Chen Shanshan didn't hold back, "Yes." After a pause, she asked, "What are you doing?"

The short-haired girl didn't expect to hear an answer, but the next thing she knew Mu Huixue was answering, "The moon."

Chen Shanshan was stunned: "?"

...... tan moon?

Mu Huixue : "On that Earth of the Returners, there is no moon, only daylight. The sun rises from the east and sets from the west. The moment it sets, it rises again immediately from the east. For we are not entitled to rest. Perhaps for it," Mu Huixue pointed to the huge black tower illuminated by the moonlight, "we returnees are just tools for playing games. Ants you know?"

Chen Shanshan did not understand her intention in asking, and she replied, "Yes."

Mu Huixue smiled, stretched and stood up from the armrest: "We are worker ants. The life of a returnee is only playing games and attacking towers, there is no value in it. Over six billion people, only three hundred and fifty thousand left in the end. ......"

The woman in black leaned down and stroked the little girl's hair, grinning, revealing her white teeth: "Most of the returnees are strong young men, mostly men. The last time I saw a young child as small as you was three months ago. Well ...... are you malnourished? It looks like you're only twelve, about the same as that little boy."

Chen Shanshan's voice is low: "My family is not very well off." And also a picky eater, so indeed she might be a bit malnourished.

The latter phrase Chen Shanshan did not say.

Mu Huixue did not say another word.

Chen Shanshan walked around her to go to the bathroom, and she looked back to see the woman lying on the stair railing again, her hands behind her head, quietly sunbathing on the moon.

Tang Mo and Fu Wenduo were both a little surprised to see Mu Huixue when they returned with their supplies.

They thought Mu Huixue was long gone.

Mu Huixue smiled slightly: "I don't know my way around Beijing and I'm going to update the new version tomorrow, so I don't have anywhere to go anyway. It's dark now, so I'll leave when the new version is updated tomorrow."

Mu Huixue was definitely not their teammate, but the woman didn't look like much of a threat either. Tang Mo and Fu Wenduo allowed her to stay in the building by default. Mu Huixue may be strong, but Tang Mo and Fu Wenduo are not really defeated by her. If she dares to do anything, Tang Mo will not hesitate to use his "One Very Fast Man" powers and work with Fu Wenduo to finish her off.

In the evening, Chen Shanshan wrote down the names of those who had been notified by The black tower in his little book.

Tang Mo reads out the name: "Europe 1, official player, Lena Chopehos."

When Earth went live, the player had an excellent memory. Fu Wenduo says: "She was the first player in Europe to clear the first level of The black tower."

Tang Mo nodded, "I remember that too."

Fu Wenduo: "Of the ten zones in the world, Europe is currently exempt from the mandatory tower attack after three days because she cleared the fifth floor of The black tower. Except for Europe, the other nine zones will be forced to attack the tower if no one passes the fifth floor of The black tower in three days."

Tang Mo furrowed his brow, "Three days is a bit tight."

Tang Mo and Fu Wenduo have not had time to take on the tower since The black tower 4.0 update and the merging of the two worlds due to the events of the Returners. With Eve's game and Santa's kitschy shopping street, they have a lot to worry about. If anything, they are not prepared enough to attack the tower now. The same goes for the other senior players. Lena Chopehos is the exception.

Their best option would have been for The black tower to force a tower attack after three days, but then the whole of China would have been pulled out of the tower game.

Most players can't progress fast enough to keep up with the demands of The black tower, and a sudden attack on the tower is dangerous. Fu Wensheng, not to mention others, is in danger. He's on the fourth floor of The black tower, and with his current strength, it's easy to get into trouble. No one can be sure whether they will be alone or if they will meet a strange teammate.

After much deliberation, Tang Mo decided, "Let's wait for The black tower 4.5 update and let's attack it."

The crowd rests for the night.

The next morning, at dawn, Tang Mo and Fu Wenduo opened their eyes at the same time and looked at each other at 5.58am.

When they ran to the window, they found Mu Huixue waiting there too.

Chen Shanshan and Fu Wensheng came running at the last minute. No one spoke, and the five looked up together, at the lofty tower in the distance.

Meanwhile, Suzhou, Guanqian Street.

A fiery red convertible sports car rampaged arrogantly through the pedestrian street, knocking over some of the stalls placed in front of the shops. The wheels screeched on the ground with an unpleasant braking sound and a ten-metre-long black tyre track appeared on the ground. The car drifted with a crash and came to rest horizontally directly underneath The black tower.

If Tang Mo were here, he might recognise that this convertible sports car, valued at over $3 million, was put on display in the ground floor lobby of a major shopping mall in Suzhou for its anniversary last year.

At this moment, the two young foreigners sitting in the car smiled broadly, took off their sunglasses and looked up at The black tower.

Seemingly sensing the gaze from the shadows, one of the brown-haired foreigners glanced in that direction.

The blond man in the driver's seat threw his sunglasses of a certain luxury brand to the ground: "Hey David, look what those little ants are doing. They only dare to hide in the shady corners and look at you and me enviously, do they dare to come out? No, I'm sure they don't even have the courage to take another look."

David was disgruntled, " Pete, I told you, why let these little buggers live, just kill them all, that's what we do in that world anyway."

Pete raised an eyebrow, "Do you want the whole of Suzhou to be just the two of us? You want me not to, I'm not gay, I don't want to spend time with you."

David grimaced in disgust and was about to make a retort when The black tower suddenly glowed with a colourful light.

Pete : "Well, the new version is coming."

The same is happening all over the world.

It's just that for the most part, the players who come to watch The black tower update are hiding in the shadows, and few are as wildly arrogant as the two foreigners at Suzhou.

This time, before the update, The black tower still flashed five white dots from top to bottom.

The first dot of light flashed so fast that even Fu Wenduo could not see it. The second dot of light flashed more than 300,000 times in total. The third one flashed 50,000 times, and the fourth one flashed more than 100 times.

And at the end, the fifth point of light flashed only once.

This represents the number of people currently passing through each tower level.

When all five dots of light had flashed, a clear child's voice rang out, saying in a voice that did not rise and fall -

"Dingdong! On June 7, 2018 at 6:00 pm, The black tower version 4.5 goes live!"

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