Chapter 186: Fly.

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Once the props were retracted, Bai Ruoyao leapt backwards and passed between Tang Mo and Mu Huixue, jumping a safe distance away. He covers his heart in front of Tang Mo, looking heartbroken and out of love. Before a few seconds had passed, he was smiling and laughing as he walked into the crowd, making you want to pick him up and beat him to death.

Tang Mo suddenly wanted to laugh a little, and with his hands in his pockets, he glanced at Bai Ruoyao for a moment before withdrawing his gaze.

There are people who, if you ignore them, will cling to you like candy. But if you do, he will immediately run away. Bai Ruoyao is one of these people. While everyone on Earth is thinking about how to get through The black tower and survive, he spends his days thinking about how to have fun, as if that's what makes life worth living.

But he was afraid of death.

Even with his smiling face, Tang Mo could sense that the baby-faced youth did not want to die, he wanted to live.

Father Christmas stepped off the tall sleigh car and walked through the crowd to the huge doors.

This is a castle-like candy house. Ancient Greek-style domed doors and snowflake cut-out walls. Santa put his hand in his hip pocket and dug hard, but he didn't seem to find anything, so he slapped his head: "Oops, I misplaced it again." Then they saw him reach down into his trousers, fumble twice in his crotch and pull out a golden key.

An imperceptible subtle smell permeates the air.

The five senses of the advanced players were all quite heightened, but the smell was so faint that most people didn't care. Tang Mo should not have cared either when Fu Wenduo suddenly covered his mouth and nose without changing his expression. Tang Mo froze, and the next thing he knew, the words of Schrödinger's roar rang out in his head -

"I'm going to make you into Santa's stinky toilet!!!"

Tang Mo : "......"

Tang Mo silently reached out his hand, as if he didn't feel safe, and put another layer over Fu Wenduo's hand. He noticed Fu Wenduo's movements falter for a moment, and after a long time, Fu Wenduo's low voice sounded behind his ear, "According to common sense, you should cover my nose now."

Tang Mo curled his lips and did not reply.

Santa opened the door with his golden key and with a creak, as if it had been dusty for years, a blinding light shone through the door. In the next moment, a cheerful Christmas song starts to play from inside the shop, Father Christmas smiles broadly and shouts "Merry Christmas!

The first thing that caught the eye was a large red jeweled candy. Hovering high in the air, the diamond-shaped ruby candy gently swirls and dances to the tune of the song, reflecting a dazzling light. Directly beneath it is a chocolate fountain the size of a swimming pool, the sweet smell of cocoa sticking to the nose and making Tang Mo cringe in discomfort.

Father Christmas happily walked around the chocolate fountain and showed the players around.

"This is Santa's House of Curious Sweets, every year countless children want to visit, but I only like good honest children, there are too many bad children in the Kingdom of the Underlanders." The tall and imposing Santa picked up a cone from the fountain, put it in the chocolate fountain and twirled it twice and handed it to one of the players standing behind him, "Honest boy, do you like chocolate."

The player's heart tightened and he said warily, "Not like that."

The players who have survived this long and entered this copy are not simple characters. Most of them know how special Santa is among The black tower monsters and how powerful he is. If he answers "yes" and Santa hands him this chocolate, will he eat it or not? What would happen if he ate it is anyone's guess.

A dark light flashed in Santa's eyes as he stroked his white beard and said regretfully, "Pity, don't force yourself to eat chocolate if you don't like it. Children, will you eat the chocolate? If you eat it, you will gain more power."

The black tower's crisp beep sounded at the right time -

"Ding dong! Santa's first present for the kids, Reverse Chocolate."

[Props: Reverse Chocolate]

[Owned by: Father Christmas]

[Quality: Fine].

[Grade: Level 1].

[Attack Power: None]

【Function: A magic piece of chocolate that can enhance certain body muscle strength when eaten】.

[Restriction: Only the first consumption will have an effect].

[Remark: It is said that eating chocolate will definitely make you fat, yet who would have thought that this is a rebellious chocolate in the midst of a rebellion].

Players who say they don't like chocolate: "......"

Santa asked and the players didn't necessarily eat the chocolate. But The black tower did, and everyone grabbed a cone, rolled a bit of chocolate out of the chocolate fountain and ate it.

The player's face turned blue and white, and when he saw that everyone had eaten the chocolate, he couldn't help but reach out his hand to take it too. Only halfway up his hand was slapped down. When he looked up, the white-bearded Father Christmas looked at him kindly and smiled, "Father Christmas never forces children."

"I ...... I like to eat chocolate."

Santa's face suddenly changed: "So you were lying? Are you a dishonest child?"

The 'Christmas Song' echoing in the room came to an abrupt end, a music that no one had noticed when it had been playing, once it stopped, a cold chill breeze came through the door, the air froze and a horrible aura pressed down from overhead. The player was no fool, he immediately changed his tune: "I don't like chocolate, not at all!"

Santa suddenly changed his face and laughed out loud, "You sure are a good boy."

It's more important to live than to eat a prop and get fit.

Father Christmas led the player onwards and that player came to the end, no longer daring to stand behind Santa.

There was no more of this, as Santa moved on to the next room and showed the players around without buying them any more food. Tang Mo and Fu Wenduo stood at the end of the room, Bai Ruoyao standing smiling in the middle of the group as if he was afraid they would catch him again, occasionally scowling at Tang Mo.

"His name is Bai Ruoyao , nicknamed Fox."

Mu Huixue stood back with her arms wrapped around her, looking at Bai Ruoyao's psychotic look and raising an eyebrow at him. Bai Ruoyao was giving Tang Mo and Fu Wenduo a wink when he was suddenly glanced at by Mu Huixue, who returned the glance.

Fox, Fox.

In a way, Bai Ruoyao really does look like a fox, and certainly a tart one at that.

Mu Huixue : "But a lot of people didn't like his nickname and changed his name to Fly."

Tang Mo : "Fly?"

Mu Huixue: "It's a fly. It buzzes around your head all day, and it's a bit of a struggle to swat it."

Tang Mo nodded, deeply convinced.

There are only wrong names, not wrong nicknames. This name was tailor-made for Bai Ruoyao.

Fu Wenduo suddenly said, "...... He is Fox?"

The man's voice was very calm, but Tang Mo heard a hint of incredulity in it. Fu Wenduo actually knew Bai Ruoyao, could it be that Bai Ruoyao's identity was the same as they had guessed before ...... Even Fu Wenduo and Luo Fengcheng could not find out the information, but the state seemed to have been investigating Bai Ruoyao's identity; it seemed to know The Chinese government has been investigating the identity of Bai Ruoyao, who seems to know Fu Wenduo, but Fu Wenduo doesn't know him; he came back from abroad a few years ago and is so good that he is obviously not an ordinary person.

Mu Huixue laughed: " Mr. Fu had heard of him too, and Fly was quite famous in his circle, in every sense of the word, much more famous than I was. After all, he is very annoying."

By now Santa had finished showing everyone around the second room and was heading towards the third.

Fu Wenduo stopped in his tracks and looked at Mu Huixue seriously. He is silent for a moment and asks, "Deer?"

Mu Huixue gave a cheerful smile and nodded, "National Security Team 6, code name Deer. first time I've met you, Mr. Fu, you're surprisingly good." After a pause, she turned her head to Tang Mo, "But what surprises me more today is you, Tang Mo. China's most powerful survivor is the stowaway Fu Wenduo, but China's most powerful official player should be you. Wait, is Fly an official player?"

Bai Ruoyao is an official player, and Tang Mo said, "He is."

Mu Huixue frowned: "Then I might have to take that back. Before Earth came online, I couldn't beat Fly at all, and now, without the use of powers and props, he and I are only 50/50. In terms of physical fitness, only Mr. Fu School should have a chance of beating him."

Tang Mo was stunned, he did not expect Bai Ruoyao to receive such high praise from Mu Huixue, but then he realised.

"Mortals die at last" is Bai Ruoyao's extraordinary power.

This is a chicken-hearted to almost negligible ability that allows Bai Ruoyao to see the dead aura in a person. It doesn't have any offensive power, no surprise effect. But Bai Ruoyao has survived well into the present, relying not on his powers or his brains (which only get him into trouble), but on great personal strength.

But Bai Ruoyao was able to beat Mu Huixue?

"He's that strong?"

Mu Huixue's tone was solemn: "Yes, Fly is very strong. If he wasn't strong, he would have died abroad a long time ago. There are too many people in the circle who want to kill him. We are nominally affiliated to the country, but never really belong to it. We are loosely disciplined and only know each other by nicknames, and if we don't want to show our faces, no one knows what some of us look like. There were no rules to restrict us, no conditions to punish us, it didn't matter if we killed our teammates as long as we got the job done."

"You came to Beijing to find him?"

Mu Huixue's voice trailed off as he looked towards Fu Wenduo.

It's a question Tang Mo has been wanting to ask for a while.

Bai Ruoyao is a powerful and unpredictable man, but he is not "famous", in the sense that he has never been noticed or notified by The black tower. This is one of the reasons why Tang Mo senses that Bai Ruoyao is actually afraid of death. How did Mu Huixue know that Bai Ruoyao was in Beijing?

Bai Ruoyao is from Chongqing, so why did Mu Huixue come all the way to Beijing to find him?

Although she seems to be getting along well at the moment, Mu Huixue is a returnee anyway, and one of the top returnees on the time chart. She has killed countless people and Tang Mo and Fu Wenduo have never let their guard down. They watch her without moving, and whenever she moves, they both strike back at the same time.

Mu Huixue rubbed her chin and smiled to herself, "I came to find him?" She tsked, "What's the point of looking for flies. I came to find Fu Wenduo."

Tang Mo and Fu Wenduo were stunned in unison.

Fu Wenduo knew that he didn't know Mu Huixue at all; they had both heard of each other, but they were definitely meeting for the first time. Tang Mo, on the other hand, thought of something else. The most powerful returnee and the most powerful survivor, could it be that Mu Huixue had come this time to ......

"I've come for you, to kill me."

In the dazzling jewel light, the black woman blinking her ponytail grinned, revealing her white teeth. She wasn't much of a looker, but she looked smooth, and her great strength was hidden in a tall, slender body that no one would have guessed was the most powerful human currently on the planet.

Tang Mo's eyes slowly widened and he looked at Mu Huixue in disbelief.

But Fu Wenduo narrowed his eyes for a long time, and then he whispered, "You want to die very much?"

Mu Huixue hasn't answered yet as she follows the crowd into the third room. Suddenly she closed her mouth and turned her head to look at Santa. She held up her hand to stop the conversation, speaking very quickly: "Those two doors are not quite right. We've visited three rooms in total since we entered, and these three rooms are connected in a line, separated by a door. But now there were two doors in this third room, one for each of the two rooms. There is a line between the walls of the two doors that separates these two rooms ...... so distinctly."

Mu Huixue had just been chatting with Tang Mo and Fu Wenduo and had not missed Santa's introduction at all.

Tang Mo scanned the room and then looked at the two doors.

Mu Huixue : "Choose one of the rooms and enter?"

Tang Mo and Chen Shanshan, who had not approached in the distance to avoid suspicion, shook their heads in unison and both said at the same time, "The game hasn't started yet, this is a visit without danger. Intuition tells me that these two may be the key to the game, and now Santa will show us around them."

At the end of the sentence, a loud laugh rang out as Santa stood in the middle of the two doors and laughed: "It's time for a choice. Which of these two rooms do the children want to visit first? Santa is all ears for the children, so now, let's all raise our hands and vote!"

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