Chapter 183: I want to find someone to kill me.

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Chen Shanshan didn't notice Tang Mo and Fu Wenduo's small movements, she thought for a moment and said, "I can remember what happened when I was unconscious, but I don't have any memory of Eve's reward. It's amazing that The black tower can do that ......" The voice stopped and the little girl looked up, "Brother Tang Mo, what do you think has changed since before the coma?"

"The strength seems to be stronger." After a pause, Tang Mo added: "Combined strength."

On this point, Tang Mo did not hide from his teammates.

When he woke up, he was vaguely aware that he might have gotten stronger. The increase in strength was not that he had suddenly acquired any props, nor a few powers, but rather: "My eyesight is better. Looking out of the window, Fu Wenduo, where can you see?"

Fu Wenduo went to the window: "Five kilometres away, on that white billboard, is the latest Huawei phone."

Tang Mo : "Can you make out the name of the spokesperson in the bottom right corner?"

Fu Wenduo squinted his eyes, and he looked at it steadily for a moment: "It's a bit blurry. But I remember the star on the billboard, and if I look at the words on top of his name, I can tell what they are." The implication is that Fu Wenduo wouldn't have dared to say that he could see the words clearly if he didn't know what they were.

Tang Mo looked to him, "I can read it. Not that clearly, but I can see which words."

Fu Wenduo : "...... Christmas tree branches?"

Chen Shanshan also said, "An upgraded version of the Christmas tree branch?"

Tang Mo smiled and shook his head, "It could be, but I don't feel it's that simple. What I can detect now is an increase in my five senses, and an increase in my reflexes and speed. As for other aspects of strength ......," Tang Mo's voice paused as he looked slightly sideways at the man standing beside him. Their eyes met in the air, Fu Wenduo curled his lips and Tang Mo smiled back.

Fu Xiaodi looked confused on the sidelines: "Eh, what happened to the other aspects of strength? Brother Tang, why don't you say anything?"

Chen Shanshan smiled, "There's a roadside basketball court behind this building, why don't you go there and have a go?"


The four of them soon arrived at the basketball court, Tang Mo put aside his umbrella and Fu Wenduo did not use his weapon. The next second, there were two whooshes of wind and two black figures slammed into each other with a speed that was difficult to see with the naked eye, the vibrations rippled through the earth and the basketball court made a violent humming sound.

A battle of this calibre was far beyond the reach of the physically incapable Chen Shanshan, but the young girl did not give up. Her eyes widened as she stared intently into the ring. After a brief clash, Tang Mo and Fu Wenduo switched positions, and Tang Mo slid backwards three metres with one hand on the ground before stabilising himself. He looked up and saw the surprised look on Fu Wenduo's face.

Tang Mo's speed and power have really improved significantly!

Fu Wenduo's stoic face showed a rare hint of anticipation as he looked forward to the fight that was to follow.

The man's low voice rang out, "Again?"


The next moment, Tang Mo was on the attack again. He looked like he was throwing a punch at Fu Wenduo's heart, but the moment they made contact, he swept his leg into Fu Wenduo's lower back. Fu Wenduo's hands blocked the blow and his left hand was thundering as he grabbed Tang Mo's arm in the blink of an eye. Tang Mo quickly broke free and met him with a left hook.

Bare-knuckle physical combat has an aesthetic of pure wild violence at this extreme speed and power.

There was a continuous thud and bang as both men used ten per cent of their strength, and both men were left with a bit of paint on their bodies. Suddenly, Fu Wenduo, in a ghostly manner, suddenly grabbed Tang Mo's neck from behind with his elbow and pressed his other hand against his neck. At that moment Tang Mo almost felt the scent of death, and he clearly realised that his neck would be snapped with Fu Wenduo's force.

The fight is over and Fu Wenduo lets go of Tang Mo, who coughs lightly and cranes his neck.

"What kind of fighting technique was that just now?"

Fu Wenduo cleared his throat, "Naked strand."

Tang Mo had never heard of this fighting technique and assumed that it was difficult to learn, so Fu Wenduo had not taught him before. Little did he know that the naked choke is one of the most lethal of all Jiu-Jitsu techniques. A normal person would have difficulty breathing immediately after being choked and would easily pass out, and there are many players who have been choked out by this technique in regular competitions.

Fu Wenduo didn't expect to be forced to use such a murderous move in this competition with Tang Mo, and after thinking about it, he decided not to tell Tang Mo about it in the future, lest Tang Mo would remember it.

Tang Mo still finds himself a step behind Fu Wenduo in close quarters. He is indeed stronger than before, but he is still not as good as Fu Wenduo when it comes to fighting.

The four returned to the house and Tang Mo summed it up, "At the moment, it seems that Eve's reward is more on the physical side of things, or an upgraded version of the Christmas tree branch, so to speak."

Fu Wensheng thought, " Eve's reward is a red apple, eh, it's a bit like a peace fruit."

When you put it that way, it really does have something to do with the Christmas tree branches.

Chen Shanshan subconsciously felt that the reward could not be that simple. There are no more than twenty players in the world who have received this reward, and The black tower would not have set up a seven-day long Eve game just to reward advanced players and improve their fitness.

However at the moment they have limited information and can only guess so much.

Tang Mo had been in a coma for seven days and was unaware of many things. Chen Shanshan explains to him the situation in Beijing: "After Xu Yunsheng's death, the returnees have been much more restrained. It's true that many players have been killed or eliminated from the game in the past seven days in Beijing, but most of the accidental deaths were of weaker official players, and there weren't many of them."

This is understandable," says Tang Mo: "Xu Yunsheng was arguably the most powerful returnee in Beijing. Her death is a wake-up call for the returnees. The Earth survivors are not as weak as they think they are, so they don't dare to kill so brazenly anymore."

But there were still a number of players who died.

When returnees return to Earth, they are still bound by the time charts and they are still not official players.

To truly gain freedom and remove the golden number hovering around their necks, they had to eliminate the Earth players. Killing was the easiest way to do this, and if Tang Mo hadn't killed Xu Yunsheng in such a crisp and clear manner to deter the Returnee camp, the situation in Beijing would be even more dire.

Today there is a delicate balance between the two sides.

The returnees must eliminate the Earth players, this is the way The black tower gives them to survive. But they don't kill at will either, and this dichotomy is to the extent that both sides are comfortable with it, and it could even be argued that the returnees are at a disadvantage. Because they are not really organised, they are mostly lone wolves and suffer from the constant threat of time charts.

Tang Mo clasped his hands in his arms, tapping his fingers on them. He wrinkles his brow in contemplation for a long time, then suddenly looks up: " Where is Ning Zheng?"

Yes, what about Ning Zheng?

Once Xu Yunsheng died, Ning Zheng was the most powerful returnee in Beijing.

The return to Earth is now a reality and the smart returnees will no longer fight alone. Having seen how strong Chosen and players like Fu Wenduo are, they will become more united. Perhaps not too much, but Ning Zheng could use his influence to create a powerful returnee organisation that could stand up to the Earth survivors. I'm afraid that's what many Returnees would like to see.

But ......

Chen Shanshan : "No news of Ning Zheng."

Tang Mo was a little surprised and he subconsciously looked at Fu Wenduo to get a positive answer from him, "No news at all?"

Fu Wenduo : "No."

Tang Mo's face changed.

There is absolutely no hint ...... that whenever there is contact with someone, there must be traces left. Could it be that Ning Zheng hasn't caught on to weed out the Earth players and get rid of his status as a returnee?

Meanwhile, an abandoned garment factory on the sixth ring road in Beijing.

As the sky darkens, a faint white light flickers deep inside the factory, and soon a white figure appears in the factory. Ning Zheng was wearing a white jacket that was a little stained with blood. Back on Earth, he first gripped his weapon and looked around warily, making sure nothing was out of place before he walked out of the factory with a cold expression.

Just as he was walking out the door of the factory, Ning Zheng turned around and threw his knife at the side of the building.

Next to the factory gate, a tall, thin, baby-faced youth side-stepped the slash as he shouted exaggeratedly, "Wow, just met with a knife, so mean." The corners of his mouth slowly grinned as the baby-faced youth blinked, his hands in his pockets as he glanced at Ning Zheng's neck and laughed, "Hee hee, just got out of the copy? The numbers are gone oh, enough eliminations?"

Being able to hide his scent from himself, Ning Zheng knew that the baby-faced youth who looked so much like a psychopath was definitely not to be underestimated. He shoved his hand into his pocket and gripped the prop hidden in it.

Ning Zheng said coldly, "Who are you?"

"You don't know my name?" The doll-faced youth's mouth opened slightly and a look of surprise appeared on his face, "A week ago, the East Third Ring elevated, you and Tang Mo and Fu Wenduo all joined forces ...... they actually didn't tell you my name?"

Ning Zheng didn't answer, but he had a look of "Are you important?

Bai Ruoyao: "......" He tsked twice and muttered "I wasn't afraid I'd mess up a week ago" before looking up playfully at Ning Zheng, "Then it's not too late to learn my name. Bai Ruoyao, Tangtang's best friend and worst enemy, whom I would love to kill, and Fu Wenduo."

Ning Zheng's pupils flinched, but he remained expressionless: "What are you trying to say?"

"The enemy of my enemy is my friend ...... you don't want to kill them?"

Ning Zheng clenched his fingers and turned away.

Bai Ruoyao didn't chase him, just stood behind him and smiled cheekily, " Ning Zheng , 62nd in the time chart, actually so wimpy, from now on we'll call you wimpy, okay?"

Ning Zheng's footsteps were halted and he still did not turn around.

Bai Ruoyao's laugh was like a rusty bell, rusty when it should have been nice, but it rattled into Ning Zheng's heart, making him irritable and angry. But he held his tongue. He did not want to get too involved with the Earth survivors, he just wanted to live, to the end.

But just as he was approaching the end of the road, Bai Ruoyao's laughter came to an abrupt halt. He spoke again, his voice low and magical, and he chuckled, "Hey, I heard you have a twin sister? Hee hee, does she really exist ......"

Ning Zheng jerked back and looked in dismay at the doll-faced youth in the distance.

Three days later.

Although Tang Mo had no recollection of what he had experienced while unconscious, as time passed, some of his lost memories gradually returned to his mind. He said with certainty to Fu Wenduo, "To attack the tower."

Fu Wenduo calmly asked, "Is this the message from The black tower?"

Tang Mo shook his head: "I don't remember, but my subconscious mind told me that the only way to get more and know the truth was to attack the tower. We have to keep attacking the tower as fast as we can. And you need to attack the tower quickly to get rid of the stowaway status."

The returnees need to eliminate the Earth survivors and thus gain their freedom and become players recognised by The black tower. However, the stowaways are no better off than they are. Stowaways are coveted by The black tower bosses in any The black tower game they play. While powerful stowaways like Fu Wenduo are better off, many of the less powerful stowaways are eaten by The black tower bosses right from the start.

The black tower monster really does eat people, and they never joke about it.

Fu Wenduo smiled impassively, "Good."

Tang Mo and Fu Wenduo were the final winners of the battle on the East Third Ring Road. But since then, their already shaky relationship with Chosen has fallen apart and they have not spoken to each other since. Tang Mo had no intention of telling his partner about the information he had received in his Eve reward, but he was thinking about when he would take on the fifth floor of The black tower and what he would do before then.

In the darkness of the night, Fu Wenduo leans against the window and looks back at the young man inside. Tang Mo, with his chin propped up in his left hand and a pen in his right, draws a rough map of Beijing on a piece of paper and circles it.

These are the places where Beijing has the potential to trigger copies, realistic copies.

Five minutes later Tang Mo looked up, " When will Shanshan and Whisper be back?"

Fu Wenduo : "It's just an ordinary copy, with the strength of the two of them, they should be able to come out in another two days."

Tang Mo nods.

Tang Mo and Fu Wenduo have never seen Chen Shanshan and Fu Wensheng as their subordinates, and the two children are also powerful players. Although they are not very strong, Chen Shanshan's brains and Fu Xiaodi's healing powers are sometimes more important than their strength in The black tower. In any organisation or squad, they would be the core members.

Tang Mo doesn't take Chen Shanshan to every game and protect her, just as Fu Wenduo doesn't keep Fu Wensheng chained to his back.

Two small children need the opportunity to grow independently.

Tang Mo already had a few locations in mind, and he planned to wait for Chen Shanshan to return so that the two of them could discuss and decide which copy the four of them would enter next.

The room was silent, with only the faint sound of the wind tapping against the window and a buzzing vibration occurring.

Fu Wenduo looks at Tang Mo steadily, his fingers tapping on the window sill, his eyes occasionally glancing at Tang Mo's chin-holding hand, as if he is thinking about something. Just as he was about to speak, Fu Wenduo changed his expression and Tang Mo looked up sharply. Fu Wenduo had already taken a small dart out of his pocket and shot it through the window with a whoosh.

The sound of breaking glass carried extremely loudly through the building as the man outside the door dodged the small dart and laughed very disgruntledly, "Hey hey, that's how you greet your friends every time you meet, Tangtang , Mr. Fu school, is that how you treat your friends?" The tone was relaxed, but the man was quietly relieved as he dodged the small dart, making sure it wasn't the pitiful Fiddlesticks dart.

Tang Mo stood up, gripping the small parasol tied around his waist, and stared coldly at the baby-faced youth who was not supposed to be here. His voice was cold as he called out the other man's name: " Bai Ruoyao ."

Bai Ruoyao smiled and said meaningfully, "So you still remember me, Tangtang."

Tang Mo noticed his sour tone, but didn't understand what was going on with him. But the psychopaths were happy, and he was not interested in guessing what Bai Ruoyao was thinking.

Inside the building, Bai Ruoyao is alone, while Tang Mo and Fu Wenduo have two.

Neither Tang Mo nor Fu Wenduo had any intention of making a move. They were very calm, standing inside the house and watching the doll-faced youth outside the door indifferently. It was impossible for Bai Ruoyao to kill them, but since he dared to come, he was sure of leaving. So Tang Mo and Fu Wenduo had no intention of making a move either.

"What do you want to do?"

Bai Ruoyao was sincere: "I miss you, Tangtang." Noticing Fu Wenduo's expression sink a bit, Bai Ruoyao thought he was being tasteless and graciously decided to take advantage of the situation: "Hehehe, I miss (kill) you a bit too, Mr. Fu School."

Tang Mo ignored the psychopath's flirtation, his fingers rubbing the handle of the small parasol in a warning manner.

Bai Ruoyao shrugged, "Aren't we friends?"

Tang Mo swept him off his feet and just about attacked him straight away with his little parasol, telling this baby face who was your friend!

Bai Ruoyao wasn't angry, but he took a half step back, half his face hidden in the darkness, and said with a smile, "The rally that The black tower released yesterday felt like fun. Tangtang, are you going?"

Tang Mo and Fu Wenduo had been planning to go for a long time, but Tang Mo asked coldly in return, "Is it about you?"

"Hee hee, because I'll be there."

Tang Mo : "......" He suddenly kind of didn't want to go.

Fu Wenduo's low voice rang out, "Is that what you came here to say?"

Bai Ruoyao doesn't answer as he mimics The black tower's voice and says in a flat, undulating tone, "Dingdong! Rally copy opened for a limited time. Game location: the Curious Commercial Street in the Kingdom of the Underlanders, game reward: unknown, game BOSS: Father Christmas. 6:06am on June 6, players are invited to head to the Temple of Heaven in the Eastern District to participate in the game ......"

The sound stopped abruptly, and the smile on Bai Ruoyao's lips grew wider and wider.

" Tangtang, Mr. Fu School. Come?" After a pause, he gave a cheeky smile and added, "By the way, I should say ......"

"Dare to come?"

China Guangzhou, next to the Pearl River, Guangzhou Tower.

In the dark night sky, a full moon hangs high in the sky, casting a faint glow.

The Guangzhou Tower, the second tallest tower in the world, has a slender, slender waist, which is also known as the Guangzhou Waist. From the bottom of the tower, the slender spire is almost as high as the moon. Yet no one knows that at this very moment, at the top of the tower, a tall, thin figure with a ponytail stands at the very top of the antenna mast, looking up slightly at the strange but familiar moon.

Mu Huixue reaches out her hand and touches the moon. Her eyes reflect the pale colour of the moon, and on her neck is a line of six golden digits.

The icy wind rattled her black leather jacket, but it was as if she did not feel the cold, nor the height, and she just stood at the top of the tower and watched the moonlight. After a long time, she murmured in Cantonese, "Let's go watch the moonlight together", and slowly withdrew her hand.

After looking at the moon for a while, Mu Huixue wanted to lie down and bask in the moonlight, but found that there was no place for her to lie down at the top of the slender tower. She looked around and saw that there was no place for her to sleep except at the tip of the tower, and if she did lie down, she might even be poked through the tip of the tower.

Now he can't grab the designer by the collar and ask him why he didn't design a platform for the moonlight, which is inhuman. Sighing in frustration, Mu Huixue suddenly fell backwards.

The movement came unexpectedly, only to see a black figure plummeting downwards from the top of Guangzhou Tower. Six hundred metres high, fifteen seconds of descent, she closed her eyes and quietly enjoyed the moment of being enveloped by the moonlight. With about fifty metres left to the ground, she pulled the whip from her waist and with the force of her wrist, the resilient whip shattered the glass curtain wall in a few blows and shot inside, wrapping itself around a pillar.

Mu Huixue gave a low cry and used his strength to swing halfway through the air before landing firmly on the ground.

She tied the whip back around her waist and lifted her steps with the intention of leaving. But only halfway she stopped and, without turning around, opened her mouth to the person behind her. Only two words into her sentence she remembered how she had spoken Cantonese a month ago only to have the other person not understand her. She spoke again, "There's no need to follow me, I'm leaving today Guangzhou ."

The five players hiding behind the building in the sluggish night breeze froze in unison. Among them were Earth survivors and returnees.

With her hands in her pockets, Mu Huixue strides away from Guangzhou Tower. She had walked a few hundred metres when she realised that someone else was following her. She raises an eyebrow: "Do you really think I don't kill people?"

The five men stopped in their tracks in unison, not knowing whether to move or not.

Mu Huixue lifted her head and looked at the moonlit sky again, and suddenly she smiled. It was a smile of heartfelt joy, as if she had been walking in the desert for three days and nights with a heavy bag on her back and had finally seen an oasis and was about to be freed. She did not care about life and death, but perhaps more about freedom and liberation.

She smiled and said, "I'm going to Beijing to find someone to kill me, so you don't have to follow me anymore."

When they reacted, they looked up and the person had already disappeared.

I'm going to Beijing.

...... looking for someone to kill me.

It sounded like a complete joke, but the five felt that Mu Huixue did not mean it as a joke at all. She was genuinely sincere in her desire to find someone and ask that person to end her life. There was even a slight sense of impatience.

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