Chapter 178: Dodgeball Smash!

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The sun is not yet shining in May, and the cool evening breeze is blowing across the long elevated East Third Ring Road. The sky is gradually getting a little white and soon it is light, but the sun is still hiding below the horizon.

Tang Mo has chosen a commercial building on the north side of the third ring road in the east.

Xu Yunsheng was not an easy opponent. Half an hour ago, Tang Mo told Fu Wensheng to hide in the distance and not to approach, while Chen Shanshan hid in another building in the distance, trying to move separately from Tang Mo and Fu Wenduo. As Xu Yunsheng was targeting them, or rather, all the returnees hiding in the East Third Ring, the only ones they really wanted to kill were Tang Mo, Fu Wenduo, Ruan Wangshu and Lian Yu Zheng.

Tang Mo's patience was so good that he lay prostrate on the roof of the building for a whole hour, without moving a muscle.

As the minutes ticked by, Tang Mo lowered his voice: "She should be here by now."

Tang Mo and Fu Wenduo are the only two people on the rooftop of this building.

Fu Wenduo: "Xu Yunsheng's companions were seen yesterday in the Xicheng District, and they came from the west. Chaoyang District is Chosen's base camp and they wouldn't choose to enter the East Third Ring Road from Chaoyang District. So she would have appeared from the south side and ambushed them."

So Tang Mo and Fu Wenduo arrived at the building an hour early, focusing almost all their attention on the south.

The sun broke through the horizon and a wave of summer heat inevitably spilled over the surface. Tang Mo waited quietly, and after a moment, he said firmly, "She will not appear recklessly." Xu Yunsheng would call for war, but would not be foolish enough to show up alone. Tang Mo turned his head to look at Fu Wenduo, and he tightened his grip on the parasol: "We'll split up, I'll take the north side, you take the south side. Fire egg contact."

Fu Wenduo nods lightly.

More than any other player, Tang Mo and Fu Wenduo have turkey eggs.

It's not just an archiver, it's a contact.

The two men looked at each other calmly, without saying anything unnecessary, with trusting eyes. But just as Fu Wenduo was bracing himself on the ground with one hand and preparing to leave the rooftop as fast as he could, suddenly a clear, crisp crash came from the south.

Fu Wenduo's body lurches and then quickly drops to the ground.

Both men look south at the same time.

On either side of the elevated road, a dozen other players have straightened up and looked south with stunned eyes. The sound was actually very soft, the sound of a ball hitting the ground. The ball was very elastic and kept bouncing on the ground, on the car, and then back into the owner's hands.

The sun is shining and a black shadow is stretched by the sunlight at the end of the elevated road. She slaps a strange red leather ball roughly and steps forward closer. Suddenly with one force she slaps the ball hard against a high-rise residential building on the left side of the elevated road.


The window was smashed and the ball crashed through three walls in quick succession, spider web-like cracks crawling across the walls in no time. The next second, the ball bounced back through the shattered building and was securely in the hands of Xu Yunsheng.

From the southernmost to the northernmost side of the Eastern Third Ring Road, more than ten kilometres of elevated road at both ends, hundreds of players all rose up in awe and stared incredulously at the gloomy-looking young girl.

" Xu Yunsheng ?!"

Chen Shanshan looked through the window and saw the man through her binoculars. She exclaimed, "How is this possible? How dare she appear so blatantly." The short-haired girl's eyes widened and her mouth fell open slightly. But in just a second, she calmed down. Chen Shanshan put down the binoculars and quickly said, "It can't be that simple, Xu Yunsheng is not a reckless person. There must be a reason for her sudden appearance. It's 4.56am, four minutes before 5am. She has deliberately chosen this time to appear, she dares to appear directly without fear of a sneak attack, her reliance is ......"

Chen Shanshan picks up his binoculars and stares dead on at the red leather ball in Xu Yunsheng's hand.

At the same moment, Tang Mo got a good look at the ball.

"What's that?!"

What's that?

The question flashed through everyone's mind at the same time.

In the brilliant sunlight, Xu Yunsheng slowly grins a grim smile. She grips the red leather ball firmly in her hand and stands on the southernmost side of the East Third Ring Road, looking at the narrow road in full view. The next moment, she opened her mouth and shouted out four names: " Fu Wenduo , Tang Mo , Ruan Wangshu ......Lian YuZheng ."

Because the whole road was quiet enough, the sound was surprisingly loud for half the road.

Xu Yunsheng laughed and she laughed out loud. Then she recited the four names again, and then suddenly held up the red leather ball.


"-Game, start."


The red leather ball was spun in her hand and then slammed into the ground with a boom.

She used ten percent of her force. Xu Yunsheng's ten percent force smashed the ball straight through the pavement and into the earth, creating a ten-metre deep crater and sending smoke everywhere. A sense of foreboding washed over Tang Mo's mind, a feeling that was heightened by Chen Shanshan's foreknowledge. But it was too late.

As the ball smashed through the ground, it shattered with a violent explosion and the sky went suddenly black.

A clear child's voice rang out -

"Ding-dong! ' Schrödinger's Dodgeball' has been triggered, please ask the player to choose a map."

A laugh escaped Xu Yunsheng's throat as she stamped her foot on the ground, cracking the pavement: "This elevated road!"

"Ding Dong! Map confirmed, loading now ......"

"Player information is loading ......"

" China Zone 1 East 3rd Ring Elevated Road has been loaded and 41 official players, 28 stowaways and 56 returnees officially entered the map at 4:59am on May 25."

The black tower's undulating voice echoed over the entire East Third Ring Road, and Tang Mo's eyes widened as he stared straight at the road before him. In the darkness of the ground, only a faint red film creeps upwards from the sides of the road. It seems to be a shell that encompasses the entire elevated East Third Ring Road and the buildings on either side of it, including the building where Tang Mo and Fu Wenduo live.

This film climbs higher and higher, eventually converging in the sky to form a dome.

When this egg shell is fully formed, a brilliant red glow shines from the very centre of the egg shell.


A firework exploded in the sky and uncountable ribbons fell from the red glow. At the same time, cheerful music was played and children's voices sang in unison, enveloping the skies above the East Third Ring. The mechanical sound of The black tower seemed to come alive in the background of this delightful music.

"Ding-dong! The large individual game 'Schrödinger Playground Dodgeball Smash' is now open."

"The rules of the game--"

"First, the game will last for one hour."

"Secondly, all players may only touch the dodgeball with their elbows (and below) and knees (and below)."

"Thirdly, those who are hit elsewhere by the dodgeball fail out and must leave the field by frog-jumping within one minute."

"Fourth, friendship first, competition second."

"The great Lord Schrödinger hates it when people say that all cats like to play with balls, so he made a magical red dodgeball. You're the one who likes to play with balls, your whole family likes players!!! -- so says His Excellency Schrödinger, and so does the exclamation point."

The sound of The black tower came to a screeching halt, but in the sky, ribbons were falling.

Several shouts of alarm rang out from both sides of the elevated road, and soon one or two more sounds of fighting were heard. But both the shouts and the scuffles ended quickly.

The players who dared to come to the Eastern Third Ring, both surviving players and returnees, were among the best and were quite confident in their strength. But no one could have imagined that they would be counted out by Xu Yunsheng alone!

No wonder the last hour was requested, not just to give yourself a way out, but for this game with a one-hour time limit!

No wonder it was requested for the East 3rd Ring Road, as this elevated road is not good for hiding and makes it easier to play a game of dodgeball!

The music was still playing and the ribbons were floating down. Amidst the fierce and joyful music, Tang Mo's face gradually turns ugly. He looks at Fu Wenduo in silence, and Fu Wenduo looks at him. The two men looked at each other and stood up together, no longer hiding. For above their heads, a red sphere of light kept flashing.

The red ball of light is unmistakably visible in the darkness of the night.

One after another bright red light snapped on one after another from the southernmost side of the elevated road, as if the lights were on.

Red balls of light are scattered on both sides of the elevated road.

The nearest red ball of light was in the building next to Tang Mo's. The man was hiding in the middle of the building, on the 17th floor, and he gave Tang Mo and Fu Wenduo a scornful look when he spotted the light above their heads. Certain that there were two of them and that he had no chance of winning, he turned his head and ran, without a moment's hesitation.

Tang Mo looks at the red ball of light above his own head and then at the one above Fu Wenduo's.

The blinding light penetrated all wall matter and was unmistakable in the night sky.

...... has been counted on by Xu Yunsheng!

A few moments later, Tang Mo laughed in anger: "I'm afraid not even Shanshan could have imagined that Xu Yunsheng would have such a prop."

Tang Mo wasn't in a hurry though, this dodgeball game included all the players on the elevated road and with his and Fu Wenduo's skills they really didn't have to lose. And Xu Yunsheng might not be able to find them either. With so many people and only an hour to play, the enemy was in the clear and I was in the dark.

" Xu Yunsheng is right there." Tang Mo turned his head and his eyes narrowed as he stared at the black dot in the distance.

Fu Wenduo's wrist moves and his right hand instantly becomes a black sharpshooter. "Approach quietly."


Another good thing about the darkening sky is that it makes it easier to hide. Tang Mo finds Chen Shanshan and asks her to find Fu Wensheng and the two of them find a place to hide. Suddenly a game of dodgeball begins and, to their surprise, Tang Mo doesn't want Chen Shanshan to interfere. It is clear that this is not a game for Chen Shanshan.

The red ball of light was so conspicuous that at first people did not dare to move freely and avoided it from afar when they saw it.

Tang Mo sneaks two kilometres and then finds a short building to hide in. At this point he was only five kilometres away from Xu Yunsheng and with his eyesight he could clearly see Xu Yunsheng's closed eyes.

Tang Mo : "What is she doing?"

Fu Wenduo quickly looked over, "Is that a dodgeball in her hand?"

Tang Mo notices the red leather ball in Xu Yunsheng's hand.

The ball fell from the sky and landed in Xu Yunsheng's hand, not the one she had shot at the beginning. Instead of throwing the ball, she stayed where she was, eyes closed, hands raised and face up to the sky, wondering what she was thinking.

"What's she doing?" Li Miaomiao said breathlessly.

In the middle of the elevated road, fourteen cars rear-ended one after another, steel cars smashed into a ball of iron. In the middle of this mess of car wreckage, three red balls of light stand silent in the midst of it.

Li Miaomiao cursed in depression, "This Xu Yunsheng actually has such props, when she does this, all of our positions are exposed. What the hell does she want, standing still with the dodgeball and not throwing it." Li Miaomiao remembered to keep her voice down, even though she was furious that her entire team was being punked by this sixteen year old girl. "Head, are we sure we don't want to change our positions? This ball of light has given away all of our positions."

Ruan Wangshu : "Does it help to change positions?"

Li Miaomiao was dumbfounded for a moment.

Lian Yuzheng said coldly, "You can't hide anywhere, this ball of light can penetrate all matter and be seen by others. What we have to do now is to wait and see what happens, we are three people, the average person wouldn't dare to make a move."

Li Miaomiao : "Head, so what do we do next?"

Ruan Wangshu said the same thing as Tang Mo: "The enemy is in the clear, I am in the dark. Everyone is being drawn into this game, we are indeed being set up by Xu Yunsheng, but her situation is really bad. We ......" The voice stopped abruptly as Ruan Wangshu's face changed and he looked ahead.

A middle-aged man was seen running to the front of the ruins in a rigid position, his eyes wide and staring straight at the three red balls of light in the middle of the ruins. He was breathing hard, and he was breathing very oddly, as if a drowning man was panting so hard that he was trying to breathe his lungs out of his chest. The sound of his ragged breaths was abrupt in the darkness of the night.

Practising Yu Zheng flipped his hand and took out a silver knife, waiting indifferently for the man to come closer and closer.

Just as the man reached the trio completely, he leaned down and saw the three Ruan Wangshu men hiding in the rubble. Red blood surrounded his eyes and the corners of his mouth twitched strangely as his whole body shook. He slowly opened his mouth and smiled eerily, his vocal cords shaking stiffly, "Found, found ...... you guys ......"

A silver light flashed and Yu Zheng's knife slit the middle-aged man's artery with a single blow. Blood spurted all over the floor, but the man was still laughing.

In the next second, Xu Yunsheng, who had been standing motionless in the middle of the road, suddenly opened his eyes and revealed a cold, bloodthirsty smile.

" Ruan Wangshu , practising Yu Zheng ."

She stared ahead and grasped her left hand into the air.

Tang Mo hid upstairs, surprised, "What's that?"

I saw two players in three buildings around Xu Yunsheng with red balls of light on top of them suddenly fall to the ground, their bodies jerking twice. When they got up again, their posture became very stiff and they ran out of the building together, straight towards the ruins of a car crash three kilometres ahead of the elevated road.

At the same time, Xu Yunsheng shouted in anger and flung her right hand, the red dodgeball was smashed forward with great force.

Fu Wenduo and Tang Mo said in unison, "This is dodgeball?!"

A red dodgeball whooshed and pierced the air, smashing into the ruins with frightening speed.

Three kilometres away, six seconds!

500 metres per second!

The ruins were smashed by the ball, steel flying everywhere with an ear-splitting sound. The dodgeball brushed past Li Miaomiao and she stumbled backwards, cursing, "What the hell kind of dodgeball is that, bullets aren't even that fast!"

Before the words could hit the ground, the dodgeball crashed into the elevated guardrail. The ball bends in an arc and reflects back towards Li Miaomiao, as if it has identified her.


At the same moment that the red dodgeball hits Li Miaomiao, four players fly in. As if they were puppets being manipulated, they moved stiffly but decisively. They ignore Li Miaomiao in unison and head straight for Ruan Wangshu and Yu Zheng.

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