Chapter 174: We have now decided to pass.

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Darwin test, 12 questions in total. Extra marks for correct answers, no marks for wrong answers.

Wang Xiaotian didn't say at the start that there was a penalty for wrong answers, and in theory there was nothing wrong with pressing the snatcher early, but it still seemed a bit risky. This was not in keeping with Tang Mo's cautious nature. However, as Tang Mo withdrew his hand from the snatcher, Fu Wenduo and Chen Shanshan also quietly withdrew theirs.

"What's the point of grabbing the question, you don't always get the answer, you just get lucky to get it wrong without punishment ......" the young man muttered in a low voice.

Tang Mo swept the man away with a faint glance.

Wang Xiaotian looked back at Tang Mo with an odd expression and continued, "Okay, I'll continue then. The first question is: After the Earth came online, The black tower divided the Earth into several zones. Please answer!"

As soon as the words hit the ground, all three returnees froze. Fu Xiaodi's mouth opened wide in horror, and the younger man broke out straight away: "That simple?

Wang Xiaotian rolled her eyes and rightly asked, "This is only the first question, what difficulty do you want." She looked at Tang Mo and said impatiently, "Hey, you don't have any options for the quiz, so answer quickly, you humans are so annoying."

Tang Mo curled his lips without moving, "Ten districts in total."

Wang Xiaotian nodded wanly: "The answer is correct, one point for player Tang Mo."

The Three Returners: "......"

You can't play like this!!!

The three returnees looked at Tang Mo with a hint of envy and jealousy, except for the young woman who frowned suspiciously, but didn't say anything. With Tang Mo as a precedent, Wang Xiaotian's hands were all on the quizzer before the second question was asked. This time Tang Mo wasn't particularly nervous, he looked calmly at Wang Xiaotian and pressed the snatcher as soon as he was asked. He had already scored one point, ahead of the others, and it was the others who needed to be nervous.

The young woman peeked at Tang Mo and whispered to herself, "What a coincidence ......"

Was it really that coincidental that there was no penalty for wrong answers and the first question was so easy that Tang Mo got it right?

No one gave her an answer.

Soon after, Wang Xiaotian spoke the second question. Again, she failed to say the question, and then someone pressed the snatcher. This time it was the young man who got the question, and Wang Xiaotian grumbled, "It's not fun to find out the routine here", and then sullenly said the second question: "Please listen to the question! Second question, who is The black tower's favourite player?"

The question was such a bonus that the Earth survivors might have thought more about the answer, and the returnee said without thinking: " Mu Huixue!"

Wang Xiaotian clapped his hands in disinterest: "Congratulations, you got it right, you get a point."

The young man wore a smug expression.

In this way, seven people were able to answer the questions on their own merits. After a series of eight questions, Chen Shanshan and the young woman were a little slow in responding and missed the questions, scoring zero points. The young man got one question correct after two attempts, and got one point, just like Fu Wensheng. The middle-aged man and Tang Mo each got two questions correct and earned two points. Fu Wenduo got three questions correct and three points.

There are four questions left.

Wang Xiaotian was about to speak when she suddenly exclaimed, as if she had heard something, "The ratings are so low?!"

The crowd froze as they saw Wang Xiaotian jumping down from the carriage and pacing back and forth in a fury. After a short walk, she ran up to the seven players and crossed her arms: "You made me do it, you humans made me do it! For the first time in all my years of hosting Happy Quiz, I, Wang Xiaotian, am at the bottom of the ratings! You humans, I'm going to make it harder, I'm going to bring out my best questions, I'm so mad at you!" The pretty girl stomped her foot on the ground so hard that the ground trembled violently. The ground shook violently as the pretty girl stomped the ground with such force that no one expected the soft and soft looking Cinderella to be so powerful.

At this point, a calm voice rang out, "There will be a penalty for wrong answers next?"

Wang Xiaotian didn't react and glared at Chen Shanshan: "No, that's the rules of The black tower."

Chen Shanshan's tone was calm: "Oh, you can make it more difficult then." It's not like you're going to die if you can't answer it anyway.

Wang Xiaotian : "......"

Why on earth would she want to have this show live!!!

As it turned out, the next four questions asked by Wang Xiaotian were much more difficult. Seven people took turns to answer, but only one question was answered correctly in the end. In the end, Fu Wenduo scored three points, Tang Mo and the middle-aged man scored two points, Fu Wensheng, the young man and Chen Shanshan scored one point, and the young woman scored zero points.

Wang Xiaotian ran angrily up to the carriage with her skirt in her hand, pulling back the curtains and cursing, "I never want to see you bastards again, so get through the game and get out of my room!"


The pumpkin carriage drove out of the room and the door slammed shut, leaving only the seven players in the room.

Fu Wensheng: " Darwin and that's the end of the test? How do we change this little ball ......"

It didn't take long for the children to be confused, only to see seven little balls flying out of the players' pockets one by one. The seven little balls floated in the air and converged together. The next second, the little balls reversed direction and flew in a new order to different players, gently kissing the number on each player's cheek.

After a kiss, the number on Fu Wenduo's face becomes 4, Tang Mo and the middle-aged man becomes 3, Fu Wensheng and the young man becomes 2, and Chen Shanshan and the young woman becomes 1.

Tang Mo reached out and grabbed the small ball as he turned his head to look at his teammate, "Go to the room first and see what clues are in there?"

The crowd nodded, "Good."

Tang Mo The four men went straight into their rooms to look at the clues, and the three returnees looked at each other and went back to their respective rooms.

Tang Mo closed the door behind him, and he did not open the small ball first to check the clues inside. He found a pen and paper from the table in the room and wrote down several names on a white sheet of paper, then connected the names one by one.

" Shanshan's ball is in my hand, Whisper has Xing Siqi's ball and Fu Wenduo has Dunder's ball ......"

After a long moment of tapping his fingers on the seven names, Tang Mo took out the small ball and opened it with a snap. He took out the small slip of paper inside, turned it over and read the words on it: " Tang Mo is finally the man at the top of the food chain ......" His eyes widened abruptly, Tang Mo looked at the words on the slip in disbelief, he read them carefully three times and eyes grew brighter and brighter.

Five minutes later, there was a knock on the door.

Tang Mo opened the door and the little girl with short hair was standing outside. Chen Shanshan looked up and said, " Brother Tang Mo, watching for clues?"

Tang Mo nods as he lifts his eyes and finds Fu Wenduo already standing in the middle hall waiting for him. Soon, Chen Shanshan knocks on Fu Wensheng's room door again and brings Fu Xiaodi out. The four men found a hidden corner, the three returnees had not yet come out.

Chen Shanshan glanced at the crowd and said, "This time the four of us took up all four levels of the food chain. When the seven little balls flew into the air just now, I observed two of them. The ball I have now is Brother Tang Mo's and he has my ball."

Chen Shanshan's fitness has not improved and with her dynamic vision she can only see two balls at once.

Fu Wenduo added: "The whisper got the woman's ball."

Chen Shanshan nodded, "Good. Apart from whispering, we can now talk generally about the clues we've got."

I can't give my own clues explicitly, but I can mention them a little or two. Chen Shanshan's clues were simple and not of much value. Fu Wenduo pondered for a moment before he whispered, "According to my clues, I should indeed be in a certain food chain, at the third level of that food chain."

Chen Shanshan immediately noted down the clue: "Fourth degree, while being third."

Tang Mo said, "I have some important clues."

The crowd turned their heads and looked at Tang Mo in unison.

Tang Mo considered the wording for a moment and fixed his gaze seriously on Fu Wenduo : "...... I'm not in your food chain."

Fu Wenduo's eyes pause as he gazes silently at Tang Mo.

"Not in his food chain?!" Chen Shanshan exclaims. The short-haired girl's pen rested on the book, the round tip of the pen rubbing lightly against the white paper, leaving a light trace. The next moment, Chen Shanshan suddenly looked up and stared at Fu Wensheng with a delighted smile on her face, but her eyes were extremely serious. She said, word for word, "Whisper, now I have a question for you, and you must answer it carefully. When you answer, forget the words on your little note and concentrate on my question, leaving that completely behind you."

Fu Wensheng sat up straight: "Okay, Sister Shanshan, you ask."

Chen Shanshan : "My question is ......"

Five minutes later, Chen Shanshan closes his book and breathes a long sigh of relief.

" Cinderella attended three evenings and we had three nights in total, but the Darwin test was only twice. The next Darwin test is our last chance to change the wickets. But there is something I want everyone to do for this Darwin test."

As the four men came closer, Chen Shanshan lowered his voice and whispered, "For the second Darwin test, I presume the questions will be harder than the first. On this test ......"

Tang Mo listens to Chen Shanshan's words and nods gently. When she had finished, Fu Wensheng took careful note of what he had to do. After a moment, he remembered something and said, "Shanshan said that given Cinderella's personality, she would have deliberately made the second Darwin test very difficult for us to answer, so as to boost her ratings. Luckily, there are no points deducted or penalties for wrong answers, otherwise we would have been doomed." After a pause, the children thought, "Eh yes, Brother Tang, you are lucky that you were the first to answer, it would have been bad if there was a penalty. Luckily the questions were easy and there was no penalty ...... er, why are you guys looking at me with such eyes?"

Fu Xiaodi swallowed hard and suddenly felt aggrieved.

"Wait did I say something wrong Brother, Brother Tang , Shanshan Sister, why are you guys using ...... to use ......" to look at him with such pitying eyes at him!

Fu Wenduo swept his silly brother straight away and stopped looking at him, lest he look angry.

Chen Shanshan was good-tempered and said patiently, "Keep your voice down, Brother Tang Mo doesn't just press the snatcher, if he doesn't, Mr. Fu and I will press it too. Let me ask you, what do you think is the level of the four of us among these seven players?"

Fu Wensheng subconsciously wanted to say that of course they were better than the three returnees, with his brother and Tang Mo around, how could they be worse than those three, and with Chen Shanshan. But then he remembered that he seemed to be dragging his feet. ...... After a quick assessment, the kid thought that even with himself, the three teammates could still carry the load.

"We are strong!"

Chen Shanshan : "Yes, we are stronger. There were only twelve questions in total, but there were seven positions. This means one thing, at least a large part of the questions we were able to answer, otherwise how should the positions be allocated assuming there are many people who scored zero? Would we then assign grades by luck, by random lottery? Then the so-called Darwin test would be meaningless and it would be better to have another lottery."

Tang Mo added: " The Darwin test is an evolutionary test, where the underdog is the key to evolution."

Chen Shanshan: "Yes. The test has less to do with luck and more to do with personal level, because it's urging players to evolve. So even if it has a penalty, it won't be a fatal penalty, otherwise the positions are not well allocated. Secondly ......" the short-haired girl looked at the dumbfounded young boy and laughed, "Whisper, even the four of us can't answer the question, do you think those three returnees can answer it? There's an 80% chance that they won't be able to answer it. So the first question Wang Xiaotian asks is, in all probability, one that we can answer. A free point, do you want it?"

Fu Wensheng : "......"

Just as Fu Wensheng was wondering about his life, there was a click and a door was opened.

The young woman's expression changes as she sees the four Tang Mo's gathered in the hall. She thought for a moment and went to call out the other two stowaways before approaching Tang Mo and the four of them. Without hesitation, the young woman spoke directly, "Sharing clues?"

Tang Mo looked up and smiled slightly, "Yeah."

An hour later, when Wang Xiaotian returned to the room in her pumpkin carriage, she jumped off the carriage and said, "You have made a fool of me! I, Wang Xiaotian, the gold medalist host of the Kingdom of the Underlanders, have failed to get more than 1 rating for the first time!

The three returnees paled slightly at these words, while the four Tang Mo men looked calm.

This is exactly what Chen Shanshan said.

Wang Xiaotian crossed her arms in anger, and this time she didn't turn on the live feed either. Instead of summoning the cameras, she jumped right onto the roof of the carriage. "I don't want to talk to you unpopular stinking humans, so finish your tests and get out of my room. You're all stinkers, you're all trash, you're all useless stinkers! Listen up, my first question ......"


The young man excitedly pressed the snatcher, Wang Xiaotian was prepared, the corners of his mouth slightly hooked up, out of two small tiger teeth: "Good, this time it is you who snatch, then you can listen to me well. My question is ...... Who is the smartest person in the Kingdom of the Underlanders?"

The young man's smile froze on his face.

Wang Xiaotian suddenly lost his smile and said viciously, "Speak up!"

The young man hesitated half-heartedly and said tentatively, " Wang Xiaotian ?"

I really didn't know the answer, and it was probably right to kiss ass. This subjective question didn't really seem to have a standard answer, so the young man took a chance. No sooner had he said that than Wang Xiaotian grinned and slapped the giant pumpkin beneath him. The giant pumpkin suddenly opened its mouth wide and let out an ear-splitting roar close to the young man's face.

"Ahhhhhhh ......"

The sound was so sharp and unpleasant that the crowd quickly covered their ears. The young man felt a ringing in his ears and was caught off guard. He looked up dumbfounded at Wang Xiaotian on the roof of the car, the beautiful young woman's mouth opening and closing, but he could not hear her at all, his almost deafened ears could only hear a buzzing sound.

Wang Xiaotian grunted, "Yeah, there's no punishment, and I'm not going to beat you guys." Maybe I can't even beat you. ...... "I just made my precious carriage burp, it's normal for it to burp when it's full, I'm not imposing a punishment on you. Go ahead, keep snatching, there's no penalty for wrong answers so feel free to snatch, it's none of your business if the ratings are low anyway. Come on, go on."

The middle-aged man could not help but say angrily, "You are afraid to punish because The black tower rules state that there can be no punishment."

Wang Xiaotian : "I'm not punishing you, I'm just making my precious pumpkin burp, how about that!"

"You ......!"

The black tower BOSS is a good bully at times, but not overly so.

The middle-aged man couldn't understand how Wang Xiaotian, who had been fine during the last round of Darwin's test and hadn't lost her temper, could behave like this. Tang Mo was obviously more angry with her in the last round, so why wasn't she angry at Tang Mo? The young man's body recovered extremely well and the ringing in his ears slowly disappeared. But he had no choice but to swallow his bitterness.

Now they are playing Cinderella's game, and if Wang Xiaotian really wants to bully them around the bend, they won't even dare to say no.

Wang Xiaotian saw that the crowd was silent and cut out, "Grab the answer, do you mean all seven of you don't know the answer? Big idiot ......"


Wang Xiaotian turned his head to look at the other side.

Fu Wenduo looked calm: "Schrödinger."

Wang Xiaotian's eyes paused, and the next second she grunted angrily, "Congratulations on your correct answer, one extra point. Question two ......"

With this in mind, everyone stopped casually grabbing answers. No one knows what this Cinderella will use to punish the players next time, and such minor punishments are fine, just tinnitus. But if she has some special means of inflicting a horrible punishment as far as The black tower will allow, it will be more than worth it.

The players also gradually found that the questions in the Darwin test were much more difficult than in the previous round. There was a high probability of not getting the right answer even if you did, so people stopped scrambling so hard for the questions.

Wang Xiaotian didn't have the good sense to say, "The tenth question ...... hum, you better not commit to my hands. That Happy Quiz just now was just an outside special, the real Happy Quiz has a punishment. How horrible is that punishment ...... ask Fu Wenduo, he knows, he almost died in it."

The young man looked at Fu Wenduo and exclaimed, "So you've already had experience!"

Fu Wenduo had his hands in his pockets and did not reply.

Wang Xiaotian was not angry, and made a face at Fu Wenduo before continuing with his question: "Question 10, out of the seven players present, Wang Xiaotian wanted to eat ...... the most eh? The black tower, this question is actually related to me?" Wang Xiaotian was dumbfounded and spat out his tongue, "So it's still like this ...... hey, who does Wang Xiaotian want to eat the most? That's an easy question."


Seven players pressed the snatcher at the same time, Wang Xiaotian looked at the lights in front of each one and finally looked at Tang Mo . "You answer."

Tang Mo withdrew his hand and looked at Wang Xiaotian steadily: "Before I tell you the answer, I would like to ask a question, can you answer it?"

Wang Xiaotian narrowed his eyes at Tang Mo: "Why should I answer you."

Tang Mo spreads his hands, "Feel free, I just want to ask a question. Did you once say that the Darwin test only changes everyone's position, not the food chain?"

Wang Xiaotian looked at Tang Mo suspiciously as she thought about it, the question didn't seem like much of a trap, and it was the same rule The black tower had asked her to tell the players. "Yes, the Darwin test only changes the position of each of you in the food chain, not the original food chain."

Fu Wensheng muttered quietly, "There is no such thing as changing positions. Those who reacted slowly and couldn't grab the questions couldn't score at all, they had to be in the first rank forever."

At these words, the young woman's gaze twitched to Fu Wensheng.

He was right about that. Even though the questions were harder this time and people were not so desperate to get them right, the young woman, Chen Shanshan and the young man did not get a single question right. The young men got the wrong answer and the women didn't grab the right answer at all. The young woman's reflexes had not improved as much because of her special powers, so she was always unable to get the right answer.

At this rate, the odds are extremely high that she will remain in first class.

The young woman's face fell and she did not say anything.

"Are the questions at the bottom going to be a little harder?" Chen Shanshan suddenly asked.

Wang Xiaotian : "What, you want it to be harder?"

Chen Shanshan nodded: "No harder, I might struggle to score points. And I'd also like to know that in the last Darwin test, me, Whisper and him," she points to the young man, "all three of us scored a point, but they were second and I was first. Why? A random draw?"

Wang Xiaotian: "Of course it's not random, the Darwin test has nothing to do with luck. Who made you evolve late, of course you're behind."

Chen Shanshan: "That means there are three of us with zero marks, me, Dunder and Xing Siqi. There are three more questions and if one of us gets it right, we will be ranked in the order we got it right. What if none of the three get it right?"

Wang Xiaotian grinned, showing his cute little tiger teeth: "The points from the last round of Darwin tests."

Chen Shanshan nods understandingly.

It's really fair, it's all about strength and never about luck.

Fu Wensheng said, "This is the last chance to change the order, so you have to work hard, or you will be in last place." The child came over, "I'll still get a point this time, and I'll probably be in second place again, still in this position. Sister Shanshan, I don't have a clue about this food chain, but don't worry, I won't eat you. You're first rank, I'm second rank, if I can't I'll eat her, I'll still be alive even if I eat you by mistake, you still have a chance."

The young woman brushes her head up and looks at Fu Wensheng.

The child was taken aback, "What are you, what are you looking at me for ......"

The young woman looked steadily at Fu Wensheng, and after a moment she sneered, "You Earth survivors, you're quite affectionate towards your teammates."

Fu Wensheng justified: "I am teammates with Shanshan, so if I don't treat her well, I should treat you well."

"Your ball is the ball I took before, her ball is the ball you took before. She's in your food chain, you must be right to eat her. Are you stupid?"

Tang Mo's voice rang out, "But you weren't 100 percent sure he was in your food chain before, just that the odds were high."

The young woman laughed: "If Fu Wenduo hadn't held a knife to my neck, I would have eaten that little boy's balls. Would he still be alive?"

Fu Wensheng's face turned red and the next moment he looked at the young woman, "I won't eat Sister Shanshan, I'll only eat you."

The young woman looked at the young boy's angry look and after a long time she looked away and said indifferently, "Whatever you want."

Chen Shanshan's eyes lit up.

Tang Mo's mouth curled up as he looked up to find Fu Wenduo watching him.

The two men made a silent gesture of agreement: Good job.

Wang Xiaotian shouted at Tang Mo, "Hey, are you going to answer or not? Answer the question quickly!"

Tang Mo: " Wang Xiaotian would love to have Fu Wenduo."

Wang Xiaotian licked his lips and quietly glanced at Fu Wenduo: "Hey, correct answer. Question 11 ......"

As Chen Shanshan suspected, at the end of the twelve questions, she, the young woman, and the young man, all received no points. Wang Xiaotian rubbed his chin: "What stupid humans." Then, ignoring them, she jumped straight onto the carriage and prepared to go to her ball again. But just as she was about to enter the carriage, a male voice rang out, "Do we have to wait for you to leave before our little balls change themselves?"

Wang Xiaotian stopped and looked at Tang Mo: "Whatever, you can change the balls now." Without thinking too much about it, Wang Xiaotian claps her hands and Tang Mo feels her pocket move and a small ball comes out with a whoosh. But at that very moment, a hand intercepted the ball with a jerk.

"What are you doing?" Wang Xiaotian looked at Tang Mo in surprise, then at Fu Wenduo, Fu Wensheng and Chen Shanshan.

The three returnees also looked at the four Tang Mo's with dismay, and soon their eyes became alert.

Tang Mo Mo firmly grasped the bouncing blob in his hands as he touched the numbers on his face and smiled, "If I presume correctly, this blob should still belong to me at the moment, and I'm still third rank?"

Tang Mo scored the highest in the Darwin test earlier and he should have been awarded fourth grade this time.

Wang Xiaotian didn't get Tang Mo's point: "Yes, you haven't changed your small ball yet, so of course it's third class."

Tang Mo : "That means that all four of us, are still in the same position and at the same level as we were just now?"

"Right." Wang Xiaotian : "What exactly are you trying to say?"

Tang Mo looked up slowly and spoke in a calm tone, "A player wins by discovering a complete food chain of their own. Do you want to tell that food chain in public, or can I tell you in private."

Wang Xiaotian : "Whatever you want, you can tell me privately ......" The voice stopped abruptly and Wang Xiaotian's eyes widened: "What did you just say? "

"He just said ......"

Fu Wenduo stood behind Tang Mo, leaning down and putting his chin slightly closer to Tang Mo's shoulder. This position makes him seem like Tang Mo's spokesperson, and it doesn't feel intimate, nor does it seem wrong to the crowd.

Tang Mo raised an eyebrow as warm breath sprayed against his ear.

Fu Wenduo laughed low, "He said we decided ...... to pass it now."


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Mr. Fu : ......

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