Chapter 159: I'll make you into Santa's stinky toilet!!!

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Identical in appearance, almost identical in attitude to the truth. Tang Mo was a little sceptical when he saw it (because Mr Rabbit said he was going to dedicate it to the Queen of Hearts and it shouldn't be here), but he couldn't find anything wrong with it. It must really be the Truth Clock, but Tang Mo had always felt that something was wrong with it.

Tang Mo: "If you're a failed invention, you're infinitely closer to the real truth clock. You are really very much alike." So much so that it is impossible for anyone to spot the difference at first glance.

The Truth Clock growled, "I am the Truth Clock!"

"It is a pity, great and pitiful Clock of Truth, that even The black tower does not recognise you." Grea said in a respectful tone, but in this context it sounded sarcastic. He laughed, "Maybe you're not really the Truth Clock."

Truth Clock: "You ......!"

Tang Mo gave Grea a faint glance and turned to the Truth Clock: "When we first entered this room you said that you were the great Truth Clock, chiming accurately for the great Lord Schrödinger. At the time you said that, you could no longer be the Truth Clock. I didn't notice the mistake at first, but later you repeated it over and over again, and at the same time you said something else," Tang Mo paused and looked up: "You said that you hated the fallacious compass."

I do hate fallacious compasses," said the uncomprehending Clock of Truth. That abominable compass is the most annoying and disgusting thing in the world. It denies all truth and looks for fallacies that transcend it. What is wrong with that statement?"

Tang Mo: "It's not wrong, but what's wrong is that it comes out of your mouth."

The clock of truth is angry and furious, it refuses to admit that it is not the clock of truth: "You shameless intruder of The black tower, you are lying to me. Do not deceive the great Truth Clock with your poor lies."

"And you call yourself the great truth clock until now?" Tang Mo suddenly said.

The Truth Clock froze violently.

Tang Mo eyes calm: "If every word of yours means truth, by which truth is your greatness ...... proved?"

At these words, Truth Clock suddenly closed its mouth and stopped talking.

Zhao Xiaofei nodded: "Yes! Neither the great truth clock nor the great Schrödinger are truths. Truth is something that exists objectively and is absolutely true. Nothing that is subjective or emotional can be the truth."

Li Miaomiao also dawned on me: "Yes, you say you are great, but there is nothing to prove your greatness. For example, I say I am beautiful, but in my eyes I am beautiful, in the eyes of others I may be ugly. Such words, which are wrapped in subjective emotions, can never be the truth." Li Miaomiao became agitated, "All subjective judgements are not objective, they are not truths at all! So you are not a truth clock at all!"

"It is the Truth Clock." A low voice rang out.

Schrödinger's room is filled with its inventions, both successful and unsuccessful.

Fu Wenduo looked calm: "It is a failed clock of truth."

"I will kill you all!!!"

The ever-smooth female voice suddenly turned violent, like a mad jealous woman, and she screamed as she unleashed five long blue tentacles from the clockwork, grabbing the five players in the room. Before its tentacles could touch Tang Mo's clothes, however, Tang Mo ducked sideways and grabbed the tentacles at the same time.

Li Miaomiao and the others also fled backwards in surprise at the sight.

"We can move our feet?"

Truth is broken and the player is no longer confined by this room.

The clock of truth roared and whipped out more blue tentacles, attacking the players in the room. Li Miaomiao and Zhao Xiaofei's first reaction was to turn and run out the door, choosing to leave if they could. Grea leaps to avoid the attack from the Clock of Truth and, with no intention of fighting back, picks up her staff and follows.

Tang Mo and Fu Wenduo looked at each other and rushed forward and back. Tang Mo opened his parasol and countless blue tentacles bounced off its surface. Fu Wenduo braced himself on Tang Mo's shoulders and leapt up, the black triangular sharpshooter slashing down from above his head and splitting the giant blue bell in half.

The large, beautiful blue clock scatters into countless points of light that sway around the room. Soon the dots of light came together again and turned into a clock. Only this time its light was much dimmer. Tang Mo grabbed these still writhing blue tentacles with both hands, and Fu Wenduo flipped his hand and took out a black dagger with the intention of attacking again.

The truth clock rushed to beg for mercy: "Spare me, The black tower intruders. You have nothing to lose, and I have told you some information. Let me go, what good will it do you to kill me? What I have just said to you is true, I have not done you any harm at all!"

Tang Mo is still clutching the tentacles in a death grip, and Fu Wenduo pockets the dagger with his opposite hand. He turns his head to Tang Mo and they nod.

Tang Mo Mo squeezed those tentacles tighter and said coldly, "What's in it for us?"

Truth Clock: "......"

You've all fucking broken me up, what more good do you want!!!

The Clock of Truth has probably never seen a human being so aggressive as to make a deal with The black tower monster. Li Miaomiao and the others didn't expect the seemingly powerful clock to be so unstoppable, and in terms of force, Li Miaomiao quipped, "Why do I feel like I can beat it?"

Grea: "Because it has lost the protection of the rule of truth, My lady. in the world of truth it is invincible. But just now we have asked a question it cannot answer, become the truth or defeat the truth, we have defeated its truth. So it is now just a very ordinary, failed invention created by Schrödinger."

Tang Mo and Fu Wenduo grabbed the Truth Clock, which shivered and cursed the strange humans in its mind, but finally had to suppress its anger and say: "I am just an ordinary clock, I am not The black tower and I cannot give you any reward. But I know most of the truths of the world, it's true. I can tell you a clue about the 108 rooms of the Schrödinger and help you get through this game of hide-and-seek."

"You bloody, stinking, broken clock!!!" A soft, sweet kitten yowl rang through the room as if someone had stepped on its tail, and Schrödinger growled angrily, "You don't say, you don't say, you don't say, you don't say! If you say anything, I'll make a stinking toilet out of you and send it to Father Christmas. You know how much Santa's ass stinks, I'll really make you into his stinky toilet!"

At these words the blue body of the clock of truth trembled violently, even more miserably than when it had just been struck, and almost fell apart.

This statement was even more effective than Fu Wenduo's slash.

However, it was Tang Mo and Fu Wenduo who were now holding the clock of truth to its fate, and the poor clock said curtly into the air, "Great Sir Schrödinger, as you heard earlier, The black tower has blocked my words. What I say is as far as The black tower allows, and does not really tell them how to get through."

Schrödinger grunted angrily and the truth clock, with a crossed heart and guts, said quickly: "Five intruders of The black tower, I have given you a clue that you have three rounds of hide-and-seek, and so far in this first round, unfortunately, you are doomed. "

Schrödinger instantly explodes: "Rubbish clock!!!"

The Truth Clock was shaking with fear.

Leaving the room where the truth clock was, the five Tang Mo men returned to the darkened corridor. As they leave the room, the fake clock hides itself in a corner, as if it has foreseen its pathetic future.

Tang Mo and Fu Wenduo turn on their torches and point them at the dark corridor. There are two paths in front of them: to the left and to the right.

The five had just come down the stairs on the first floor and walked straight into the room directly opposite the stairs, where the Truth Clock was. The steel fortress echoed with the grumbling voice of Schrödinger, who had decided, under his breath, to split the truth clock into three sections, one for Father Christmas, one for a stinky toilet, one for Granny Wolf and one for a ring of fire for the head of the Strange Circus.

"I will never in my life give you to the Queen of Hearts. You're a failed invention that has no business being in the Queen of Hearts' collection alongside the real Truth Clock!" The little black cat's vicious and angry words echoed through the corridor.

Tang Mo gave a wink to Fu Wenduo, who held up his torch and said calmly, "Go through here."

There are only two paths, and Fu Wenduo chose the one to the left.

The crowd searched two more rooms down the corridor, but they were empty of anything. Zhao Xiaofei couldn't resist saying, "The truth clock just said that we have failed this round of hide-and-seek. Judging by Schrödinger's reaction, it is true."

Li Miaomiao: "There were three rounds of searching and we didn't intend to find Schrödinger in the first round, so isn't it normal that we couldn't find him?"

Tang Mo: "That's not what she meant."

Li Miaomiao is stunned.

"This round of hide-and-seek isn't over yet, and we've just come down from the first floor and into the ground floor. The vast majority of the rooms on the ground floor we have not searched, yet that fake clock says with great certainty that ...... we have failed. There are only two possibilities." Tang Mo calmly analysed, "The first possibility is that Schrödinger was in a room we had already searched and that it was so well hidden that we actually missed it."

Li Miaomiao immediately said, "That's impossible, we went through every room carefully. Even the room with the horror rays that we first encountered we checked and there was no Schrödinger."

Tang Mo: "So there's only the second possibility."


"The room where Schrödinger was, we no longer had the opportunity to enter."


Author's comment.

Father Christmas: Eh heh heh, I do need a new toilet.

Granny Wolf: Will this mirror show my beauty?

Circus Master: Hmm? That's the sort of thing I don't need.

Fake Clock: ......QAQ This is no way to live!!!

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