Chapter 157: Truth Clock: "......"

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Tang Mo tries to move his feet, but his feet are pinned to the ground. He turns his head to look around him and sees that everyone is standing still, just as he is. Fu Wenduo nods at Tang Mo, who immediately understands what he means.

All five players are glued to the room, and no one can leave.

This 'stickiness' is indiscriminate, with the strongest Fu Wenduo unable to break free, and the weakest Li Miaomiao and Zhao Xiaofei unable to move either. Tang Mo took the umbrella from his waist and gently pressed it to the ground, his movements so natural that no one noticed his actions. When the tip of the umbrella touches the ground, Tang Mo quietly pulls it upwards.

Sure enough, it can't be moved.

Everything that enters this room, as soon as it enters, is glued to the floor of the room.

Each of the five men tried, abandoning the possibility of leaving the room. The seconds ticked away on the clock of truth. The huge clock had no eyes, but all of them felt as if they were being watched by something.

A calm female voice said calmly, "Five intruders of The black tower, do you choose to be the truth, or to crush it?"

Zhao Xiaofei: "What is the truth clock?"

The Truth Clock says: "I am the great Truth Clock. I am the only truth clock in the world of The black tower, in the whole universe, made by the hand of the great Lord Schrödinger, born in the time gap of Schrödinger, in the service of The black tower. Every word I say is truth. Truth is everything that cannot be disproved within the limits of known scientific theories. Truth exists and is absolutely correct."

Li Miaomiao opened his mouth, "What the hell do you mean, are you trying to kill us?"

When Tang Mo opened the door, the Truth Clock had not yet appeared, and the next second it stopped time, pulling all the players into this room, the world of the Truth Clock. Its strength is immeasurable. If it really wanted to kill the players, it could have done it just now, there was no need to keep them in this room.

This means that the Truth Clock did not want to kill them and had an ulterior motive.

"The truth clock only rejects fallacies and obliterates them."

Li Miaomiao breathed a sigh of relief: "So what do you really want?"

The "eyes" of the Truth Clock swept over every player in the room, its "gaze" cold and emotionless, and it said calmly in a voice that did not rise or fall: "Every item that enters the world of the Truth Clock has to choose To become the truth, or to crush it. Five intruders of The black tower, you are not currently fallacies, but you are not truths either."

"Next, you will each need to ask a question. It is up to me to judge whether the question you have asked is the truth or not." The cold female voice said, word for word, "Every question you ask, the great clock of truth can give an answer. If you ask a question that I cannot answer, then it is a new truth. You have become the truth."

Grea laughed, "And what if you answered?"

Truth Clock: "If the answer I give is correct, it means that the question is meaningless and you have not become the truth. If it is wrong, it means that you have crushed the truth. Become the truth, or defeat the truth. The black tower intruders, you have only two ways to go. The great Truth Clock knows all the truths of the universe, and the only way to leave the world of the Truth Clock is to go beyond it. The Truth Clock, follows all truths."

"So now, The black tower intruders, ask your questions. You have ten minutes to ask your questions."

The second these words were spoken, the hour, minute and second hands of the Truth Clock suddenly began to spin wildly, and soon all three hands were pointing in unison at the "12" position. Then there was a crisp popping sound and the long second hand slid one frame clockwise. All the players were caught unawares as the countdown began, and the crowd looked at the huge clock in disbelief.

Tang Mo had been quietly watching the truth clock.

He had stood on this clock for hours in a duel to the death. This clock is indeed the clock of truth, both in size and colour, exactly like the clock of truth. It also acts in accordance with the truth as a rule. There was no doubt that if the five players did not ask a proper truth question at the end of ten minutes, the truth clock would certainly do something very terrible.

How strong this clock is, Tang Mo does not know. But in this world, it is the absolute law. I fear that even ten Fu Wenduo and Tang Mo combined are no match for it.

Zhao Xiaofei said urgently, "How does this start, what questions should we ask ......"

The calm female voice suddenly rang out, "The answer, you can ask any question, everything from the birth of the universe to its destruction, can be used to ask questions about the great clock of truth."

Zhao Xiaofei was completely dumbfounded, her body trembling as she looked at the blue clock suspended in the air. Her eyes turned red with anger and she subconsciously cursed: "I didn't even ask a question, how can you ......". Her voice stopped abruptly and Zhao Xiaofei immediately realised what was going on and covered her mouth, not daring to speak.

Each player can only ask one question, and Zhao Xiaofei has already asked one question and got the answer. No one knows what will happen if the same player asks a second question, and Zhao Xiaofei does not dare to try.

After Zhao Xiaofei's surprise, the rest of the players slowly sank in, not daring to speak up again. It would be a wasted opportunity if their words were deemed "questions" by the truth clock and answered.

Tang Mo's hand is squeezing the handle of the small parasol tightly.

After a long time, he looked up at Li Miaomiao and made a face. Li Miaomiao had this in mind for a long time and said straight away, "My question is ...... how can we find Schrödinger?"

This question was asked after Tang Mo heard the Truth Clock say "it will give the right answer to any question". The question is asked and if the truth clock doesn't answer, then they win; if the truth clock does, they have to give the correct answer or the player still wins. As long as the Truth Clock answers the correct answer, they will at least get the way through the Tower Attack game and will definitely not lose out.

Without a moment's hesitation, the clock of truth actually spoke directly: "Answer, there is only one way to find the Schrödinger. There are 108 rooms in Schrödinger's Iron Fortress, so if the player (bleep - ask all players to try to attack the tower), then (bleep - ask all players to try to attack the tower), and finally (bleep - ask all players to try to attack the tower), they will find Schrödinger. ), then (bleep - ask all players to try to attack the tower), and finally (bleep - ask all players to try to attack the tower), then Schrödinger can be found. That is the right answer to find Schrödinger."

All players were carefully waiting for the answer to the Truth Clock pass when suddenly a beep was heard and the air froze instantly.

"Ding Dong! The black tower has detected that the answer is correct. The black tower game is fair and equitable, all answers outside the current player's allowed range will be blocked by The black tower."

"The black tower The Three Iron Rules - "

"All players please make an effort to attack the tower!"

Crowd: "......"

I'll be damned if I'm going to ask all players to try to attack the tower!

Even Tang Mo didn't expect The black tower to shamelessly interfere with the answer to the truth clock by blocking its words. If The black tower had the ability to block the truth clock, it would have been able to tell the players about it in advance. Why didn't it say the rule before the player asked the question?

There is no doubt that The black tower had an ulterior motive and the player deliberately wasted an opportunity to ask a question.

But it was Tang Mo's mistake to think that The black tower would play this game. Tang Mo gritted his teeth and cursed The black tower and the Truth Clock ten times each in his mind, and then thought better of it and cursed The black tower again. The black tower is even more brazen than the Truth Clock!

After this accident, only Tang Mo, Fu Wenduo and Grea were left with no questions about the truth clock. Tang Mo had two questions in his head, and he pondered which one to ask. His eyes met Fu Wenduo's and Tang Mo flickered a little, understanding what he was saying. He looked up at the Truth Clock: "My question is ...... What is on the back of the Truth Clock?"

Li Miaomiao looked at Tang Mo with surprise. She was a core member of the Chosen and knew a lot about the Transparent Man and the relationship between the back of the Truth Clock and the Time Rankings. But she had not expected Tang Mo to ask this question.

Tang Mo deliberated for a long time before asking this question.

Firstly, he has to make sure that the question he asks is worthwhile, a worthless question would just be a wasted opportunity to ask. Secondly, he had to make sure that the question would not be blocked by The black tower. When Li Chaocheng was first caught by Tang Mo, he told them the origin of the time chart. The black tower allowed Li Chaocheng to reveal this information, so in all probability, the truth clock would now be allowed to reveal its back.

The transparent people are clearly in the same camp as the surviving humans, and asking them directly for information would have a high probability of being blocked by The black tower. As The black tower is a fairness system, it would be unfair to the Transparent camp to get information about the other side in this way. Tang Mo can only hope to get some information by asking for time charts.

The voice of the Truth Clock rings out, "The answer, on the back of the Truth Clock, is the Fallacy Compass. Every word spoken by the Compass of Fallacies is a lie. The compass of fallacies rejects all truths, rejects the eternal and constant development of time and space, rejects the birth and destruction of the universe. The fallacy compass begins with the destruction of the universe and ends with the birth of the universe, searching counterclockwise for fallacies that transcend truth." After a pause, the Truth Clock suddenly said, "I hate the fallacy compass."

Tang Mo froze abruptly and looked towards the truth clock.

At this point, only Fu Wenduo and Grea were left with no questions.

Grea turned slightly sideways and smiled at Fu Wenduo: "My lady, please."

Fu Wenduo, who was no shorter than Grea, gave him a bland glance, "You first."

Grea humbled herself a few more times, but Fu Wenduo, the "lady", was ungrateful. Grea shrugged helplessly and turned her head towards the Truth Clock: "Great Truth Clock, there is a question I have kept in my heart for a long time, but I have never told anyone about it. Today, when I meet the Great Truth Clock, my dream may finally be answered. Thank you, my revered Clock of Truth."

I'm afraid the Truth Clock didn't expect this player to compliment it first, and it gave a rare free quote, "No thanks, The black tower intruder, ask your questions, the great Truth Clock knows all the answers."

"Then I'll ask." Grea took a deep breath and gazed genuinely, "Great Truth Clock, I want to know ...... what I can do to make a lot of money?"

Tang Mo: "......"

Fu Wenduo: "......"

Li Miaomiao: "......"

Zhao Xiaofei: "......"

Truth Clock: "......"

Even if the Truth Clock has no face and can't make expressions, Tang Mo can feel the rare hint of fuckery in it.

Fucking make a lot of money! Make your fucking money!!!

For the first time the truth clock was silent for a few seconds before giving the answer: " The black tower intruder Glea Sykes, if you want to make money, you can make money, no one can stop you. There may be people who can influence you, but they can do very little to really sway you, and they won't waste time trying to stop you, you can still make a lot of money. You already know how to make money, what you need today is to let go of all the unnecessary anger and gambling and do what you need to do and you will succeed. That's the right answer to how you can ......," there was a pause, "...... make a lot of money."


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Mr. Fu: My question is, how can I get a daughter-in-law.

Truth Clock: Hold your tongue, kiss it, and you will reap a daughter-in-law.

Tangtang: ...... you, you are afraid that you are not trying to become a piece of waste clock!!!

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