Chapter 154: You live in my heart.

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The old man of the underground stared at the two stowaways with greedy eyes. His gaze is bare and bony, and he smiles sinisterly, revealing a mouthful of yellow teeth. He looked exactly the same as the old beggar who had appeared three hours earlier, and now looked at Fu Wenduo and Li Miaomiao with the same eyes.

"A stowaway can be exchanged for a bowl of cat food ...... great deal oh."

He was answered by a storm of attacks from the players.

There were five players in the room, two of whom were stowaways. There is no doubt that these two stowaways would never come forward to trade themselves for cat food. Even if the five of them did not know each other, three against two, it would not be possible to catch two stowaways. What's more, Zhao Xiaofei had a vague feeling that the powerful, silent man seemed to be one of the stowaways.

Catching the fellow stowaways or killing the old man from the underground, the five men unanimously chose the latter.

But none of them expected that this time the scruffy old man would be much stronger than before. Moving more swiftly, the old man pulled out a thicker wooden stick from his dirt-covered chest, and he smashed it against the black sharpshooter in Fu Wenduo's right hand, which caused his shoulder to go numb.

Tang Mo saw this and understood: "He's gotten stronger."

The crowd dared not be more careless.

This time it took them ten minutes to subdue the strange old man. The old man, pierced through the heart by Fu Wenduo, fell to the ground in a very comical position, twitching twice and not moving again. Soon his body was reduced to a small cascade of ashes, all of which scattered into the air when the wind blew.

Zhao Xiaofei exclaimed, "He turned himself to dust?"

Yes, this time Tang Mo did not light the old beggar on fire, the old man still turned to ash on his own. Tang Mo stared at the black puddle of ash on the ground, his eyes narrowing slightly. He stepped forward and picked up the cat food that the old man had left on the ground. Tang Mo held his nose expressionlessly and handed the cat food to Li Miaomiao.

Li Miaomiao is stunned.

After a moment: "...... you took it all, and you're giving it to me?"

Tang Mo nods and walks between Fu Wenduo and Grea, becoming very much a passer-by again.

Li Miaomiao: "......"

Is this still a man!

Li Miaomiao walks into the castle with a depressed look on her face, carrying shit-like cat food.

Tang Mo gave the cat food to Li Miaomiao again for two reasons. Firstly, Li Miaomiao is more used to the smell and she was the one who took the cat food into the castle last time to look for the cat. Secondly, the team was led by Li Miaomiao. Tang Mo did not want to ruin the relationship that had been so easily formed.

The five men enter Schrödinger's castle in order, the butler walking last and closing the door behind him with a bang. In the darkness of the castle, the red moonlight is cast through the stained glass windows on the first floor, barely illuminating the room. Li Miaomiao carried her cat food with the intention of checking the ground floor again before going to the first floor to look for the cat. Before she can enter the corridor, Tang Mo calls out to her.

"Go through here."

Li Miaomiao stops and turns to look in the direction Tang Mo's hand is pointing.

It was a dark pathway, more like a passage for underlings than any other corridor, without much gold decoration. Li Miaomiao looks at Tang Mo for a moment and understands: "Whatever." With that, she walked into this corridor with her cat food in hand.

The two female players whispered the sound of a kitten, trying to draw out the mysterious cat. Towards the end of the corridor, Li Miaomiao intends to return to the head, she is halfway through her turn when she looks up and sees a small wooden door in front of her. Li Miaomiao's footsteps were halted and she instantly understood what Tang Mo meant. The female doctor looks calmly at Tang Mo and then at Fu Wenduo.

Neither of them gave her any response.

Li Miaomiao muttered, "It's better for the head and Sister Zing", and then said, "This is the kitchen, isn't it? Let's go into the kitchen and have a look."

Slowly, the middle-aged butler raised his head and stared straight at Li Miaomiao.

Li Miaomiao: "Can't we go in and find the cat?"

The butler's voice was mechanical, "Yes."

The butler took out the key and unlocked the kitchen door. A steaming bowl of soup was burning on the kitchen stove, and the smell was overwhelming. The smell blended with the black cat food in Li Miaomiao's hand, and even Fu Wenduo raised an eyebrow, finding things a little disgusting. The corners of Li Miaomiao's mouth twitched as she searched around the kitchen with the cat food in her hand.

The crowd finally stopped in front of a locked cupboard.

Zhao Xiaofei: "Eh, the bowl of cat food was put in this cupboard earlier, wasn't it? Can you open it and have a look?"

The middle-aged butler kept his head down and did not speak.

Li Miaomiao: "Can't open it?"

The middle-aged butler still bowed his head and did not speak.

Both female players sensed that something was wrong and asked the housekeeper to open this cupboard. But it was as if the housekeeper had been pressed on the mute button and heard nothing. It was also as if he would not react until a certain key word was spoken by the two female players.

Tang Mo: "Can I force open the cabinet?"

The butler still didn't say anything.

Tang Mo curled his lips, "Since he's not saying anything, it seems he's acquiescing."

Li Miaomiao's eyes widened: "Wait, you're going to force open the locker?"

As she says this, Fu Wenduo has stepped forward and with a slight movement of his right index finger, he turns it into a thin wire. Grea's eyes twitched and a strange smile appeared. Fu Wenduo cupped the lock with one hand and with the other, he slipped the wire into the lock hole and flicked it a few times. With a crisp click, Fu Wenduo removes the open lock.

The cupboard creaked open and as the crowd took in its contents, Li Miaomiao swiped her head to look at the butler: "Where's the cat food in there?!"

The butler actually looked up and replied, "Poured it out."

The crowd couldn't actually argue with that. The steward had already said that there should be no such smelly things in the castle and that he would take care of the cat food. It wasn't impossible to dump the cat food. But the two women had a feeling that something was not right, and with their feminine instincts they sensed that it was not that simple.

Zhao Xiaofei asked tentatively, "Where did it go?"

The butler repeated again, "Poured out."

Li Miaomiao: "When did you pour it?" The cat food had a very strong stench and the housekeeper should have been able to detect it by the players when she took it out of the cupboard and dumped it again.

The butler was still saying, "Pour it out."

When the crowd couldn't do anything about him, Li Miaomiao simply followed Tang Mo's example and said angrily, "Can I beat you forcibly to make you tell the truth?"

This time the butler actually looked up and stared silently at Li Miaomiao: "It is forbidden to beat all of Schrödinger's goods."

Li Miaomiao: "......"

Shit, why don't you acquiesce this time!

"Are you all of Schrödinger?" A clear, male voice rang out from behind Li Miaomiao. Tang Mo stood next to Fu Wenduo, even half a length back from Grea, and asked with a smile.

The middle-aged butler replied, "Yes. Everything in this fortress, except for the five guests, belongs to His Excellency the Honourable Schrödinger."

"Including the old man from the ground who just appeared?"

The middle-aged butler's body lurched and bowed, "Yes."

Zhao Xiaofei's eyes widened as she recalled Li Miaomiao's speculation earlier. " Schrödinger's cat may not really be a cat, it could be a person, it could be something else. Could it be that ...... the cat was actually the underground man? That Underground Man is not a real Underground Man at all, he can come back from the dead and turn himself into dust. He's Schrödinger's cat!"

"He's not." Fu Wenduo's voice is low, " Schrödinger's cat likes to eat cat food. The cat won't trade cat food for stowaways because he doesn't need stowaways, he needs cat food."

Tang Mo: "And Schrödinger's cat is very clean. The old man from the underground is not clean."

Grea laughed as she watched the two of them play off each other, stroking the little black cat's fur in her arms as she said, "So now it's my turn to say? Schrödinger only has one cat, and while that little cutie that came back from the dead may still be the same person, it may not be considered a cat either. my lady, in conclusion, that little friend is definitely not Schrödinger's cat."

Tang Mo scanned Grea and calmly said, "Eliminate all the impossible answers and the last one left, however unlikely, must be the correct one."

Li Miaomiao pondered over Tang Mo's remark and after a few seconds she jerked her head up to look at the middle-aged butler with his poker face.

Tang Mo: " Schrödinger only has one cat and he is the only one in this fortress."

Fu Wenduo looks down at Tang Mo: " Schrödinger's cat is very clean."

Grea held the little black cat and raised her paws to scratch the air: "He's the only one who has the key to this cupboard."

Being coldly stared at by five players, the middle-aged butler's face did not change, as if he had not been torn apart. He still kept his head down, looking as if he knew nothing.

Tang Mo: "If the cat had eaten it, or if someone else had opened the cupboard and eaten it, he would not have had to close the lock after opening it. Schrödinger's cats love cat food, and I don't think that even if we were to look around the castle with this second bowl of cat food, a cat would come up and eat it. At the end of the day you will remind us again that there should be no odours in the castle and then take the bowl of cat food away. That means that ...... no matter what, at the end of the day, the bowl of cat food will belong to you. You love to eat it."

Fu Wenduo took the cat food from Li Miaomiao's hand and handed it to the middle-aged butler. His dark eyes were deep and bottomless as he whispered, "Eat?"

The middle-aged butler took the cat food, held it in his hands and slowly looked up at the five players in front of him.

After a long time, he opened his mouth and cried out in a stiff, unpleasant voice, "Meow."

"Ding dong! Successfully completed side quest one 'Find Schrödinger's cat'. Triggers the main quest 'Schrödinger's Game of Hide and Seek'."

A clear child's voice resonates throughout the castle, but it stops abruptly at this line. The players are still waiting for The black tower to say more when suddenly the sound is lost and Tang Mo and Fu Wenduo both look at each other strangely.

Zhao Xiaofei was bewildered, "Triggered the main quest ...... and then it was gone?"

Tang Mo waited half a day before he looked to the butler, "What do we do now?"

The middle-aged butler in this castle looks to be The black tower BOSS and can start The black tower game. If nothing else, the middle-aged butler would have been the boss of this tower attack, but this time he did answer, holding the smelly cat food, staring at Tang Mo with dead fish eyes and saying in a mechanical voice, "Meow, meow, meow."

Tang Mo: "......"

Crowd: "......"

Jackass wouldn't even believe it if it was a cat!

No matter what the players asked, the middle-aged butler's answer was only "meow". The two female players searched the castle, since it was a game of hide-and-seek, they must have been looking for something. Grea, who seems to have no desire to move, stays in the kitchen with his little black cat in his arms, pours himself a glass of water and stands gracefully by the window, admiring the steel forest that towers above the fortress.

Tang Mo walks over, " Mr Grea."

Grea turned to Tang Mo and looked at him steadily. After a moment, he smiled and said, "My lady, how can I help you?"

"Where are you from?"

Grea asks rhetorically, "Where are the people?"

Tang Mo looked calm: "Where did you live before Earth came online, what part of China?"

Grea stares intently at Tang Mo and after a few seconds he replies seriously, "I live in your heart."

Tang Mo: "......"

"If I were to ask you, where do you live, Mr Grea?" A low magnetic male voice rang out from the side as Fu Wenduo leaned against the wall and looked calmly at the tall, thin, pale blonde mulatto, his eyes cold despite the smile. He asked, "So ...... you live in my heart too?"

Grea smiles: "No, I only live in this lady's heart. Or rather, this lady has always lived in my heart, and I am obsessed with him. If my heart could be divided into three parts, one of them would be yours. However, unfortunately, I always choose the more important one, so ......" he stroked the little black cat and then looked at Tang Mo: "My lady, you have always lived in my heart."

Fu Wenduo stares quietly at the blond man in front of him as he slowly lifts the corners of his mouth into a deep smile.

Zhao Xiaofei and Li Miaomiao walked into the kitchen: "Didn't find anything strange."

Li Miaomiao came over: "You guys go and look in the castle too. It's the first time I've come across such a strange tower attack game that only tells the name, not any rules of the game, and doesn't give any hints on what we should do."

Fu Wenduo: " The black tower gives hints. The game of hide-and-seek is divided into two main bodies, the one who hides and the one who finds. In this game, it is clear that we belong to the finder. So now it is the one who is hiding that needs to be found."

Li Miaomiao looked at Fu Wenduo in amazement as she heard him say so much for the first time.

The name Fu Wenduo is known to all the members of the Chosen Organisation. Or rather, there is no one in Beijing, in China, or even in the whole world who does not know the name. But they have never had any contact with Fu Wenduo.

Chosen there.

Six months ago, Fu Wenduo was about to leave Beijing. Li Miaomiao, followed by Ruan Wangshu and Qi Heng, stopped Fu Wenduo and tried to take him into the organisation. This man is silent and powerful, his moves are deadly, his fights are never about winning, they are about killing. This is a different player from them, they are all stowaways, but they don't have the smell of murder that Fu Wenduo has.

Ruan Wangshu said that Fu Wenduo had killed many more people than all of them put together.

Li Miaomiao originally thought that Fu Wenduo was one of those non-verbal, command-driven people in the team, just like Practice Yu Zheng. Whenever they challenged The black tower game, Practitioner Yu Zheng said very little, usually Ruan Wangshu set the strategy and Practitioner Yu Zheng carried it out silently. This was also the case with Tang Mo and Fu Wenduo, but now Fu Wenduo has suddenly started talking.

Li Miaomiao looked at Tang Mo in confusion, but he looked calm, as if he knew something.

...... is probably their strategy.

Li Miaomiao thought to himself.

Little did she know that Tang Mo was outwardly calm, but in his mind he was also confused. Tang Mo had already realised that the game of hide-and-seek was for them to find someone, but his mind flashed through countless guesses, as if he was close to figuring out the truth, but he never caught the light.

Fu Wenduo already knows?

Fu Wenduo continued, "Once we know who the person hiding is, the game should start properly. Other than that, perhaps if we just catch the person hiding, the game can end immediately." After a pause, he looked at Tang Mo and softened his tone a little: "The game of hide-and-seek has a nickname, hide and seek."

Fu Wenduo's tone is so unobtrusive that no one notices the change.

Tang Mo and Fu Wenduo looked at each other, and in an instant, Tang Mo understood what Fu Wenduo meant. The answer surprised him, but on second thought it made sense and was even a little ...... funny. Tang Mo had already known that he had always been very rational in his thinking, and liked to guess conclusions based on clues, and to follow the vine, so that everything was reasonable. Fu Wenduo, on the other hand, would always say a lot of seemingly whimsical things, and his thinking was very open-ended, but not just a guess, and he was often right.

But this time the answer really made Tang Mo laugh and cry.

Fu Wenduo turns to Grea, who is standing by the window, smiling with a cup of tea. Schrödinger's cat is not a cat, but a person," he says lightly. In Schrödinger's game of hide and seek, the player is the one who finds, the one who hides can only be Schrödinger. A cat is not a cat, it is a person. So who is Schrödinger?"

After a few seconds, Li Miaomiao exclaimed, "So you're not Schrödinger's cat, you're Schrödinger!"

Li Miaomiao had already guessed that Grea was Schrödinger's cat, but unfortunately she was wrong. Now that Grea is Schrödinger, it doesn't make sense. It is possible that her feminine intuition senses not Schrödinger's cat but Schrödinger himself.

At Li Miaomiao's words, even the middle-aged housekeeper, who was crouched in the corner of the kitchen, licking his cat food, looked up at Grea.

Grea was watched by the four players and the middle-aged butler together, he froze for a few seconds, then he blinked, smiled and pointed at himself, "So, now I'm Schrödinger ?"

Zhao Xiaofei thought: "Is your name Grea - Schrödinger? Or is it Schrödinger - Grea?"

Grea: "My name is Glea Sykes."

Neither of the two female players believed him.

Li Miaomiao asked the housekeeper: "Is he Schrödinger?"

Middle-aged butler: "Meow."

Grea is very innocent: "My ladies, I'm really not a Schrödinger."

Li Miaomiao looked at Tang Mo and Fu Wenduo's calm demeanour and chose to believe them. She cut to the chase, "You're not a Schrödinger, but there are only five of us players and the Schrödinger cat in the whole castle. Who else but you?" Li Miaomiao glanced quietly at Zhao Xiaofei, but turned her head away. She thought Grea was a Schrödinger more than Zhao Xiaofei. Because Grea had a strange, inexplicable aura about him that was different from the other players. It's strange, but it's real.

To put it more simply, the first time they saw Grea they thought he was different from the other players. I don't know what was different, but it was definitely different.

Grea lifted his hand and his cane struck the ground with a rhythmic clattering sound. He was about to retort again when a voice rang out, " Viktor didn't say he was Schrödinger."

Li Miaomiao is stunned.

Grea smiles and turns her head to look at Tang Mo.

Tang Mo looks at Grea, who leans over slightly and looks at Schrödinger steadily: "Your Excellency Schrödinger, can you now tell us how the main game 'Schrödinger's Game of Hide and Seek' should be played? How does it work? Or if we just catch you now, the game will be over? Then this is the easiest game of tower attack I have ever experienced."


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Grea: My lady, you live in my heart.

Tangtang: ......

Mr. Fu: Heh, say it again. [40m big knife smile look]

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