Chapter 152: Stowaway hearts, especially good with wine~

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At the sound of The black tower's voice, there was a whoosh and the castle was filled with black cats who scattered as if they had been frightened. It all happened so suddenly that Tang Mo and the others had no time to stop it. The cats scurried around the castle like a torrent of black cats, and the sound of the cats' cries was so loud that it made everyone's ears tingle in three dimensions.

The robot-like, middle-aged butler bowed to the five players, then walked silently to the gate, bowing his head and saying nothing more.

A pair of green eyes crept up from the darkness, surveying the five strange humans. Tang Mo scanned the entire castle and turned to ask, "Can we just look for cats in the castle?"

The butler still kept his head down, "No access to places that are not allowed."

Li Miaomiao's eyes darted around and he asked a few more questions, trying to get more information about Schrödinger and his cat from the housekeeper. However, the housekeeper only repeated the same words from start to finish.

Tang Mo gave him a look and said, "Let's go find the cat now then."

The castle was dark, the red and copper moonlight shining in through the high ceiling windows, barely illuminating a dim outline of the house. The butler stands motionless in the doorway, and the five men have two torches in total. They split into two groups, Tang Mo and Li Miaomiao in one, and Fu Wenduo, Grea and Zhao Xiaofei in the other, and split up to look for Schrödinger's cat.

Tang Mo is in charge of the first floor of the castle and Fu Wenduo is in charge of the ground floor.

Tang Mo turns on the light of his torch and walks calmly up to the first floor. Two long corridors meet at the entrance to the staircase, forming a ninety-degree angle, stretching in both directions. The red moonlight shone on the doors, which were symmetrically distributed on both sides of the corridor, making them quiet and treacherous.

Li Miaomiao walks up and carefully presses her hand against the door. Tang Mo gripped the handle of the small parasol and Li Miaomiao was ready. She pressed down hard, but heard a click and Li Miaomiao froze: "Eh, it's locked?

Yes, the door is locked.

Tang Mo and Li Miaomiao split up to open the doors. There are nineteen doors in two corridors, ten of which are locked and nine of which can be opened. As Li Miaomiao tries to unlock the doors by force, the black tower's clear child's voice rings out in the castle - the sound of a child's voice.

"Ding-dong! In Schrödinger's Iron Fortress, the locked room is full of His Excellency Schrödinger's treasures and requires a key to open."

The black tower says it cannot be opened, so the door must not be opened.

Li Miaomiao drops his hand resentfully.

As the pair tried to open the door, a dozen cats swept past them. Li Miaomiao tried to catch the cats several times, but Tang Mo stopped her. The female doctor wondered, "Aren't we looking for Schrödinger's cats, and don't these cats need to be seen?"

Tang Mo did not answer. He entered an empty room and searched it carefully, finding two small, skinny black cats in the corner. When they saw the humans, they turned and ran. Li Miaomiao was even faster than the cats, she was not too strong, but she was still at the second level of The black tower. She caught the two cats easily and when she saw the dirt on their paws, she said with disappointment, "Rule number two of the game, Mr. Cat is very clean ...... these two should not be."

Tang Mo looked over at her, "These are two cats."

Li Miaomiao didn't understand what he meant: "What?"

"Rule number one of the game, Schrödinger only has one cat. Rule number two, the cat is very clean and out of place."

After a few seconds, Li Miaomiao said, "Eh? You mean that if we see more than one cat, it must not be Schrödinger's cat? But these cats all look exactly the same. Schrödinger only had one cat. ...... Does that mean his cat was different from the others?"

The answer to this is anyone's guess.

According to Tang Mo's speculation, Schrödinger's cats fit two characteristics: firstly, they don't get along; secondly, they love to clean. Also, three hours later, cat food appears in the castle. Cats love cat food.

Li Miaomiao: "We can use the cat food and lure this cat out."

But until then, all they can do is to find out as much as possible about the cat.

Tang Mo bends down and picks up a cat cowering in a corner, looking closely at the fur on this cat. When he saw what looked like a brown mark of chocolate sauce on the cat's paws, he put the cat gently on the floor and moved on to the next one. The first floor is twice the size of the ground floor and after an hour Tang Mo and Li Miaomiao had checked all the cats in the room, followed by more cats hiding in hidden corners.

Tang Mo is walking down the corridor with his torch when he suddenly stops in his tracks and reaches forward with his right hand into a high-necked vase. There is a sharp cry and a tiny black cat is caught in Tang Mo's hand. The cat, caught by a human, cries out in fear, its piercing voice echoing through the castle.

After examining the marks on the cat, Tang Mo let it go and moved on.

Li Miaomiao looked at the young man's tall and thin back, and after a long time, she couldn't help but say, "...... I thought that you would be with Fu Wenduo, not me?" With a woman's keen sixth sense, Li Miaomiao sensed that Tang Mo seemed to have an ulterior motive for doing so. She looked at the other party warily and said, "Is there something wrong?"

Tang Mo paused in his steps and turned his head to look at her. Seeing Li Miaomiao's wary look, Tang Mo raises an eyebrow: "You think I'm going to get rid of you with this?"

Li Miaomiao did not say anything.

Tang Mo and Fu Wenduo were teammates, but whether it was searching for the exit from the forest or splitting up into teams to find Schrödinger's cat, Tang Mo did not ask to be in Fu Wenduo's group, but was instead in hers. Li Miaomiao had to be suspicious. She doesn't think Tang Mo will take the opportunity to get rid of herself, but she can't think of any other reason.

"What do you think of Grea?"

Li Miaomiao was thinking about Tang Mo's intentions when she heard the words, but she didn't respond for a moment: "Huh?" After a long time, "You mean the half-breed foreigner? There's something about him that doesn't seem normal. He dresses weird, talks weird, and says inexplicable things all the time." Like something about a lady or a gentleman. Li Miaomiao immediately thought, "Wait, you suspect he's not right?!"

Tang Mo said, "He's very strong."

Li Miaomiao ponders for a moment and understands what Tang Mo means.

Grea is really strong.

When Zhao Xiaofei fell from the pole, Grea quickly climbed up the pole and held Zhao Xiaofei before even Fu Wenduo could get there to save her. Li Miaomiao didn't see this scene, but she did see Grea pulling on the pole with one hand and holding Zhao Xiaofei with the other, climbing several dozen metres with ease.

"In some ways he's no worse than Viktor, maybe even better." Tang Mo continued to call out the word " Viktor", even though there were only two of them, without revealing Fu Wenduo's name, " Viktor is a special forces soldier and is very good at climbing poles. After Grea went up, I deliberately padded back and observed both of them climbing the pole in the same position and at the same speed. Viktor climbed it with skill and ease. But Grea was like ......" Tang Mo found a way to describe it: "It was like he wasn't climbing the pole, he was just walking."


"To him, the gravity that binds us doesn't seem to exist. Of course, it could just be his psychic ability."

Tang Mo and Li Miaomiao have both seen gravity powers, and Ruan Wangshu's is gravity suppression.

Li Miaomiao: "So you put Fu ...... Viktor on a team with them to spy on Grea ?"

Tang Mo continues on with his torch, his tone calm: "If he makes a sudden move, Viktor is more than capable of subduing him."

By killing Grea, Fu Wenduo had a better chance.

Li Miaomiao's breath hitched. She suddenly realised that at this point in The black tower game, the relationships between players become even more fragile. Especially in a tower attack game. Each player does not necessarily have the same number of levels to raid, and the missions to attack the tower may be different. The same interests may drive players to cooperate, while different interests may lead to players killing each other.

Li Miaomiao stops making noises and keeps catching one black cat after another. Once they have determined that a cat is not a Schrödinger, they cut a small tuft of hair off the back leg of the cat as a marker.

Time passed slowly, and two hours later the crowd assembled in the hall on the ground floor of the castle. In the silence of the empty castle, there is the regular clanging of metal from the steel forest outside the windows. Tang Mo looks to Fu Wenduo, who shakes his head at him and gently sweeps his gaze over Grea.

In the centre of the hall, the blonde man in the crimson dress was leaning on a short staff in his right hand and holding a tiny black cat in his left arm. Noticing Tang Mo and Li Miaomiao looking at him, Grea looked up and smiled slightly, "This little cutie keeps pestering me for some reason." As he said this, he held out his finger, and the little black cat immediately opened its mouth and bit it weakly. It was more like a bite than a lick, and the kitten narrowed its eyes petulantly. "As a gentleman, I never turn down an invitation from any lady. Especially one such a lovely little lady."

Zhao Xiaofei ignored such a strange man as she told her team: "We searched for about ninety-seven cats and didn't find Schrödinger's cat."

Li Miaomiao: "We looked for eighty-six of them."

Zhao Xiaofei's face hardens.

In three hours they searched for 183 cats, none of which were Schrödinger's cats. In the hall, they had seen a total of 400 or 500 cats. At this rate, they would have to search for at least another six hours. This was a conservative estimate. The further they go, the more difficult it will be to find new cats, and this will take even longer.

"The black tower didn't give a time limit for this mission," Zhao Xiaofei says seriously, "but I have a feeling that we can't just go on looking for it, we have to find the cat in good time."

The crowd agreed with her.

Tang Mo opens his mouth and is about to speak. Suddenly, he looks up and out of the window. At the same time, Fu Wenduo and Grea also looked up sharply and stared out of the window together. The next moment, a strange, sharp metallic clanging sound is heard from outside the window. Tang Mo and Fu Wenduo look at each other and they quickly leave through the side door of the castle and enter the beautiful garden.

Li Miaomiao and the others followed suit, and when they saw the man coming from a distance, all five of them were frozen in place in unison.

"Oh, have you eaten stowaways today?"

"The heart of a stowaway is particularly good for wine."

"Stowaway liver, bursting with no grease."

"A stowaway's thigh, chewy and powerful."

"Oh! my honourable Schrödinger, have you eaten stowaways today?"

The odd, off-key nursery rhyme came lazily from the far side of the platform as a scruffy, thin old man with a jug of banana wine in his hand belched and grinned as he made his way to the steel castle. His iron shoes slammed hard against the floor of the steel platform, making that odd sharp clanging sound of metal. He staggered left and right, his cloudy eyes full of greed and lust. When he entered the garden he walked straight to the centre of it and pulled a broken bowl from his pocket. Then he took another dirty old plastic bag out of his sleeve and poured all the black solids inside into the bowl in a single stream.

In an instant, the stench of shit filled the garden.

The smell was sickeningly strong, the stench of shit almost coalescing into a solid mass, a yellow stench visible in the air. Zhao Xiaofei gagged and Grea narrowed her eyes, the smile disappearing from the corners of her mouth. Li Miaomiao is fine, she was a doctor and a surgeon before Earth came online, she's used to seeing this stuff.

Tang Mo also pursed his lips and slowly squeezed his fingers together. Suddenly, a warm hand stepped in front of his face. Tang Mo's body stops and he turns his head in dismay to look at Fu Wenduo. Fu Wenduo's eyes were downcast and his right hand was holding Tang Mo's mouth and nose in a deadly grip. Tang Mo inhaled gently and caught a faint whiff of lemon.

Before the attack on the tower game they found a house to take a shower and the shower gel seemed to be lemon scented?

Somehow these words flashed through Tang Mo's mind.

A hot palm pressed against Tang Mo's face, skin to skin. Tang Mo's fingers move, his right hand lifts and drops, but he does not pull Fu Wenduo's hand away. Zhao Xiaofei and Grea stood in front of them, unable to see their movements. After a long time, Tang Mo's lips curled up in a silent manner on his covered face.

Fu Wenduo does the export type: how about that?

Tang Mo shakes his head: okay.

As time passed, the stench became fainter and fainter. After three minutes, everyone had become accustomed to the stench.

Fu Wenduo removes his hand from Tang Mo's mouth with some regret.

The thin old man, dressed in rags, sat on his butt on the ground, his broken bowl resting on one side. The old beggar sang the "stowaway song" again, loudly, in which he ate the stowaway's heart and soul again. After the song he laughed and his nose twitched, sniffing the air.

The old man swept his unsuspecting gaze over Fu Wenduo and Li Miaomiao and shouted, "Fine cat food, royalty certified by the Kingdom of the Underlanders, His Excellency Schrödinger's cat's favourite tasty cat food. Anyone want to buy it?"

Zhao Xiaofei exclaimed, "How do I buy it?"

"How do I buy it? Oh my reverend Schrödinger, is there anyone in the world who doesn't know how to buy this bowl of cat food?" The thin old man had an exaggerated look on his face, then suddenly his expression changed and he laughed hoarsely twice: "How to buy ...... it with stowaways! A stowaway is worth a bowl of cat food!"

Tang Mo's eyes went cold and he spoke out, "What if we don't have to buy with stowaways?"

"No stowaways to buy?" The old man said angrily, "You shameless human who doesn't want to pay and still wants cat food, no stowaways, not a bowl of cat food! I'm telling you, not a single bowl! Now there are two stowaways here and you won't even give me a stowaway to buy a bowl of cat food from me? I'm telling you, no way!"

Surprisingly, there were two stowaways!

Zhao Xiaofei's sharp gaze swept over to fixate on the four Tang Mo men.

Tang Mo: "Is there no other way?"

The skinny old man got up from the ground and said in annoyance, "No!"

"There is."

The eyes of the crowd turned to Fu Wenduo in unison.

Under the red copper moonlight, the tall, handsome man flung his right hand, and a pitch black, three-pronged sharp weapon instantly appeared in his hand. The corners of his mouth were slightly hooked, and his voice was low and magnetic: "Kill you ...... this bowl of cat food is also ours."

The old man froze for a moment.

Game rule #3: Defeat the greedy underground man guarding the cat food to get it.

The next moment, Fu Wenduo and Tang Mo stomped to the ground and swished out.

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