Chapter 150: Oh MY~LADY~

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A rumbling mechanical crash sounded fiercely.

When Tang Mo opened his eyes, his first reaction was to cover his ears, and only after he had adjusted to the harsh sound did he slowly release his hands. He looked around, taking in his surroundings, and soon looked up at the red and copper 'moon' above him.

It is a forest of black steel of the most bizarre kind. The black trees rise dozens of metres high, blotting out the sky and leaving only a small, circular opening with a red moon in the centre. A slimy liquid drips down the bark of the black trees around them. The pungent smell of motor oil makes Tang Mo frown, and he turns his head back to meet Fu Wenduo.

The two men looked at each other, nodded lightly, and turned their eyes to the other three.

In the dim pale red moonlight, in the black steel forest, three players slowly open their eyes and look at Tang Mo and Fu Wenduo.

One of the players was Li Miaomiao, who stood silently beside Tang Mo, as Ruan Wangshu had instructed her to do.

The other two were not surprised when they saw what was happening, and had obviously been involved in multiplayer games before. They reacted in the same way as Tang Mo, immediately taking stock of their surroundings, and when they were sure of where they were, the five of them gathered together. Tang Mo looked at the two men calmly, sizing them up carefully. It was a man and a woman, the man looking very calm, the woman a little pale but still calm. After a long look, Tang Mo's eyes finally fell on the man in the suit and hat.

The game had just started and everyone scrutinised their teammates without opening their mouths.

After a moment, the short-haired woman couldn't help but speak first, her tone relaxed, "It seems that this time it's a multiplayer tower attack game ...... I've participated in similar games before, and looking at your expressions, it should be the same. Then we are teammates for the time being, let's get to know each other first?" With that, her wary gaze skimmed over the faces of the crowd, a hint of caution showing in her eyes when she saw the man in the bowler hat.

Tang Mo raised an eyebrow: the woman and the man didn't know each other.

Before entering the tower attack game Ruan Wangshu had told Li Miaomiao that she would have to listen to Tang Mo and Fu Wenduo throughout the game. Tang Mo didn't say anything, so Li Miaomiao stood coldly with her arms around her, ignoring the short-haired woman. When the woman saw that no one was answering her, her expression gradually turned ugly.

The woman was right, they were indeed teammates now and needed to get to know each other. Just as Tang Mo was about to reply, however, a pleasant voice rang out -

"Fair enough." The crowd bristled and turned their heads to look at the man who had spoken. In the pale red moonlight, a strange man on crutches smiled slightly and reached out his left hand to remove his bowler hat, revealing a head of blonde hair. He made a gentleman's salute, then looked up and smiled softly, "My lady, what would you like to know?"

Tang Mo narrowed his eyes and stared at the blond man who had suddenly spoken.

Even the short-haired woman was taken aback by his strange reaction, and only after a long time did she say in an odd tone, "...... introduce yourself?"

The blond man smiled noncommittally as he cocked his head and smiled at Tang Mo and the others. The smile on his face looked as if it had been measured with a ruler, elegant and precise, his lips raised at just the right angle. Those blue eyes were all smiles as he said, "In the words of the lady, my name is Grea."

Li Miaomiao glanced at the man and whispered, "A foreigner?"

Grea's eyes swept over to Li Miaomiao, who stood up straight, coughed and looked to Tang Mo and Fu Wenduo. After receiving their affirmation, she slouched with her hands in the pockets of her white coat, "My name is Li Miaomiao."

Fu Wenduo: "Viktor."

Tang Mo: " Donji ."

Li Miaomiao wasn't surprised that they were using pseudonyms - after all, they're quite famous in China, and with The black tower not releasing the names of the players, using pseudonyms would be more conducive to completing the game.

At their reply, the blond man's face remained unchanged, and the short-haired woman stared cautiously at Tang Mo and Fu Wenduo, obviously aware that they were using false names. "My name is Zhao Xiaofei."

Once we got to know each other, we all became teammates for the time being.

In such a situation, an interim captain is needed to decide what to do, and it is logical to leave this to Tang Mo and Fu Wenduo. But Li Miaomiao waited for a long time, but they didn't say anything. She looked strangely at Tang Mo, who happened to be looking at her too. They stared at each other for a while, and Li Miaomiao's eyes went wide: ...... I'll be the captain?

Tang Mo nods.

Li Miaomiao: Wait, before I go the head told me to listen to everything you guys do.

Tang Mo: So we made you the captain.

Li Miaomiao: "......"

Li Miaomiao was very reluctant. In the past, when she was working with Ruan Wangshu and the others, she didn't have to use her brain, she just followed the group. Now, for the first time, she is working with someone other than Chosen, and she has been reduced to selling her brain power.

Li Miaomiao looked up again after a long moment of depression and said calmly, "You should have heard what The black tower said earlier, we are now in the steel forest of Schrödinger. We're in Schrödinger's steel forest. We can't stay here, so we should try to get out of the forest, we can't just sit here and wait."

After all, Li Miaomiao is not a stupid member of the Chosen core and her words were echoed by all.

The forest is dimly lit, lit only by the red moonlight. Tang Mo and Fu Wenduo took out their torches and prepared to stand one at the front of the group and one at the back to try and get out of the forest. Fu Wenduo went straight to the front of the group and Tang Mo was about to go to the back when a man stopped him: "How can you let a lady break the back?"

Tang Mo gave a physical shout, "I'm a man."

Grea shakes her head: "In the eyes of a gentleman, all men are ladies in need of care."

Tang Mo: "......"

Tang Mo ignored him and stood at the end of the line. Grea laughed at the situation and didn't stop him. I bet this guy was just paying lip service, he didn't really want to break the back. After switching on the torch, Fu Wenduo started to look for the road, Tang Mo stood at the end of the group and had a good view of the four people in front of him.

Fu Wenduo is in first place, followed by Zhao Xiaofei, then Li Miaomiao and Grea.

Apart from Fu Wenduo and Li Miaomiao, the other two unknown players that Tang Mo found the most strange were Grea.

Tang Mo has encountered several foreign players, such as Jackass. After the launch of Earth, The black tower was divided into regions. Anyone who was in China before Earth launched is a China player and can be encountered in China's The black tower game. Tang Mo has met several foreign players, but this is the first time he has seen such an inexplicable one as .......

Grea walks gracefully behind Li Miaomiao with a short black cane in his right hand. He walks very smoothly, with no limp or broken leg. A few strands of blonde hair occasionally strayed out of his ceremonial hat and loomed at the back of his head. The man wore a crimson gown, a bowler hat and a pair of small leather boots on his feet, how he looked out of place with the other four players.

Tang Mo has seen a lot of strange people, though, and many humans have been forced to change their personalities by the brutal The black tower game since Earth went online. Even the cannibalistic murderers are out there, so it's not like it's not understandable that this kind of person likes to dress up in strange clothes. But he wore such a costume to The black tower game ......

Tang Mo stares cautiously at the man's bowler hat and short staff.

Two possibilities. The first, the man was an oddball who liked to play COSPLAY, which is why his mouth was saying nonsense and behaving so strangely. The second, it was actually his disguise. What kind of situation would a human need to disguise himself like this and dress so oddly? The clothes he was wearing and the bowler hat on his head were very unsuitable for combat, and yet he was wearing such an outfit for the tower attack game. Unless ......

This is his prop.

Tang Mo watches Grea's back with a calm expression.

The five men searched the steel forest for an hour without finding any exit.

As time passes, Zhao Xiaofei says, "This is not going to work. The steel trees look exactly the same and the light is so low that it's hard to mark them. We don't know how big the forest is and The black tower won't give us a hint. Let's split up or we'll waste too much time."

Tang Mo: "I only have two torches in total."

Zhao Xiaofei: "How about splitting into two teams?"

Li Miaomiao got a wink from Tang Mo: "That's fine. This way, I'll be on a team with Tang ...... Donji and you. The three of us will be on the same team. Viktor, Grea, well, you're both foreigners, so you two can be on the same team."

The foreigner Fu Wenduo looks at Tang Mo. Tang Mo has one hand in his pocket: it's better if you keep an eye on him.

Fu Wenduo raises an eyebrow.

The group quickly split into two teams and split up to find the exit from the forest, agreeing to meet at the same place in an hour. As they leave Tang Mo looks to Fu Wenduo: Watch out for that man.

Fu Wenduo's mouth quirked up: good.

Tang Mo, with a torch, leads the two women through the steel forest in search of them.

The rumbling sound they heard when they first entered the forest was the sound of the wind blowing through the trees. Normal trees rustle leaves when the wind blows through them. In Schrödinger's steel forest, each tree is made of black steel, and when the wind blows high above, the leaves collide and make a regular metallic clanging sound.

The three Tang Mo's walked around the forest for a long time. Probably because they were all women, Zhao Xiaofei kept her distance from Tang Mo and stood close to Li Miaomiao, trying to strike up a conversation with her so that they could form an alliance. However, Li Miaomiao was very cold and did not want to get closer to Zhao Xiaofei. After two attempts, Zhao Xiaofei had to give up.

Tang Mo mentally counts the time and stops in his tracks when he reaches the middle of two huge steel trees. Tang Mo: "The time is almost up, we can turn back now."

The two women nodded their heads.

Just as the three men were about to turn back, a spark suddenly shot up into the sky from a distance. Tang Mo immediately froze and the three men looked at the flare in amazement. The next second, they were on their way, and it took them twenty minutes to find Fu Wenduo and Grea.

Tang Mo asked directly, "Found the exit?" He looked around and the crowd was clearly still in the forest, with no so-called exit in sight.

Fu Wenduo shakes his head, then nods as he raises his hand and points west.

Tang Mo looked in the direction of his finger and at first he didn't understand what he was saying, but slowly his face changed and he narrowed his eyes and stared into the distance. After a long time, even Li Miaomiao and Zhao Xiaofei saw the object. Zhao Xiaofei exclaimed, "What's that?

Whatever it was, now that the five-player game of The black tower was at a standstill, they had to go and see what was going on.

The crowd approached the strange object cautiously, and when they got closer they were even more surprised.

Zhao Xiaofei's eyes widened: "What the hell is this ......"

It is a huge round tray.

When they looked from a distance, all they could see was a small, black, round object hovering in the air, like a UFO, but as they got closer they realised that it wasn't floating in the air, it was supported by a steel rod, tens of metres long and wrist thick, underneath it, connected to the earth.

In short, it's like a black plate held up in mid-air by chopsticks. Only it was so huge that Tang Mo felt that the thin steel rod could not hold it up and should be crushed by it. But it held, and neither the rod nor the tray shook a bit in the hurricane winds that blew through the forest.

At first the crowd stood cautiously on the outside of the pallet, surveying the steel rod and the pallet.

They looked at it for half a day, but there were no surprises. Tang Mo and Fu Wenduo looked at each other and Fu Wenduo stepped forward into the shadows shrouded by the pallet and observed the steel rod. When he reached ten metres from the rod, suddenly a clear child's voice rang out through the steel forest -

"Dingdong! Trigger side mission one: enter Schrödinger's Iron Fortress."

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