Chapter 119: There are two kinds of people in this world, one is Fu Wenduo and one is outside of Fu Wenduo.

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The earth trembles with the black rabbit bouncing around.

Tang Mo sits on the floor, his eyes just sweeping over the black rabbit's body before falling on the four items in the centre of the dial. On top of the blue glowing clock of truth, on the far left was a huge bun. The bun was the size of a man's head and looked soft and sweet, with a faint white heat emanating from its white skin.

Next to this bun is a glass of scarlet liquid, a half-eaten biscuit, and a small pink scented capsule.

The black rabbit bounced on the ground in anger, screaming that he wanted to eat Tang Mo. Tang Mo didn't even look at him. But the ground was shaking so much that Tang Mo was swaying from side to side even as he sat on the ground. He suddenly looked up, his eyes cold: "Shut up!"

The black rabbit froze violently, its large bloody mouth open for a long time.

After a few moments, the black rabbit looks down at the dial again, its eyes widening in horror.

I can't believe we only have 30 seconds left!

As the seconds tick by, Tang Mo looks at the four items and then sets her sights on the large bun on the far left. The black rabbit had just said that this was the best tasting stowaway bun sold in the Kingdom of the Underlanders. It said this with a surprised expression, as if it really had accidentally blurted it out, not like it was lying.

Tang Mo had actually heard of this bun before.

The best pub in the Kingdom of the Underlanders is the Banana Tavern, and the best bun shop is the Delicious Stowaway Bun Shop.

Tang Mo and Fu Wenduo have survived a week in the Kingdom of the Earthlings in their copy of Strange Circus Assemble. As well as protecting the big earthworm and battling 22 players on the ground floor of The black tower, Tang Mo also quietly travels around the Underlander Kingdom. One of the more unusual places is the Tasty Stowaway Bun Shop.

This bakery only sells meat buns, which are filled with the meat of stowaways.

There is no exact time when the bakery will open, it will open when the stowaways are caught.

Tang Mo also used to wonder why the underground people preferred to make buns out of stowaways, not bread or pizza. No one knows the answer to that. But at this moment, he closed his eyes and took a deep breath.

The strong smell of meat came to my nose. It was not the smell of pork, not beef, not lamb ...... There was also a pungent smell of blood amidst the tangy meat smell. Tang Mo looked to the cup of scarlet liquid next to the delicious stowaway bun and he slowly pursed his lips. He probably guessed what it was.

Across from the Truth Clock, the black rabbit looks at Tang Mo cautiously, cursing under his breath as if he is worried that Tang Mo will find out the correct truth because of what he has just said. His eyes were fixed on Tang Mo, his mouth cursing but his eyes averted.

Ta-da! Time's up.

The blue wall slowly falls away and Tang Mo stands up to see the black rabbit on the other side.

The giant Russian rabbit lasso opened its bloody mouth, teeth scraping together as it gritted its teeth, "People! Class!"

Tang Mo looked at him calmly, without speaking, not knowing what he was thinking. When the truth clock asked them to give their answer, Tang Mo opened his mouth and spoke quietly. The black rabbit saw Tang Mo speak and stared at him nervously. Only after Tang Mo had said several words in a row did he sigh with relief, look away and start to answer his own question.

The hour and minute hands move at the same time.


Under the feet of Tang Mo, the hour hand moves back three squares; under the feet of the black rabbit, the hour hand remains steadily unmoved. Tang Mo retreats to square 23; the black rabbit remains on square 1.

"0 point player triggers a level 3 grey fallacy."

At these words, the irritable black rabbit instantly calmed down and turned its head towards Tang Mo. The black rabbit's red eyes were fixed on the truth clock at his feet, and then he looked up at Tang Mo, who was standing on the other side. For three seconds, the black rabbit did not hear another word from the truth clock.

Tang Mo's eyes light up as he looks at the truth clock and then at the black rabbit with a peculiar gaze.

The next moment, the black rabbit was seen slamming hard into the wall and roaring, "How could you possibly trigger a level five non-universal truth, penalty free!!!"

Tang Mo's smile stalls.

The black rabbit was still growling, "You stupid human, I will eat you! I'll eat you up for sure! You must be a very tasty stowaway to be able to discover a level 5 non-universal truth.

The punishment of the Truth Clock came as expected.

The blue flames burned instantly, engulfing the wooden body of the black rabbit. This time the flames seemed even hotter than the previous one, and the black rabbit screamed in agony as its sturdy wooden shell burned black and shiny. But even so, he cursed Tang Mo as hard as he could while being scorched by the flames. At one point he says, "I'm going to eat you, human," and at another he says, "You must have misjudged the Truth Clock by triggering a fifth level of non-universal truth.

Three minutes later the fire went out and the black rabbit fell to the ground in a heap. This time it really was a black rabbit. The entire body of the wooden nesting doll was burnt to black and even the rabbit pattern originally painted on it was not quite visible.

The black rabbit gasped for breath for half a day and finally got over it. As soon as it had the strength, it began to curse Tang Mo again. It cursed and cursed for a second, and its irritating voice echoed in the black space.

However, no matter how much he scolded him, Tang Mo didn't say a word, just kept his head down and thought about something.

Tang Mo's hands are in his pockets, his left hand fumbling with a tiny king's gold coin as his right hand taps rhythmically on the turkey egg. Three minutes later, Tang Mo breathes a soft sigh of relief as he turns to the shrieking black rabbit.

The black rabbit's cursing stopped immediately.

Tang Mo: "I just told you to shut up and you shut up?"

The black rabbit was stunned, not understanding what Tang Mo was trying to say. He soon remembered that he had just been told by Tang Mo to "shut up" during the game and was afraid to speak again. The black rabbit's face changes and he curses again. The noise echoes in the black space for a long time, but Tang Mo closes his eyes as if he has heard nothing.

Seeing this, the black rabbit cursed even louder and with impunity.

In the next instant, Tang Mo's eyes opened abruptly and his right hand quickly grabbed the handle of the parasol and pulled it out from his waist. The pink umbrella arced through the air, breaking through the air and pointing straight at the black rabbit's head. Tang Mo's eyes were cold, and a harsh killing aura escaped instantly. If Fu Wenduo had been there, he would have thought this scene looked familiar. Because Tang Mo was copying him.

Fu Wenduo always has a different feel when he kills someone.

Tang Mo has also killed people since the Earth came online, and has killed many stowaways. But when he killed, he never had the decisiveness and determination of Fu Wenduo. There are two types of killing in this world: Fu Wenduo's killing and Fu Wenduo's killing.

The black rabbit's voice stopped abruptly with a horrific murderous aura, and Tang Mo's eyes were cold as hell. Looking at the black rabbit, his mouth open and silent, Tang Mo slowly curled the corner of his mouth. He then ignored the rabbit for a moment, put away his parasol and turned away from him.

Everything seems to have taken a long time, but in fact it only happened in three seconds.

The black rabbit's eyes twitched slightly and the next moment, it broke into a cursing fit once again, "I'll eat you damn human!!!"

Tang Mo sits on the floor with his eyes closed.

On the seventh round, 12 items appear on the truth clock. Tang Mo stops in place and the Black Rabbit advances two squares.

On the eighth round, 28 items appear on the Truth Clock. Tang Mo advances three squares, Black Rabbit advances one square.

Eliminating 28 items was also mentally taxing for Tang Mo, plus the duo were punished with the fallacy of the truth clock. This time it was better than the round where 48 items were eliminated at the same time, but by the end of the round Tang Mo was gasping for breath and rubbing his temples.

The black rabbit is no better off, and he doesn't even have the energy to rave and scold Tang Mo.

It is a rare moment of peace on the Truth Clock.

Tang Mo is standing on square 20 and Black Rabbit is standing on square 58, 22 squares apart. The huge blue clock is still flashing brightly and for the first time, the two players standing on the clock have this opportunity to rest in peace and quiet for once.

The break always flies by, and the mechanical sound of the truth clock rings out again -

"Time: 1:30 p.m. Location: truth clock, two truth-rich items appear."

At these words, Tang Mo's eyes widened slightly, and the Black Rabbit's body shook, looking at the Truth Clock in disbelief. Both eyes were fixed on the two lights in the centre of the dial, and when they were revealed, the black rabbit froze and then sighed with relief. It glanced warily up at Tang Mo.

Tang Mo didn't notice it, but looked at these two items on the truth clock.

A black suspected chocolate object, a black owl argent.

At first glance the two items bear little resemblance to each other and do not go together. But these are the only two items that appear on the Truth Clock. It stands to reason that, in the absence of other items, simply stating what these two items have in common would be a separate truth between them.

The long second hand slides from 0 o'clock and slides out again in a full circle, counting down to sixty seconds.

Tang Mo sat on the floor, legs crossed, looking at the chocolate and owl on the truth clock. Just as the seconds were about to count down to the end, he suddenly raised his head, looked across at the black rabbit and said lightly, "I'm not a big fan of chocolate. Hard to choose, I think Dove is better than Ferrero ...... What do you think?"

As the last word was spoken, the blue wall also came down heavily, smashing between Tang Mo and the black rabbit.

Through the transparent blue wall, the black rabbit stares straight ahead, unblinking, at Tang Mo.

As the wall rises again, the black rabbit's wooden-jacketed body trembles gently in an imperceptible arc to the naked eye. It shuddered, looking at Tang Mo and then at the clock of truth.

Tang Mo keeps his head down and waits for the answer to be given by the truth clock.

Neither of them spoke.

In the deadly black space, the cold voice of the truth clock rang out -

"The 0-point player is two spaces back, the 6-point player is four spaces back."


What the author has to say.

Tangtang: There are two kinds of people in this world, one is Fu Wenduo and the other is someone other than Fu Wenduo.

Mr. Fu: I'm touched that my Tangtang thinks I'm handsome enough to kill someone!

Tangtang: ...... you are not handsome, you are scary enough, okay~!

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