Chapter 1: The Young Girl from Japan

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In front of the front door of a small two-storey building, Shen Yu's father is in a dark mood.

Who is the visitor?

A small speaker hidden in the corner emits an electronic synthesized sound.

"I'm your father! Open the door for me now!"

Please look up forty-five degrees for facial recognition during identification

Shen Deyou was so confused that he had to look up as instructed and saw a small camera at the top of the door edge.

His son Shen Yu is now in his second year of university. He never has to worry about his studies, and is known as the kid next door to his neighbours and the academic god to his classmates.

Shen Yu's good academic performance made his parents happy, but gradually, the couple felt that something was wrong, their son seemed to be too smart, simply studying textbook knowledge is no longer enough for him, after going to university, and began to engage in their own scientific research, thinking about pounding intelligent robots all day long.

All the kids in the neighbourhood are busy playing games, falling in love and partying, but Shen Yu is not interested in any of these things and spends all his time talking about maths, algorithms and programs in a fog.

This is not like a young man of 20 years old. The old Shen Family is a single generation, and if this continues, Shen Deyou is afraid that his son will live his life with a robot.

There is no data for your father in the database at the moment, please go back to your father, I am busy

Shen Deyou: "?"

Listening to the electronic tone from the trumpet, Shen Deyou was so angry that his moustache curled up and he took out his mobile phone and called Shen Yu.

It took three calls in a row before the caller finally got through, and then came the voice of his son, "Dad? What's up?"

"I was going to ask you what you were doing! Why did you change the locks on the door? I can't get in now!"

"That's impossible, I've got your data in, you and Mum can both get in."

"What the hell do you think you've been up to all day? Come out and open the door!"

Inside the house, Shen Yu listened to the call, but instead of focusing on his father, he opened the database and rechecked Shen Deyou's data entry.

"Don't worry, Dad, try again while I retune it."

Shen Deyou was speechless as the trumpet sounded again: Who is this?

Shen Deyou: "I am your father!"

Shen Yu, who was in the room, immediately identified the problem and said, "You give your name."

"I'm Shen Deyou."

Confirmed successful in identity confirmation


Then came the sound of the door lock opening and the door finally opened.

The two-storey building is the family's old house, and when he bought a new house, his parents lived in the new one, so Shen Yu lived here by himself, usually sleeping on the first floor, and the rooms on the ground floor were his research base.

The rooms on the ground floor have been emptied, except for a few shelves with various electronic parts and bookshelves lined up around them, with no extra furniture.

At this moment Shen Yu is tapping away at a large table, and at his feet, a small white cat is sleeping on top of a sweeper, which is tirelessly doing its job and carrying the cat around the house.

It happens to turn at Shen Deyou's feet and then he kicks it, and the robot dribbles behind it again with the fat cat in tow.

"Okay, I've entered all the words like your father, your father, your father, next time you come over and try again, if not, give your name, or I'll take a few more photos of you, my face recognition hardware here can't keep up, I have to make do with the algorithm, the error is bigger, get a few more to be more accurate"

Shen Yu said with great enthusiasm that the doorkeeper robot is a new gadget he has recently developed, which is loaded with a learning module of the program. The robot will automatically learn according to the visitor's appearance, frequency of visits, voice recognition and other parameters, like Shen Yu himself into the home, the door will open itself without speaking.

Shen Yu also plans to upgrade the camera and sound detection hardware if he has more money on hand, so that it will be more secure.

Shen Deyou was confused by his son's words. He knew about AI, he knew about smart access control, he knew that artificial intelligence was a hot project with a great future, and he didn't object to his son doing it, but there should be a limit!

Is it really possible to live with a robot after this?

"Dad, I'd like to borrow $100,000 from you to get some hardware upgraded, and I'll pay you back in a couple of weeks when the money from my project comes down."

At his son's words, Shen Deyou's face twitched.

"Son, listen to me, our family is not bad, I don't ask much of you, finish your studies honestly and find a good wife, then you will come home and inherit the company, your mother and I will retire and help you with the children"

"That's no good! What's the point of a life like that!"

Shen Yu resolutely objected, "Didn't we agree before that as long as my research was fruitful, you and mum would let me choose for myself, and it would be too boring to go home and inherit the company."


Shen Deyou is holding his breath, wondering what's wrong with his family's education.

"Don't you ever think about having a girlfriend? If not, you can go out with your friends, it's not boring to stay at home all day."

"Falling in love is for fools, life should be spent on research!"

Shen Yu waved at the cat, " Bai Xiaomeng, come here!"

The little fat cat jumped into Shen Yu's arms and rubbed his chin affectionately with his big head, mewing and meowing.

"You see, I have Bai Xiaomeng with me and I'm not bored at all."


Shen Deyou is desperate: "Just go over there with the robot and the cat!"

Shen Yu's eyes lit up and he hastened to confirm with Shen Deyou, "Dad, is it true what you said?"

"I didn't say anything."

Shen Deyou was still determined to get his son back on track and to return home to inherit the family business.

On the other hand, Shen Yu is already sitting at his computer tapping away at his code again. Bai Xiaomeng jumps onto the table, his soft body wrapped around his arm, a purely natural cat hand warmer.

"Stop for a moment and hear me out."


Shen Yu promised, but his hands never stopped working.

AI involves many and varied subjects - mathematics, logic, induction, statistics, computer science, etc. For others, the mere sight of what needs to be learned is a headache, but Shen Yu enjoys the process of overcoming it.

What's the point of falling in love when you're not doing research? Are girls more attractive than mathematics?

"This afternoon I have a friend's daughter, Asaba Rika, who is coming to study here and he asked me to look after her.


Seeing Shen Yu's bland reaction, Shen Deyou, who had already prepared his lines, was at a loss for words and had no choice but to say, "Did you hear what I just said?"



Shen Deyou turned his chair around and re-told him, and this time Shen Yu's reaction was finally normal


"Why not, aren't there two more rooms on the first floor, people are a girl and there's no one to look after them when they come over here alone, pretty, your dad won't screw you over."

Shen Deyou said cheerfully that the girl was really pretty, and a very pretty one at that, and that arranging to live with the brat would certainly move Shen Yu, unless he liked men, and that was the best way to pull his son out of his scientific obsession!

Shen Yu is now in a very bad state, all he does is research, not that this is bad, but after a long time, even Shen Yu himself did not notice, he has become more and more impersonal, like a work machine, usually if it is not for the couple to visit him from time to time, this brat does not even have a phone call.

Sometimes Shen Yu forgets to eat and works through the night on an algorithm.

There is no shortage of money in the family, but as a parent, Shen Deyou really doesn't want her son to be like this.

"I'm very busy, I don't have time to look after her, and besides, I don't speak Japanese and it takes me two weeks to learn it, I don't have time."

Shen Yu righteously refuses, and as for whether the girl is pretty or not, is she more glamorous than a mathematical formula?

"She'll hit it!"

Shen Deyou said: "Dad knows you don't have time, but this time you have to say yes no matter what, her family is our company's biggest customer in Japan, the Japanese market is also our company's main battlefield, this year by the epidemic, the company lost a lot of money, this customer is no matter what can not be lost, so this favor is not to help her, but to help your father me. "

Shen Yu fell silent, so it seems that there is no reason to refuse

Shen Deyou hit a stick and then hurriedly threw a sweet date: " Asaba Rika is not living here for nothing, her father has already paid the boarding fee for two years, didn't you just say you were short of 100,000, you are the landlord, I will transfer this money to you later."

Shen Yu's eyes lit up, "I'm going upstairs to clean the room!"

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