Chapter 63: Extra - You and your future

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You have managed to break free of the time loop.

Until the wheel of time finally resumes turning, you don't understand why you entered the time loop and why you ended it, and you end up putting it all down to the package that was finally dealt with.

When you think about it, Dr. Jiang is a good doctor who heals people, and if he hadn't had an accident, there would have been many people he could have saved in his lifetime.

Same for Xiao Heyun, because he survived, and so did all the passengers on the bus, and those who should have been affected by the bombing ......

It makes you feel good to think that Xiao Heyun's early warning saved her from a life-threatening disaster.

Maybe it's the thrill of "doing good without leaving a name".

Unfortunately, God does not want to grant you the wish to "do good without leaving a name".

Because of the bus bombing, Dr Jiang was not attacked by the patient's family, but Dr Jiang did not ignore the little courier brother's life-saving gift, and the next day sent a banner to the courier point for "bravery and courage", and called your company to express his gratitude.

Your company already has a reward mechanism for such good deeds that "promote positive social energy", and once Dr. Jiang's banner arrived, your courier site was honored by the company, and the story even made the company's internal newspaper.

You have just entered into a relationship with Qin Rourou, your girlfriend is beautiful, gentle and has a nice voice, so you are very happy, but the next day a banner was sent to you and the head of the company called you to encourage you, saying that you are being trained as a reserve.

Dr. Jiang's case was followed up because the child's father was the family's financial source, and the child was small and disabled. The two sums add up to 50,000 to 60,000.

This also makes you feel even more emotional about the difficulties of doctors, the other side is obviously openly and explicitly to cut people, but due to the pressure of public opinion and reality, in the end still have to sympathize with the weak, after all, the hospital also want to reputation, make a big noise is not good for either side.

Everyone thinks that the father of the child is justifiable, but who would have thought that Dr. Kang has an old man and a young woman?

I heard that as soon as the incident was over, Dr. Jiang went to enroll in a sparring class, and no longer take the initiative to give people extra numbers, after work to go to the sparring class to practice for a while, and also get up in the morning to run, is afraid of poor physical fitness next time also encounter this kind of thing, after all, not always someone to save.

You won the second prize of 100 bets and got a little over a million after tax.

The million won't buy you a house in the city, but it's enough to let you do what you love without worrying about it.

The first thing you do after getting the money is to return the basement and find a one-bedroom bachelor flat next to a tutorial class. Although the house is not big, it is surrounded by the commercial centre, which is convenient for everything, and most importantly, you are already afraid of living in the basement.

Although the floors are high, the last thing you are afraid of as a courier is climbing them.

With a decent place to live, it's not so confusing when the occasional girlfriend comes to visit.

Once your accommodation and job were stabilised, you delivered deliveries during the day and attended tuition classes at night. Six months later you took the exams organised by the city's police academy and managed to get into the academy as a veteran, with a perfect score on the physical fitness test.

Your father was a fallen veteran, and you yourself are a veteran, with many experiences of bravery, so naturally you will have no problem at all at the political level.

On the day you got into school, you officially quit your job at the courier point and took your girlfriend Qin Rourou with you to a farewell dinner with all the colleagues who had looked after you.

That night, everyone was drunk and your master was crying and grabbing your hand and howling.

"I really like you as a young man! You're hardworking, hard-working, not stingy, and so motivated! If I had a son like you, I would have died with no regrets!"

With a sniffle, he said, "I knew you'd be able to read the book, but I didn't expect it so soon!"

In the past six months, you haven't been hiding in your evening classes. You've always been a bright and open person, and you mentioned a few months earlier that you were catching up on your high school classes and that you wanted to become a police officer in the future to fulfill your dream of being in the army.

Now that your dream has come true, everyone is happy for you, but it's really hard to let go.

Seeing the master crying like this, Qin Rourou thinks about it and whispers something in your ear.

"Master, if you don't mind me, I'll be a son to you!"

For the past six months, the master has been looking after you, teaching you by hand at work and shushing you in life.

He helped you move, and he put all the pots and pans in the kitchen and brought them over.

"My real father died early and I am a fatherless child. I will take you as my godfather and be filial to you in the future and take care of you when you are sick and in pain!"

You whispered loudly in the Master's ear.

Everyone was stunned at these words.

The master was not a capable man, otherwise his wife would not have run away back then. He was a really nice person and exceptionally righteous, but in those days when he could not even protect himself, this became a drawback and he could not even keep his own family.

Then the times got better, more employment opportunities, he worked diligently in the industry's most famous courier company for nearly ten years, although not as a team leader, but the income and team leader is similar, but in the end, it is a courier.

But you are willing to accept him as your godfather. Two people with unhappy families know best what the other is longing for.

At that moment, the master cried even more and tearfully accepted you as his "godson".

In the presence of everyone, you knelt down and gave a toast to your master, as is the custom in your hometown, and called out "Dad", which was a mutual recognition of your identity.

The company was so happy to see you all like this that they drank bottle after bottle of wine and eventually went home upside down.

Qin Rourou took you back to your bachelor pad and before you left, you grabbed her hand and wouldn't let go.

" Rourou, I have a father!"

You grunt.


Qin Rourou wipes your face.

"I've got a girlfriend too!"


Qin Rourou rolls his eyes.

" Rourou, I'll be good to you from now on, for the rest of my life!"

Your voice is a gentle mess.

"I know, I believe."

Qin Rourou sighs and wipes your face.

"You have to wait for me, when I come out as a police officer, I'll have the strength to marry you, otherwise how can your family agree? When I marry you, I'll have a home again."

You repeatedly mutter the phrase, "It's so nice, I have a home again, I'm so close to having one. My mum should be so happy. ......"

Qin Rourou's nose turned sour and she couldn't hold back the tears that fell from her eyes.

"There will be."

She lies on your chest, wraps her arms around your neck and says, "A good man like you will have everything."


A few years later, you graduated from school with a degree in investigation. Once you graduated, you took the police recruitment exam for the public security authorities in October of that year, fearing that you would be over the age limit again if you delayed any longer.

Because of your excellent grades in school, your excellent physical fitness and good physical condition, you were accepted into the Municipal Criminal Police Brigade successfully as an honourable people's police officer throughout the examination process, regardless of the written interview and physical fitness test, with excellent results.

On the day you go to report, Qin Rourou, who has become a well-known scriptwriter, drives you to report.

Two years ago, Qin Rourou's play "The Endless Time Loop" was made into a film, which became an instant hit and was the darkest horse in the film industry that year.

She is now famous and famous, but her "geeky" nature and love of boyfriends have remained the same for years.

She bought a bachelor flat next to the police academy where you were studying, so that it wouldn't be difficult for you to meet her, and then when you were accepted into the police force, she was going to buy a flat next to the police force.

You don't have any narrow-minded prejudices like "eating soft food" or "being taken care of by a woman". When you heard that your girlfriend was going to buy a house next to the city council, you gave her the million you had saved and let her buy the house without asking about the title or anything like that.

On the way to the report, Qin Rourou takes the property certificate out of the glove box and hands it to you.

"The title deeds for the house came through, with a down payment of two million two hundred thousand dollars, exactly half for the two of us."

She said with a smile.

"What's half for one?"

You think you're buying another 30 or 40 square foot bachelor pad like before, and bewildered, you flip open the title deed, only to see a hundred and twenty square foot three-bedroom apartment with two names on the title, and look up at her again.

"Why did you buy such a big one?"

"I can't afford not to have a bigger study when I have to raise children later on, and my study."

Qin Rourou said without moving.

You understand the meaning of her words and your eyes light up with excitement.

"Look, this is the house for both of us, and there are so many loans, and the monthly loans are to be paid together in the future, so what do you think, in what name are we going to pay the loans?"

Qin Rourou winked at her boyfriend.

"Husband and wife! Decidedly in the name of husband and wife!"

You're not stupid at this point, you're quick to clap.

"I'll go and take a leave of absence later and ask the master to be a witness and get the marriage license!"

You have spent New Year's Eve in Qin Rourou's hometown for the past few years and her family is very happy with you and would have urged you to get married if you weren't still studying.

You consider that your job is not yet stable and you do not want your girlfriend to be laughed at in your hometown, and you have been insisting on working before you get married, otherwise you would not be accountable to her family.

Now that you have become a civil servant, an honourable policeman, you feel you can bring her honour, security and happiness, although you are not talking about any great wealth.

"It's only the first day on the job, would that be a bad idea?"

Qin Rourou didn't expect you to act so quickly and was confused along with you.

"I think it will be understood!"

You smile and say, "How meaningful it is to have your work anniversary and your wedding anniversary together!"

You are sent to the door of the Criminal Investigation Department and someone is already waiting at the door.

"You're the new Little Song, right? I'm the colleague who's showing you around and will be responsible for showing you around from now on, my name is Zhang."

A familiar face appears in front of you.

You are stunned.

"What? Do I look scary?"

Mr. Zhang, seeing that you keep scowling at his face, touches his own face in wonder.

"Nope. It's just that you look like an acquaintance of mine."

You remember Mr. Zhang's red eyes during that time loop and feel confident and more excited about your future relationships.

That's a good cop.

"Well then, I'll show you around first to familiarize yourself with ......"


You give a sudden salute.


Mr. Zhang was stunned.

"Ask the leader to grant me an hour off, I need to get a marriage license!"

Mr. Zhang, not to be outdone by the good police officer you trusted, not only allowed your leave of absence after knowing what happened, but also took you to collect your police number, uniform and dress in advance so that you could wear your handsome police uniform for your wedding photos.

You, in your police uniform, and your beautiful girlfriend snuggled up next to you, were a sight to behold in the wedding hall of the Civil Affairs Bureau.

"Come on, come on, the bride and groom look here, ready for the photo, one, two, three ......"

The two masters, new and old, stand by, smiling as they witness together the happiest moment of your life.

"Congratulations on your new marriage!"

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