Chapter 54: The Undeliverable Express XII (above)

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Your reasoning tells you that the master is the expert in delivery, and that you should ask him for help.

But your heart just wants to find someone who can believe your inner misery and spill it out.

Since you've been caught in the time loop, you've spent every day as if it were an ordinary day, saving this and helping that, while you seem to be going nowhere and seeing no hope.

Those who know you today will forget you tomorrow.

The person you save today becomes a responsibility that you carry on your shoulders all the time tomorrow.

You are not an emotional person, and you don't know where this feeling of exhaustion and loss comes from, but you know that Master, who is as pragmatic as you are, is certainly not an emotional person either.

So you decide to pluck up the courage, go and talk to the cat litter lady and see if you can get some ideas.

You went out early in the morning again and for the nth time you brought breakfast to the elderly homeless, called the homeless shelter on the corner, then had a quick breakfast and went to the office.

As usual, the master complimented you on your positive first official day at work and then loaded the car for you personally.

You delivered the morning courier as fast as you could, and stayed up until noon when you received a call from the master before returning to the courier site to pick up the afternoon courier.

After lunch, it was almost one o'clock, and you called ahead and carried the cat litter to Qin Rourou's house.

Maybe it's because her profession doesn't require her to go out, and no matter what time of day you come, she's always in her pyjamas, which makes you a little uncomfortable.

It's not like the previous times, which were either for her safety or in the face of questioning; you've faced her in a state of emergency every time before, and it's strange how you have to find a way to strike up a conversation when it's obvious that you're two strangers like this.

Sort of like scum who want to hit on girls when they see them dressed thin and good looking.

Considering you're just a penniless courier and not a high roller, you may also be vulnerable to being dismissed as a scumbag who wants to eat swan meat ......

So you tried to speak to her a few times, but your gaze was withdrawn when it came into contact with her rosy silk nightdress, and you couldn't open your mouth for a while.

"What's the matter with you?"

It was Qin Rourou who was surprised that you didn't leave after delivering the litter and asked you with a cold frown.

"Nothing is going on ......"

You can't open your mouth and think about simply letting it go.

Just as you're about to tell her to be careful with the portal, her cat comes out of nowhere, lunges at your calves with both front legs and jumps upwards as if trying to climb a tree trunk, meowing as she does so.

"Ah, sorry, Pi Pi is usually very scared of people."

The little sister didn't expect her own cat to use the courier who came to her door as a cat scratching board and was so startled that she rushed to fetch it.

However, the more she fished, the tighter the cat grabbed, even with its claws out. Even if the uniform of the courier company was solid and durable, it could not withstand the cat's claws hanging so much, you felt like your calf was instantly stabbed by an awl numerous times, and the "awl" also had the intention of hanging on your leg and stabbing upwards, immediately silly.

This cat looks like a famous breed of cat, you dare not kick it, but if it crawls again, it will reach the waist of your trousers, that is a vital point, how can you give a cat a scratch!

You are angry and anxious, and Missy is worried out of her mind. You don't dare move, so Missy pulls on your leg, and seeing her hand trying to soothe the kitten going up and up, you finally can't resist pressing on her shoulder.

"I'll do it myself, I'll figure it out since, myself!"

Your whole face turns red and you stammer, "Really, the more you scratch it, the crazier it gets!"

When the young lady looked back up at you, she immediately noticed the awkwardness of the position as well, and took a few steps back in embarrassment to watch you crouch down to coax the kitten with a particularly gentle and magnetic voice.

Finally, Pi Pi lies in your arms like a pampered little girl, letting you stroke her back and purr comfortably in her throat.

You saved your trousers and the lower half of your body, though your thighs and calves tingled a little with relief.

"Is your leg okay? Do you need to put some medicine on it?"

When you look up, you see Qin Rourou is also red in the face.

Although you don't understand why she's wearing a red face, your original concern dissipates quite a bit with this, and after holding the kitten, you hesitate for a moment and finally open up to her about this.

"Miss Qin, actually ......"


Half an hour later.

"So, I'm the one who told you to come to me and talk about it when it's finally too much to bear?"

Sitting on the sofa opposite you, Qin Rourou, wrapped in a cashmere shawl, listens to your experiences in a very relaxed manner, asking a few questions from time to time.

"Yes, and I don't know why you would believe me and tell me something so personal."

You say in disbelief.

To tell a stranger about a childhood crush is a little shameful to say the least.

Not to mention the fact that she was supposedly the only one in the world who knew about it.

"You're supposed to be a very nice person ......"

From your dry narrative of time loops, Qin Rourou has pieced together a decent image of a responsible and motivated man.

Qin Rourou is sure that his timeline self must have had a soft spot for you if he was willing to surrender his kindness to someone he had only met on one side and who told such a bizarre story.

Even now, Qin Rourou is not wary, but finds you, Boy, very approachable.

Although she doesn't know if these are words you use to embellish yourself, she chooses to believe you once again.

You are still holding Pi Pi, the kitten, in your arms and no matter how much you try to coax her, she just won't leave.

Because you are in close proximity to a young woman and are digging your heart out about yourself, your nervousness and restlessness keep your hand on the kitten's back, stroking it uncontrollably.

You are relieving yourself of excessive tension in this way.

Just then, there was a knock on the door.

"Ah, I think it's the air conditioning guy coming."

You rise as if in a dream, still holding the cat in your hands.

"I'll go and send him away."

Qin Rourou raises an eyebrow and follows you in silence.

The door was opened and there was indeed an air conditioning man with tools standing behind it.

When you see the door opened by a young man holding a cat, the air-conditioning man freezes and subconsciously tells you that he has gone to the wrong place, but you are already impatient with his intention to "repeatedly" look for opportunities and viciously drive him away.

Turning your head, you see Qin Rourou looking at you in slight surprise and, somewhat embarrassed, hugging the cat tighter.

"Am I being too mean?"

You're worried that Qin Rourou thinks you're a bad guy, "It can't be helped, he's got evil in his heart and I'm afraid he'll come back next time if I don't make him afraid."

"No no, I was looking at how patient you are with coaxing cats, I didn't realize that you were quite insecure when you're awesome."

Qin Rourou compliments you in her soft lolly voice, as soft as a cat.

You feel your scalp tingle and your face flushes once more.

At this point, Qin Rourou is fully convinced by your words and, after learning more details, she takes a laptop out of the house and starts to analyse it with you in earnest.

"Generally speaking, most of the time cycles that would happen like this are when something peculiar happens to you, or a killing, or something memorable, a special day ......"

Qin Rourou, noting the time of your first time loop on a piece of paper, looks up and asks you, "Are you sure that nothing strange happened to you on your first day of the time loop?"

"No, it was just a very unusual day, it was my first official day on the job, but I've actually been running this route with my master for two months now and know it well."

You've also pondered the question, "I didn't even notice it had gone back over again until I got up from a nap after the delivery, normal as can be."

In fact, the old man on the street, Qin Rourou, the woman who cheated on you, and the child who fell down the stairs are all special events that you find out about yourself after the delivery.

But these people don't actually have anything to do with you, and even if you don't save them, you won't get "killed".

"Could it be that the root of the time loop is not in you?"

Qin Rourou unconsciously turned the pen in his hand, "And what can be the beginning of things?"

"I met an old man ......"

You blah, blah, blah about the way the wandering old man told you.

"That might be a step in the right direction, but it's not that easy for you couriers to deliver the pieces all the way through, is it?"

Qin Rourou asked.

It's easy to imagine that with hundreds of deliveries, there will always be those that cannot be contacted or those that cannot be delivered due to problems such as incorrect addresses, and it should be a daunting task to deliver 100% of them.


You mentioned a few of your biggest headaches, including that "Xiao Heyun" arrival of expensive pieces.

"You said his phone was working in the morning and then it went dead this afternoon? And now?"

Qin Rourou reminded him, "Do you play one now and see?"

You dial Xiao Heyun's phone in front of Qin Rourou and press the speakerphone.

The beep tells you that he is not switched off, but simply unavailable.

"Did you have this piece on your first day?"

Qin Rourou suddenly asks.

"Yes, it did, and it didn't arrive on the first day."

You wonder why Qin Rourou is so concerned about this delivery and answer in wonder.

She twirled her pen, thought for a moment and muttered to herself.

"A person who has bought something, or something expensive, will definitely keep an eye on where their courier has arrived and whether it will be damaged. If a courier calls you in the morning at this time to tell you that it will be delivered in the afternoon, you will certainly not switch off your phone so that you don't miss the delivery of the courier."

"You said he was unavailable on his phone in the afternoon and that you had kept watch until midnight and found him still up at night ......"

She couldn't help but gather the shawl around her body and shiver.

"Did you ever think that maybe the owner of this piece had an accident this afternoon?"

There was a sudden and terrible time of silence in the house.

In the past, you wouldn't have been so shaken to hear such words, but after so many cycles of time, you've seen so much that you can no longer think of this one delivery as an ordinary item.

They either carry people's love and hate, or reflect a person's current living conditions, and there is no such thing as a courier that is not full of the owner's hopes and sent out by him.

Among the undelivered couriers are wives who have been let down, young women who have been assaulted, and shy white collars who can't fit in with the group and are afraid to bother others ......

He has directly or indirectly changed the course of their life or lives.

In that case, perhaps something unexpected is happening to this person called "Xiao Heyun"?

"So what to do? Do you mean for me to find a way out of this 'Xiao Heyun' mess?"

Half a day later, you are sad.

"I'm just a courier, I'm neither a policeman nor a saviour, where am I going to find this Xiao Heyun now?"

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