Chapter 48: The Undeliverable Delivery (VII)

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You panic at the questioning, your mind scrambling to think of ways to convince him that you are only worried about her safety.

But you're such a mute man, so you don't know how to lie with such a stupid mouth!

So you "hmm" for a while, and at the increasingly questioning look on your partner's face, you bite your tongue and choose to tell the truth about the weird things that have happened to you.

At least it's something that did happen and you don't stumble when explaining it.

It's a good thing you didn't have time to cycle through it a few times in total, so it didn't take too long to get this story out of your head.

You finish this completely unexciting "story" with a cold heart, waiting resignedly for the moment when you will be treated like a psychopath.

You weren't treated like a psychopath, but you weren't much better.

"You say you're in a time loop every day and then you continue to choose to deliver every day?"

The cat litter lady surveys you with an odd expression of looking at a fool, "Every day? Keep delivering?"

You don't know what she's surprised about and nod honestly.

"Well, keep sending it every day."

"Do you think I can believe anything you say?"

Miss Cat Litter looked at her with squinted eyes as if she was exasperated with laughter.

Instead of feeling scared, you scratch your ears in a little embarrassment.

Even though the lady is incredibly aggressive at the moment, she speaks in a naive loli voice and doesn't sound aggressive at all, but rather like she is pampering you.

You know it's not right to think that, so with a sincere attitude you confirm, "Really, I really do deliver every day, except for one afternoon when I took the time to go clothes shopping and take a shower ......"

"Don't you think what you're saying is ridiculous! Even if you could cycle your time every day, don't you know how to use that time to do something meaningful? Delivery, clothes shopping, bathing, you think a normal person would do that?"

Miss Cat Litter doesn't want to nag you anymore, "Please get out now or I'll call the police!"

"What I said is true! I've never been that early every time I've been here before, the first time I came after delivering other deliveries, then I just happened to be here, and today I was afraid of the delay and came all the way over the speed limit ......"

You start to analyse why you hit such an oops and come to the conclusion that you were concerned and ended up coming early instead.

If it's any later and she's just finishing her nap, just in time to receive your call.

As we spoke, there was a knock on the door of Missy's house.

"You just said the next door neighbour called the police, it wouldn't be the police would it?"

The young lady in the robe gathered her outer robe uncomfortably, "Then please go out and explain that 'time loop theory' of yours to the police yourself."

You know that it is difficult to gain the trust of the other person and you can only open the door with a bitter smile and meet the impending tying of hands.

When the door opened, it turned out to be the air conditioning repairman standing outside with a rope and tools.

The moment he opened the door, he subconsciously glanced inside, like every suspicious character who is always looking for an opportunity to take advantage.

When he sees that it is you who opens the door, he unexpectedly withdraws his gaze and squeezes out a smile that belongs to an honest man.

"No, I'm sorry, I'm here to fix the air conditioning in Building 4 please ......"

"I know what you do and I know who you are, and I advise you not to think about anything else but fixing the air conditioner."

You have changed your pathetic helplessness and your gaze is like a sword, and you are imposing.

"You've only just been released from prison after all those years in jail, so you should cherish the opportunity to be a new man. Did the state let you learn to be an electrician and appliance repair in prison so that you could come out and use this for evil? It's so that you can re-enter society through the journey and live a 'human life'!"

You unconsciously stood out of military stance and scolded the person in front of you with the same vigor that your squad leader used to train recruits back then, "Fix the air conditioner, just fix the air conditioner, don't look upstairs, look downstairs, you think you're out and no one is watching you?402 Downstairs, this is 502!"

"If you want to go in again, I'll make it happen!"

The air conditioner didn't expect his origins to be revealed by you, and even the little thoughts hidden in his heart were picked up by you, shaking like a sieve of flour all of a sudden.

"So, it turns out that someone is really following us when we come out?"

As soon as he saw your proper military posture, he was scared out of his wits and said, shivering, "Leader, comrade, I was really just thinking! Really, I didn't do anything!"

He took you for one of those disguised plainclothes, or armed police fighters.

"But this is too cunning to be disguised as a courier!"

Thinking of the delivery truck he had just seen downstairs, he mentally cried out in despair.

Having spent too much time in prison, the air-conditioners have become a bit out of touch with society.

At this moment, he was afraid that even the phone call to fix the air conditioner was a test for him by the "state", and he poured out all his thoughts in a flood of fear.

"I just haven't had a woman for so many years, it's too hard to think about it! I know I'm sick, I'll find a way to cure it, and if I can't, I'll find a proper wife to live with! I'll never do anything bad again, I promise! I promise! You can all watch me all the time!"

He swore to the heavens, hung his head and looked back to the walkway several times in fear that a group of uniformed officers would come out of there and take him away once again.

"You said it yourself, you need to clean up your act and make a new one, so you'd better not take any chances. Otherwise you'll be back in jail in a minute!"

You're just an ordinary courier, not a real policeman, and after scaring him sternly, you slam the door.

The air conditioner ran scared shitless.

After such an incident, he felt that there were countless eyes watching his back, so he didn't care about "fixing the air conditioner" and stumbled down from his flat.

Someone is really watching him!

Obviously he's been out of prison for most of the year, and he hasn't done anything for most of the year!!!

The air conditioner turned around in fear and ran, climbing over the wall through the back door of the block.


You scare off the unsuspecting air conditioning worker with a fierce scare, and turn your head to see the young lady looking at you half-heartedly.

"Is this really going to happen?"

My little sister felt shivers when she thought of what you had just said had happened to her.

"It's not like you're colluding to get someone to lie to me, is it?"

"What am I doing looking for someone to lie to you about something like that?"

You wipe your face helplessly, "Trespass first, then trick him into going to the police station with you?"

Glancing at the wall clock, the time is almost two o'clock and something pops into your head.

"I remember, on my first official day at work, I think I saw a big TV outside some mall playing a news story about a bus hitting a tanker truck on East River Road and the accident was supposed to be pretty serious ......"

You really don't have any more credible information to take away, "If I remember correctly, it was just about two o'clock when the news was broadcast ......"

The little sister froze for a moment, went back to her bedroom, took out her phone and started looking it up.

Her heart actually believes your words eight times over.

After all, no bad guy who burgles or steals a home would tell you such an unbelievable story in your living room in a nice voice instead of running out the door or doing something about it when he is exposed.

And it just so happens that one of the "air-conditioners" in his story, who had just been released from prison, came knocking on your door.

At that moment, there is another knock on the door of Missy's house and you open it with a fierce face thinking that the air conditioner has gone and returned.

"I thought I told you to ......"

You are dumbfounded and stuck for words as you look out of the door at the worried old neighbour and a couple of comrade police officers who have followed you.

"What's the situation? We got a call that you broke into someone's house and jumped off the balcony into this home?"

Seeing your cross-eyed look, the police officer who came to investigate the situation subconsciously went to touch the handcuffs on his waist, "Do you know that trespassing is a crime?!"

Probably because they had never seen such an "arrogant" suspect, knowing that the police had been called and had not run away, and that he was still lingering in the victim's house, the officers' faces were hard to read.

"I ......"

You know in your heart that you will inevitably waste the day, and unfortunately, with the lottery ticket in your pocket, you are ready to speak to the police and meekly admit your mistake.

"He's my boyfriend, I had a fight with him yesterday and haven't been answering his calls ......"

Suddenly, the lady comes up to you and helps you explain to the police.

"He was afraid that I wouldn't be able to think about it at home, that something would happen to me, and that's why he did such a confusing thing!"

Everyone is stunned, including you.

"No, I ......"

Your head doesn't spin and you're just about to explain when you get a hard stare from Missy.

"You what you! You can't do that even if you're in a hurry! You've even alerted the comrade police officer, shame on you!"

The little sister slaps you in the face and knocks you halfway back.

Hearing the young lady's explanation, the situation made sense and the old neighbour grandfather sighed with relief and a smile appeared on his face again, "So it was a misunderstanding, it's good that it was a misunderstanding, I hadn't seen this young man before and didn't know he was your boyfriend ah. I saw the young man barge into my house and that's why I called the police ......"

"I'm sorry, I'm really sorry, he's just a brainiac and was too worried about me. It was me too, I slept so much I didn't even hear the call!"

The fact that her little sister was still wearing her nightgown gave her words more credibility.

"I just called him out on it!"

"And what's with the big bag at the door?"

An officer asked about the large bag of cat litter thrown at the entrance.

"Meow meow meow ......"

The cat, pacing with elegant little steps, came out of the bedroom and came to the rescue with strength.

"That's cat litter."

You say in a jarring voice.

"Ah, my boyfriend is a courier, so I asked him to carry the cat litter upstairs for me, it's over twenty pounds, it's too heavy! I just couldn't carry it."

The little sister reacted quickly, remembering how he had been able to save herself in the story he had told earlier.

"And you know twenty or so pounds is too heavy!"

You belly up in your mind.

"So how come the neighbour said he hadn't seen you before? Didn't you use cat litter before?"

The officer asked at every unreasonable point.

"I'm on my first official day today."

You realise the young lady is protecting you and pull your work badge from around your neck, "I'm in charge of her section now, the drop off upstairs was just a side trip."

"I see, I see, a reason to come to the door to coax a girlfriend, I used to do that when I was younger."

The old grandfather rounded off with a smile.

The police needed to see your identity documents and you handed over your ID card, discharge card and work permit. The police uncles investigated your identity and found it to be clean and all identities were verified and returned them to you.

After gaining the understanding of both the old man and the young lady, the police officer gave you a stern talking to and warned you not to do such a dangerous thing next time.

After honestly accepting the criticism and education, you sent your uncle away in a huff, feeling very guilty about having wasted valuable police resources.

But on second thought, at least nothing happened to anyone, so you're happy again.

"Thank you for helping me."

You think she's such a nice person, "something so ridiculous I can't believe it myself ......"

"Look at this first."

The little sister takes out her phone, brings up the page she just did and dislikes you.

At 1.45pm a bus and tanker were involved in a crash, with the body of the bus catching fire and exploding on the spot.

According to eyewitness accounts from vehicles travelling on the road at the scene, it appears that there was an argument in the carriage prior to the crash, which distracted the driver and therefore caused the crash.

However, as the surveillance footage has been completely damaged and there is no direct evidence of this, this narrative is not substantiated by facts and can only be regarded as speculation.

"If you're not really going through this, it just means ......"

The little sister looks at you and says with a cold face.

"You and the man in the car who distracted the driver could be in cahoots."

"I don't, I don't know any bus people ......"

The expression on your little sister's face is so serious and icy that you go white with fear at her unwarranted speculation.

"Yes, I don't think it's too likely either."

The young lady who had just had a stern face suddenly smiled.

"So then we'll just have to believe that what you say is true!"

It turned out to be a joke, but it wasn't funny at all.

You're in a cold sweat and all you can think about is getting out of there.

You offered to leave, however the lady tugged on your arm and refused to let you go.

With the other person's soft body next to yours, your mind goes blank and your whole body tenses up.

"I've never met anything like this before!"

Her eyes were horribly bright.

"I haven't introduced myself, my name is Qin Rourou, I'm a screenwriter, the unknown kind ......"

She folded her hands in a pleading gesture.

"Please, can you please not leave and tell me more about your time loop? We've been friends through thick and thin, so consider yourself a friend?"

You look at her, scratching your head, and start to make a mistake.

That you should stay and make friends with her.

Or don't tell her too much and get on with your own business?

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