Chapter 35: The Twentieth Cycle of Time (VI)

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Once the name and family circumstances were found, it was too easy for the police to look into her life and it didn't take long for the story of the Wang Xingde family to be put on the table.

That said, their experience is not too complicated.

Wang Xingde has an only daughter, Wang Mengmeng, who came to W from her home province of S for university and previously studied at W University.

One day a few years ago, Wang Mengmeng accidentally crossed a stop on the No. 45 bus line to Jiangbei District and was so aggressive that she tried to get off the bus without delay. She was run over by a dump truck while crossing the pavement on the bridge.

Even though Wang Xingde's wife Tao Yinghong came to the city several times to "seek justice" for her daughter, it was decided that both the truck and the bus company were only secondarily responsible for the accident. In the end, it was decided that both the truck and the bus company were only secondarily responsible, but that the other two responsible parties had compensated Tao Yinghong's family financially, out of a spirit of humanity, because it was so sad.

Wang Xingde was originally a provincial trucking driver who was away from home all year round. As his wife was a teacher, she was left to her mother to take care of their daughter's life and education.

When the accident first occurred, she insisted that the bus company be held responsible for it, and had several violent confrontations with the bus company, but the person in charge of the bus company was very sensible and restrained, and did not let the matter develop into a more serious consequence. Yinghong, a foreigner, did not meet the driver directly.

Wang Xingde, who was away on business, received the news and rushed to W. After a series of mediations, he took his wife, accepted the compensation and took care of the children's affairs.

"No, if Wang Xingde has accepted the outcome, then why did the couple come to W City to take revenge on society?"

Mr. Zhang looked at the copy of the traffic accident decision of Wang Mengmeng, looked at the signature of Wang Xingde underneath and asked in wonder, "Tao Yinghong, even if it was not, Wang Xingde was the driver of the truck and should have known the danger of her daughter getting off halfway. The main responsibility for the accident would have fallen on Wang Mengmeng."

"The matter was resolved and they went back home. But Wang Xingde blamed himself for what had happened to his family and quit his job at the transport company, saying he wanted to go home to his wife. Tao Yinghong also went back to work at Q City First Middle School in the third month after his daughter's death. It was a shame but they had to return to normal life eventually ......"

Fang Zi, who had been out for a while, took a big sip of water and continued, "But by accident, I think, a TV station broadcasted the story about her daughter."

"Huh? What's the point of broadcasting this?"

The few people who stayed in the office were confused.

"The first thing you need to do is to get a video of a car accident that shows a variety of traffic accidents. The dumper that hit the person at the time used a car recorder to record the entire process, and the owner later uploaded that video to the internet, and because of the clear picture of the tragic process, it just got edited into one of the clips."

Fang Zi sighs.

"You say that people a mother, well at home to hear that their daughter's accident is gone is already going crazy, well just calm, all of a sudden on television to see exactly how their daughter was run over by a car ......"

"This is not to mention the fact that many bloggers reposted the footage online, without mosaicking the face of the young girl involved in the accident, and the moment she was hit was clearly visible, especially because Wang Mengmeng's accident footage was the most intense and gory, and it became an instant trending topic at the time, with the title of 'If you don't do it, you won't die'. It was an instant hit at the time, with the headline 'Death Without Dare'."

When he heard Fang Zi's investigation, Mr. Zhang pursed his lips and changed his face from the gentle look he had just given him, to a somewhat frighteningly serious one.

"As the video went around, it made its way to their local media, plus some media reporters found out that the girl in the video was from their city, and I don't know which one of them had a brain fart and actually asked Q City First Middle School to ask Tao Yinghong what she thought about the incident, and asked if she would educate her own students about traffic safety in the future. She also asked her if she would educate her students about traffic safety in the future so that such a disaster would not happen again ......"

"This is too much."

Boy frowned in disapproval and said, "What kind of journalist is that?"

"According to information coming through after a visit by local police, the interview was later not released, but it still had an impact on Tao Yinghong's life."

Fang Zi shook his head and sighed, " Tao Yinghong's daughter had an accident, originally people only knew that her daughter had a car accident, they were quite sympathetic to her, they usually tried to comfort and guide her, and tried their best to divert her attention in the process of working together. The reporters are now chasing after her in front of the teachers in the office, and everyone knows that her daughter's car accident was self-inflicted, so there will inevitably be gossips behind her back.

"Plus there were students and teachers who were curious and went searching for that video. All being high school students now, a number of them had mobile phones and took them to download the video and circulate it as gossip in class groups and in school. You can imagine that situation at the time ......"

There was a sudden and terrible silence in the task force's office.

"Not long after the interview, a violent confrontation between Tao Yinghong and the student broke out. According to the school, Tao Yinghong hit the student on the head with a chair first, but considering the incident at her home and the fact that the student responsible for circulating the video was also largely responsible, neither the school nor the student's parents held Tao Yinghong was not held responsible for the injury."

In the office, only Fang Zi's voice rang out, "But since then, Tao Yinghong's mental condition has been deteriorating day by day, often losing concentration or being inexplicably irritable and hurtful, and this has continued for almost a year."

"Then later, after she resigned from the school, citing 'reasons for leaving the area with her husband', the school quickly approved her resignation, considering that her condition was also really unsuitable for further teaching work. In order to maintain the school's reputation, the school authorities did not say anything to either the students or the outside world about her poor condition before she resigned."

"But that doesn't constitute a reason for the couple to take revenge on society, does it?"

Officer Du, on the other end of the group call, asked suspiciously, "If it's just public pressure, there's no reason why the couple would sell their house and their belongings and come to work in W for so many years and still choose to go down this path."

"That's where the twists and turns come in."

Fang Zi finished her glass of water and poured another one, "It is said that when this incident first caused a storm in the school, Tao Yinghong said several times that her daughter was not the kind of child who would ask to get off the bus just because she had overstayed, that it must be because she was not feeling well or something bad had happened to her on the bus, and that she could not have She couldn't have asked to get off the bus for no reason."

"We also sent a visit to the bus company in charge of this incident that year, the other side said that Tao Yinghong in the bus company that year on her daughter's accident when the dispute, also repeatedly raised this opinion, that their daughter would not get off the bus for no reason, and asked to confront the driver of the car. However, considering that her emotions were too intense at the time, the person in charge did not agree for the sake of the driver's personal safety."

"I was worried that Tao Yinghong's suspicions were correct and went to the traffic police station to retrieve the accident certificate of that accident. Wang Mengmeng, who volunteered to get off the bus, is not primarily responsible for this. Wang Xingde also accepted the findings after reading the accident certificate."

The whole thing is complicated to say the least, but things are simple.

"The driver who was also punished for the bus company's violation of letting passengers off the bus was disqualified from driving the bus and has since resigned and left the area, and is still being investigated for exactly what he is doing and where he is working."

" Tao Yinghong probably wasn't trying to find out who was responsible, but to find out the motive for his daughter getting out of the car!"

After listening to the results of Fang Zi's investigation, Officer Du said, "The person in charge of the bus company is confused and knows that it is better to do less than to do more! A human life, if we don't make it clear to the mother, will she admit it?"

"I'm afraid Tao Yinghong won't believe me even if I tell him everything. Mothers are protective of their children."

Mr. Zhang, with a heavy heart, murmured, "It's been so long since it happened and the child has been in the ground for so many years, why suffer, eh ......"

"And what was Wang Xingde's position in the whole affair? Did he disagree with his wife?"

Officer Jiang, who was collecting evidence on the other end of the line, asked.

"Why did he go and become a bus driver?"

"The local police also interviewed Wang Xingde's relatives and friends in Q. Most of them felt that Wang Xingde was a good man, gentle and patient, and never got into conflicts, but he was a bit of a coward and was one of those people who often suffered losses in the caravan."

Everyone knows what "good old boy" means, and very often it is synonymous with "good old boy".

"Because of this, he was not particularly determined to side with his wife at the time. After being persuaded by the bus company and relatives at home, he was worried that his wife Tao Yinghong would also have an accident because of this, so he chose to sign and accept the result and take Tao Yinghong home first.

"Because of this, Tao Yinghong has never been able to forgive Wang Xingde and later, after the incident at the school, news spread that Wang Xingde was selling his house and wanted to take his wife away from this sad place, which relatives, although they felt sorry for her, understood."

The pain of a family without a parent is beyond the imagination of ordinary people.

At this stage of the investigation, the situation was almost clear, plus Officer Jiang and Officer Du had found a lot of direct evidence in the environment where Tao Yinghong worked and lived, which was enough to form a complete chain of evidence.

"Our investigation revealed that Tao Yinghong relied on her position to purchase a number of prohibited chemical agents online. She used to be one of the people responsible for the chemistry interest group at the high school and later worked as a quality inspector at a chemical plant, and had a number of channels to purchase and obtain chemical supplies, and she brought home contraband hidden in the plant during holidays and assembled it in the underground garage of her home, leaving a large amount of leftover raw materials at both sites."

Officer Jiang says, "Wang Xingde, on the other hand, has been living in a single dormitory in his flat and no one knows he has a wife.

"Based on some written drafts left by Tao Yinghong in the garage, it can be roughly deduced that they were premeditated and timed to detonate the bomb at 13:45 this afternoon, on the same day and in the same place as her daughter's death."

"Why did you wait so many years?"

Mr. Zhang is particularly sensitive to this number, "Does it have any special meaning?"

"You'd never guess it if the local police hadn't visited!"

When Fang Zi mentions this, he can't help but spit it out, "There is a custom in Wang Xingde's hometown where birthdays are celebrated on the Yang calendar and sacrifices for the deceased are made on the Yin calendar."

"When the local police visited Wang Mengmeng's eldest uncle's house, her relatives in her hometown were preparing joss sticks and offerings for her death anniversary, saying that her dead niece only gets her turn on this 'big day' once every three or four years. The 'big day' must be starving down there, so they were burning more food for use. The local police felt this was also an important clue and sent the message over as well."

Now all the pieces of the puzzle are complete.

Because the anniversary of their daughter's death does not occur every year, Mr and Mrs Wang Xingde chose this year's anniversary as the time for their action.

In order to succeed in their goal of "taking the bus to a specific place at a specific time", Wang Xingde and his wife moved to W to train with a labour dispatch company to become a bus driver for this route and prepare for the day ahead.

His wife, on the other hand, used the years to secretly prepare the most important prop of the whole operation - the bomb.

On this appointed day, they made a desperate choice to leave the world with their daughter in this way.

Li Shiqing and Xiao Heyun also understood why they could not find any specific information on the Internet.

The "beginning" of this incident was not a major accident, compared to the "arson" and "rear-end" accidents that had occurred at this location, and even It may even be considered insignificant compared to the "arson" and "rear-end" accidents that have occurred on this site.

If someone hadn't edited it into a collection of car accidents, the fact that a girl was once buried on this bridge might have just faded into memory like the gossip news most people read after dinner.

Whatever the reason for the girl's exit, now that she is dead and her parents have passed away with the vicious accident, there is no trace of what the truth was and what they thought.

As the police pieced together the story a little, those who learned the truth could only bemoan the sad beginning and lament the heartbreaking end.


Based on the information provided by Li Shiqing and Xiao Heyun, the police investigated the case in the shortest possible time and provided the corresponding evidence. The trace section extracted the explosive composition from the wreckage at the explosion site and analysed it, which coincided with the remains in Tao Yinghong's garage and was verified in terms of physical evidence.

The police later obtained a list of the chemicals Tao Yinghong had purchased through her online transactions, and followed the trail, uncovering and arresting several suppliers who had been selling prohibited chemicals.

Wang Xingde's company also confirms that Wang Xingde chose this time slot on his own initiative and has been running it for over two years.

Many bus drivers are reluctant to take this shift because of Wang Xingde's hard work and lack of family fatigue, and he has taken the initiative to take on the driving duties during this period. He has gradually become a "veteran" on this line.

After the incident, few colleagues believed that Wang Xingde, a gentle and considerate man, would be the one to do such a thing, and the leader in charge of his daughter's case couldn't even remember what the girl's father looked like, because Wang Xingde was a man with little presence or personality.

Having deduced the motive for the crime and obtained the complete criminal flow of the culprit, the case was finally solved.

Once the whole case was known, the police held a briefing with several reputable mainstream media outlets to inform and explain the case and officially close it.

The task force took no more than five hours to solve the case from the time it was accepted to the time it was solved, which was not only sensible and reasonable, but also had sufficient evidence and clear facts. Such efficiency and speed in solving the case drew praise from all sides and also got a lively discussion among netizens about the efficiency of the local criminal police force.

At the same time, countless media and netizens online have started digging deeper into that "accident" back then, and perhaps even more hotly debated events will be brewing ......

But this is no longer the concern of Xiao Heyun and Li Shiqing.

Having learned the desired outcome and gaining insight into the motives of the driver's uncle who would assist the older woman, the two young men, as one of the key witnesses in the case, were finally given the go-ahead to leave after making a full statement and going through the entire process.

"Thank you again for all your help."

They were greeted by Mr. Zhang and escorted out of the CID by Mr. Zhang.

"I'm really sorry, I was going to treat you guys to a meal, but it turned out that there are still a lot of things to follow up, so I'm busy until this big night, and I can only treat you guys to a box lunch ......"

"It's fine, it's fine, and the box lunch is delicious."

Boy and Li Shiqing were quick to say they didn't care.

"Do you need a ride back?"

Mr. Zhang looked at the time, it was already 9pm.

"No, let's take a walk back."

Li Shiqing shook her head and said bitterly, "I don't want to take any car for now."

The "memories" of these cycles of time are too harrowing.

Whether it was the scary bus, or the police car with its frightening atmosphere, even the taxi that kept playing the scene of the accident, it left a psychological shadow on her.

She would rather pedal a shared bike than get into any more cars.

Boy, who had been accompanying her, chose to accompany his partner back.

"All right then, take care on the way back."

Mr. Zhang smiles understandingly.

" Officer Zhang ......"

As the two parties were about to part, Li Shiqing hesitated for a moment and suddenly called out to Mr. Zhang, "What if, I mean what if ......"

She paused, and with a "what do you want again" look on Boy's face, began her "what if series" to the officer they trusted.

"If, today, you were sitting in your office and suddenly received a text message from a stranger informing you that there was a bomb on one of the buses and that you knew it would explode at 13:45 and that your help was urgently needed, would you help immediately?"

Mr. Zhang staggered for a moment, thought about it and nodded.

"I will."

He replied categorically.

Boy's worried expression towards Li Shiqing suddenly turned into a somewhat surprised look.

"If there is a subjective and deliberate case of someone reporting a false police report and wasting stretched police resources, whatever method he uses to cover it up, we will find him out and the law will hold him accountable and make him pay a sufficient price."

Mr. Zhang said, "But if this is true, it will save countless lives and the risk of wasting police resources is nothing compared to this."

"What's more, even if it's just ordinary people, strangers, we are obliged to help whenever someone asks for help from the police, and that's why we choose to wear this outfit."

Mr. Zhang laughed.

"You may think I'm talking some grand official rhetoric, but we really do, there's no need to doubt it."

"I don't doubt it, I believe you are such good police officers."

Li Shiqing smiled brightly and pulled out her mobile phone.

"So Officer Zhang, can you leave us your contact details? If we think of anything else we've missed, we can get in touch with you."

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