Chapter 2: The Fifth Time Cycle (I)

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No one has ever hit a windscreen like that and lived, and Li Shiqing must be dead himself.

The first three 'nightmares' were so fast that she had no sense of reality and had been in a state of confusion, but the last time, because she tried so hard, she almost managed to stop the car.

This fact, at last, gives Li Shiqing a glimmer of hope of escaping her nightmare.

"Last time, I was just too unlucky. If I'd only been a little more attentive and clever, I'm sure I could have stopped the damn car."

She wanted to.

While Li Shiqing was immobilised by the headache, vomiting, hand tremors and face pain of the 'resurgence', she could only move her brain, the only thing she could, to distract herself from the discomfort of the pain.

Each time, she fainted so quickly that she had no idea what had happened except for the location where the accident occurred.

That time just now, I think it was because the driver slowed down and got into a rear-end collision with the car behind, right?

But you shouldn't die if you simply rear-end someone, right?

On another occasion, apparently the car took a sharp turn, not knowing whether it had a flat tyre, the brakes had failed, or was trying to avoid something.

Carefully discerning the view out of the window, not far from the bridge over the river, she may not have much time left.

Most of the passengers were still sleeping or looking at their mobile phones. The glasses boy in the next seat had his head against the glass window, his lenses reflecting the light from the window, and since he could not see his eyes, Li Shiqing wondered if he was asleep.

She has tried to stop the driver for her even if she is hysterical, but if the passengers want me to get off the bus, the driver will be swayed by "public opinion".

She had just pretended to have a heart attack to stop the car, and when the other passengers got up in arms, the car almost stopped.

Having gained confidence in this, Li Shiqing couldn't help but look out of the window.

There is now a short distance to the entrance to the bridge over the river, the road is level and there is not much traffic, so if you choose to get off at this section, there should not be too much danger.

She shifted her gaze from the window to the face of Boy with glasses, who was sleeping against the window in the next seat.

With the discomfort gone, Li Shiqing saw where his hand was resting, bent down and, with a swift movement, reached out and pressed his hand against her breast.

"Sorry Boy, I just want to live so badly!"

Boy, who had just fallen asleep against the window, twisted his head in shock as his body shook.

NND, I knew he wasn't sleeping!



Li Shiqing's hand pressed tightly against his so that it could not leave her breast, but her face still had to show an expression of horror and she cried out.

"What are you doing touching my boobs!"

If she survives, she's going to audition for an actor!


When he heard Li Shiqing shouting "pervert", Boy next door opened his eyes in bewilderment, looking like an innocent teenager who had been insulted by a salacious woman, and seemed unable to associate himself with the word "pervert".

When he realised what the girl was shouting, he hastily shook off Li Shiqing's hand, took it away from her chest and stammered with a dry smile, "Well, that, pretty girl, you can't joke about such things!"

Due to Li Shiqing's shout of alarm, passengers who were dozing or in a state of self-consciousness were drawn to them and looked over with a gossipy expression.

"You're a young man, you look like a man, but you're young enough to do such things!"

An old grandfather shook his head in pain.

"That's right, you can't do it even if she's pretty and white!"

Another older woman in a floral shirt chimed in.

"It's so unbecoming!"

"I'm not kidding, you're the one who touched me!"

Li Shiqing shouted.

"What are you babbling about!"

Boy, who had been wronged, was incredulous when he saw her "calling out the thief": "You grabbed my hand and pressed it!"

"You let the guys hear it, do you call that a human thing to say? Who would have nothing to do with grabbing someone's hand and touching their boobs!"

Li Shiqing shouted, "You think I'll hold my tongue because I'm young, don't you? Let me tell you, you've messed with the wrong person by messing with me!"

"You're just being unreasonable ......"

Being looked at by so many people as a "pervert" and pointed at, Boy Boy's face turned red and he said, "You" for a long time, but then he came out with an expletive.

"You, you, you psycho!"

Sorry Boy, she'd be a real psycho if she didn't do this!

After the scolding, Boy stood up, presumably to take a different seat.

"Don't you dare run away!"

Li Shiqing took the opportunity to take his hand, pulling him hard and walking behind the driver uncle: "Driver uncle, this is a pervert, please turn around and go down to the police station, I want to go to the police!"

Turn around! This car is about to embark on a road of death!

It's only right to turn back!

"Did anyone see the lad touch her yet?"

The driver didn't "listen", but looked back at Boy with glasses and asked about the others.

"The lad looks svelte, not like someone who does this sort of thing."

"I didn't touch her in the first place! Just go, I'm not afraid!"

Boy, who was being dragged by her, laughed when he heard that he was going to the police station.

"You just touched me, you scum!"

She felt sorry for Boy, but Li Shiqing could only glare at him and then turn her head to ask for help: "Can you all help me with my testimony? It won't take long, I'm afraid he'll get away without a witness!"

The best scenario she envisaged was for the driver's uncle to turn around and go to the police station, and then for everyone to get out of the car together and go to the police station to report the incident.

Although by doing so she risked wronging a good man, at least she saved a busload of lives, didn't she?

Even if the driver's uncle didn't turn around, even if only a few people got off with her and were willing to testify on her behalf, it was still better than a car full of people being buried here.

As soon as they heard that they were turning around and going to the police station, the passengers, who had just spoken up for her in righteous indignation, changed their attitude.

"Little girl, I have to go back to pick up the children and cook dinner for the adults and children, so I'm sorry I can't be late."

The floral-shirted aunt yelled, "Eh, okay, okay. It's just being touched, it's not like we've lost anything."

Just being touched?

Auntie, that's not what you just said!

Li Shiqing looks at the old man with a supplicating gaze.

"Hey, little girl, that, that I was sleeping just now and didn't see if he touched you."

The old man dodged my gaze.

"I can't be a witness that I didn't see."

"Yeah, yeah, we didn't even see it, what if we've wronged the good guys?"

Some people echoed.

"This car has gone so far out, how much time will it take to turn around?"

More and more people are joining the chorus of disapproval.

Li Shiqing's heart grew cold as she saw the situation that had been tilted in her favour gradually take an unpredictable turn.

The bridge was faintly visible ahead and she might not have had enough time to get the driver to stop.

Perhaps, this time, she will fail again in the "time loop".

Do we have to try again next time?

What if there is no next time?

What if this is the last time she comes back to life?

"Uncle driver, stop the car, I want to get off!"

Li Shiqing decided to give up and turn the car around.

She had tried to save them, they were the ones who wouldn't.

"Young man hurry up and apologize first. Don't take up any more time!"

Some passengers are reluctant.

"I didn't touch her, so why should I apologise?"

At this inexplicable request, Boy asked sarcastically in return and gave Li Shiqing an angry look.

"What's not done is not done, even if I go to the police station to confront me I'm not touching! What's right is right, what's wrong is wrong, it has nothing to do with men or women or how many people are there!"

In Li Shiqing's view, it was good enough that the glasses boy didn't hit her after such an inexplicable incident.

A good man will thank himself when he gets off the bus.

"You boy, why hold us up when an apology will solve the matter?"

Someone in the car complained.

Seeing that the driver was slowly slowing down and there was no traffic around, Li Shiqing finally started screaming and screaming, demanding forcefully to get out of the car.

She refused to let the matter drop and Boy was so determined to apologise that the driver finally pulled over and pressed the start button.

"Stop stop stop, all of you, get down!"

"Yes, both of you go both of you, don't hold up the driver!"

"Exactly! They have their own business to settle in private, don't drag a busload of people around to waste time!"

"Hurry up and get yourselves down, don't let us drive you down!"

Several older men and women shouted at the driver, urging him to hurry up and open the door.

Boy clearly didn't want to get out of the car for this inexplicable reason, but as soon as Li Shiqing saw the door open, she was almost eager to get out of the car, and as she did so, she took Boy by the arm and tried to drag him down the road.

"Come, come with me to the police station!"

It was already wrong to let this inexplicable thing happen to him, not to mention that he had shown concern for himself on previous occasions and was obviously a good person, even if he could only save this one.

When the young man did not want to leave, the driver got up and pushed Boy straight out of the car.

Li Shiqing and Boy stumbled off the bus just as the passengers were urging them on, and the bus left without a moment's delay.

No brake failures, no accidents, no mobile phone ringing, everything went incredibly smoothly.

From the beginning to the end, the whole thing didn't go the way I expected, and no one wanted to get off with me, and there were even a few times when Li Shiqing thought she was definitely going to "die" again ......

So until her feet were on the concrete as she wished, that sense of unreality still enveloped the circumference.

"I ...... I this is ......"

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