Chapter 19: The Twelfth Thirteenth Cycle of Time

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In the car is a man wearing a black mask and a black jumper with the hood lifted up over his head.

The man is dressed up in an airtight way, but he is also carrying a black shoulder bag in his arms.

The masked man got into the car, without looking at the empty seats in front of him, and walked to the last row of the car, found the corner of the car and sat down, but the shoulder bag in his hand was never put down, and was always clutched in his arms.

Li Shiqing and Xiao Heyun were watching him the whole time, and when they saw him sit down in the back row, Xiao Heyun hurriedly sat back down next to Li Shiqing, lowering her voice and asking excitedly.

"It's suspicious, isn't it? Right? What kind of person rides a bus dressed like a mugger? Did this guy get on when we got off at the last stop? Was he on the bus before?"

The last time the time looped was the first time the two had stopped at a normal stop, no one had got off the bus at that time, and since the doors were up at the front and down at the back, they didn't pay attention to anyone getting on the bus after they got off.

"I didn't notice if anyone got on at the last stop."

Li Shiqing was so preoccupied with memorizing the license plate number that she was worried about the car running away if she was slow, so who would look back to see if anyone was getting on the car in front of her?

"But, as suspicious as it is, this man was indeed in the car the whole time."

"All the time?"

Boy's original excitement was thrown into the cold water by Li Shiqing's answer.

"I remember the first time I caught the pervert, he stuck his head out and looked at the situation."

Li Shiqing tried hard to recall, "I didn't see it clearly, but I have an impression of the hood of his sweatshirt."

The hood on the man's forehead had a pair of inverted triangular eyes, as if a monster was looking at you with dangling eyes.

Li Shiqing's eyes passed over the hood as he stuck his head out, but she didn't see anything else as the man just stuck his head out and retracted.

"Then how come I don't remember anything about him?"

Boy rubbed his chin as he thought back, refusing to miss every detail in his memory.

"Well, let's see ...... when I shouted 'stop' and was subdued ......"

"There's no him."

Li Shiqing took the call.

"And then when I broke the window with the safety hammer and got pinned right to the ground, er ...... did he ever show up?"

Boy Think carefully.

"There was no him either, you were held down by some older men in the car."

As she spoke, Li Shiqing also began to feel terrible.

Involuntarily, the two men turned back together.

At this glance, they immediately understood why no one had noticed him before.

The masked man who had just boarded the bus was sitting in the last row, even if he was leaning against the innermost side, and usually in that position, as long as you don't stick your head out yourself, no one will notice that there is someone else there.

The question is, would a normal person on a bus, with empty seats all over the bus, not find a seat nearby, but purposely sit in the back row with no windows?

"I think that would be him."

Boy kept turning back nervously and whispered in Li Shiqing's ear, "Think about it, if you were that guy, you wouldn't choose to get on the bus too far in advance, the longer it takes, the more changes there are along the way. If you want to do something bad like that, you'd better find a place where there are fewer people, where the distance between stops is long and the traffic is heavy. Isn't it his best bet to pick the last stop to get on the bus before the bridge, and not even have a chance to get off once the bus leaves?"

"I think it's him, too."

Li Shiqing nodded repeatedly, "Look, he's carrying such a big shoulder bag and it looks quite heavy, shouldn't such a bag be carried behind him? Why does he have to carry it in his arms all the time? Even if there are valuables inside, now that he is sitting alone in the last row, he should have put the bag down, right?"

She stood up and gave a quick glance behind her, and sat down with an even more horrified expression.

"The bag wasn't put down, it was still in his lap holding it."

"What should we do? We go and grab his bag? What if there's really a bomb in the bag?"

Plans being plans, the two men had never been such people before, and Li Shiqing swallowed nervously.

"As originally planned, I'll subdue the masked man and you grab the bag!"

But we can't go like this. Pretend you've had a fight with me and sit a few rows back, preferably next to him. I'll go up and hold him down, and you'll grab the bag right away. Come on, I have faith in your acting skills!"

Zhang Wuji His mother said, the better a woman looks, the more she cheats!

Li Shiqing thought that she had to take this step, so she stood up, rolled her eyes at Boy and cursed.

"You're sick!"

The two of them had been whispering with their heads down before, looking like a young couple, and now the girl suddenly flipped out and cursed and ran backwards, and the people in the car just thought it was a young couple having a fight and didn't react too much.

Li Shiqing pretended to be angry and ran to the last row, found a seat furthest away from the masked man and sat down, leaning her face against the wall as soon as she was seated, making a sulky face.

The masked man was quite nervous when he saw Li Shiqing coming straight to his row, his body subconsciously ducked inside and his arm, which was resting on his shoulder bag, was clenched.

Although there was an aisle between them, rounding up was the same as being in close contact with the "suspect". Li Shiqing seemed to be acting calmly, but in fact she was so scared that her legs kept shaking unconsciously, even though she tried to calm herself down.

For fear that the masked man would notice that she was shaking in the wrong way, she had to press her hand firmly against her thigh and make a face as if she was shaking with anger.

The masked man looked at her curiously for a few moments, but only for a few moments, as he clearly did not want to meddle in the matter, let alone talk to Li Shiqing.

Poor Li Shiqing waited tremblingly in the back row, waiting for Boy to come to the back and "stick to the plan", but then she saw the masked man trying to open his shoulder bag, so she coughed heavily.


With a heavy cough, Boy, who was sitting in front of her, finally jumped up like a frightened bird and moved stiffly towards the end of the row.

"I'm wrong, I'm wrong can't I ......"

He squeezed his head down and squeezed into the back row with the look of a man who had come to admit his mistake.

Many of the older men and women in the car smiled knowingly and seemed to find the young couple quite amusing.

Once in the back row, Boy nervously pushes down his glasses, turns his back on the masked man and desperately winks at Li Shiqing.

Li Shiqing blinked imperceptibly.

Receiving Li Shiqing's ready response, Xiao Heyun took a deep breath and turned violently, pouncing on the masked man in one fluid motion, holding his hand down with outstretched arms in an attempt.

"Holy shit!"

Feeling his bag being pressed against Boy with his body, the masked man cursed, as if he had suddenly been stabbed, and even his face changed colour.

" Li Shiqing, quick!"

Feeling what seemed to be a muffled grunt from someone, Boy shouted in haste.

Although he did as planned, he was in direct conflict with someone and Xiao Heyun was more scared than the masked man and didn't even dare to look at the other man's face.


But before Li Shiqing could find a way to get the bag out safely, Boy was tipped over with a huge force.

He was kicked to the ground so viciously by the masked man that even his glasses rolled out a long way.

"Are you sick!"

The masked man kicked Boy's glasses away with one foot and then nervously went to open his bag with the other.

" Xiao Heyun, quick, he's opening the bag!"

This time, Li Shiqing was scared half to death and went screaming for her bag.

The passengers on the bus were already stunned by such a turn of events.

"What's going on back there!"

At the front, the driver heard Li Shiqing's screams behind him and yelled to ask for information.

"There's been a robbery!"

The masked man shouted as he shielded his bag.

Xiao Heyun struggled to reach his glasses on the ground and stood up just as he was about to lunge to help the young girl, when he was held down from behind.

"What are you doing! What a lawlessness!"

Suddenly, the car leans uncontrollably to the right and everyone is terrified.

"Ah! The oil tanker!"

The passenger sitting in the front row screamed.

Boy looked out of the window in horror and realised that they had reached that familiar life-threatening crossroads again.


The bus hit the tanker once more.

All those standing were thrown backwards and forwards by the tremendous inertia, with Boy and Li Shiqing falling straight to the ground.

Sprawled on the ground, the two looked up in despair.

Even after such a terrible crash, the masked man was still clinging to his bag, and as he opened it with one hand to reach in ......

A familiar wave of heat swept through the carriage.


"I saw it! It blew up after he opened the bag and reached out!"

Surviving the weakness and pain of the blast, the two men began whispering head to head again.

"I saw it too, he was still holding on to his bag even after the accident!"

Li Shiqing also nods his head like a peck of rice.

"What do we do now? Do we call the police first?"

"No, we still have to see what's in the bag first, what if it's not a bomb but just a detonator? Our focus is to find the bomb and the real culprit before we can hand it over to the police, otherwise we'll have to hitch a ride with the police."

At the thought of it, Boy slaps his leg in chagrin.

"Geez, it's so fast every time, I don't even see where it blows up from!"

"Then let's do it again."

Li Shiqing bites the dust.

"This time you get in the back first, I'll get his attention as soon as he gets in, and I'll just grab the bag when you make a move on him!"

"You're going straight at the masked man? Wouldn't that be too dangerous?"

Xiao Heyun is a little hesitant.

"What's the danger? At most a bomb!"

Speaking of which, Li Shiqing is a bit of a hater, "And what do you think is wrong with you? How am I supposed to grab the bag when you're holding it down? And, you said you went to subdue the other guy, but you just ended up tackling him?"

Li Shiqing got angrier and angrier: "Those who know are catching bad guys, those who don't think you're going to molest them!"

"I, I was just so scared, all I could think about was not letting him touch the bag ......"

Boy gestured awkwardly with his hands, "I used to be the one to talk the fight out of it, and don't people talk the fight out of it by physically gridding both sides ......"

"Then it's a miracle you haven't been killed by now."

Li Shiqing rolls her eyes.

As we speak, the car comes to a stop once more and Li Shiqing elbows Boy.

"Quick, you go ahead and get ready in the back row!"

Xiao Heyun was abducted by her and catapulted to the end of the row.

Li Shiqing rubbed her hands together nervously as she watched the masked man get in through the front door once more and head straight for the back ......

Boy, in the last row, was clenching his fists and rehearsing in his head which angle and which move he would use to "kill the enemy".

Closer, Closer ......

Boy's heart was beating like a drum and his fists were getting harder and harder as he saw the masked man moving closer and closer to the back row ......

Suddenly, the masked man's footsteps stopped.

When he saw someone in the last row, a look of surprise passed through his eyes, which were exposed outside his mask, then he looked around in bewilderment and ......

Take a seat in the unoccupied penultimate row.

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