Chapter 91: Social Death Recordings

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After Sheng Mingzhi's harsh words, he didn't give the guests behind him a chance to speak.

Several of the show's guests were each shocking in their own way, with the whole crew failing to manage their expressions.

After Sheng Mingzhi's harsh words, it was Little Strawberry's turn to be the second to do so.

She was a bit clueless, and as soon as Sheng Mingzhi finished speaking, she hurriedly raised her hand before she could react: "I, I, I-"

It took half a day for "me" to realise what Sheng Mingzhi had just said.

The girl was dumbfounded.

The good news is that she was only dumbfounded for a second or two before she reacted by raising her hand in awe and yelling, "I'll always be second!"

The effect of the variety that Sheng Mingzhi pulls off is a direct result, pushing it to a new high.

The crowd, who were still in shock, burst out laughing at the little strawberry's statement.

The director hurriedly said, "Quickly, quickly! The camera goes to capture the expressions of the guests!"

He unscrewed his glass of water and took a few sips, his "boss lady" was really, really good at creating buzz!

Sheng Mingzhi is arrogant and domineering, but he's a titty and a tug, so you can't hate him, and if he gets a sunglass on his face later, he'll probably reap a wave of mum fans from all over the internet.

The effect, broadcasted on air, is absolutely explosive!

With little strawberries opening this mouth.

Pei Lexuan's harsh words follow suit.

"Don't get too cocky-"

He looked into the camera, "Second place isn't something you can just take whenever you want it! I mean second place today has to be ours!"


When it was Xu Manman's turn, she was already confused.

Why is everyone fighting for second place for no good reason!

Is the first one just gone!

But the moment I saw Sheng Mingzhi with his hands in his pockets, I thought about the name of the show's top boss.

Xu Manman paused for a few seconds and gave in in a very spineless manner as she slowly said, "Because my desire to survive is first place, I must take second place in today's competition!"

After Sheng Mingzhi, it's amazing that no one else has grabbed first place!

Obviously, the little ancestor was also pleased with everyone's good sense and nodded as a matter of course.

Lu Jin suddenly cued Lu Jiayan at this point and laughed, "Mr Lu, don't you even care about your wife? You're letting your wife get on top of you, you're losing your family status."

The words sounded subtly offensive to Sheng Mingzhi.

What old vampire crawled out of the Qing Dynasty? Is there a throne in the family to inherit and still riding on the head? Total disrespect for the mate.

Of course, it's also possible that he didn't like Lu Jin very much in the first place.

Sheng Mingzhi has watched Lu Jin's past variety shows, and in his marriage, he always had a condescending feeling towards Pei Lexuan.

It probably has something to do with the class gap between their two families as well.

Lu Jin's marriage to Pei Lexuan is a typical 'Cinderella' marriage to a rich family, with Pei Lexuan being the one to pay and Lu Jin the one to enjoy.

And while he may not know it outside of his circle, Sheng Mingzhi has heard a lot about Lu Jin's histrionics.

I don't know how Pei Lexuan manages to put up with it.

On his first variety show with Lu Jiayan, Sheng Mingzhi still didn't want to start off on the wrong foot.

So hold back and pretend you didn't hear.

But Lu Jiayan answered, not in a particularly gentle tone, with a rare hint of coldness: "Mingzhi is in charge of the family."

Sheng Mingzhi was stunned and gave a dumbfounded look of "I didn't know I was in charge of the family".

The next moment, Lu Jiayan continued in a light-hearted manner, his harsh words different from Sheng Mingzhi's milquetoast tug and with the air of a boss, turning the variety show into the scene of an international financial conference: "In order to keep little Mr. Sheng from doing the housework, so we'll have to take first place."

Breezy and blood-curdling!

The first round of the silent competition was finally held amidst a lot of noise and whispers.

Sheng Mingzhi had a bad hand and drew last place, with the other couples in the first three rounds.

A total of ten questions.

Lu Jin's team scored four points, Little Strawberry's team scored five points and Xu Manman's team scored six points.

It is Sheng Mingzhi's turn and Lu Jiayan carries it over.

The director's team gave the topic: lipstick.

Only one sentence is allowed for the prompt, the rest must be expressed in action.

Sheng Mingzhi waited for Lu Jiayan to turn around and then hurriedly pointed to his lips.

His lips themselves are fleshier and come with a beige tint, and when they are slightly puckered, they resemble the usual solicitous kissing motion.

Lu Jiayan doesn't think twice: "Want a kiss?"

Sheng Mingzhi: "......"


What the hell is a kiss for!!!

His face was hot as hell and he instantly shouted at the directing team, "This can't be broadcast, start again!"

The director said, "Mr. Sheng, that's one less point, so you're going to fail this question?"

Sheng Mingzhi: "......"

Count on you.

He drilled his head through his red ears and looked at the originator still looking innocent.

Fine, let's compete with each other, little Mr. Sheng doesn't believe he can lose!

Lu Jiayan was about to give up on the question when he said, slowly and deliberately, "Lipstick?"

Sheng Mingzhi froze.

Not only did Sheng Mingzhi freeze.

The director's team and the other guests were stunned, as if they didn't understand how Lu Jiayan had suddenly come up with the right answer.

After all, Sheng Mingzhi gave the tip and Mr. Tai did!

Little Strawberry was the liveliest and raised her hand to indicate, "Boss are you peeking!"

Lu Jiayan said, "I didn't peek. Just guessing."

For some reason, Sheng Mingzhi is somehow convinced.

Because in his mind, Lu Jiayan seems to be a human being who has turned on the clock and there is nothing he can't do.

So say this.

He was just teasing him when he said "to kiss"!

Very good.

Little Mr. Sheng is starting to hold a grudge!

The director's team gave the next question: Vixen.

Sheng Mingzhi turned around and pointed at Lu Jiayan: "You."

Lu Jiayan raised an eyebrow: "Me?"

"Right. Three words."

No more tips.

When Sheng Mingzhi saw Lu Jiayan's silence, he hastened to imitate the dog man's usual manner, cupping his face and throwing several winks.

Lu Jiayan has obviously read it, but is not very forthcoming.

Sheng Mingzhi said fiercely, "Hurry up!"

Lu Jiayan: "......"

"...... vixen?"

At the words, the guests burst into laughter.

I have to say, Sheng Mingzhi does a pretty good imitation!

Lu Jiayan also guessed quickly on the next few questions.

Often Sheng Mingzhi gave a hint and Lu Jiayan guessed the correct answer with a little thought.

There was even an outrageous question where the answer was Nicosia, the capital of Cyprus.

I don't know what kind of pervert came up with the perverted you-draw-me-quiz, or if it was just a completely unpredictable title.

But the outrageous thing is that Sheng Mingzhi happens to know this country.

So when he saw it he immediately blurted out, "The capital of Cyprus!"

No need to even move with this tip!

And no foul at all!

The directing team was baffled.

After all, a "Nicosia", who can say which country it belongs to, so it cannot be considered a foul by Sheng Mingzhi.

So Lu Jiayan logically gave the answer.

A few guests were stunned to hear this.

Sheng Mingzhi knew that this country was outrageous enough.

The point is that Lu Jiayan also knows the capital of the country.

What perverts these two are!

"No, why would Mr. Sheng know such a cold country!"

After all, Sheng Mingzhi's image in the entertainment industry has always been that of a show-off who loves to show off his wealth, and has never had a schoolboy persona.

Li Meng said, "You're really a bully from YunJing's finance department, you're too cheeky for me."

It was only then that the crowd remembered that the two men in front of them both seemed to be graduates of the Beijing University.

OK, fine, lose to the school bully, lose to the heart.

Sheng Mingzhi scored a perfect score in the first round of the Match of Silence.

Not to mention the second round of fun quizzes, which were nothing more than a sprinkling of water for Lu Jiayan.

What is the largest palace in the world, for example?

Does a fish have a heart?

What is the origin of the marathon?

Where does the saying "The people are the most important thing, the community is second, and the king is the least important thing" come from?

How many black steps are there in the same interval of a piano?

The scope of coverage is almost as wide as the sky and the earth, through the ages.

Lu Jiayan didn't even give anyone a chance to answer.

Lu Jiayan rang the bell just as the guests were jumping to their feet.

All right!

After two rounds of competition, the guests, who have seen a lot in the entertainment industry, had a new perception of Lu Jiayan.

Sheng Mingzhi wasn't too surprised, after all he had seen Lu Jiayan compete in similar tournaments at university before and his character was sharper than now, killing his opponents, and today he was being merciful!

Probably, for such a perverted demon.

If you ask him why you know so much, he might even say, in an exasperated voice, "Isn't that common knowledge?"

So don't ask.

Get angry if you ask.

At the end of the three rounds, Lu Jiayan received the highest score and was given the best room with a sea view in the Rose Cottage.

By the way it also has the right to assign the congregation to clean up after themselves.

Its and the guests are accommodated in the other three rooms.

Lu Jin and Pei Lexuan got the most questions wrong today and were put in the worst room, which is actually the worst, but the team couldn't really prepare a bad room.

It's just that this room is on the ground floor compared to the others and is so far away from the others that it amounts to a separate small room.

The privacy is actually much better than the other three rooms in Rose Cottage Cottage.

But after the game, Lu Jin looked much worse for wear.

Even the lively little strawberry deliberately didn't pick up on several of the variety strokes he threw at him, but Pei Lexuan kindly defused the awkwardness.

Strawberry is not the kind of person who is a warm-hearted person, and when he saw Lu Jin's attitude, he was not happy either.

The two of them are both here to record a variety show, but even the serious president of Sheng Jia doesn't have such a big temper and attitude, so why should you, an advertising director who has a Twitter persona, put up a show? The more I compared the two, the more I felt that Lu Jin was greasy, pretentious and annoying, so in the afternoon, Strawberry showed a clear sense of camp, preferring to hang out with Sheng Mingzhi.

Sheng Mingzhi is a man who doesn't make friends with people based on whether they are rich or not, mainly because they are not as rich as him.

He taught that friends were still all about people falling over themselves, and whoever fell over themselves the most was his best friend.

Little Strawberry has a big personality, but is not obnoxious.

The main thing is that he can magically put up with Sheng Mingzhi's young master's temper and is happy to help him out.

A significant benefit of gaining Sheng Mingzhi's favour was that Lu Jiayan gave Strawberry the easiest job when it came to allocating labour tasks.

It's all about going out in the garden and watering the flowers, taking beautiful photos and enjoying a peaceful afternoon.

Li Meng saw this with a bitter face, "Berry is forgetting his righteousness, he didn't think of taking me along when he had such a good thing to do, there is no love anymore."

He was joking, of course, but as a man, he was obliged to take responsibility for sweeping and mopping the floor and taking out the rubbish.

Ladies water the flowers and grass and are basically non-workers.

The men are responsible for the cleaning of the entire villa.

The winner, Lu Jiayan, didn't really quit, but worked with Li Meng to carry all the girls' suitcases upstairs.

The only person who has a problem with this is Lu Jin.

The look of disgust on his face was obvious as he had a cleanliness problem of his own and was given the job of taking out the rubbish.

Within a few trips back and forth, he was sitting on a stool and quit.

The young master has never suffered this kind of hardship on a variety show before.

Pei Lexuan, keenly aware of her husband's displeasure, whispered, "Why don't you leave it there and I'll pour it for you?"

Lu Jin didn't even think about it: "Okay. Remember to clean up a bit."

I wanted to get away from the filthy place, but when I saw the cameras rolling, I resisted and said to Pei Lexuan, "I'll wait for you to come up with me."

In the blink of an eye, the afternoon passed.

In the evening it was another recording of the group cooking together, with Sheng Mingzhi's fingers not touching the water, but at most doing the work.

But to everyone's surprise, Lu Jiayan is a good cook.

Li Meng laughed, "I thought I could only rely on Le Xuan and Mamoru tonight, but I didn't expect Old Lu Ban to have such a hand!"

Lu Jiayan took the stunt naturally, saying slowly, "After all, to win a man's heart, you have to tie his stomach first."

Li Meng is stunned, obviously not expecting Lu Jiayan to be quite so playful.

Shunned, "And is that how you got Mr. Sheng's heart back then?"

Lu Jiayan plates up the scrambled eggs with tomatoes: "No."

On camera, the man speaks idly, "By arranged marriage."

As if thinking of something, he said modestly, "-and my face."

Li Meng was so happy that he couldn't retort for a moment and gave Lu Jiayan a thumbs up.

But the scene was captured on camera, dispelling online rumours of plastic marriages with business connections, and Lu Jiayan said sincerely: "So I'm especially grateful that there is a dating model in the world called a business marriage, and of course that my family is richer."

Li Meng: ...... What happened to the inexplicable show of affection.

After dinner, one of the details of the meal was also captured on camera: there were so many dishes on the table, but Sheng Mingzhi ate only Lu Jiayan's with almost uncanny accuracy.

He is used to eating at home and is not used to eating food made by outsiders, which unexpectedly fits his persona of a petulant bag.

The day's recording is almost at an end.

At twilight, with the full moon high in the sky, the lights in the Rose Cottage come on one by one, ferrying a small courtyard of roses into a soft light.

Before going to bed, each guest has a special part, which has not yet been recorded by Sheng Mingzhi and Lu Jiayan.

So Sheng Mingzhi went out into the garden to photograph the flowers.

It's a rare occasion to be on a variety show with Lu Jiayan, so I had to record it!

At first, he was photographing roses.

The team had prepared about a thousand roses in the garden, which looked particularly gorgeous and romantic.

As a result, Lu Jiayan entered the country in the middle of filming.

He was probably too distracted to notice Sheng Mingzhi patting him.

Sheng Mingzhi checked that the flash was off and surreptitiously took a picture of Lu Jiayan.

All was silent when Sheng Mingzhi's mobile phone gave a loud "click..."



Lu Jiayan looked back at him.

Sheng Mingzhi is still holding the phone up, not moving.

Lu Jiayan smiled and teased, "Taking pictures of me?"

Sheng Mingzhi: "...... selfies."

"Hmm." Lu Jiayan nodded, "I believe it."

Sheng Mingzhi: "......"

"There's no need to feel shy." Lu Jiayan: "After all, it's understandable that you can't help but be in love with your husband."

Sheng Mingzhi's ears reddened: "Who can't help it!"

He was so angry that he made a move to delete the photo he had just taken.

But the moment I saw the photo, I couldn't let go of it and silently put my phone away.

Lu Jiayan took him by the arm and held him in his arms, taking a deep breath: "I can't help it."

Sheng Mingzhi was startled and quickly said, "There are cameras!"

"Nothing." Lu Jiayan curled his lips, his peachy eyes smiling badly, "Recorded. It can be deleted."

The directing team who saw this scene: no. I'm not cutting it. I'm not deleting it unless I'm dead.

Sheng Mingzhi thought it made sense, so he relaxed and let Lu Jiayan hold him like this.

He turned up the pictures in his arms, most of them of the roses taken tonight.

Lu Jiayan's chin rested on his shoulder: "Like roses?"

Sheng Mingzhi nodded, he really liked it and said, "Or we could get some in the courtyard of XiShan One."

"Get Yao Shen on it."

Sheng Mingzhi nodded: "And should we put a little in the bedroom, so many roses, all in the courtyard?"

"No." Lu Jiayan said slowly, "One in the bedroom is enough."

At first, Sheng Mingzhi did not understand what Lu Jiayan meant by this.

But it soon dawned on him that the rose the man was talking about could well be himself.

Little Mr. Sheng is furious!

He then gave Lu Jiayan a sharp twist on the arm he had placed around his waist.

Lu Jiayan shamelessly added: "Or a little rose with thorns."

Sheng Mingzhi muttered, "You're the rose!"

Lu Jiayan lowered his voice: "How am I a rose? I'm the gardener."

Sheng Mingzhi asked, quite naturally, "Why the gardener?"

After asking the question, realising something, there was a sudden silence.


The gardener is the one who waters the roses.

Then, little by little, from the neck onwards, it flushed red until the whole face was hot with shame.

He didn't say anything for a long time before he finally whispered, " Lu Jiayan, you really are getting nastier with age!"

"That's nasty?" Lu Jiayan hooked his lips and whispered, "Haven't you seen nastier?"

Sheng Mingzhi's face grew red at his words, how can a dog man say such flirtatious words so naturally!

Think of all the times I've lost today on the level of shamelessness compared to who.

Sheng Mingzhi felt that he couldn't always have the upper hand, he was a legally protected husband, and what Lu Jiayan could do to him, why couldn't he do back to Lu Jiayan?

So, the next second Lu Jiayan said this.

Sheng Mingzhi then took a shallow breath and said calmly, "Who says I've seen nastier, I haven't."

He paused, his face still hot, and turned his head to look at Lu Jiayan: "Unless you let me see it now."

Lu Jiayan's peach blossom eyes instantly sank and the hand on Sheng Mingzhi's waist tightened considerably.

He lowered his head and made a move to kiss him.

A second before their lips pressed together, they were suddenly interrupted.

The camera brother who had been crouching in the corner finally realised that if he didn't interrupt the boss and his wife, he was going to get some restrictive footage next.

So shivering, he raised his hand, "That, Mr. Lu ...... we've been recording."

Who would have thought that he was simply trying to capture a piece of warm fuzzy material!

How did it develop into a sex... Erotic!!!

As soon as the words left his mouth, Sheng Mingzhi's brain buzzed and went slightly blank for a moment.

That is, from just now, to now.

This b has been following the recording in the corner?

...... grass.

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