Chapter 87: Giving your body to the world

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Fortunately, Sheng Mingzhi was not able to see the pop-ups on the live channel at this time.

Otherwise all the accounts on the pop-ups would now be blacked out by him personally, one by one, carefully: the

"We are all on the same side, what is it that we, the audience, cannot hear?"

"Don't think we can't see your ears red just because the room is dark, screenshot taken."

"It's really important to me what happened last night (for crying out loud)."

"I have a friend who is terminally ill, and before he dies he wants to know what really happened to you last night.jpg"


In the bedroom, Sheng Mingzhi's brain finally wakes up.

Half-heartedly, he organised his words and said without changing his face, "-had to drag me along to work overtime."

Lu Jiayan froze for a moment, then gave a light laugh.

He obviously did not expect Sheng Mingzhi to reply in this way.

Pop-ups follow.


"What's the overtime about, expand on that?"

"Tell me clearly, how did you work late, in the study or in the bedroom?"

"In what position did you work overtime? I need to know right away."


Lu Jiayan said smoothly, "That's a lot of work for little Mr. Sheng."

Seeing Sheng Mingzhi about to get up, Lu Jiayan gives him a hand on the waist.

It's actually a very simple and natural action to do on a regular basis.

But because the live streamers had never seen the two interacting in private, and because of their ability to make up for it, there was a flurry of high-energy pop-ups.

"Boss I'll answer for him, he's not working hard at all, please make sure you stay up late tonight!!!"

"Why do you need to hold your back? Back overtime too?"

"@Sheng Mingzhi, it's not too late to admit that you have a herniated disc."

"I hope the next thing I understand in seconds is high maths (light a cigarette)"


Because Sheng Mingzhi forgot to broadcast this oops, it directly stretched the whole show's variety effect.

So the live stream has gone from being second, to being first in the break.

The marketing agency took this video of Sheng Mingzhi's morning antics and refused to get out of bed and posted it on Weibo.

It didn't take long for the 10,000 turns to come around.

With the marketing agencies and netizens spinning the story, Sheng Mingzhi's name soon reached the number one spot on the entertainment charts.

One before and one after the second with the first live broadcast of All Those Years.

XinLang Entertainment has also come up with a decent headline to tweet as morning entertainment news.

@XinLang Entertainment: Sheng Mingzhi The Great Society is dead! Recorded variety show forgets to be on air, reveals real wake-up call, surprisingly looks like this in plain face ......

It was half an hour later when it was pushed to Sheng Mingzhi's phone.

Having learnt from the morning's experience, Sheng Mingzhi was careful not to let the netizens catch him in any way.

At breakfast, I grabbed my phone and went into the live stream to see what the anti-fans were up to.

This scene of him entering his live room with his mobile phone was also recorded by the HD camera.

So the moment Sheng Mingzhi saw the pop-up, the silly netizens saw him through the screen at the same time.

"You've come on patrol? Now the whole world hears your clip tone."

What b?

He wakes up in the morning because he doesn't have the strength to talk, okay? What do you mean by clip tone?

Sheng Mingzhi tried to dislike him, but found that he couldn't reply to the pop-ups.

So he gave up in anger, but his little gesture of holding his phone and trying to reply to the pop-up was also caught on camera.

Netizens are even more arrogant.

"Laugh it up. Still trying to scold your dad? Dad can see it all through the camera."

Sheng Mingzhi: "......"

So, just as the netizens were dancing around Sheng Mingzhi in ecstasy losing their ability to dislike people.

In the studio, Sheng Mingzhi opened his mouth: "Brother Jiayan."

Lu Jiayan was buttering his bread and then carefully cutting it into pieces for Sheng Mingzhi's bowl, inclining his head: "Listen."

Sheng Mingzhi: "Can guests kick off some accounts in the live stream."

Lu Jiayan said, "I'm not sure. What's wrong?"

Sheng Mingzhi opened his mouth, "I want to kick out a few internet friends, is that okay?"

Then the live stream's pop-ups were eerily silent for two seconds.

Lu Jiayan thought it wasn't a big deal and replied smoothly, "Remember to say hello to the programme team."

Sheng Mingzhi nods dutifully, then sneers at the camera in front of him.

Live from the web: ......

Your mother, don't hold too much grudge.

Of course, Sheng Mingzhi was only verbally intimidating.

He wouldn't give himself such a privilege, and a real kick would certainly cause a backlash from the internet.

Besides, it doesn't matter if you've been spewed into that shit on the internet before.

Not to mention this retarded pop-up now, Sheng Mingzhi is not a dumbass, can't tell which one is really cursing him and which one is just a deep cabinet that loves to carry on with him?

Sprinkles in general.

Don't bother with them.

But the mention of it caught Lu Jiayan's attention, and he said, "Did the pop-ups say anything?"

A look that made a gesture to see.

What else could it be, I can tell with my toes that the group of internet users are having a yellow joke.

It's so mentally polluted, you can't look away!

Sheng Mingzhi now panicked and said in a rush, "Didn't say anything!"

Holy shit, now open the pop-ups and there's no telling what the fuck those stupid internet users will swipe!

Lu Jiayan raises an eyebrow.

Sheng Mingzhi said stiffly, "You've never recorded a variety show, so you don't know, the pop-ups are all very messy."

Lu Jiayan: "Chaos?"

Sheng Mingzhi nods, "Yes. And it's all anti-fans, there's nothing to see."

...... anti-fans ?

Lu Jiayan's eyes sink slightly as he seems to recall Sheng Mingzhi's previous blackout sessions on Weibo.

Sheng Mingzhi knew at first glance that Lu Jiayan had gotten the wrong idea, and somehow he didn't quite want to bother Lu Jiayan with his own showbiz affairs.

Probably, Lu Jiayan is not a big fan of the entertainment industry itself.

Plus he was even more cautious once he found out about his mother.

"Actually it's not exactly anti-fans." Sheng Mingzhi is inspired and speaks up, "It's all messages from my fan friends now."

The pop-ups heard and swiped.

"The Fan"

"The Friend"

"Pass it on, the New Chinese Dictionary was compiled by Sheng Mingzhi."

Sheng Mingzhi pauses and continues, "That is, no one scolds me, I'm friends with them all."

The pop-ups suddenly froze subtly for a moment.

Somehow, being a little ...... heartbroken by Sheng Mingzhi's phrase?

Sheng Mingzhi has always been seen by them as a showbiz blob who doesn't give a damn about the outside world.

It's not the first time he's gone down on anti-fans in person, so everyone seems to take it for granted that he won't be upset or hurt.

But who could care less about public opinion and walk away from it all.

"...... To be honest, it's not like he actually cares at all about what people say, I guess."

"Beginning to reflect on whether I had just spoken too impulsively (lighting a cigarette)"

"Why do I feel a bit sorry for little Sakubi (puppy hug legs)"


As a result, this little bit of heartache lasted less than three seconds.

Sheng Mingzhi waits until Lu Jiayan leaves for work, at the moment when the man's figure disappears into the garden.

He then slammed the door shut and opened the live stream with a smooth and unmistakable clutch of his phone.

The live webcasters were still in a state of guilt and sadness, and hadn't even looked back -

Sheng Mingzhi sneered, rolled up the sleeves of his left and right hands in front of the camera, and sat down on the sofa with a tugging face, as if he was "Damn it, I'm coming to settle accounts with you now".

Death stared at the camera, arrogant to the point of being unbearable: "Is the live room administrator here? Kick out all those retards who jumped the most on the screen just now!"

Pop-up: "?"

Sheng Mingzhi saw that the admins weren't moving fast enough and immediately urged, "Can you hurry up or I'll pull the plug myself, starting with this account called Little Wang ......"

Pop-up: "????"

[???? Did you just say we're friends with you?

"See that omelette I had this morning, I'm friends with its mother too."

[Lu Jiayan, you're coming to play against us as soon as he's gone?

"It's your dad I'm just free now, understand?"

[Why didn't I just see you being so arrogant?

"If I scold you, I scold you, do I have to pick a time?"

[Do you have the ability to swear in front of your husband?

"Laugh it up. No."

--Even shamelessly frank.

Pop-up: "Grass?"

What the hell possessed them just now that they are so distressed by this Little Wang eight eggs?

What right does she have to feel sorry for the boss's wife who sits in a Maybach and cries, when she is a labourer earning 3,000 in August?

Meanwhile, several couples in other live rooms synchronised their progress and each packed their belongings for the office.

Before the trip, all three couples were in love with each other.

Pei Lexuan prepared a love lunch for Lu Jin and the two kissed each other goodbye at the door.

Ma Xiao has no notice today and is now preparing to accompany his wife Xu Manman for a walk, arm in arm, along the river, a beautiful moment in time.

Li Meng and Little Strawberry are planning to clean the house today, and Little Strawberry is helping Li Meng to tie her apron.

The painting style is basically uniformly sweet.

So when passersby scurried to Sheng Mingzhi's live stream, they were blown away by the x-ripping quotes inside the booth.

Why does this live stream never look like any other live stream?

Sheng Mingzhi has hacked a number of familiar accounts one by one, making the camera man tremble.

After all, if we let the boss lady pull the plug any longer, there's going to be no one left on the live stream!!!

It was then that he finally received a message from the director's team, posting today's provisional assignment to Sheng Mingzhi.

At the same time, Pei Lexuan, Xu Manman and Little Strawberry were given temporary assignments by the team.

On camera, Pei Lexuan reads out the note: "...... Pick out an outfit for your husband for the annual meeting?"

"- look after the show's special guest, Little Corgi, for a day?"

This is the task of Xu Manman.

"Complete a big clean for the house."

Little Strawberry's task card is also in hand.

The task was moderate, not too difficult, and fans were looking forward to the performance of the guests.

The last one was Sheng Mingzhi's turn, who took the task card and his expression froze for a second as he read the content of the task.

He read it out as the director had requested: "Prepare a dinner for Lu Jiayan."

The card face is then shown to the camera.

Sheng Mingzhi looked at the camera for a long time and said, "Can I exchange my mission card with someone else?"

After all, Mr. Sheng is a little fairy boy who doesn't have his fingers in the water.jpg


"Are you awesome? What's wrong with cooking a meal for your husband?"

"Wait a minute. Lu Jiayan made breakfast, didn't he, so the little punk can't cook, can he?"

"Brother Lu is lucky that Le Xuan is considerate and can cook, unlike Sheng Mingzhi, who can't do anything."

As soon as the last pop-up came out, Sheng Mingzhi, who had wanted to change his mission card, inexplicably became disconcerted.

What does it mean to be envious of Lu Jin? Shouldn't you be envious of Lu Jiayan? Besides, Lu Jiayan is obviously more fortunate to be married to him, right?


What's so hard about just cooking.

As if to take a gamble, Sheng Mingzhi took the plunge and started preparing the ingredients.

From XiShan One to the underground garage is to do the lift, see the indoor lift of the net once again feel the rich people home is really unimaginable.

I thought the indoor lifts were already exaggerated, but when I saw the car park-like garage underneath One XiShan, the curtain was too shocked to speak.

Even the big brother carrying the live video camera had a momentary weakness in his legs and the camera twitched slightly.

"...... pinch mum ah, the first time I saw that the rich people's garage is not called a garage, it's called a car park."

"The camera brother was so scared the camera was shaking."

"Grass ...... I've worked all my life not knowing if I could afford one."

"Just came from Lu Jin's live stream, I thought the 9 million dollar car he drove was exaggerated enough, now I see the boss's garage, I'm the one who lost.jpg"

Sheng Mingzhi was tweeting when he saw the last pop-up.

The fourth hot search on the entertainment list is #Lu Jin's team's #LuJinLuxuryCarTravel. When I first saw this search, I was still lamenting Lu Jin's family's wealth, but when I clicked on it now, all I saw were posts from passersby.

-I came out of Sheng Mingzhi's live broadcast and said that the garage at Sheng Mingzhi's house was scarier ......

-First time I've seen such a large private garage in my life ...... This is an underground car park, right ......

-[live screenshot][live screenshot] Lu Jin This hot buy is a bit awkward, compared to the real ho's, his previous ho's persona is a bit inadequate.

Lu Jin's fans are not so happy when passers-by say that.

To be precise, Lu Jin fans have not been too happy since Sheng Mingzhi's arrival at the 'Those Years' variety show.

A standard industry elite, Lu Jin is only 29 years old and has three properties in YunJing and a villa in the suburbs.

For ordinary people, it is already an unattainable achievement, not to mention the fact that his family is relatively wealthy itself, with both parents being American and using the persona of a rich kid for his participation in the variety show.

But that's only in comparison to others, and this level of wealth is a far cry from Sheng Mingzhi.

Apart from his business background, MingChen also has a political background, which shows how high Sheng Mingzhi's status is in YunJing's high society.

In the entertainment industry there is comparison and then there is pulling and stepping.

The heartless passersby are also the ones who love to compare and stomp on each other, so Sheng Mingzhi's appearance in "All Those Years" has made Lu Jin's persona a bit crotchety. Lu Jin's fans have been unhappy with Sheng Mingzhi for a long time, and the comments made by passersby in this hot search were the trigger for a small rift.

"Laugh out loud. It's not like he owns all those cars, so who knows how Sheng Mingzhi fawns over his husband."

"Do you really think no one knows how bogus that business union of theirs is?"

"2333 so funny oh, Sheng Mingzhi was blacked out all over the net for so many years did not see his husband step in to set things right, now to participate in the variety show love, do not feel very fake?"

"Even the plastic gorgeous husband and wife dare to participate in those years, and they are not afraid of being picked up for cheating (puke)"

"Sit back and wait for Sheng Mingzhi's sinful return to the big flop!"


However, Sheng Mingzhi knew nothing about it.

In Lu Jiayan's absence, he is not very talkative when he is alone, and when he doesn't have an expression, he is somewhat cold-faced, like the flower of the high country known to the public.

If it wasn't for the live streamers who saw the slimy essence of the morning wake up in front of Lu Jiayan, they would have wondered if Sheng Mingzhi was now a different person.

"Is that how you treat your bread and butter?"

"I get it, good looks are only for husbands, not for us."

"Thanks to the sisters upstairs, I got another bump."

"What the family says. Just some hard love for some double standards."

Probably because the atmosphere was so stagnant, the director team noticed that it was a bit cold and hurriedly spoke over the headset, " Mr. Sheng, can you see if you can interact with the fans in the live room a little bit?"

After saying this, Sheng Mingzhi was silent for a while.

After half a thought, he put his hand on the nearest car to him, "This Lamborghini-"

The pop-ups closed their breath and waited for him to introduce them.

"It was given to me by Lu Jiayan for my twenty-second birthday."

It's like finding some new switch to show off your wealth.

Sheng Mingzhi opened the conversation and went on in turn, "This one is for my twenty-third birthday and this one is for my twenty-fourth birthday -"


"Pinch mum!!! Twitter isn't enough for you to show off your wealth!!!"

"Okay, I'll take that as your handing out candy!"

"Do these husbands still exist and is the state still giving them out?"

"Why are you storming my life while stuffing me with dog food.jpg"

"No, no, Lu Jiayan gives you a car for your birthday every year?"

Sheng Mingzhi glanced at the last entry and said slowly, "Of course not."

He paused, "There are helicopters and yachts too, they're just not here to show."



The simple and brutal display of wealth has once again made Sheng Mingzhi a glorious hit on the civic charts.

But it didn't take long for Sheng Jia to pull the plug, and now Sheng Mingzhi is basically managed by Sheng Jia's publicist, who is much more powerful than the previous team. This kind of "showing off" is usually fine for entertainment, but not for frequent trending, which can easily bring negative publicity to Sheng Mingzhi.

When we arrived at the supermarket, Sheng Mingzhi went straight to the fresh vegetables section.

The young master didn't know what was good or bad, he just knew to pick the most expensive one, and money was the last thing he needed anyway.

The process of buying and washing the vegetables took an hour.

This video of a grocery shopping trip was even posted on DouBan and analysed by the internet.

It's better than Pei Lexuan hesitating at the clothing shop because she doesn't know Lu Jin's favourite colour, Ma Xiao realising she's allergic to dog hair after Xu Manman gets a rash on her face, or Li Meng throwing out Strawberry's things without her consent during a cleaning session.

The details of Sheng Mingzhi's knowledge of Lu Jiayan are even more evident, as he is clear from the moment he enters the supermarket, not even hesitating for a second on the shelves before he has what he wants to buy in mind.

But remembering what the other person likes to eat without fail is not a matter of money.

This was more than evidenced later on when handling the ingredients.

Sheng Mingzhi's first time killing a fish, the man struggled more fiercely than the fish, amusing netizens while letting them get to know him all over again.

I thought Sheng Mingzhi would have found every excuse to put off cooking.

Plus he was supposed to be a making-over, whether real or in person, and not so focused and attentive.

Even the camera brother said the fish was almost scraped clean, but he still wasn't sure.

Fought through the fear and nausea and swiped furiously several more times.

DouBan's post instantly hit a thousand comments.

"Passers-by, changing their minds about Sheng Mingzhi."

"It's true, I have a bit of a crush on him after watching the live stream, Lu Jiayan loves him or not I don't know, he seems to love him anyway."

"Shit ...... was going in with the intention of seeing a joke, but I didn't think that true love could come out of even this kind of luxury marriage?"

Only the crowd's emotion wore off in less than an hour.

Looking at the disastrous meal, Sheng Mingzhi was deep in thought.


"Po as much as you try I would love to comfort you but help hahaha is this something a person can eat?"

"My God, how do you make something completely different from someone else after following the steps step by step?"


"Have your husband make a will before he eats, and I'll arrange a time to come to your house tomorrow for a meal."


Sheng Mingzhi actually tried to save it.

It was at this time that the doors of One XiShan opened.

Lu Jiayan appears in the entrance hall and first smells a subtle paste in the house.

I looked up and saw Sheng Mingzhi standing at the centre island with a light blue apron around her.

The sight falls.

A few plates are scattered on the centre island table, containing ingredients that are somewhat unrecognisable from their raw state.

Lu Jiayan paused and said, "Have you already eaten? There's quite a lot left."

As soon as the words left his mouth, Sheng Mingzhi's expression rose.

And the pop-ups went crazy with laughter:

"Help! Is the sale so bad that it can be treated as leftovers by the owner hahaha!"

Lu Jiayan seemed to see something wrong in Sheng Mingzhi's face.

Suddenly aware of something, he tried, " Mingzhi, did you do this?"

Sheng Mingzhi thought about how he had worked hard all afternoon today and cut his hands.

The aggravation and anger that comes with cooking a table of food and having it treated as leftovers bubbles up.

"No." He gambled, "It's leftovers."

...... really did it for him.

Lu Jiayan was flattered by this.

Sheng Mingzhi has never offered to cook dinner for him.

The man didn't move and said, "Yeah."

He pulled back his stool and sat down, as if nothing had happened, as a matter of course, "It just so happens that I quite like leftovers."

Sheng Mingzhi: ......

Brother are you already babbling before you get food poisoning.

Of course he wouldn't really want Lu Jiayan to eat this outrageous meal.

So he took the man's arm and stopped him, "Forget it you don't want to eat it, it's not good."

"It's okay." Lu Jiayan opened his mouth, his peach blossom eyes curving up, "Big deal, today we're having a big plate of food made by Little Mr. Sheng-"

After a pause, he trailed off, "Tomorrow Mr. Sheng Jr. will eat my banquet?"

Angry, Sheng Mingzhi smashed his fist.

Lightly, in one fell swoop, Lu Jiayan grabbed his wrist.

Sheng Mingzhi, angry and wanting to laugh, glared at him, "You're so boring!"

Lu Jiayan picks up his chopsticks, takes a random chopstick and puts it in his mouth to taste.

Sheng Mingzhi inexplicably tensed up and stared at him, whispering, "Well."

Lu Jiayan swallowed without moving and nodded, "It's delicious."

"Really? Would it be too fake for you to say?"

"So I'll re-enact?"

Sheng Mingzhi looked at him and locked eyes before finally not holding back his laughter.

He snatched Lu Jiayan's chopsticks: "Forget it! Don't eat it, it's too much of a test of your acting skills."

But Sheng Mingzhi was a bit sad to see such a table full of food, after all, it was his first time cooking: "I've been cooking all afternoon, I'm exhausted."

"What then?" Lu Jiayan leaned against the centre island table, propping himself up on the table with his hands, his well-built body and lazy yet inexplicably provocative posture captured by the live camera, including his flirtatious peachy eyes: "I'll think of a way to repay little Mr. Sheng?"

Sheng Mingzhi looked at it hesitantly and thought, "How can I repay this, by cooking him a new table?

The next moment, Lu Jiayan said slowly, "Why don't I give my body to you at night?"

Sheng Mingzhi's ears turned red when he remembered that he was on air, but he didn't expect Lu Jiayan to be so bold, not even knowing how to temper his debauchery with the presence of the camera.

No mouth on the floor as usual.

In a flash, Sheng Mingzhi's face burned and she raised her voice, shouting, "Lu Jiayan! It's live!"

"Hmm." Lu Jiayan glanced idly at the head of the glasses and said idly, "Wouldn't that be more exciting?"

As soon as the words left his mouth, the pop-ups in the live stream went crazy with excitement: the

Who's going to die if I don't stoned? Who knows what I'm doing right now is a whole lot of looking for a ventilator !!!! (Mr. Sa's crazy oxygen intake.gif"

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