Chapter 85: Preview recording

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Sheng Mingzhi This tweet is a flat retweet, with a murderous aura between the lines.

Apparently, he was not happy with the official blog of "All Those Years" describing him as a "petite wife".

It's like he's obsessed with this useless insistence that "Why didn't Lu Jiayan marry me instead of me marrying him?

Within minutes of the retweet, the comments exploded with a surge.

He's not really an eighteenth-tier batterby by definition now, and this comment was retweeted at a normal rate.

It's just that his fans, for some reason, have followed in the footsteps of the dumb anti-fans of old and are now talking in a bitchy manner.

Thousands of them were question marks and meh-grass at first.

And then there are those who have clicked on the official blog several times after seeing the announcement and wondering about their lives.

And then the comment - "I suspect I'm in some kind of time vortex, otherwise why the fuck am I repeatedly clicking on some official blogs to make sure I'm really @ Sheng Mingzhi?"?

For example, last time Louis Vuitton, last time YunJing University, last time Sheng Jia official Weibo.

Every time when the netizens thought Sheng Mingzhi would never break some strange news again, right?

Sheng Mingzhi has proven to set new records of his own at every turn.

It took ten minutes before the hot comments started to trickle in.

Sheng Mingzhi flipped a few, not forgetting the first, and went straight down to the big one in reply to.

[Are you good? You don't even take selfies in your retweets anymore? I'm not satisfied, delete and re-tweet.

"I'm not happy with your comment, delete it."

I'll see when I have time to go to the Civil Affairs Bureau.

"How many dishes?"

I want to see you pampering your husband on air, you know?

"ID Little Wang is it, pulled."

Why are you on this show?

"@AllThoseYearsTogether, explained."

[Wife, I miss you so much, give me grass (colour)]


Sheng Mingzhi was already familiar with the ID who called him his wife, the last time he was molested by Lu Jiayan because of this retarded statement.

Fuck, didn't he black out this stupid claymation fan and why is he jumping in his comments with a new trumpet?

Not long after retweeting this official announcement, Ji Jiao suddenly sent him a tweet.

[Little Mr. Sheng! You're going to join those years too!

Sheng Mingzhi :?

Ji Jiao sent a voice message, "I've received an invitation from the show too~ Looking forward to working with little Mr. Sheng!"

Sheng Mingzhi wonders, " Isn't an idol in love to be killed?"

Or when did Inner Entertainment become so forgiving.

The top stream of current entertainment idols running for a relationship variety show?

Ji Jiao: "I'm there to be a marriage observer."

Sheng Mingzhi, thinking slightly, understands.

I seem to remember that, to make the show more interesting and entertaining, there was a special team of regular guests called the Wedding Observers during those years.

To put it mildly, they are gossip analysts.

All day long, the four couples in the live stream were exclusively watched for whoever had an expression that didn't feel right, whoever felt like they were lying, whoever didn't actually look that in love with whoever.

The gossip analysts at All Those Years are pretty outspoken.

A lot of internal recreational kumquats were contributed.

Ji Jiao blah blah blah and then volunteered to retweet Sheng Mingzhi's official announcement.

@IF- Ji Jiao: Looking forward to meeting Mr. Sheng Jr. again! ^O^!

Ji Jiao is now sitting at the top of the stream since he came out of the ring on the Seal Stage, and with the subsequent explosion of resources.

The flow is, of course, completely different from that of Sheng Mingzhi.

idol's comments are all fan-controlled, nothing to see here.

Only the retweet had a big fan commenting that

"Po, two women together is fruitless, don't get lily-livered (heartbreak)"

There were quite a few retweets and they all made it to the hotspot.


"Can't stand it, is there no man left in the inner entertainment, looking for a fierce man speed to sell corruption with my small highest peak!"

"Where is my fateful brother Zhou Yu, who cannot see our little highest peak as a widow doing hitting on someone else's wife! (Anger)"

"Baby, don't love straight women, Sheng Mingzhi This woman only has eyes for men and no girlfriends (hugs)"


Ji Jiao, afraid of offending Sheng Mingzhi, hurriedly said, "Little Mr. Sheng, don't look at the retweets, they're all just fans talking nonsense. Oh, they're not really saying you're a girl either, they just like to call boys girls."

Sheng Mingzhi thought to himself, "I'm not retarded, don't I even know this?

There is a small group of girls in the entertainment industry who especially love to treat boys as girls, the legendary claymation fans.

He just didn't expect Ji Jiao to have quite a lot of clay fans.

Of course, what makes him even more angry is that what does it mean to say that Ji Jiao working with him is called having a lily?

Can't he be the man and Ji Jiao be the woman?

He is clearly a centimetre taller than Ji Jiao!

West 8.

Little Mr. Sheng is pissed off!

I was about to start a small dislike thread.

The result was another tweet from that claymation fan.

MingChen's official Weibo account actually gave her a like for her retarded statement.

Turned out by female fans of.

Little Li Ziyuan replied to @MingChen's topic in Likes: You don't think my daughter would fit in with your Little Sheng either, do you?

Sheng Mingzhi :?

MingChen Who is in charge of this b official microblogging, has he completely let himself go?


A total of four couples were promoted in the variety show "All Those Years Together".

Sheng Mingzhi was ready to do his homework after the official announcement and expedited to find out more about the marriages of the remaining couples.

He has an inexplicable desire to win and lose.

Can't lose to anyone with Lu Jiayan anyway, he has to be the most loving and the best with Lu Jiayan!!!

In addition to Lu Jiayan and Sheng Mingzhi, there is another couple who are also gay.

A well-known designer and photographer in the fashion industry, Lu Jin is also the director of a famous advertising agency in China, and his boyfriend Pei Lexuan, to whom he has just been married.

Pei Lexuan is a little less than Lu Jin's glamorous position and social status, but has a gentle personality.

Sheng Mingzhi has seen a bit of the trailer, and Lu Jin is a very macho character who is all talk and no action. The good thing is that Pei Lexuan doesn't have a lot of opinions and listens to him on everything.

After only pulling the progress bar a little, I couldn't read any further.

It's hard to imagine that it's 2025 and there are still families so feudal.

Lu Jin's family is like one of those old-fashioned, wealthy families that live their lives like a TV show, with a few maids standing around the table during meals, making Sheng Mingzhi look foolish.

Why doesn't he just let Pei Lexuan sit under the table and eat?

That's all it takes for fans to buy into the young master and young lady persona.

Does anyone else think Lu Jin's self-centred character is called a domineering president? Help, Mr. Sheng just wants to punch him in the face, okay?

Lu Jiayan returned just as we were halfway through.

Lu Jiayan's eyes darkened slightly when he glanced at the computer screen and saw his little masterpiece looking at another man.

Before he fell in love with Sheng Mingzhi, he really didn't realise that he was such a jealous man.

It's a good thing Sheng Mingzhi spat it out the next second: "Look at this-"

The word "idiot" was on his lips, but in front of Lu Jiayan, he was still slightly afraid to swear and changed it to, "This retard is the scum of your bossy world!"

Lu Jiayan :?

When did he get sorted into the bullying world?

Lu Jiayan probably found out what Sheng Mingzhi was angry about after learning the circumstances.

Usually when the little mastermind gets this angry, he is quietly sounding the alarm and the next thing he knows, he is going to be in trouble.

As expected, Sheng Mingzhi then spoke hesitantly, "You don't have these thoughts in mind, do you? Like what I shouldn't eat at the table or something like that."

Lu Jiayan sighed, "I wouldn't dare."

Sheng Mingzhi grabbed him and shook him hard: "Are you afraid or don't you want to! Tell me clearly!"

Lu Jiayan twisted both of Sheng Mingzhi's wrists together in order to escape his clutches, and then held him in his arms: "I didn't want to, didn't dare to, and couldn't let go. In our house, only Little Mr. Sheng sits to eat, and Little Lu stands to feed Little Mr. Sheng."

Sheng Mingzhi nodded and whispered bb: "That's more like it. You have to keep male virtue you know, if you dare to treat me badly I will divorce you."

Lu Jiayan went along with him, "You've got me by the balls with this one trick, I wouldn't dare listen to you."

Sheng Mingzhi is a little hot in the face.

In fact, he said the divorce was just a casual threat to Lu Jiayan, but he didn't expect Lu Jiayan to really care about it.

" Brother Jiayan." Sheng Mingzhi looked up at him in his arms, his head tilted back against his chin, "Do you kind of dislike me saying divorce, if you don't like it I won't say it later."

Little Mr. Sheng is not the kind of person who is completely unreasonable, okay?

"It's not like that." Lu Jiayan pinched the tip of his nose: "It's okay to pout when you don't like it when you mean it."


Who uses divorce as a threat to pander?


Seems like he's got a little bit of ......

Sheng Mingzhi shrinks into his arms and continues to watch the two remaining couples.

One pair is Li Meng, the host of a famous show, and his wife, who was previously a famous internet personality called Little Strawberry.

Ma Xiao, who won the Golden Horse award this year, and his new wife, Xu Manman, who is 16 years younger than him.

Sheng Mingzhi was shocked to see the age difference between Ma Xiao and Xu Manman.

Ma Xiao is 39 years old and his wife is 23, a year younger than himself.

And Ma Xiao is also married for the second time. Although he attacks people's looks, Sheng Mingzhi still dislikes Ma Xiao from the bottom of his heart when he sees her old creases on her face.

Although he always disses Lu Jiayan as an old man, Lu Jiayan doesn't actually look old, and even if he was thrown into a college student in a trench coat now, few would probably be able to tell his true age.

Sheng Mingzhi: "Then I think you do still have to have a little bit of that sense of crisis, you see, when you're forty, you'll grow into this."

He pointed to Ma Xiao's face and continued, "And I'm still young and beautiful, little Mr. Sheng."

Lu Jiayan glanced at Ma Xiao and spoke subtly, "Not really."

Sheng Mingzhi: "Don't be so confident! Look at you, you're always working late, staying up late, your skin will get wrinkles and you'll age faster! You don't know how to take care of yourself, so not only will you have wrinkles when you get older, you might even go bald."

Lu Jiayan: "Does little Mr. Sheng still want me?"

Sheng Mingzhi laughed coldly, "You wish. Little Mr. Sheng will dump you and go away!"

Lu Jiayan gave a little laugh and pinched his cheek: "Little heartless."

Perhaps it was Sheng Mingzhi's nonsense that really made Lu Jiayan feel a bit of a crisis.

The two were washed up and in bed before eleven o'clock tonight.

He thought he would sleep well, but Sheng Mingzhi hadn't been lying down for long when he felt Lu Jiayan's hands on his waist start to move up and down unfaithfully.

The first time I was married in the past few years, it wasn't that I couldn't read some of the other party's hints, but honestly Sheng Mingzhi himself was quite happy about the love affair. After all, a man in his twenties can't let go after he's had a taste of it.

The slightest hint from Lu Jiayan, and Sheng Mingzhi feels unable to hold on to it.

And he doesn't think he's entirely to blame, as he thinks anyone with Lu Jiayan's sultry face would be unable to hold it.

The end result, of course, was an eleven o'clock bedtime and a mess until after two.

Lu Jiayan found a new excuse every time he came back, and this time he said that he was about to record a month-long live broadcast, and that the bedroom was full of cameras, so there would be few opportunities in the future. Sheng Mingzhi, hearing this, nodded in a daze, only to react after it was over.

Shit, XiShan One Villa is so big.

Aren't there any other rooms?

After discovering that he had been tricked, he was so angry that he went mental for a second.

But when he opened his eyes and saw Lu Jiayan's sleeping face in front of him, Sheng Mingzhi's already feigned anger disappeared again.

He stared long and hard at Lu Jiayan's sleeping face.

It was only at last that she could not resist and quietly placed a kiss on the man's lips before darting back into the other man's arms.

Little Mr. Sheng whispered bb: "Lying to you at night."

He hugged Lu Jiayan tightly, listened to his partner's heartbeat and secretly vowed, "I will always love you even if you become ugly."


A week later, the trailer for "All Those Years Together" began recording.

The format of the recording was interviews with four couples, eight people, each interviewed, returning to about 3-5 questions, and finally edited into a trailer.

The questions were prepared early on and were quite moderate.

After all, the show is all fucked up on air and not ready to come up and turn it on.

Because the interviews are separate, there is no need for guests to meet at a fixed place.

The cameraman and the host set off early in the morning to different places where the guests were.

Sheng Mingzhi woke up two hours early for this teaser and spent the morning styling it.

The final selection was made in the gardens of Villa One XiShan.

Because the sun is at its best around 2pm.

Sheng Mingzhi, as an elite peacock, knows the best way to look in the right light!

The host and camera brother were a little nervous when they arrived at One XiShan.

Your mother, who has never seen such a luxurious villa in her life, is this the world of the rich?

Rather, I have heard the prices listed for XiShan One online.

It's not even an inch of land, it's a price that can't be paid.

After setting up the camera for the recording, the presenter started with a few questions to Sheng Mingzhi.

The first question is, who cooks in the house after marriage?

Sheng Mingzhi is also honest: "Of course the nanny does the cooking."

A face Don't you have a babysitter in your house?

Facilitator: ......

OK, somehow I feel despised what happened!

The second question was also simple: "Why did you come to our variety show?"

Sheng Mingzhi froze and hesitantly said, "Is that a question that needs to be answered?"

The facilitator nods.

Sheng Mingzhi opens: "Because the chief planner of your programme came to add me to WeChat and asked me if I wanted to participate, I saw that I had time and came to participate."

The million dollar answer.

The moderator suddenly got a bit carried away with the question.

Obviously these questions were answered very well by the previous guests!

The show is a great opportunity for people to see their marriage from a different perspective and find their passion. How come when it's Sheng Mingzhi's turn, the answers to these questions are so odd!

You're too truthful, boss lady!

Sheng Mingzhi feels even more speechless.

What the hell, he's been dressing up all morning and all he got was a few boring questions?

Give him back the time he wasted.

Thank you.


Can this show not be recorded, little Mr. Sheng is starting to regret it now!

At this point in the conversation, the moderator always felt that any further questions would kill the conversation.

Fortunately, Lu Jiayan came out of the study at this time.

When the host saw him, it was instantly like seeing the light of the righteous path.

As president of Sheng Jia, Lu Jiayan is clearly more reliable than Sheng Mingzhi!

And next was an interview with Lu Jiayan, and the two were together, so they were interviewed together by the way.

However, for the interview with Lu Jiayan, the location was changed to the study to highlight the difference between separate interviews.

Lu Jiayan sat down in front of the camera and said in a warm voice: "Is this okay?"

The hosts were so overwhelmed by his inexplicable air of dominance that they didn't dare to speak too loudly to Lu Jiayan.

The aura is so strong that you feel like you'll be fired from the Old Lu board in a minute.

The first few questions were asked in much the same way as Sheng Mingzhi's.

Lu Jiayan's answer was really much more reliable than Sheng Mingzhi's, so the host gradually relaxed.

Slowly, the last question was asked, "I would like to ask, that is, what have you gained and what have you lost after getting married in this relationship, Mr. Lu?"

It's actually quite good to say.

In an interview with Lu Jin, he said that he was happy to have gained a home, but he also regretted the loss of his single life.

Ma Xiao and the others also had their own version of the story, but basically it was similar to what Lu Jin said.

Lu Jiayan pauses for a moment when he hears this question.

He had a distinct little habit of thinking as the man sat at the floor-to-ceiling window with the sun setting behind him, ferrying a gentle light to the west.

The presenter has seen a lot of handsome men over the years as he has navigated the entertainment industry.

But there is no man like Lu Jiayan, both in terms of face and temperament.

For a moment, he looked a little frozen.

Lu Jiayan speaks slowly: "The first rule in microeconomics is people face tradeoffs, people face gains and losses, they gain something and lose something in comparison."

The presenter listened in awe and followed Lu Jiayan's words, "...... for example?"

Lu Jiayan curves her lip: "For example, if I gain money, I relatively lose some worries."



Moderator: ????

Boss, what's with the sudden snide jokes?

Wait, why do I seem to be despised again?

The presenter was about to take up the conversation and bring it back, when Lu Jiayan continued.

Looking intently into the camera, he said seriously, "But after Mingzhi, there's nothing I can't lose but him."



I grass.

The facilitator froze.

The camera brother also froze.

Not to mention the two of them, even the directing team, who had been linked to control the scene, froze.

It's not often that you get a quote like this from Variety, and Lu Jiayan's line even managed to be the highlight of the episode's relationship line.

In just a second, the chief director nearly shouted over the headset, knocking over his glass of water in excitement, "Record this! Cut it into the trailer right now!"

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