Chapter 83: The Love Roundup

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After New Year's Eve, Little Wang was contacted by the head of the brand, hoping to establish a good relationship with Sheng Mingzhi.

Little Wang is now a titular agent, and when Little Wang remembers that he is still in the entertainment industry, he will just wait on him every day and do some errands. He is now a titular agent, and when the youngest ancestor remembers that he is still in the entertainment industry, he will serve him and do some errands.

Sheng Mingzhi has not taken up any endorsements or variety shows since the recording of The Internship.

He was invited by Hu Tianji of the YunJing Conservatory of Music to give a few violin recitals in the US, all three of which were very successful and won critical acclaim from the industry.

Although there are still people who are not convinced that Sheng Mingzhi is talented, how could he have established himself in the music industry so quickly without Sheng Jia as his background, and had several Mr. Yi artists running with him?

Of course, Sheng Mingzhi's deep cabinet fans were not to be outdone, and they put the kibosh on them with the words, "Go for it. In your next life, you'll have a good birth too."

The powder comes with the steam, the kind that pisses people off.

Sheng Mingzhi has given several violin recitals abroad, but the novelty is still fresh.

Besides, he really liked the violin, but when Hu Tianji asked him if he wanted to stay in the orchestra, Sheng Mingzhi refused.

The position of principal violin is tempting though.

But with the thought of being separated from Lu Jiayan for so long, Sheng Mingzhi's love brain overcame his sanity.

Lu Jiayan and I were already spending a lot of time together, and he was looking for a job where he didn't come back as often.

Wouldn't that just give someone the opportunity to take advantage of the situation?

Speaking of which, Sheng Mingzhi is furious.

It wasn't really a big deal, it just happened in the period after New Year's Eve.

When Lu Jiayan went to Hong Kong on business, there was a local family who was doing very well in Hong Kong, and was said to be a former triad member who had only been cleaned up a few years ago.

The family has a young daughter who works in the Hong Kong community and has a cheerful personality and foreign education, so she acts in a bold and spirited manner.

Play your mother.

Sheng Mingzhi was so angry that he almost killed himself in Hong Kong.

If Lu Jiayan hadn't turned it down so sharply, so sharply, that the girl would have been the one to scuttle the partnership.

The head of that family in Hong Kong was confused and did not react to what happened, how to talk about a good cooperation is gone, only to find out that it was his youngest daughter that had a problem.

A titillating titillation to Lu Jiayan's head.

This brother is still the first one.

The mainland community basically knows Lu Jiayan's ways, so not many of them dare to mess with him.

Of course, he was aware that the famous, young and talented capitalist was a bit of a wife-beater, and he had a certain amount of respect for Sheng Mingzhi.

MingChen is notoriously short of cash, and if MingChen really wanted to get stuck with you, it could put you out of business.

This family in the Hong Kong circle has clearly not done their homework.

Lu Jiayan was so adamant that he didn't even see her, leaving Yao Shen to deal with the situation.

The head of the family inquired and inquired, and at the end of the day, only got a little information.

At a certain drinking party, a real estate tycoon who had a good time in the mainland laughed and said, "You don't understand, Old Lu Ban's family is notoriously arrogant and domineering, so people on your side shouldn't go after him, and Old Lu Ban will have a hard time if he really cooperates with you."

Although spoken in the vernacular, there is some truth to it.

Lu Jiayan has had a rough time of it recently.

Ever since Sheng Mingzhi's identity was revealed, rumours of the couple's post-marriage relationship have been rife and unabated.

The desire of the people to eat melons is not diminished by whether you have money or not.

Today's rumour is that Sheng Mingzhi has a close relationship with so-and-so in the entertainment industry and is suspected of being in a real relationship.

Tomorrow, it is rumoured that Lu Jiayan had dinner with a celebrity in the capital circle and is suspected of cheating on his wife.

Gossip is flying and gossip is creeping around.

This is how the story of Lu Jiayan's affair with his partner's young daughter in Hong Kong got out.

He was an 18th-tier Little Ming star in the Hong Kong entertainment industry and wanted to take advantage of Lu Jiayan's popularity to develop in the Mainland. As a result, his heart was higher than the sky and his life was thinner than paper. The result of his attempt to reach the top in one go was that he kicked an iron plate and not only did he lose his chance to develop in the mainland entertainment industry, but also his family's chance to develop in the mainland.

Despite apologies and clarifications from the head of the family, rumours of Lu Jiayan's affair with the 18th-tier Little Ming star have been spread all over the Hong Kong entertainment gossip papers.

Then it reached the ears of Sheng Mingzhi.

That afternoon, Sheng Mingzhi went straight to the headquarters of the Sheng Jia Group.

Yao Shen was so frightened that his three souls flew away, but before Sheng Mingzhi could go upstairs, several bodyguards appeared out of nowhere in front of him.

Sheng Mingzhi :?

He sneered, "Now it's not enough to be out there spreading gossip, you want to kill me off?"

Without answering, the bodyguard invited a dumbfounded Sheng Mingzhi to a special car without saying a word.

Then drove without a word for forty minutes to the mouth of the inlet.

It was a cold night at the entrance to the sea, and Sheng Mingzhi was shivering when he got off the bus.

The bodyguard saw this and hastily put the coat on Sheng Mingzhi.

He didn't even know what was happening when he saw Lu Jiayan a short distance away.

At this moment, although there was still some anger in his heart, it had actually all disappeared.

After all, Sheng Mingzhi was a bit scared to be surrounded by a couple of tall bodyguards, even though he knew they were Lu Jiayan's men.

The moment I saw Lu Jiayan, I felt safe again.

But remember that you are here to settle a score with Lu Jiayan.

Sheng Mingzhi immediately became noble and cool: "What? Did you finally find a good place to kill and dump a body?"

Lu Jiayan straightened his clothes for him and gave a light laugh, "I went to Hong Kong some time ago to buy you a little something."

It's good not to talk about Hong Kong, but the mention of Sheng Mingzhi makes me furious.

He glared at him, "How dare you mention it! I still haven't settled the score with you about your trip to Hong Kong? What did you buy? You didn't buy me a cuckold's hat, did you?!"

As soon as the words were spoken, the inlet suddenly lit up with a flood of lights.

Sheng Mingzhi's eyes squinted at the sting, and when they became familiar with the light, they realised that they were in front of a Sport Yachts 101, a yacht that Sheng Mingzhi had been longing for for about six months.

The Prce yacht he used to have was too long to drive into the YunJing Inland Sea, so he would only go up for parties on his birthday every year, and the rest of the time he was idle, which made Sheng Mingzhi's wastefulness painful.

However, the Sheng Shi 101 is considerably cheaper than the one he had, which Sheng Mingzhi was under the impression was $120 million when he last looked at it.


So this is what I brought him on my trip to Hong Kong.

In an instant, Sheng Mingzhi felt that the scandal about Lu Jiayan's infidelity didn't seem so angry anymore.

" Brother Jiayan." Sheng Mingzhi immediately behaved himself and pointed at the yacht, "Is this for me?"

Lu Jiayan said, "Well, no, I bought it for fun."


It's hard to say the right thing!

Sheng Mingzhi is already completely absorbed in the joy of his new gift.

Lu Jiayan was clearly more attentive than he had expected and the interior of the yacht had been nicely decorated to his liking, and was of a level that he could take out to sea right away.

Even if he wants to take a selfie and tweet about it now, it doesn't feel out of place.

When he had finished looking at his gift, taking the short end of the stick, Sheng Mingzhi stood on the deck, unable to find the angry kind of feeling for a while.

Sheng Mingzhi blew the sea breeze for a while and looked at him, before speaking for a long time: "You are so annoying."

He sulked, "I was going to be angry with you."

Lu Jiayan asks, "Now what?"

Sheng Mingzhi replied honestly: "Now I'm a bit embarrassed to be angry when I take the short end of the stick."

He thought for a moment and punched Lu Jiayan hard in the shoulder: "You did that on purpose!"

Lu Jiayan grabbed him by the wrist and held him in his arms. Sheng Mingzhi pretended to struggle for a moment and then lay flat.

"I just thought." Lu Jiayan played with his fingers and said with a straight face, "Standing in front of the yacht and explaining to you is less likely to get lost on you."

Sheng Mingzhi thought to himself that he was not the kind of person to lose his temper indiscriminately?

But on second thought, it seems as if he really does seem, well, rather capricious.

The facts prove it.

Sheng Mingzhi's anger level did diminish considerably after seeing the gift.

"Oh." Sheng Mingzhi said coldly, "So now you explain. Why did you give me such a big cuckold after a trip to Hong Kong, and did you know that the penis of the Cheng Tai Smart family even posted a friend circle gossiping about me being dumped by you! Pisses me off!"

Lu Jiayan: "Hacking him?"

"Nonsense need you say, not only did I pull the plug on him, I'm going to punch him in the face. Stop - none of this should concern you, you now explain to me immediately why there is a scandal about cheating in marriage!"

Lu Jiayan says frankly: "There is no cheating, I only like little Mr. Sheng."

Sheng Mingzhi's eyes are instantly red.

Lu Jiayan froze for a moment, not realising that this incident had quite a deep impact on Sheng Mingzhi, he withdrew his immodest look and whispered, "Sorry ......"

Only Sheng Mingzhi interrupted him, "I'm not angry with you."

Sheng Mingzhi turned around and hugged him, behaving like a small animal pouting, "I just hate it when they talk nonsense."

Thinking about it, he sulked, "It wasn't even there before."

Sheng Mingzhi, who is a member of the Chinese community, is a member of the Chinese community.

It's not that he hadn't experienced all the unkind speculation, but he didn't want Lu Jiayan to go through it with him.

And it's still speculation about their feelings for each other.

He had to admit that even Lu Jiayan had said that he loved him.

Sheng Mingzhi cannot convince himself that he is 100 per cent sure of the relationship either.

For Sheng Mingzhi, everything that has happened this year has been like a dream.

He doesn't even know how Lu Jiayan came to love him.

A decade of crushes come true in a flash, unreal as a dream.

I was already in a lot of trouble, and I couldn't help thinking about it.

The gossip was not enough to fuel the fire in his mind, and it was unsettling just to watch.

Once or twice is fine, but more often, Sheng Mingzhi can't help but wonder.

What if Lu Jiayan doesn't like him as much as he thinks he does, what if he likes him and then doesn't like him anymore?

Or perhaps it was that he was just that much newer to his young lover.

What happens when the novelty wears off and you get impatient?

And the more scared I get, the more I can't help but click on those so-called analyses on the internet.

The words "business union", "no relationship", "spur of the moment" and so on are so shocking that Mr. Sheng is almost eo.

Say it like it's true.

He never told Lu Jiayan any of this.

Tonight, probably because it had been bottled up for so long, he finally couldn't hold it in. Sheng Mingzhi whispered, "It's just that they say you cheated on me in marriage, and I'm not happy to read it, and I'm afraid it's true."

Lu Jiayan: "You've never told me that before."


That's not because it's too pretentious to say!

Sheng Mingzhi said nervously, "Now I've told you, haven't I?"

Lu Jiayan raised an eyebrow: "Can you take what the media says seriously? So little Mr. Sheng would rather believe the unscrupulous media than me?"

There was a moment of silence.

Sheng Mingzhi spoke up silently, "Do you think you look like anything with that statement? Especially like the kind of scum who has cheated on his wife."

Lu Jiayan: "......?"

Luckily it was Lu Jiayan who said this, after all, men are old-fashioned in the sense that "huh" simply means "huh" laugh.

Sheng Mingzhi, of course, knows that he has nothing to lose and everything to gain.

Before he arrived, Yao Shen said that Lu Jiayan had cancelled his Hong Kong collaboration because of the scandal.

It couldn't have been broken more neatly, but Sheng Mingzhi couldn't resist coming to him for a bit of a tantrum.

Presumably, it was just a matter of wanting to hear a promise from his own lips.

Sheng Mingzhi felt that he didn't want much, I guess, as long as he was willing to talk about it, whatever it was, he could believe it.

"And it is." Sheng Mingzhi spoke again, "You wouldn't have had to be discussed, all because of my profession ......"

Lu Jiayan interrupted him, " Mingzhi, even if you are not an artist, I am still a public figure as the chairman of Sheng Jia. Rather than you bringing public opinion to me, it's because of my status that has caused you a lot of influence."

Sheng Mingzhi didn't understand: "Huh?"

Lu Jiayan laughs: "If I wasn't the president of Sheng Jia, the media wouldn't be on me all the time, and naturally they wouldn't be on you."

After all, the higher you stand, the more people stare at him and hope he falls and makes a fool of himself.

Lu Jiayan understood this a few years ago.

But Sheng Mingzhi was a big shock.

Lu Jiayan What a voluntary backstabbing instinct, taking all the blame for his own actions, making him feel a bit guilty!

"That's not exactly right ......" Sheng Mingzhi was vain, then suddenly raised her voice, capriciously, "You're going to like me best for the rest of your life anyway, you can't change your mind! And then you also have to block all those media who write gossip nonsense and forbid them to create rumors."

Lu Jiayan said, "Good. I like little Mr. Sheng the most and will never change my mind."

Sheng Mingzhi is now satisfied.

The original search for a fight has long been forgotten.

Not only that, but later that night Lu Jiayan took advantage of the situation and insisted on proving that he was guaranteed to love him for the rest of his life.

Shit, is he talking about love as an emotional hobby, not as an action!!!

So that night Yao Shen stood outside the yacht until 2am before leaving work.


Sheng Mingzhi said the other day that Lu Jiayan should block the media.

But Lu Jiayan's execution was quite good, and the next day the so-called scandals disappeared from the Internet.

The netizens who were halfway through the original melon were turned into 404s when they refreshed the page.

What is it?

This is, of course, unknown to Sheng Mingzhi, who is lounging on the sofa picking out the photos he took on the yacht yesterday.

Ignoring the midnight show in the latter part of the night, the ones I just went up for were actually good.

Picked four to tweet.

After refreshing and waiting for the deep cabinet fans in the comments to be jealous of his big yacht envy.

Once the results were refreshed, envy and jealousy to none.

Instead, it is the kind of.

"Suing is quite fast, the news of your husband's return to the mainland only came out last night, and this morning all the cheating gossip was deleted from the whole internet?"

"Didn't tire you out, say it took a few position changes to coax the boss into a daze, not an outsider, so don't be shy."

"Sending yachts and deleting news again, no wonder it's got you all tweeted out in triumph (dog head)"

"I said I wouldn't even look at the Inner Entertainment 2025 Demon Princess nominations without nominating you."

"Don't be so dramatic daughter, what man doesn't have a confidante out there (light a cigarette)"

"Seriously, am I the only one who thinks the boss is too spoiled, knock me dead"

"I've seen a few videos of you two husbands and wives wrapped up, let's just say there's no such thing as a real bully and a meal replacement for the essence of the inner entertainment (tears)."

"Got a love roundup for you, link private you, sign up yourself, mature stars learn to hand out their own candy."


When he saw the last comment, Sheng Mingzhi clicked on the private message.

Fruit of the Loom has a hit relationship variety show on the air.

It's not that Sheng Mingzhi hasn't participated in a romance series before, but he's basically been a relationship observer or something like that.

After all, being married and speculating on a business cp during a drama is even better, speculating on a cp specifically on a relationship variety show is outrageous.

But what fans share with him can't be described as a relationship round-up.

It seems to be a famous post-marriage reality show under HeMu, planned in response to the country's current policy of encouraging young people to get married.

The show was a hit in the entertainment industry in the first half of this year, and even Shen Ling, who never watches variety shows, was catching up on the show and eating it up.

Certainly not for cranking out any big hit cp.

Rather, it was this one variety show that broke up three couples in just three months.

The kind that gets divorced after the shoot.

For no other reason than the fact that HeMu, a post-marriage reality show, has more guts than the sky.

When it says it's a reality show, it's really a reality show, no script at all, a complete record of life after marriage.

And it is recorded in a live stream.

In other words, either the person is so good at acting that he can act with deep emotion twenty-four hours a day, or he has moments that reveal themselves.

This new variety shoot has attracted countless passers-by.

It also turns out that no one can act twenty-four hours a day, so no less than two male artists were caught on camera cheating on each other during the show's taping.

Then there's the kind of time management guru who has his feet in two different boats.

Acting the deep love scene acting the flip-flop.

There is also a virtuoso artist among them.

The explosion shook the whole of Inner Entertainment.

Not only that, but the show also focuses on one theme: the details will prove that I love him.

--The plastic couples that have been overturned have been picked up by netizens because of some abrupt details in their lives, and only then have they been picked up by the netizens as lovers, affairs, callers. The reason for this is that the people who have been in the business for a long time have been able to find out what kind of lovers, affairs, prostitutes, and whores. The traces of prostitution.

It is the best variety show of the year in terms of marriage persuasion.

Still want to get married? Still have expectations of a man? Come and watch All Those Years Together!

Sheng Mingzhi has only heard of this variety show, which says it's getting married but is actually trying to get a "divorce".

But what he didn't expect was that the following week, the chief planner of "All Those Years, Together" somehow got his WeChat and came to add him.

- Hello Mr. Sheng, I am the chief planner of "All those years together", would you like to know more about our programme next?

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