Chapter 80: The End

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Until he returned to XiShan One, Sheng Mingzhi's mind was still reeling from the look in Lu Jiayan's eyes when Sheng Xu said he hadn't changed his mobile phone password since high school.

How it looks, how it feels subtle.

Sheng Mingzhi does not feel that Lu Jiayan's IQ is lower than his own.

Besides, given the narcissism of a dog man, even if there was only a one percent certainty that he was the man he had been secretly in love with for over ten years, he would not hesitate to admit it shamelessly!

Sheng Mingzhi was even prepared to be questioned by Lu Jiayan.

Strangely enough, Lu Jiayan didn't bring up the subject all the way through.

It's like, it doesn't matter at all.

...... is too weird, right?

Sheng Mingzhi's heart was in doubt, but if Lu Jiayan didn't bring it up, he wouldn't have gone out of his way to tell the truth, would he?

It's not that I'm ashamed of it, it's just weird.

Once confessing that he had a crush on him for so many years.

All the pretence of not caring and pretending before that is enough to put Sheng Mingzhi to shame for the rest of his life.

Little Mr. Sheng decided to play the shrinking violet for a while.

As long as I pretend I don't know about it, it's not happening.jpg

As a result, the more you worry about something, the more it comes back.

Sheng Mingzhi wanted to distract himself with a little bit of Twitter.

After all the trouble he had gone through to get to the big one, a very bad feeling suddenly came over him.

Every time I had this premonition, nothing good happened anyway.

Sheng Mingzhi's big number has been blown up with @'s for tonight's out-of-the-loop stage.

He was so compulsive that he went up and clicked off @his retweets and likes, and closed the private messages.

When he clicked on the retweet, his bad feeling came true with the first one.

It was a tweet from a cp fan.

He didn't realise that he and Lu Jiayan had quite a lot of cohabitation fans, all of whom were really picking up on the sugar.

The cp super talk created has shot to number one on the super talk list, with hundreds of thousands of followers.

It's a terrible name for a cp, and Sheng Mingzhi doesn't even bother to acknowledge it.

Regardless of his trumpet, he still followed the cp superlatives with his mouth full.

Occasionally look at the little love essays they make up in there.

Just, he likes to watch it.

@HisTweet then posted in the cp superlative.

@Aoi: I mean no, no, I'm not the only one who noticed that detail, am I?

It was accompanied by a screenshot of a video that Sheng Mingzhi clicked on and found to be from the previous video in which Jiang Bie publicly clarified his case on Weibo.

He didn't even see what the fan was doing with the score, but on the next one, the cp fan highlighted a name with a red circle.

Blurred screenshot of the corner of the score.

The words " Lu Jiayan" are written in black and white.



Me grass?

Sheng Mingzhi almost thought he had misread it.

He even enlarged the picture to look at it, and it was blurred enough that you couldn't see the name without looking closely.

I wonder how this group found out.

All take the video to see the wrapping, right?!

Even Sheng Mingzhi himself does not remember whether he actually wrote Lu Jiayan's name on the sheet music back then.

Who knows what the crush thinks, but he did, for a while, seem to enjoy writing Lu Jiayan's name.

Can you delete this tweet that they picked up.

Very urgent.

And the retweets are in the thousands.

The comments are wildly in favour of.

"Bull, sister, get a microscope on the kettle!"

"Is there anyone to fight the fake, if there is no one to fight the fake I will knock ah."

"Well, schoolyard crush it is, our boss and boss lady want it!"

"@Sheng Mingzhi, if you don't come out in 10 minutes to fight the fake I'll default to you writing to your husband."

"Save. I mean it makes sense to me, didn't Lu Jiayan used to be a high school graduate too?"

"The logic closed the loop and I proved it to be true (shakes fist)"


It was as if he had been poked at some truth and had a weak heart.

Sheng Mingzhi ignored the tweet, pretending not to see it, and simply extinguished his phone screen.

However, when he saw the score mentioned on the net, Sheng Mingzhi remembered that he still had a pile of scraps in Lu Jiayan's study.

He also remembered something very important when he collected some old junk from the Sheng family during the school's centenary celebrations, including Lu Jiayan's pass and the watch that had stopped spinning long ago.

At the time, Sheng Mingzhi had no sense of crisis about being discovered by Lu Jiayan.

By the way, I just stuck that pass in my professional book, which, now that I think about it, I think was too dangerous.

As soon as he arrived home, Sheng Mingzhi found an excuse to go to his study.

The desk is a complete contrast to the mess it was in when he left, and Lu Jiayan has obviously tidied it up.

Sheng Mingzhi's heart skipped a beat when he came up with this conjecture.

In a hurry, I went through all the professional books on my desk, even the scraps of manuscripts that had been laminated together.

I have searched everywhere but I cannot find Lu Jiayan's pass.

Sheng Mingzhi was not too surprised by this result.

It was as if he had some premonition in the dark, he had amazing intuition in certain areas.

Sheng Mingzhi is not so naive as to think that the nanny has taken away this pass.

The only possibility left is that Lu Jiayan found it and took it secretly!

Think of that wistful smile of his this evening.

Sheng Mingzhi felt that Lu Jiayan must have known something, but he would not say anything.

Sheng Mingzhi, at the moment, feels like an old cunt who is pretending to be confused.

I'm not sure who's going to be able to hold it in first.

Just then, the study door was pushed open.

Probably because he had been in the study too long and hadn't returned to the bedroom, Lu Jiayan came to him and asked, "What's wrong?"

"It's nothing." Sheng Mingzhi was very calm: "I'm looking for something."

Lu Jiayan leaned against the doorway as if he really didn't know anything and said with concern, "Did you find it?"


Oh, keep pretending, pretending quite well.

Don't you dare say you didn't take that pass yourself?

Sheng Mingzhi added emphasis to his tone and said deliberately, "It's not anything important, it's just an exam pass, so if you lose it, you lose it."

As expected, Lu Jiayan's expression froze subtly for a moment before he spoke, "Since we've been looking for so long, that means it's not, so it doesn't matter, does it?"

"Oh." Sheng Mingzhi felt in a good mood as he broke back a game, "That can't be helped, it's all lost and little Mr. Sheng can't change it."

He paused and said, "Besides, it's easy to keep it and be taken for a pervert."

Lu Jiayan said slowly, "Pervert?"

"Well!" Sheng Mingzhi's expression was innocent: "Besides, Brother Jiayan, don't you think it's particularly perverted for a person to keep another person's pass for so many years?"

Sheng Mingzhi reminds us of this.

Lu Jiayan was suddenly reminded of an incident that had occurred only a short time ago.

The syntax is familiar.

Sheng Mingzhi asked him about it in a WeChat message before the school anniversary of the Annexe.

How would a man look if he kept his high school pass biros and draft paper?

How did he say it, I think he said ...... met a pervert.

Lu Jiayan There are rare moments in life when you regret something.

And in each case, it is uncannily accurate in relation to Sheng Mingzhi.

Rarely, there is a moment when a man cannot speak.

Half-heartedly, he spoke hesitantly, "Is ...... there."

Sheng Mingzhi nods, innocently, "Yes, I guess. I think I heard someone say that anyway."

Lu Jiayan: "......"

However, Sheng Mingzhi underestimated Lu Jiayan's cheekiness.

After a few seconds, the man eased up and said brazenly, "Why don't I think so?"


You're not feeling perverted now are you.

Lu Jiayan said slowly, "Is there a possibility that it is because this person is particularly affectionate and devoted?"

Sheng Mingzhi was categorical and expressionless: "No!"

Dog man, you did that on purpose, didn't you?


In the blink of an eye, the first snowfall has arrived in YunJing.

It snowed like a goose feather in the north, for three days in a row, and the windows were blanketed in silver.

A full two months have passed since the finale of "The Battle of the Trainee's Debut".

Sheng Mingzhi's out-of-the-loop stage fever has only just passed, but in the past two months, Little Wang has been contacted by shows that want to invite him for free.

It used to be that there were no announcements to run, but now there are so many that I don't know which one to run first.

The entertainment industry is such a realistic place, once people are popular, their status comes up, whether you can act or sing, there is always a stage for you.

Sheng Mingzhi found it a bit amusing to see the kind of first-class director who has come to him for a cameo role in a film.

He is not an idiot, can't he see that the director simply sees him as MingChen's young master?

Like using his reputation to pull in investment, right?

Sheng Mingzhi is also partial.

So all these resources were pushed by him.

If you can't get rid of it, you can give it to Ji Jiao.

The two have unexpectedly retained a bit of contact after their stage collaboration.

Of course, it was mainly Ji Jiao who backed him up unilaterally on WeChat, which is where Sheng Mingzhi's few friends came from.

He never took the initiative.

Dating is all about the other person falling over themselves.

Sheng Mingzhi's films and endorsements are certainly not small productions or pheasant brands, and he pushes them directly to Ji Jiao, who can't afford not to give him that much face.

And so Ji Jiao made his debut as the most terrifying resource curator in the history of inner entertainment.

Sheng Mingzhi, on the other hand, was like a salted fish, staying at home for a few days and then travelling around the world with Shen Ling.

It was only then that all the fans and insiders realized that the reason why Ming Shengzhi was so "dumb" during those three years was because the young master had no motivation whatsoever!

In the days when it was snowing in YunJing, Sheng Mingzhi finally closed his heart.

In the meantime, his previous participation in the "I'm an Intern" variety show is still short of the final installment of the finale.

The general director of the internship was actually prepared for Sheng Mingzhi not to show up.

But surprisingly, although Sheng Mingzhi doesn't take on any new announcements, he still takes his work very seriously and tapes all the variety shows he takes on.

Besides, the recording of The Internship took place in Sheng Jia, so for Sheng Mingzhi it was just a change of venue to meet Lu Jiayan.

Since the revelation of his identity as the "boss's wife", he has stopped pretending to take a car to and from work and goes directly to work with Lu Jiayan.

There is basically enough material for the preceding shots.

The director's team was still short of outdoor footage. Originally, they had arranged for a vegetarian college girl who was on Sheng Mingzhi's team to go on a market run, but as a result of the heavy snowfall in YunJing over the past few days, the girl didn't take care of her warmth and caught a cold.

The shooting schedule was also delayed.

The director's team discussed and discussed, and had to postpone the progress until the little girl was well enough to continue filming.

It's not like they don't have anyone else in their group, do they have to appoint someone to go?

--He doesn't look good or something?

Traveling to markets is a thankless job, exhausting and hard work.

Before Sheng Mingzhi said he could go, who would have dared to put the "boss lady" through this?

Of course, the director's team really didn't expect Sheng Mingzhi, who was rumoured to have an arrogant and difficult temper, to be quite responsible at a crucial moment.

Whether he did it to help the girl or not, it made the crowd feel a little better about him in their hearts.

It's all about Sheng Mingzhi, so the programme team reported his work schedule to Yao Shen in the afternoon.

Yao Shen also reported everything to Lu Jiayan, and Sheng Mingzhi went on a short trip to the outskirts of YunJing to follow up on a charity microfilm that Sheng Jia's marketing department was going to use for their annual wrap-up this year.

It's just that it's been snowing for a few days and the ground is slippery to walk on.

The shoot was definitely not as comfortable as sitting in the office, so Yao Shen politely suggested after the briefing that Sheng Mingzhi could go without him and that the marketing department could arrange for someone else.

Unexpectedly, Lu Jiayan did not take the initiative to make a decision for Sheng Mingzhi.

Just after reading the planning, he spoke indifferently, "Push off the unimportant trips for me this afternoon."

Yao Shen knew what Lu Jiayan meant as soon as he heard it.

Arrangements were hastily made to go down.


When Sheng Mingzhi left at noon, he sent Lu Jiayan a text message saying he was going on a business trip.

The subtext is obvious: Oh, come keep me company or not, you're on the lookout.

Of course, it would be best if Lu Jiayan did come to keep him company.

If it doesn't come - Sheng Mingzhi doesn't have much hope either.

Sheng Jia is getting busier and busier towards the end of the year, but some time ago she was able to ride with Lu Jiayan at work.

Lu Jiayan was either in a meeting, on a business trip, or on his way to a foreign country.

The more I learn about his life, the harder I think he works.

Sheng Mingzhi is not as capricious as she used to be, asking him to be with her in everything.

Even when Lu Jiayan is not here, he can do a job well on his own.

Sheng Mingzhi looked a little familiar when he got in the car with the cameraman all the way to the suburb where he was on a business trip.

On second thought, wasn't this near the airport where Jiang Bie had brought him back in the day?

YunJing has changed dramatically over the years.

However, the location of the international airport has never changed and has been expanded several times without developing into the surrounding mountains.

Presumably to preserve some of the original scenery of YunJing.

Sheng Mingzhi's mind has been completely changed by his return visit.

The first time I came here was the day Lu Jiayan left the country, and at that time Sheng Mingzhi thought that was the last time they would see each other.

Who knew that after all these years, the person who had been guessed a thousand times in countless late nights would become himself?

If someone had come to him and told him that he was the one who ended up marrying Lu Jiayan, he would have thought that person was a psychopath.

During the filming of the public service microfilm, Sheng Mingzhi simply followed along to see what the crew was missing and then tried to work out how to solve the problems.

It was trivial, but it was also so busy that I didn't even get a call from Lu Jiayan.

At 3pm it was snowing heavily in the mountains and the shooting schedule was delayed.

Sheng Mingzhi is using this time to take a break and send Lu Jiayan a WeChat to harass him.

A photo of himself with his hands frozen red was taken.


[Look at my hands, they're freezing!

Lu Jiayan replied in seconds: [No gloves?

[Wear it.]

[But still cold and craving for milk tea TvT]

It's not really about wanting a milk tea.

Just looking for something to talk about with Lu Jiayan.

It's been four days since I last saw him.

Lu Jiayan seems to have an endless supply of work.

As a result, this message was sent to a stony silence.

Sheng Mingzhi is almost staring a hole in his phone, but he hasn't seen Lu Jiayan reply to him.


Was it a boring topic he was looking for?!

Is it so hard to reply?!

Just as Sheng Mingzhi was staring a little angry and ready to call the dog man over and have a tantrum if he didn't get back to him again.

There was a sudden heat by the side of his cheek.

Sheng Mingzhi was startled and turned his head in a hurry.

At that moment, he had a premonition that Lu Jiayan was coming, and within a second, his thought was confirmed.

Lu Jiayan, wearing a black coat, stands behind him.

Milk tea in one hand, the other in his pocket, his posture lazy, his peach blossom eyes smiling, just looking at him.

Sheng Mingzhi cannot tell you how he feels at this moment.

The heart was beating as if it was about to jump out of his chest.

He stood up, still looking a little dazed.

Lu Jiayan raised an eyebrow: "Too excited to see your husband that you can't speak?"

Don't bother with his oily accents.

Sheng Mingzhi opened his mouth, "Don't you have something to do at the office?"

"Hmm." Lu Jiayan handed him the milk tea, "Not as important as Mingzhi's business."

"Oh." Sheng Mingzhi's face heated up slightly, "Then why didn't you reply to my WeChat just now!"

"It's not to buy milk tea for little Mr. Sheng."


This reason is barely acceptable.

When Lu Jiayan arrived, the cameraman who was following the scene knew enough to turn off the camera.

Then silently walk away and pretend not to see the dog food in front of you.

The resting place for the crew was near the only milk tea shop in the mountains.

Lu Jiayan probably just stopped by to pick up a cup on the way in.

Sheng Mingzhi just held it and didn't drink it. Lu Jiayan saw that he didn't drink it and thought it wasn't to his liking: "Don't you like the taste?"

"No." Sheng Mingzhi said, "I'm a bit embarrassed to drink it."

After all, it seemed strange that he was the only one drinking milk tea when the whole crew was working so hard on the premise.

Especially as he represents Sheng Jia's marketing department, he is aware of the social etiquette of the workplace.

Lu Jiayan, of course, could see that and said smoothly, "The milk tea shop is nearby, I'll walk you to order one for everyone."

When Sheng Mingzhi heard this, he quickly said, "With your money!"

Oh, it's publicly funded.

He wouldn't use his own Little Jin library.

Lu Jiayan froze and curled his lips, "Okay. With my money."

There were over forty people in the crew and the milk tea was slow to be made.

It was snowing outside, so Sheng Mingzhi just sat in the milk tea shop and waited.

He didn't expect the milk tea shop to still be open after all these years.

The shop is still the same as before, a small one with a whole wall full of wishes and messages.

Sheng Mingzhi remembers writing one himself.

Only after all these years, the blessings on the wall have probably changed a long time ago.

He was bored and read the messages from visitors.

Most of them are wishing themselves good luck in the GCSEs and public exams.

I wish my parents good health and peace.

Somehow he suddenly spoke up, pointing to the sticky note and pen, " Brother Jiayan. Do you want to write this?"

It was only after saying that that I felt a bit retarded.

Lu Jiayan A domineering president, how could he write such girly stuff.

As it turned out, Lu Jiayan really did say yes.

"Write what?"

"What do you write and ask me for? You think for yourself."

To be honest Sheng Mingzhi was quite curious as to what Lu Jiayan would write.

The man's pencil paused for a moment, his handwriting dashing and debauched.

Sheng Mingzhi leaning over his shoulder to look at it.

Froze at the sight of the line.

--If we were to share the snow today, we would be together in this life.

It was completely unexpected.

Sheng Mingzhi thought that Lu Jiayan would write something like "I hope Sheng Jia makes 100 billion this year".

I didn't know Lu Jiayan had a literary bone in his body!

By the way, he seems to be quite literary b. He even chose the movie "Love Letter" for them in high school.

After writing it down, Lu Jiayan stood up and put it on the wall as he saw fit.

The wall has been plastered with post-it notes for so many years that many of them are beginning to yellow.

Lu Jiayan was a little surprised that someone on the wall had written the same sentence as him, even though it was not a popular one.

The note is several years old.

But he was only slightly surprised for a moment, what really made his heart stop was what was on the side of this post-it note -

The familiar handwriting leapt into view, presented on a yellowing post-it note.

It was another post-it note that had become a little tattered.

The young man's handwriting had not changed in all these years, clean and handsome, but the content blanked his brain for a second:

-The god in me has the name of a mortal, and the first thing I have to do is renounce him.

The time drop is 20 March 2017, most

--was the day he left the country.

At this moment, all words pale.

Lu Jiayan's bony grip on the pen is slightly white, and his heart feels like it has been suddenly clenched by a hand.

It caused his breath to freeze for a moment.

Even before, when he saw the passbook and Sheng Mingzhi's mobile phone password, he had a vague suspicion.

But the moment the dust settled and the truth came out, the emotion he felt was not joy, but fear.

He had, it seemed, found the reason why he had been afraid to face it all this time.

Because he was in fear.

I was afraid that I would be the one to break Sheng Mingzhi's heart for so many years.

Fearing that on that snowy night, Sheng Mingzhi was the cause of all the breakdowns and despair he brought upon him.

The aftermath was like an impermeable net that wrapped itself around him.

He dreaded to think what the outcome would have been if Sheng Mingzhi had not persisted, if Sheng Xu had not proposed marriage to him, if he had moved even the slightest thought of divorce during those three years.

Whatever it was, Lu Jiayan could not guarantee that he could bear the cost of the outcome.


The "give up" written on the note made his heart sting unbearably.

The person who caused him so much pain, so much grief and so much despair was actually me.

In this moment, it hurt him to even breathe.

Sheng Mingzhi doesn't seem to notice Lu Jiayan's discomfort and is still chattering away about the minutiae of his shoot.

These trivia stories would have been boring, but they are not boring when told to Lu Jiayan.

Probably, every second he spends with Lu Jiayan is not boring.

Seeing the snow outside, Sheng Mingzhi suddenly recalled the retarded urban legend Jiang Bie had shared with him.

He spoke up, " Brother Jiayan, I have a friend who told me that standing at the highest point and shouting to the people on the plane, everyone on the plane can hear."

Sheng Mingzhi paused and mentioned, as if in jest, "Do you remember the year you went abroad in your senior year?"

Lu Jiayan's throat slid up and down for a moment, "Hmm?"

Sheng Mingzhi's eyes fell a short distance away and he spoke, his voice soft: "I stood here and shouted at you too."

In fact, we don't even know which flight Lu Jiayan took out of the country.

Nor do they know the time, nor the direction.

It's as if you're trying to find yourself a belief strong enough to hold on to.

He stands and repeats it over and over towards the sky, no name, just hello.

A crush is just a man's soldier.

Not even Lu Jiayan's name can be bravely pronounced.

His name was probably the biggest secret he kept, hidden away, when he was a teenager.

Abruptly, Lu Jiayan opened his mouth, "What was the shout?"

Sheng Mingzhi suddenly stood up, pushed open the door of the milk tea shop and ran towards the heavy snow.

He probably ran out about seven or eight metres before he turned around.

Put your hands to your mouth and make a trumpet.

"How are you!"

Lu Jiayan is frozen.

Sheng Mingzhi repeats again.


"Are you-okay-"

He was hoarse and tears welled up in his eyes.

"Do you--hear--you hear--it? --"

Can you hear me.

I really, really, really love you.

From before to now, there is no one to compare.

The day a dozen years ago seems to have coincided with today, also with such a heavy snowfall.

Sheng Mingzhi's strength seemed to have run out, so Lu Jiayan came towards him.

He had never hugged someone so hard before.

Sheng Mingzhi buried in his arms, bones rubbed together.

Lu Jiayan's voice was a little choked and he sighed.


In response, like that snowy night, the teenager cried out without warning.

He knows.

Those once blazing cries to the mountain are finally heard as more than just echoes of themselves.

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